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Justice Friery in Galvestion 1893 - The Galveston Daily News - Tel. R Ry. Ry. ct Bock R. et and vs. n Lundy...
Tel. R Ry. Ry. ct Bock R. et and vs. n Lundy vs. Rogers et al. Lundy vs. Rogers et al Oalveston Cotton and Woolen Mills R. . JUSTICE FREIERY'S COURT. Yesterday was appearance day In Justice Justice Friery's court for the October term and on coll of the docket the following cases were set down for trial darlar term: Wednesday, October 4. 11,668. Leon H. Blum vs. E. D. 10 a. m Thursday, October 5. 13,684. C. H. Leonard vs. Randolph 10 a. m. Friday. October 6. 13.032. The American National bank vs. McCormick, 10 a. m. 18,764. Charles Mentzel vs. J. B. Flanery, a. m. Saturday, October 7, 13,714. Davis, Rood Hanna vs. Gco. Jacobs, Jacobs, 10 a. m. 13,445. C. 0. Evans vs. P. B. Radford, et , 11 a, m. Monday, October 9. 13,e52. E. Bement Son vs. B. Blum 10 a. m. 13,467. A. Ftenkel Son vs. C. Casenllnl, 11 a, m. Tuesday, October 10. 13,258. John E; Bailey vs. C. F. Hutches, 10 a. m. 13,337. W. C. Fisher et al. vs. B. F. Jr., 11 a. m. W^ine-xlny. October 11. 13,594. Mrs. K. Slchel vs. T. C. Korn, 10 13,6« Rice, Baulard Co. vs. The Stahl Building Co., J. Labadle, president, a. m. Thursday, October 12. 13,513. J. Yevy Bro. vs. Anheuser-Busch brewing association, 10 a. m. 13,637. Andrew Siercovich vs. Thos. McHenry. McHenry. 11 a. m. Friday, October 13. 13,630. R. H. Day vs. National Co-operative Build. Invest Co., 10 a. m. 13,531, R. H. Day va. Nat. Co-op. Invest. Co., I. A. Warner, ffarnlshee, 11 a. Saturday, October 14. 13.634. C. G. Uoemer vs. Emma Bayne, 13,401. N. T. L. N. Shields vs. Thos. Nichols, 11 a. m. Monday, October 16. 13,707. R. Plumley vs. The City of Galvcston, 10 a. m. ., ,, . 1S.410. W. B. Denson vs. Andy York, 11 a. m. Tuesday, October 17. 13,600. George S. Grimes vs. J. Neethee M. Neethee. 10 a. m. 13384 Scott Paper Co. vs. J. W. Burson and J. W. Burson Co.. gar., 11 a. Wednesday. October. 18. 13478 Mayer, Kahn Freiberg va. O., S. Fc R. R., 10 a. m. 13468 C G Fordtran Co. vs. O., C. 'Fe R. R., 11 a. m. Thursday, October 19. 13516. J. Sonnenthell, trustee, vs. C. Miller, 13609. Warden Kelsey vs. Allen B. Cameron, 11 a. m. Friday, Oclober 20. 13602 Bernard Morcovich vs. Mike Vtdo- vlch. 10 a. m. 12507. John H. HutchingB vs. Vincent Fisher, 11 a. m. Saturday, October 21. 12019. F. A H. Stresau va. Southern Pa- cinc Co.. 10 a. m. 12020 F. H. Stresau vs. Southern Pacific Co., 11 a. m. Monday, October 23. 1X491. Gus Lewy Co. vs. M. Hooks, a. m. 1J638. Sarah Ann Hayes vs. I. A. Warner, gar., 11 a. m. Tuesday. October 24. 13760. Qalveaton Trust Co. et al. vs. C. entlnl, claimant, 10 a. m. 13648. Brush Electric Light and Power PROMPT RKLJXV comes to th« woman taffcrfu; from any of tno painful disorders and dtrangsmonts peculiar to her six, if accepts the help that's offered. Dr. rieror'a FavoriU Proscription in the only medicin* certain In ita effects *ti*t It con be fnturan- hti. In every caw, if It down't beuailt mr«, your money is returned. Beautiful women know how much ttiey one to good health. If yo\i wish tit ul, keep the natural functions of In proper ihtte and you'll be healthy. A train of d!*-.W)«ni follow the dsraBg*- ment of the womanly function*. For prostration, excitability. fatnUnf ipells, dls- ainest, spaemfi, conrulnons, or ''faX* tins rsmudy robeves and cures. Take It when TOO tufTur from sleeplws- Btss, backache and bearini-down smagani, tor lb* gnmft

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  1. The Galveston Daily News,
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  • Justice Friery in Galvestion 1893 - The Galveston Daily News

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