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St Boniface - Till: . CO UFdEK-JOURNAL; UFdEK-JOURNAL;...
Till: . CO UFdEK-JOURNAL; UFdEK-JOURNAL; UFdEK-JOURNAL; LOUISVILLE. MONDAY ilOKNlNG. NO GLAD IIOSIC PEALS THROUGH THE YAST BDILDI1IG. of van- Bap- tb Sunday- a. m. ta n of two Is of to mr re get by a is Is the Its aia ad. of - the at at s Pxlnce-ton ao-cept BU by as tn Alembers of the Hierarchy, Arrayed la Imposing ' . and Consecrate the Handsome New , Boniface To the Service of With) ceremonies which for Imrreaatve. nea would, have don credit to the Roman Roman of old, St. Bonlfaclu Klrcbe, the new German church at Jackson and Green streets, waa dedicated and blessed yesterday ty th Rt. Rer. Bishop Mc Closkey and other high offlclals of th Roman Church. - Th service attending tb blessing were perhaps the most beautiful and Impressive Impressive ever witnessed In Louisville, and they made a scene which will remain remain a fixture In the mind of those who participated tn It and to the thousands who witnessed It. . Tb dedication ot a Catholic church la made a season ot feast and prayer. Worldly cares are laid by for the mo. ment and all unit in a blessing to a merciful God who baa mad the work possible. Yesterday every scene which baa characterised tb dedication of an ot th famous churches of the land was repeated. The head ceergymcn of the church from surrounding c it lea and States wer- wer- present and assisted in the blessing. Tb ceremonies were quiet but Impressive and solemn. " ' Tb ceremonies began at ' 19 o'clock yesterday, morning. . with. th. - silent march of th priest and th Franciscan Brother from the Franciscan Convent to tb church steps, where the Rt. Rev. WUI lam George McCloskey blessed them. They then marched around tb building and tb walla were blessed. Returning to tb front, they entered and walked slowly to the altar, singing th litany, sprinkling holy water on tb Walla and blessing tb various shrines. Reaching tb altar Bishop McCtoskey blessed It. He waa aaslated In these ceremonies by the Very Rer. Frana Zabler. ot St. Martinua cburchv and Father Wester- Wester- man, of th Churcb ot tb Immaculate Conception. These ceremonies were conducted conducted privately, and shortly after IS o'clock th doors ot th church war thrown open to th waiting thousands on tb outside, and In a few minute very seat to tb altar rail wa occupied. Pontifical high mass waa the first service of the morning. It was said by tb Rt, Rev. William Rtehter. of Grand Raplda. assisted by Rev. Father Bou- Bou- chet. ot the Cathedral of tb Assump tion; Father Leo, of St. Anthony's: Father Ohie, of St. Vincent d Paul; with the Hope Rescue Mission' far beyond beyond the expectations of the promoters. Tn. Knox . Presbyterian ebureh Sun. rf . till 1 Father Beresheim, of St. Msrtln's, and Father Jenim. of St, Peter's church. Father Schuhmana was master of ceremonies, ceremonies, assistd by Father Prosper, with Monalgnor Zabter and Father Wester-man Wester-man Wester-man aa d 'a cons of honor. The cleric of Bt. Boniface attended aa altar boy and acolyte. . - - Following - tb nun Rer. Father TJbald. O. . M.. preached the sermon, which was in German. HIa text waa taken 'from Apocalypse of StJohnr "I will dwell among them," Father Ubald gave a short description of the churcb and the congregation from its organization, organization, saying that the new church, waa an offering of both rich and poor. Father L'bald was formerly th paator of 8U Bonlface'a, and be spoke feelingly ot the work ef the congregation In building the new edifice. The musical' programme wa furnished furnished by, a choir ot aeventy-two aeventy-two aeventy-two voices, under the direction of Prof. Oscar Klel-nvyer, Klel-nvyer, Klel-nvyer, otganiat and director cf the choir. Gounod's mass. "St. Cecilia." which had been especially arranged for the occasion, occasion, waa aung. and Mlaa Antoinette Werner, or Cincinnati, sung the solo, "Alma Vh-go." Vh-go." Vh-go." Tb verpvr services la the afternoon were even more Impressive than those of th morn toe:. There waa a parade of the Roman Knight In tb community, community, beaded by a brass band. There were eight companies In line In full uniform. Including SC George, St. Boniface, St, Mary. St. Martin. St. Edward. St. Michael. Michael. St. Joseph and St. Edward, of New Albany, and St. George, of Jeflersonvllte, nd branch No. a of th Catholic Knlghta of America, Including St. Boniface Boniface Maenner Vereln. St. Ludwlg Vn-terstuetsung Vn-terstuetsung Vn-terstuetsung Verern, St. Aloyslus Juen-gllng's Juen-gllng's Juen-gllng's Vereln and Marianisch Sodall-taet. Sodall-taet. Sodall-taet. When the march through the community community ' concluded, the churcb waa - ''.i --' --' --' , - v - , .... j pi M$?m ) - THE CBTCRCH OF ST. BONIFACE. , opened and the -reaper -reaper service began-About began-About began-About 3.600 people - crowded - inside and hundreds remained on the sidewalk, be-' be-' be-' ing able- able- to gain admittance. Father Lues a gave a short description of the church, the congregation, the foundation of the parish and spoke words of encouragement encouragement to those engaged la - the church work. Vesper services were concluded concluded by tb singing' of the Te Deum by the entire congregation. - The services services of the day were concluded last ntaytit by a Thanksgiving service. Father Raphael preached the Thanksgiving ser bob, and be waa assisted by visiting priests. HIa text waa : "Let us give thanks to th God. a It la proper." . The soloists tn th evening were Miss Reverman Schaullc. Mlse Fritsch. Mice Nellie Simon. Mrs. Joseph Hubbuch and Messrs. Ptuecfcenbaum. Roth; Oruesser. Joseph and Phil Hubbuch and Mis Werner. ? . Immediately after tb morning services, services, tb visiting clergymen were entertained entertained at dinner ra the convent, and after tbo evening ervioea the choir was dined at the same place. -- -- St. Bonlface'a church la one of the handsomest placts of worship In the city. Complete It cost 1100,000. It Is under the pastoral charge of the Franciscan Brother, Brother, ah order of th Catholic Church established established SCO yars ago. Tb. particular biancb of the order hi charge of tbi church la known aa Friars Minor. They ar Jndependent of ths secular clergy, but conform to the regulation laid dewn by the Bishop of the diocese. The fit. Rev. Paul Alt is the pastor of the church, and prior of the Franciscan convent, convent, wticb Is attached. The plans fcr the churchi were drawn by Rev. Brother A drain, of the order, several years ago. Th comer-stone comer-stone comer-stone wa laid on May T. and the building waa recently completed. completed. It ts an Imposing structure. The front is of Bedford stone with carved church to-day to-day to-day at 11 s m. and at Beech- Beech- mont at 7 JO p. m. -The -The Rev. J. H. 8 purlin, who had such Vestments, Celebrate Mass Church of St God. trimming of the urn material. There are two t ewers of the Gothic style of architecture The taller tower. wbieB Is 182 feet tn height, la located on the west side, snd Is surmounted by a glided eroaa twenty-two twenty-two twenty-two feet In height. In this tower are located the clock and belfry. The four bells used la tb old church are used in the new. The interior of the church ts strikingly rxettv. There are ten massive columns down tb main aisle which are finished In Italian marble, and beautifully orna mented at the top. Th - celling and walls are finished in llaht tints of blue and buff, and the pews and all wood work are of highly polished oak. I no column ar used to light tb building. and a very pretty effect la had in. tb arrangement of the light. On each col umn ar four or Bve-llgbt Bve-llgbt Bve-llgbt combination ga and eiectrie light chandelier, fin ished In gold. ; -" -" -Tb -Tb altars ar nerbaD the prettiest of any church) In tb city.- city.- They ar five in number and ar finished In whit and gold. Th mala altar cost S4.0UO, The atep leading to the altar ar of white marble with onyx - trimming. They are lighted by eighty Incandescent lamps, which ar arranged in a circle tn th ceiling Just In front of tb main altar. There are 1400 lighta la the building.. The choir loft la located. Juat above the main entrance. Ther ar fourteen large art glass me morial window of handsome deangn. which represent events la the lives of the different saints. They were donated aa memorials by various members of th church) and societies of the parish. The large window on the left aid of th transept prevents "Jesus and Mary in th chapel ot portiuncuia. Tn nam of th donor la withheld. Ther ar two small windows on each side which represent SC John the Baptist and St George, donated, respectively, by tha Knight ot St. John and tb Knterbt of St. Georce. -. -. Th large window on the opposite aide of the transept represents Jesus, the friend of children. It ts the gift ot a lady whose nam la withheld. Tb two small windows, on of which repre sents St. Clara. I th gift of a family who nam la withheld; tb otber. St. Rose, la tb gift of tb Blndewald family. family. Th eight windows, of which ther ar four on a nd. represent tn touow tea stihlects: St. Margareta of Corton and Cole-ta. Cole-ta. Cole-ta. gift ot the Third Order of St. Fran cis!. . - EL Francis tabUahInc th Third Or- Or- ."17 der. tn memory of tb deceased bora ot the family ot B. Hubert. Emperor Henry and Antoinette, to memory of the deceased members of the family of H. and A, Sbuler. The Grotto of Lourdes, In memory of the deceased members of the SchUdt family. Peter Baptist and Francis Zolanus, gift-of gift-of gift-of St. Aloyslus Toung Men's Society. Society. ..;.. r-. r-. r-. . . St. ' Dominie. In memory of the deceased deceased members ot tb family ot Don lntc Zehnder. . St. Nlckolaua' and St. Otto, ln' remem-brance remem-brance remem-brance or Rev. Otto and N deceased, deceased, formerly paator of St. Boniface. Boniface. . , Sc Margareta AJacoqu,. gift of th Toung Ladles' Sodality. St. Anae'a Society, which is 'composed of the married women of the pariah, donated donated the main altar, which, coat $4,000. Tb otber four altars which ar In th transept ar named a follows: St, Phltomeane, gift ot St. Phllomeans Toung Ladles Sodality. - St. Anthony, gift of Joseph Gottbrath. St. Joseph's, gift ot Frank Noltemeyers Sacred Heart, gift of a young couple, who withhold their names. - The marble communion railing was presented by Misses Bueter and Freack-er. Freack-er. Freack-er. .... . The beautiful hanging - altar 'lamp, which has th figures of th. twelve Apostles cast In sliver, and which Is finished In gold, la th gift ot Mrs. H. Yonder beck, wife ot tbo late Dt, Vo derbeck. . .-. .-. The old chnrrS sru Vlu. ,-.. ,-.. ,-.. morning after tb usual early Sunday morning masses bad been said.' ...... There were a large number of visiting .F7,mtn prTfnt rrom Ohio. Indiana and Michigan, beside prominent German Catholic from over the State and from various Indiana, towns.' , . Wnlch they spent tX7V leaving a bat. aaee oa hand ol t-1 t-1 t-1 XI. ' cloJa-sl At IT of will th cherished erate their Th brick has cient the to offer rent fire ot win or rest not tor destitute, old fresh he No given dier t4 are Tb erate and as la In tor nominal. In ther carriage-house The room The tn Miller Home,- regiment waa Ths to-day. to-day. of L. have Cox. Little, and will to-morrow. to-morrow. The toward rent ready on Camp Veterans demand -Th will Jk. John place tion and la were Wesley before Association

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 19 Nov 1900, Mon,
  3. Page 8

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