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 - 1880. I do I liainent a*, 'its forthcoming...
1880. I do I liainent a*, 'its forthcoming session,for a grant of £10,000 to h^lp the) Princo of wales to pay of such ot his debts as are addition ol £10,000 a yehr to *no. an his Roynl Highness' all6wttnee-jUO,000 a year- irrespective ol the netj revenues of the Dnehyof Cornwall, which 'ainountj to newly £70.000 a Princess' £10,000. It , and of the further stqted that Mr. Gladstone declined, "respectfully, "respectfully, but firmly," to i comply with |tha request, alleging;that, if any such grant or increased allowance, were required, it should be made by the Queen herself —not asked from the public purse.; The Archbishop of l Canterbury, who is 70 years of age, lost his. wife two years ago, and his admirer*, iwho j are almost innumerable, are grieved by the report ' is to marry again. | HOSTBUM LJMAMDi THE GREAT ACTBESS' DEBUT IN NSW TOBK. NEW YORK, Nov. 8.—Mmtf Bernlmrdt made a debut tonight,: before a fashionable fashionable audience of at least 4,000 persons. persons. Her appearance,; which was. in th* second net, was the signal for prolonged and enthusiastic applause! which she gracefully : recognized, anil, as her splendid voice waslhcard^ the. entire audience siemod elfctrinerl. To iho end of the performance, the interest was intense; and bouquets jof massive and elegant designs,' were presented after the fourth act. Clara j Morris occupied occupied Manager Abbey's box. Among the-distingiiished people present were Senator Blaine arid; Gov. Cornell. The theatrical profession Was .largely .represented. Abbey's Park! theatre was closed in honor of the occasion. The street in front! ; of i the theatre theatre was illiiminated I by 'elcc- trio lights. , A i ' niost successful successful season is assured, j After the performance, a grand] serenade to tho Uornhardt took place! ut the hotel i,y Gilmore's band, 63 pieces, i back on the Chlnese.britl believe at he ia their friend,. Whan I attempt ?d to vote in Michigan, they: Challenge 1 my Foo btics vote, but I got it in nlLtl^e same then gave his experience! with pair and eairt that lie was in favor of sttotting a ne.w partv to be called the" ct^mo- politnn republican." ' His lecture msted for two houra and he was frequently] ap p lauded. ' jn« NOTES; BBinOE'3 XECTUBB, BTC . The fat ewcll beneflt accorded to MaUieA Bridge, at the Acaden jj of Music, KDndny night, j proved a very , substantial affair for the beneficiary imd a moot enjoyable' qccaiiion to th(j i audience. audience. JA number of Mrs. Br>d]go's warm atltiiirers contributed magniaeent floral offerings with ivhich tho ' sfage iture, was decorated. Mrs. Bridgo'a le on "Htinian FreeJom." was reported at length' on the occn'sioni of its pnvlous <lelivery jn tliia City, soaia monthn »RO. It only remains to be said, that in , of profnieness at illustration, beauty of diction and fine effect, tae address tho marlls of ranch improvement bears •ven ovev thetform inj which it was first tiveii. The audience wiis generous in Its nanl- feRtatioiJB of approval, and the si cocker aildod in tho i laurels already ""•" on the rostrum. I She will start foi fornin irj a few itiys,! Not a little tlnanciiiB of S^iidny r point won Cali- >f the was dueVto h«n<laome contrilnt!.iona, uccompanli'd by ijindly wordsi, jrom («iiiio [of Mrs. D idge's friontls : fti Minnesota ^uil lowit. Hint Uily Itftntu'llsv the reade . and Fro£.i.SiiinioiiH, the |>[riiiiat, at the Academy Academy next Sunday nltejrnooii. Tho riuelbuker lllijesty. Co. w the groat ainusuiuei4 attraction AcaHemJ- liext week.!- 11 joe t the AS'U BAB, AT: ESTATE CAHl . al—Tho sn c-jnrit his- rendered u ile.cision i IN EXQLtSH OPEBA JAT BOSTON. BOSTOX, Nov. 8;—Mlis Marie Roze appeared appeared in tho English version pf Aida at the Globe theatre, tonight, being tho flrat time this opera has been given in ! English hero. Th« p«rforci:lnce was received received with much enthusiasm by a critical critical audienco. .'-\ \ WONG CHIN FOO. TBE LECTTJBB AT THE A|eADUIT, SUNDAY fcaaoluf U. -y>. rotter, uxeiTutdr o^ i Wnrtl; dl'lieiucd,!^^. tho Tliird Nn ban!i:of 1,'hic'igo. Tho judgment < circuit <i>r.i.-t of lUincjis is alflrmed osts aniliutorost. a A raino i the E. B. ional f thn with I LOCAI. (iouBTa. I : la the (lirciiit iiour( yesterday tlie Jurors Jurors wert! excused until tho '£!rd inat; Wm. Speijice y.i. John Mead; ehaiigo of county court granted. U. Wong Chin"Foo,=the-f Chineso American." American." delivered a, very picy and highly entertaining lecture at it Uo Academy o[ Music Sunday afternoon to a fair sized andiouce. Foo is a n:ltiye of northern China, about 30 years of age, of medium height, dressed in Isami-heathen stylo, has a good command; of the English language and is well educated. His pronunciation is remarkably good for a Mongolian, and tho ionly noticeable words that ho could hot master were "wane" for one,- "dot" firthat and "Acg- lesh" for English. Hp wore Chinese a gown that struck him at tho . Andree: nefeu'- witlileive to vcuue jtf) county court Winganfuid va..3In'gnn9 Ai djuit's <i!e(nurrer sustaineii plaintitl'jto amend complaint on] pay- nlcntiof]$10 imd costs; A. 13.0cilfpaa YC. . C.iTBiinipif: trial by jury waived and 'dtredlto bo tried on i'«sut'H of- fnct calender; \Vm. Tobin vn. John J. Xobau; cost;-! ordered pro ratn. inserted iij judg- uient. li. Cr. Kiilckhotlva. HichuriliKuos: iujuh'ctijm ciiutiuuod, plaintiff tb pay ail coats and G E. of all property in C. jjCotter v.'i. G. M. Tracy appointed Cotter: hearing postptn.'d until 2 o'clocld, Nov. " doMlid:iut in case of Mar B. iic- ry vdi. Jas. P. McHenry to pay to ninsel J'Jj, and into eoiirt $lu rjuvi'-ij n (^v»T*i v»iin< I,IV>U^H ....... — . —- ^ (JlillUtHi (1 Ct>ll Ilf." i v-i'-'f rtm-4 AIJIW w**» « «*•*" heels made of some dark stuff and a « lor witness frob; Stiito vs. Robt. | John- Sleeveless jaoket of pirerilo velvet. The < sorii d^mi^od; c. ;S. 'Brown v^, J. ij. extremities qt a pair of: bluish nankeen f u,^,.,; .»4retio« to undertaking jufatifliid breeches, arid the starchiest cufti of i, in pp - cr j court; Amelia Post vk.Auia what was probably au American shirt, j \vhoeicr, clianxo "I vcnuo to liacirje were observed at the accustomed pltsces : C0lm tv. (frauted; Eliziibeth Lcopdld»vs. otrcasionally. i Hi!f color is a dull yel- j yebastvuiir Leopold, trial postponed, low and hia eyes are. .nlmond shaped, i coi-.NTY'corrrr. JUIHIE SIASS «rlfh n tt^rtT,if in i*1i n A tinn t^ TrtlTjain ' T ,>..J«f t-'x. I... 1 i^riA.f 1. \ra T,l . with a stronj; ineliu«ion to remain . Hchulbnrth VH. Jumes lilake; . closed nearly all of tbo time. Foe is ] confirmation ot nnlu; Mnrtha Thompson not a fool by Any meanB. althouglt his > V! ,_ E> L .j craw.'ord, clinnge of vt-biie to rtftme only ncioda one. ! tetter to make ! c j rcu if. court L-rantccl; Cutlieriuo Boelim htoone. On the contrary hoisathiuk- : va _ j oai ^ jjoehm,; relief granted; r L. B. er, and his thoughts: are] thoroughly | Eudersvs. C. Sch'nltz, ' mental and show us ap f to circuit court; of imaginary power. In belief ho is n r ^ ar i wijher. Ordered that the Christian, but the superstition of his | described in tlieaindavit be and if forefathers clihg to him and he says ; hr v ,, ca j,;d and aud set osidu. that when he dies his soul wand«r vs. Fred I'abat . about until it enters somo other bclnR. • -j- uo arsttment of the attorneys no of jvenuo ".t vs. deed here- Board et al. human animal, reptile or fowl. - Ho i keenly appreciates thd ludicrous fen- ' turesof civilization rind Christianity, and his remarks at times were satirical and witty.- He began: " Mrs. Bridge's lecture iinA puid a high tribute to the Workinginen of the country, country, tho class mostly depended upou and least appreciated. He then taid that ho would tell WHAT AN AMERICAS COULD DO IS CUKJA. and what the Chinese could not do in America. Until 1854, when the ports of the empire were opened to outaide nations, nations, the obnoxious i opium smoking was almost unknown; tho.advent of tho British with-, millions of dollars worth ' ' of. : Itho: druff almost . ; _-,T »h<. ,i»^iv paralyzed tho nation with the deadly and loathsonie intoxication Twenty ni.llions of women aud children were living happy earning their frugal exis- tunco by the fruit ot the hand loom, spinning fliw linens "^ "t^r fabrics The Americans cumd i with cargoes of jludcd; adjourned until today. UNITED :BTATE3 CUICC1T COL'llT— DYER. Mary -Crummoy vs. James B. a it co ITaryiCrummoy vs. James B. Cnim- W mey et 41. Order making naw parties def«iiditnt. Godrffii Seldon et lal vs. Johu M; Stouelll Knle to show cause Godrffji Seldon et jal VH. ouowclll Bnlc to show cause why defiiidant Hhbuld not be pnhished for cnnteinpt, f(fr (Violating iujutctiou, on pnymoutj of contempt procoe N vi. Ed. in prncoc!iu«B3, jiivunci .\cctj , P . »-». i'. AilisJ i Order reqniriiJgxomplrtint to ! tile rcpKcation to tlio nmondetl aiiswur. j POLICE -VND citiMiSAX, couivts. The following cases were called) in'the police cvAirt yesterday inorning: I Sellin£ Sellin£ liciiibr to niinora: Edward S. Peck r.nd Erttat JaogiT. Both; cases postponed until hext Monday.'.' Drunk:] Mary Schoehijnfelder, dismissed; Loui» Hnrt, lined f3 and costs; Cha.s. FrrmciB, S5 or 5 days 1 ; Mary Davis, Anna Mllleh each ned" ^p and ci»t.-i or 15 days; I Albert Bierlcnjf, drunk and disorderly, S15 and cof-ts ot: 30 (itiys. Alteiithe police cascs.were disriosed of the' Not-ember term of tho milniclpal court was begun. Augustus L. Jiartcm, larceny, lined J30 and c the railroad constructtti, h. sends word | the coiirt. John Meyer, ; vagrajicy, UU to the American that; tne rails mast be i dnJ3 ui the house of correction. j Dolly «<>rn up. The American espostnlutcs and says rightly . that tt« = roue j tha has already cost him several miilions of dollars. Then the empt-ror orders the , abandoned ichiltl, : sentenced to ial .chool for | girls tUl 2! of :ige. Sohoeneufeider, the woman who in In- or to ica oiigbt to go to China c ] mr g e .il frdm the county asyl l teaching. The Chinese ;! jinllory dismissed the CJLSO up • - slio had just beiu dis- " :im Judge .ipon lenru- ili been a-eat- whiit the enternriso | ia. All tlio old maids of America ought to go to China and go to fcliool teaching. The Chinese -\ Jiallory dismi ore anxious to lenni English anil I know • j u g tj,jit the .. . an-American ludy whoiis piiid SU'iO- per ; committed to that liiatitution io. mouth teaching a pj-iviito school. If ' 20 000 brave men, each; with $20(1 and a Springfield rifle will aftree to go with me to China. I will insure each with a fortune fortune in Oil days aftier touching the shores of China. Wilen you get your men ready I Will There are three great you what to do. provinces in tho interior of tho empire, as largo as the states of Illinois, Michigan nnd New York, that are howling wilderness, where the foot of a human being never trod, inhabited only j by wild animals, and enterprising Americans &i» invited to emigrate there. Pine -country it is. Will grow anything, aiid to the Yankee's there are JIIUJONS OP MISLIOSS IN IT. The Chinaman does not like the Yankee. He is to quick, and is never satisfied unless trading nothing for something. What can a Chinaman do in America? inent. j nt. i . : la thn cases of tha saloon keepers, Peck njid Jaagi-r, who ;iru charged with selling liquor toj minors, were adjourned UBtf! npst Monday.;, £ } Augustiia L. l y uxton, the man Who- was convicted of lurteuy yesterday, -fas taken taken to Suyder's ilhotogriiph gaikry, and photojiruphed. I Th* police re&.ril him- us a vti-y diingfi'ousiihaa and » professional professional Ihief. - j Mrs. Crocker was arraigned for trial yosterfliiy, and upon the district attorney reudiiiK the charge against 'her. she answered answered iii u sharp mauner, chaopictoris-> ^ticof her, "notguilty." and upon motion motion o( her attorney. Col. Goodwin, her ease wan continued:' until Uetemlier. She was held under Uie same bonds. i LEGAL BB1EFS. I All of the courts wiiro: in session yes- terduj*. bt " ' Iu Jim circuit court, yestertlay, the !' caHQ nBoinst Fninkic How.-ird was called. '"* t'The court made an order releasing her Nothing, eicect open'a laundry. John cannot hold real estate, cannot ^to. taliu ^ law and in the Pacific slope, cannot buy , ^ c ^ n mudo nn a mining claim, or take oat natui-alua- Sf rom A on fl nem ent upon her en tion capers. If he walks along the streets ,;" um T . .-_.?— he isinsulted-, and often assaulted. The moment he reaches California, ho is met by a christain crusade! headed by Dennis Dennis Kearney, and-if ;not quartered or Bring in uuj. * tt-uj.,****'* 1 -"*'.'-'o -"*'.'-'o Sinn!! granted judgn.ents of recognizance. , yester- Ehlara; ^.w*.. .— 0: T~~- »• • vs.; Eaima J. Quin; liana diverse in tins following ci day: ilda Ehlers vs. August It. P. Wilson vs. Carl E. Wilson Schuqfcr vs. Johann Schaefer; * SehnSr vs. Louis Schnur; Ett Moni'oti -Rindskopf; Jai . 1 shift! WEATHEB L1PJC1TIOXS Clolidy or partly cioncly weat ler, with rain tit snow! stationery or fall ng bar- ometir; southeast tc( southwest winds, Emelia Ibertina o Einds- et White hung is a lucky dog indeed. Att American American can do anything in China. A Chinaman can do nothing in America. The population of China is about 25i), I ^"t 1 !' 000,000. The statement of the:.-e being *"r ,]:'"" white- alilea Grisjwald vs. 400.000,000 human beingaiini China, is caroljca Griswald. ! false ahd grew out of ^ho fact that the ^ alu H" —— estimation was based on the population of a mile square- of opr most populous cities, multiplied .by the number of miles bf the vest empire. The laws of China are pure and-seek to mppreas rather than to punishicrime. Heavy interests interests are paid for money, from 15 to 23 per cent, the first being the legal percentage. percentage. Here is a : : flne opening for American capitalists and they are invited invited to go oven The Chinese do not like to emigrate and many millions hate starved rather than leave their home). All that a Chinaman has to cling to is his wife and children, and they are KUaran- -teei of hi* honesty. Gen. GarQeld went * ..!'•. ig to coler northwoste barom eolde ierer. Tha Eamoua Bathesda. Duibor's Celebrated 'Bethesfla Water of Wiukesho, Wis.—The. mar*el of the — .A acknowledged b£ thej mnrH(>«l asaspeciflo worli Igtree bet medical _ Bright's fdtse'ale"a < nd'ali klnSred diseases. For sale !>y Drake Bros., 378 Sa it Water , Milwaukee, Win. ly, with a a

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