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The Compiler A democratic and Family Journal Gettysburg, PA., Monday March 7, 8164 - Adams I enliphten the "loyal" mosses upon...
Adams I enliphten the "loyal" mosses upon thefol- points: sold seve?f. fr ^- one of which j ln TM sl "* vati street | Third. The amount paid each negro per several | clny ' or P er n 10 '" 11 . °r per pound, nnd what r u n n i n * i l h ! }l 5 '? J ' eS CObt - nrot ,"'8 "government," ^ ,,,,. = ' ^1 ' .! I but t b e l " X P Byer9 ° f lhe Northern Statcs? The number of negroes employed ? thT °, se 175 h ;' lp8 °/ COtton . ? , . ' ^ ""^ ° f aC ' e8 '" CUU " the re« aero, on buildings question acts of GENERAL GEORGE B. M'CLELLAN. A PAGE OF HISTORY. or did [From the J o n r n i ] of Commerce] There is no passage in history which is more deeply mtpresting, none on which the i " h t ' pen o f t h e historian will dwell w i t h more *" eloquence, than that which relates to ' without ammunition or subsistence. Then M'Clellan sends a dispatch, which will be memorable in all future times : "I cannot express to you tho pain mid mortification I have experienced to-dav in listening to the distant sound o f t h e of my men. As I can be of no further hero, I respectfully ask that, if there is a probability of the conflict being reneivod to-morrow, I may be permitted to po to scone of battle with my staff, merely to with my own men, if nothing more; they will fight none tho worse for my being them. If it is not deemed best to entiusl me with tho commimd even of my own mv, I timplv a-k to ho permitted to their fate on the field of battle. Please to this to-night." No sleep that long night in the little camp at Alexandria. Every moment they expected the answer permitting them to share the fate of the army--a fate which the wisest soldiers were looking to with tho most solemn apprehensions. But no answer answer came. Not even the common courte- n t lie treat-! The report of General M'Clellan now for n g jltfrpo-i the.fiYst_ time collects and tmtkf-s clear the town or v a n o u s ' " c i d t n t s w h i c h aro to fill this im- swer came. Kol even the national record. W o i s y of a roplv was given, till tho next day ,, '° Cnn! -' ros! io n«l e d i t i o n , the*! came Halleok's cold dispatch : New York Rebellion Jiccnnl edition, and other c h e a p 1 -- · · - - and thr ownpr of ( editions ot the report are incomplete and into on i mar-curate, o m i t t i n g entirely some portions n-or.tine on ' " hl ° l1 , P"""?"' tl i° mo ' it i l l t p r p sting and t ^ ; ^X^^^ SS h they mny not i c o u n t r y . The edition published under of the sale ' p/ 1|lel '-tl M'Clellan's iintliority is accurate, 1 ' n ' e omiqR;io11 Wils doubtless u n i n t e n t i o n a l , Lewis-Street. 2 W^. - Z^M^o,' Wn^shud, ^l N. York, i government printm.; office, and the re- Wen-1 l' r i n t c r s w l l ° ') ; 've followed that edition have produced imperfect copies. General Jl'Clpllun was not at that time removed from tlio command of the army, b u t the army was removed fiom Im oom- by an ingenious dovica of the War t i vs W h i t e 5 10,1, ' Holmes, ' e Couit of Xew not ' D p P a r t '«*nt. He wa« treated w i t h con'"l con'"l )tllous . in ' l i mnc '" (je b y Geneial Ilallcck. hfl " ordered to nb-indon the Peninsula i« nu v t T i i f ' i i orciprnri t n i but he wu, so anxiou, for an interview with, | General Ilalleok, and a free consultation, .j, n i n g the vil- ' " mt '"' proceeded from Harrison's Bir to the ' h e n e a i ( s t telegraph* station, and there public ' wnrer* 5 ) I the /Y" e " wer( ; b ^ ke " »?*** t ^± ' IVch'eiTv^"" ^^ **· **' '"'"^ I oiinnot answer w i t h o u t seeing President, as General Pope is in command, command, by his orders, of the department." department." It was too much trouble for nnv one od out. tax tax in must even once be who Gen. H,»lleek's office to send to the President President the n i g h t before, or even t h morning, and say, "The fate of the nation lmng» in the balance; McClellan asks leave logo to the field as a volunteer; may he But the insults were not yet ended. This eatno day, the ",1st August, Gen. Halleck telearaphs McClellan: "As m a n y as possible of the new mipnts «honld be prepared to t.ik« the field. Perhaps some more should beient to tho v i c i n i t y of Chum Bridge." McClellan replies that it is Genera! Caney's Caney's province to attend to the new regiments, regiments, and General Barnard's lo order others others to Chain Bridge. "By thflKW Department Department order 1 have no rightTf?give them orders." Here was one of those very com- . ·· ion cost people All soon and In New was was of J u ( t I ' - M J K I I V oLoiitJ i n i o i i on i n P going to | abo »t mi '"'aht. He n n m e d i , or P'"'!'' lci1 to W . i - h i n e t o n , i n l n r m i I t h a t he had come all tri l ' H s ^ * i ; t * ^ * j ] | ^ at . of a scale, and desicrated by of tlmt u n d . -- W i l l i a m s r c h , 1 0'iio Kep. 478 ; Hep. 031;' s j l v a n i a in t h a t l a y i n g out streets m n r k - to the seems · --" "..~ ... »..«o^ ,,-,j vjwiii- i inr-, t - seems to man Washington complications under the , present management. "I havo not seen j c . . . ' -."'.' ..... s j [he older," replies Halleck. It was the the civil htone Inlet, on the ea.t shore, last insult of the War Department, that i.nmediately tclo- der devised in tho samo spirit which a i n l o r n m i g .enet-al weeks l a t e r d i c t a t e d M . n , , , , . , , , - --"'"II t n u ' l i - t a n e e victor of South M o t J r o n M i . t u - U h h . m . n n d requested him to , leport at Trenton. The ! l i e "Gten. .MrC'lellim cnmmiim's that portion of the Army of tlio Putoraac t i n t has IMWII sent forward to Gen. Pope's command"-- How they must have cbuc.kled at tiie Wjr Department over the keen wit of this order. It was issued on the afternoon of August 3()th, and nfter the receipt from Gen. M.'Clellan of his dispatch of 2.10 p. m., come to the War D e p a r t m e n t end of the wire. Geneva! ILilleck cams, and sent a linef »nd somewhat i l l - h u m o r e d reply. W h i l e General M'Clellan was d e c i p h e r i n g this reply (it Wii* t h e i r p t i v a t e cipher), tiie operator informed him General ll.d- lei-k lud left the W.ishinutonoffioe w i t h o u t so i n u c l i ns saying good" n i g h t , and t h a t t u i t h e r t e l e g r a p h i n g was useless,? General M' r o t n r n e d to li's , i r m y , b r o u g h t it aw\y f r o m the scene of its nolile exploits, «tnod h i m s e l f , last of a l l , on the deserted deserted j r o u n d . and left the Peninsula with tlie | conviction t h a t a great e r i o r wi.s in progress ! at W i s h i n g t o n . At Fort Monroe he wroto | ry ^--... -- . . . . ,,*,,...*.,, ,,^ .,,,,(,, j . j with General .Sumner. I a ^ i h s p a t c l i to G e n e r a l Halleck, m o u r n f u l l y | more. I OH jl o f t h e services o f bis Patoma · · · · · · · case. I thus s ,,,.... U I I M I I ' I my ^iiiij^. j nave sent nl 'y every man but those, and xvi'l send them ! w i t h the train as you direct. I will send my only remaining squadron of caval- 'I have no shnrp-shooterB except t!i« guard around my oninp. I have sent off OUl'Ilt, i , ^ ^. In-live nriijy nnd begsjinj. nize t h e m . Ue said : tl.illeck to lecog- h , ]2 Casey 29 ; '. Tieasesay n k i n d word to my array, that h t h e m in 'ir conduct . -·_·-·- --e--- West Point, Hanover Court of t h i s "°. usp i a n t ' on the Cliickahominy, as well ' " S '" IP " ru ' cl to tlle sp ver. days and the re,York or to decide % cheer'henf burS'ty^ol'hSnS the , aboutme. Merely give my men and officers streets ' cret!it fnr they htxye done. It will do n d w i l l strengthen y o u A Lin_, ^ coin's ic vihn is within mi/ reach." \ ly fnlse. Tho full-Certainly it u-ns sharp satire, very keen and biting w i t , which dictated, after ....-* .iniug »TH, W H I C H uituatuu, aner tiiai !a«t sentence, the words of t h e order : McClellan commands that portion of the Army o f t h e Potomac that has not forward!" | J °" cl ° to I order as But tlic morning of the SUt brought to Washington some startling intelligence.-Halleck intelligence.-Halleck had been for four'dnys busy redu- i cing McClellan's position, findinc f.iull, ne- I filecting and even insultiiifi him. Tim I Prcsidunt and Secretary of War had yielu- ; ~~.. H.,.. ,.1,1 om.-ujiiufii yuu ed to tho radical politicians who wore them if you issue n handsome i h o u n d i n g the young general, em in ra r, n *,t »,, a,iTM .1 i evening of the 30th, when the Depart- several the ae.cfuii BuT/tle're them in regard to what they have accompli-lied. They deserve it." Verily they did deserve it. They were nn army of heroes, brought home from fields of as g a l l a n t fighting as the world ever saw. "·-- was no reply to tbe request of no by | word, no cheer, no thanks. They of use generally, claim to as the bor kind hurried home, to be hurled into the jaws of death under a commander Delected to displ ice a general who had hitherto shared their fortunes. M'Clellan came to Alexandria. Alexandria. W h a t was his position and relation to . t h e i u m y ? He himself did not kno-.v. process of depriving him of his command was going forward. Pope's A r m y of Virginia Virginia absorbed the Army of the Potomac. For seven d-iys that noble army disappears from history. Ithadnoexistence. M'C'lel- Inn was left at Alexandria, still the commanding commanding general of t h n Army of the Poto- nient issued its order, Washington radicalism radicalism wns jubilant, nnd all believed that there was truth in Pope's dispatches, and tlmt he was sweeping the retiel nrmv with the besom of destruction. MoCJollan was down, and a great victory won by Pope.-Men Pope.-Men who were in Washington that night w i l l remember the triti'iiph of the radical radical faction. But the next day a change came over tlie spirit of the nidi en I dream. Fl.illeek telegraphs JI.:Clell»ti thai he had not seen the order, und he evidently begins The I to t h i n k tlmt possibly they hive been er land tie too fust in Washington. Tlio news from vv lands of £.n hK" 6 · of lh ," A r m y of ^ h ? Poto ' » ui mac, but there is an eloquence which every mark- heart must leel in his simple narrative of are w n a t remained to him of his once magmfi Pope is not rose-colored to-day. Mcflellsin ' t l o begins begins to loom up again in the iniudt, of managers. C P n t comr """'- Lens than one hundred m e n m n n y ° f tlle invalids and wounded of " contiant which this nun-alive affords between of the "' e days which preceded nnd those which Com- °wed tha l«t of August, tint it mnj be ° f S i " (t ;'? tio "' 11 tlm , t th " rmrrative from the incomplete ed (ions of ^ Is "You will retain command ctfeverything in this vicimty not temporarily belunzing to Pope's army in the field. I beg of you to assist me in this crisis with your xbility and experience. I am entirely tired out." So says Gen. Hal'.eck at 10 p. m. on the 31st. Well he might be tired. The experiment experiment tailed. Tlie whole plan of abandoning abandoning the peninsuU cnmpaign and disgracing McClelian was proving a disastrous failure. The "ability and experience" of McClellan was now w o r t h t h i n k i n g ol half past eleven th'it night McClellan telegraphs telegraphs Imlleck that Pope i.i defenled", tho road filled with stmggleis coining tovvnrtls upon confession, ted slaves. chiss r.i(T« only To would The in that could before to read w i [ Yankee u i i u e u iroin me incomplete editions of road filled w j the Report. But we prefer to regard ii.. A^a^t"that Pop1? 9 Vi,ht'is"e^Jreiy e^ in view of other and ! posed and t 1 -' ' ' C I l u r e 'y t x w K i n l i n n A t i « !« » ! , -- I ' · _ the held on the most A. day. And B»r- place of twenty most previous appoint Henry tbe every and of pounds part lands gcni- numerous errors editions. which occur in the same The secret history of political mnncouvring nt Washington at this time would, if made public, explain the whole responsibility for the disastrous campaign of Pope. The blood of our thousands lost on those fatal plains of Manassus is chargeable directly on the intrigues of Washington politicians of the radical party, who only desired to remove M'Clellan from the public view, because they feared that the splendor of his genius, the devotion of his army, the nobleness of his character, miizht bring him before the people as a fit man to lead the whole nation through war to peace and union under the Constitution. For this they intrigued, and for this they have wasted thousands of young lives, poured out on fruitless battlefields. battlefields. And some of this history may be recovered from a close examination of tbe dispatches and orders issued at Washington, between the 29th August and tbe 2d Sep.* tember, 1862. Five day*, brief lima, but fil.ed with great event*. The politicians had succeeded. M'Clellan was debased and disgraced. He aslts Halleck for specific orders as to what be is to do at Alexandria. Halleck replies, giving general orders and finding fault. "Ammunition, and particularly particularly tor artillery, must be immediately tent that he fears tho gravest consequences. consequences. He adds: "To opeak frankly-und frankly-und the occasion demands it--there appears to be a total absence of Jbrain*, and I fear total destruction ofthe army. "I shall be ujall night," says McClellan from Alexandria. "I stiail be up all night," s»ya Halleck from Washington. It was a fearful night. The morning brought truth from Pope's army and wisdom to heads in Washington, for. All dn " our from incidents are Longs not injury led It Foster subjugation tlmt before The will iiiit. Go to of the defences of Washington, but i B o ders are limited. They do not yet dare 8tfl " dln face the indication of the radfoal ' " at " C ""*° tioian,, who would have JJIJ? Mir But the morning of Ihe2d leaves them in mont. and "commit everything" to hU han ig army. The crossing of the Potomac that day .by McClellan is a scene for long remembrance. The shouts that went rolling over ' " the exuilation of men who bad themselves all doomed, but who j telegraph?HaUeck^a? 1 45 o'c/* k iSP "°«'" ftl1 k "TM n - th ' 8 h "» bee " d«w*ed P Md*i« is The usT ^er sent forward * M'clZn r, T" £°t ^ ^ ' *««'**' «* its value P^lfaTh^Mtana.^^^! 1 ? 0 !?* W , heffl 8r ° w4eU * ullcnl y W«rjl» «|l«Mon $7,000. Will some o^ S d ^l ~5S^25"rf S£l $££** * T*I*J men do his

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