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 - ORDINANCE REM The appropriations for the...
ORDINANCE REM The appropriations for the various departments and running expenses of the city were made last evening at a meeting or the joint estimate commit tee of councils. As compared with the year beginning April 1910, the estimates for that beginning April 1911 ronow: 1910 1911 Mayor's Dept. Treas. Dept. , . . . . .$1,025 $1,050 1,615 1,615 City Controller 600 City Clerk 1,760 City Solicitor 950 City Engineer 1,965 Police Dept. . 6,110 Board of Health 1,110 Fire Dept 6,495 City Assessors 820 Main. Oitv Hall 1,060 600 1.760 1,000 1,918 6,210 1,890 6,415 850 1,216 Street Dept ...13,865 15,606 Street Lighting 9,500 9,500 Sinking Fund & Int. ..11,524 6,600 Rev. Tax & Ap. 300 300 State Tax on Loans 2.070 8,370 Fire. Hydrant Fund .... 2,000 Public Building Fund ..26,000 Index Board Fund 700 Public Park Fund 1,000 Contingent Fund 10,000 12,000 The - increase of $26 in the Mayors department is an additional $25 for stationery and. postage. That of $50 In the City Solicltcr - s department is for stationery, incidentals and witness fees. The estimate of the city engineer totaled $2,096 but the committee cut this down to $1,918. The salary of the city engineer and his assistant remains at the wage paid last year. , A request of $35 for supplies, tracing paper, etc., and of $40 for a planime - ter, were ignored. The estimate of $45 for stakes was reduced away down to $10. The department was granted its estimate of $100 $35 more than last year for printing specifications. An Increase of $3, making the amount $8, was allowed for letter heads. An item of $1" for cleaning office was stricken out. A much needed increase of $100 was granted the police department for sta - , tionory, postage and incidentals. As1 the salary of the patrqlmen totals the fame as last year It Is inferred that here is a probability or the adminis tration and the "Six Six" tactions agreeing on new patrolmen. In addition to its needs of last year, the Board of Health asked for $800 for a laboratory and $720 for fieldmen. It also suggested the increase of the secretary's salary from $180 to $240 a year and for $500 rather than only $150 for printing, stationery and incidentals. The secretary's salary and the printing items were cut to the former figures. The laboratory was eliminated but the appropriation for fieldmen allowed to remain. A number of changes from last year are made in the Fire Department. The amount allowed each the Eagle and Niagara companies for me shoeing of horses is reduced from $350 to $250. For light, fuel supplies and incidentals the Eagle Hose Co. is given $635, $300 more than last year. This is to cover repairs being made on its wagon. The compensation for firemen in discharge of duties is augmented from $1,000 to $1,200. The Citv Assessor's department Is accorded $50 instead of $20 for postage, stationery and Incidentals. The rental of offices Increases from $795 to $851, and the sum assigned for light and fuel from $75 to $125. The Street Commissioner is allowed an assistant at a salary of $720. Postage, stationery and incidentals are increased $5, making $45. An increase of $1,000, making a total sum of $14, - 000 is allowed for street cleaning, and repairing bridge. There are more paved streets to be kept clean now than at any time hitherto. The Interest on the bonded debt has been lowered from $6,122 to $5,960. The sinking fund drops from $5,402.29 to only $700. The state tax on loans for sewers and drains amounts from $2.0G0 to $8,300. Nothing is appropriated for the payment for fire plugs to the Spring Brook Water Co. although $2,000 was suggested. Instead the committee placed aside $500 for tne grading and curbing of Vine street, from Swallow street to the cemetery gate. Last year $25,000 was set aside for building a city hall. This year $ - 5,000 is designated for erecting a building for The Ulaek Diamond Hook and Ladder Co. To open a street between Union and Chapel streets $1,200 is appropriated and to grade and gutter John street, from LaGrange street to the cemetery, $2,500 is made available. Tht contingent fund is Increased from $10,000 to $12,000. Following is the itemized estimates for the year beginning 'April. 1911: FILE OF SELECT COUNCIL NO. 1911 - 1812. Introduced by Mr and erferred to Committee on Estimates and reported therefrom with an 'affirmative recommendation. AN ORDINANCE. To provide for the payment of the debts and expenses of the City of Pittston, for the fiscal year commencing the first Monday of April, 1911. Mayor's Department. Salary of Mayor per annum$ 1,000.00 Stationery and Postage ... 60.00 $ 1,050.00 City Treasurer's Department. Salary of City Treasurer per annum $ 1,000.00 Clerk Hire 400.00 Bond of Treasurer 115.00 iSationery, Postage, and In cidentals 100.00 $ 1,615.00 City Controller's Department. flary of City controller annum 500.00 PriiXtlng, Stationery and In ternals 100.00 600.00 Solicitor's Department. Salary o City Solicitor per . 900.00 FOR THE COUNCILS M'CURDY, THE AVIATOR. His Flight From Key Wast to Cuba End In the Sea. 1911, by American Press Association. Stationery, 'Incidentals and Witness Fees 100.00 $ 1,000.00 City Clerk's Department. Sal. of City Clerk and Clerk to Board of Revision of Taxes and Appeals $ 600.00 770.00 150.00 120.00 Printing, Stationery, and File Case .v Incidentals Salary of Clerk of Select Council Salary of Clerk of Common Council 120.00 $ 1,760.00 City Engineer's Department. Salary of City Engineer per annum $ 1,200.00 Asst. City Engineer's Salary per annum .' 600.00 Stakes 10.00 Printing Specifications ... 100.00 Letter heads 8.00 $ 1,918.00 Police Department. Salary of Chief of Police per annum $ 1,020.00 Salary of Police 5,040.00 Stationery, Postage and Incidentals 50.00 $ 6,210.00 Board of Health Department. Salary of Health Officer per annum '. $ 840.00 Salary of Secretary of Board of Health per an. 180.00 Printing, Stationery and Incidentals 150.00 Laboratory 1,890.00 Fieldmen 720.00 $ 3,100.00 Fire Department. Salary of Chief of Fire Department per annum ...$ 100.00 Niagara Engine Company Drivers' Salary per an... 840.00 Salary of Eagle Hose Company Driver , 840.00 Electrician Salary 150.00 Fire Alarm Expenses 150.00 Light, Supplies and Incidentals, and Fuel Eagle Hose Company 635.00 Feed and Shoeing Niagara Team 250.00 Feed and Shoeing Eagle Team' 250.00 Compensation for Firemen 1,200.00 Incidentals 2,000.00 $ 6,415.00 City Assessor's Department. Salary of three City AsseS - . sors $ 800.00 Assessment Books, Postage and Incidentals - 50.00 $ 850.00 Maintenance of City Hall. Caretaker $ 240.00 Rent of Offices 851.00 Light and Fuel 126.00 $ 1,216.00 Street Department. Salary of Street Commis - ' sioner per annum $ 840.00 Salary of Assistant Street Commissioner per annum 720.00 Street Cleaning and Repairing Bridges 14,000.00 Postage, Stationery and Incidentals 45.00 $15,605.00 Estimate of Maintenance of Street, Lighting. - ' Arc - and Incandescent Street Lighting $ 9,500.00 Sinking Fund and Interest. Interest on bonded debt, including interest on Street Improvement Bonds ...$ 5,960.00 Sinking Fund 700.00 $ 6,660.00 Salary of Board of Revision of Taxes and Appeals ...$ 300.00 State Tax on Loans. State Tax on Loans $ 70.00 Sewers and Drains 8,300.00 $ 8,370.00 Grading ami Curbing Vine Street from Swallow to ' Cemetery Gate $ 500.00 Hook and Ladder Fire Co. 5,000.00 To open Street between union and Chapel Street .. 1,200.00 To grade and gutter John ed is ing of let in on swearing leader not for in the

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