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Children Will Attend Communion Services Seventy-five children at St. Aloysius Catholic and 29 at St. Gabriel's Catholic church, Stowe, will the sacrament of Holy Communion at masses tomorrow morning. The youngsters will march in procession to the churches before mass. Later in the day, they will participate in the annual May processions in honor of the Virgin Mary. . Clad in white dresses and,toga, another Eighth grader, veils and in white suits, the maid of honor. , children of St. Aloysius The were elected by the children church will inarch from the in the Eighth grade. school to the church to receive receive Holy Communion at'the 9 o'clock mass. The Rev. William M. Begley. rector, announced the seats on thej side aisles have been reserved for] the parents of the children. The| children who normally attend the] mass each Sunday morning have] been requested to attend the other Gabriel's church \\ill participate during the mending. ^_ihe May prQ££SSKm there at 3 All the children of the school and the first communicants will participate in the May procession. They will march from the school to the church where Miss Pietropol will place a wreath of flowers on t statue of the Blessed Virgin. Similarly, the children of St. The children of St. Gabriel's church will march in procession procession from the basement to the chnrchlusfSCfore the 8 o'clock mass, the Jtee. Francis E. Suchanek, rector, said. They wfll repeat their baptismal promises and TOWS and will receive receive Holy Communion during the mass. (o'clock May Queen will be Mary Ann Hospador, 411 Race street, j'.vho will be attended by Phyllis Nore, 1 Ash street, as maid honor. v 4 * BOTH GIRLS are members of the church choir and were elected by the choir. Eight girls will act as leaders for the 75 children receiving Holy | Communion at St. Aloysius jThey will be Theresa Cutillo, Hymns ·will be sung by the j een Foley. Barbara Hurter, Donna choir throughout the mass. * * ALL THE girls receiving Communion Communion win be dressed in white, Hurter, Dolores Perem, Doris Magliocchetti, Jacqueline Sperat and Patricia Murphy. The first communicants are: Ronald Bauer, Thomas Buckwith Buckwith white veils, and will carry ( waiter, Lloyd Andrew Collander, prayer books and rosaries. -The Valentine Delibertis, John Fry, 'John Hasselhan, Daniel Monaghan, Richard Mayk, John Stahl. Also, Joseph Tascione, David Wolfgang, Genevieve Bianchini, 'Judith Ann Kohler, Helen Maylath, Maylath, Marjorie Ann M i l l Carol Ann Neiman, Kathleen Ludy. Also, Charlotte Orlando, Bon- boys -will be dressed in blue suits ·with white ties, carnations and armbands. Pauline Pietropol, 421 South street, an Eighth grade pupil at St. Aloysius Parochial school, will serve as May Queen for the May procession at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow tomorrow afternoon. She will be at- jt a L Ruberto, Gloria J. Silvano, tended by Patricia Cutflto, Sana-jp a tricia Drabmsky, M i c h a ;Hiriak, James Dennis Burfete, Joseph H Freeze, Jr., Paul YOUR GEM STORY FOR TODAY This coming Wednesday eve- rS tijQtj ^?t~v*A\i'Gl.iiilfll At Sunnybroofc, you'll see the crowning of Queen Marty Lou Smale and you will also see her charming court of six beautiful girls. We decided to find just what type of girls wfll represent our 200th. anniversary celebration here in, Pottstown. And about the only way we could gather this information was to find each girls Birthstone and see what significance was attributed to each gem. So here is what we found. Take it for what its worth, Doris Seibolff, was bora in February. February. Her birthstone is the Amethyst, gem of Peace. The beautiful purple gem has a deep religious significance for it typifies typifies the supreme sacrifice of Christ. Delores Pioschak was born in May. Her Birthstone is the Emerald, gem of Immortality. It is a gem that hath the power to show If plighted lovers keep their troth or no, If faithful, it is like the leaves of spring. If faithless, like those leaves withering. Darlene Donofrio and Queen Marty Lou Smale were born in June. Their Birthstone, the gem of beautiful women, is the only one of great beauty and value that comes from the sea. Prom Roman times, the Pearl has been prized by women of culture. Arlene Shazjfer was born in August. The gem attributed to this month is Sardonyx, gem of courage. One of the oldest of all gems, it's history extends back to 2000 B. C. It was said that the gem lended courage to orators and some of the famous Roman Orators wore at least six ALSO. CAROLE Gass, Martha Harris, Barbara McBnde, M. Carollyn Carollyn Smith, Vera E. Semenza, Elizabeth Sener, Louis Cutillo, Terrance Terrance Foley. Also, David Fram. William cnck, FrodoricI: Hull, Albert Joseph Keim, Stephen L l o Philip Maddaloni, Bonnie J. Magliocchetti. Magliocchetti. Also, John McGee, Joseph Pind- jak, Charles Reifsnyder, J o h Sevco, Elizabeth Darnels, Dorlores Murphy, Marlene Pereni, Gloria jPerks. Also, Patricia Peroni, Rosemary Ripnak, Barbara Scheldt, Geraldine Sperat, A s n a Marie Stranick, [Judith Swavely, Mary S. Saddler, Virginia Trapani, Joanne Waresak. Also, John R. Brown, Michael Hall, Thomas Heflin, Donald Hurter, E d w a r d John Krayeski, Paul Marshall, Dave Misko. Also, Stanley Pinkos, David iSmola, Eugene Trojanowski, Elena M. DiNardo, Lois Grace, Veronica Ondik, Mary Ann Rodgers, Georgia ;Treleven, Christine Verbit. THE ANGELS who will lead first communicants to St. Gabriel's church are Mary Jane Regan, Betty Ziemba. Mary Sttrezlecki, Mary Frances Yarmush, Dorothy Kozel, Vivian Lucas, Janet Pan- file and Joan Fontana. Receiving their first Holy Communion Communion will be. Joseph Shemansky, Ray Bom-. iberger, Michael Steininger, Vin- cent Falcone, Ralph Minotto, Charles Yost, Francis Almond, Leonard Maghocchetti. Also, Donald Briest, Edward Birmingham, Dennis W i 1 s Jerome Hospador, James Widger, Joseph Slaby, Gerald Dezura, Nathaniel Nathaniel Razmysloxvski. Also,. Donald Razmyslowski, Frank Pinter, Thomas Ziemba, Mary Elizabeth Rudy, Patricia Ann Wagg, Lois Vanore, Jean Honafius, Nancy Ciaciak. A l s o , Genevieve Stehman, Theresa Wentzel, Gloria Rulli, Barbara Ann Reider, Helen Razmv- slowski.

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