The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 9, 1880 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Tuesday, November 9, 1880
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nouncing the land leaguera. BUY. N(j>YEMBqH 9. 1880. k BOXE 1 f gUTSUTUBS.ETC. . words, though. ENGLAND. MABITOtE DISAST jt, Nov~S.>—The Brit Galalia, Capt. Pendioombe, parted at Bristol ftom Bal* countered a terrific gale, , Headway against which she) olj her coal. She 'was c "—•* masts, boats, derricks, '„ „— - t .tons of oil cake for fuel in pB^er to< AA1UB, -«v». '•—jkM"****" •»**~t *•— — — the Paris membe rs, intends tp Introduce - - — chamber Of depujties forlheuppoihtanfentof'a committee inquiry feto toe Oe CSssey affair. < I An incident has bocirred to excite. Frettch suspicion about fees, always too wafce- talal Paris., It W be toldjn a few French joMnols liiive ae made very mofly about it. Wcestyne, a ootrospondent ot J*encn papers more lively 'than exact, of late found a tempora 7 home with the Gaul- •ois. TdS^commfendhimselTtotiis new patrons, [he came out with a brand-new story of the sale x>«i foreign, spy by, an officer high In Ctairaand, of plans lor a mobilization of 'tpie French army. l Th« " - -Mwas Col. Jung. <The officer di colonel Jaw easily sni ter, though'in Yeveal the inf t rian.rUmo.'de .— . -— .. -., , \FCS admitted haft been improperly dfealt with, but th» ted Siinon Pure of tnSas' on was Gen. - dei Cissey, who has,; i. said, been • on i with Mme. dei direoted againstf an action, I and 'vjery {^clearing his xsharae- "jrto doit he had!!to of his " . very intamate terms Kaulla. Public son- timent was dfflermined : ] to • ha\e a •victim, and'so $3. its fury was at jonce Ocn. de CSssey. I Col. .Jung on bis part received due satisfaction by KettJngjDe *\Vo3styne sentenced to a long term ot imprisonment ana to a fine. •. Some letters of Gun. de Cissey were read «t the "trial, which clearly proved his intimacy with' Mme. i de Kaulla, and whifch tended to show-that some of the lady's friends had profited by it in order t> make money atjithe public expense! Certainly no Such 1 treason as that i ttributed to the general •was proved, bit enough:;was established to mike every one uneasy and to put the people & a sort of frenzy of-sus-, picion. !the jrerteral's letters Were clear-. Iv compromisinj % for he was immediately dismissed froto.his command by the; government, anfl the coll upon him tOj clear'hiniself ha*been so lond^and jve'| liemcntthat he; has been dnven, as at: were, to begin a press .prosecution i on; his owii account. Mme. de Kaulla is now in the forefront bf public notice as an object of hatfe. She is threatened by, the mob. fler portrait is exhibited in: the bureau otijonrnals, and she has '1, as a matter of course.' , Equally.iis a matter of course sue pas •declared her innocence, ana see ongiit to know best.] MATTjaSS OF STATE.'• LOJTDON, No*. 6;—The- following is tjie subsSJince of the speech to be rpad by Ferry'to the jFrench chamber of acp-: titles at "the ope£ihg tomorrow: j • 1 1 The exnulsion o{nnantborl7.ed con<rreeaqons W been pncccssWlly carried but. The govcrn- SrniDt rcooramcndSto Hie^ chambers tbcsd,op- ijriDiaJT S <Mlccaliofc. With recard to'lawsi oa fcsounttons, they fcrc s » lon| Vh?" t jS5i,S; if he r-cw'la'mf lot* the ScBulntlori of therrcssWill also be urced upof reprraentatlve bodies, bntj *,o lone M the old fcrm ot the teslslation^ls!^, jt Trill be ripidly -afincr" of the Khonc canil is ko tbe consideration ol »«~ • •-*•-—<—-- .-n- - &ai« : TIM .en^tejntgedtovot^Uha* the. ' -i . Nomentlon what- made ot Greece. In pondnslon the Cov- nt does »° Bl ? nd1 J? B< ? oJ * g t SS3?es* f1? but. The Koverri mont nM the . e K ntitcntiiecouiaenccninltofoUowIttoltt- '' THE TEOCTtoE AT MABSEIK.ES, ABSEHii«ES, Kov. 8.—The. the abbey of ihe Prcmontre . continues, and troops still staround Itlie monasterv. TI ie snbprefecf states that the authdritdes _of do not wish to break open the doori but will Continue-[the sief/e a month longer, U it is neTjessary. The lathers declare that. they have Bttfflcient provinons and will not yield. At Chamberry fbie Trappists of ramie were despersed on the 6th I inst., 6y a body M seven (brigades of jgend'nrmes end 30 troops o: the line, The ^aiites Capuchins have embarked for Cork. THE PAEKEM. IKDICTMENT. 1 T .UCUI.IN-, No - 8.-The fiovemmont, dpnbtlcss cautihned by its £egal fdvis- cra that the caic against Parnell \if & very hard one mdecd, will not endeavor to-iu-ovetoo Huch against him. The whole btrcngth of tlie prosecution will he exerted to the last couit which cnirnts with .• ibtain a comaction jou ; of the ; i indictment Parnell : and his . 3 ^— .-^ seditiously conBpir- itic. confederating and agreeing to *"»• A _ ^ ^_. s -_-„*.,. niKpnnt*>n1 therto •""i T.T .•,:-_/» Snto port. The __..j. Meyer, from At rk,ias returned'! to J MABKETS,. : CBOI jjftrt Lane Express says: jer . twerp foi te formbj a weather ored rowing and thresMng. lOJhe threshing has brought m^ire prominently into view the deaciency not th B V h eat crop and the iles, were ~ '" tion of .__ .... ... wheat was firm, inferior more important provincial finest samples advanced one snilhj!ig_ quarter. The quantity of gmn'iflopt, however^ caused a : weaker JeeHtig,iii London iat the end of the wgek.-| Fdr- wheat advancea in but farther advance was succe|SfnHy)te- on Fiiday, the .demand was slower, but holders were, firm! atid^foreign flour, scarce, and T Barley, very quiet; there wtf : ittm. prioved demand early in tho|wetjk (tor barley afloat, but the market ^as 6a«er at! the close. Oats improved 'ofie shilling and closed firm. Maize, mJxedjAmerican sold steadfly, ex-ship, at of three-pence on Mom ~ ! 3 corn, quiet and cl ,. T . Maize in passage ad'. r pence early in the week and pras . _.. slightly dearer on Wedntsdaya slightly relapsed on Friday, but closeJ. s«oi)g. •ftlheat cargoes were three-aence ahd siic-penca dearer for red wint^ eaxlyiin the week in consequence'of sSock* and the'detention of vessels on jajteage. _ifll descriptions were firm unt" when they became gaieter with the American market. _,.. red j winter was three-pence* and sixes .aflpat .turdjiy. pence dearer. American further ' decUned 1-3 Soles 'Of English wheat week. 42.326 quarters nt , , four perico, iigjiinst 3C.553 qrkrters i;at SOJRhillings five pence. Tttje c6rrj»s- pdnding period last year—Imgortq: into the United kingdom for the ^eeki en'd- ihg Oct. 30, were 539,024 Ctt-t-lbf ivh»t and.^53,U43 cwt. of flour. ' ' ' SPAIN.: | ,j : jEAsrrrs rofD A HgsfE. | v: 8.—A Madrid ctfrrespond- ns follows: | The ' are 6 «, are offering thorn theif polacifes; town councils are giving the<a old cdn' vomits and vacant builoUngs. £The i •""" is!granting them interviews: and ministry is. authorizing 3e§uitsr ajid other orders to establish theittselves jp'n Madrid and all over i the ^kingdom. Cdnsen-ativc and > liberals' 1 - 1 —'here equally condcffi? .. urea of the French gtfvernmenl to the surprise of every one,|hasi jnst published several strictures o« thercop- dautofGambctta, whom he £ccnses*of having dictated the conrsc of* the! gav- icrnmcnt from behind the scerjss. Gasjfe- lar in unsparing in his idenuiffiiation ijol radicalism. He told toe yestfjrday. tljat he inclines to the views of Jn^es Simon blind obstinnay of Gata : RUSSIA. I "THE PEOPLE OF VMlEfjT _ ST. PETEKSBUBG, Nov. 8.—.tt the; trial bnfore the military tribunal aft prisOnfers Acknowledged belonging to tfte revolutionary party. One named* c - l --~'" ff that he participall— _. „— " the mines &mder ihe ia l)^cen|ber, and others- recounted proceedings :^n •connection with the mine or| the J8im perhol railway A BUilUp WOKE ' HlBEiS €ORFU! ^ CBIHKS-flblllLH :BECOBD- raKDin rorx(s,«c. MADHtklTfl WOBK. ATTEMPT jTO MT7BDEB i BIBTEB OP OHAS> 1 '' ITT. I " " " I Ksw YoSK, Nov.[8.-bne of " ~ ' * orgerB.'w N iy, i&pV«tejids io be IB ptos- Bession -of i phrn which <«"d rendet orgerJes vt> ought by Icheijaical agents mpoesible. Tab valuable jsecret, how- ver.hehasnot been,ablei to sell in *ew York, owing, he thfpks, to the fact that tie transatlantic] detectives, who, he insinuates; 'are in collusion with the forgers, p*e|uilice: the minds of the authorities against htm. CAT'S \japis os. A HofeKEBLB OHIO TEA BED Y, ^svnias, O., Nov. 8.--A horrible tragedy beiame kno'wnyestsrday mom- ng. Frank M. ; Biedenbaugh, a ybnng jerman; Wealthy, who three years ago married a copal sisterhood was shot, yesterday; under extraordinary circumstances. Tha St. John the » Baptist House, a Protest tant Episcopal boarding pchool, and the,; armer.icaiie home jlate -14st Saturday ight into&cated, ana entering _ the home of on church, kaoei the northwest corner of, Stuyvesaht P irk. i A member of the sis-' terhood fr Siistor! Gertrfade Terena, o<j .. i .-j^il _» *•»•*. >r_t_-. kv.'-_ T>».B.k£_<. • ai.-«' the- order of ' ' is 42 yeArs -61 age andisdeyotel toherwork. This morn-- ing Sister Ver ana of ,the sisterhoods of the •oom when sanlted th aknll' was and then St. JohnitljeBaptisti Shej ' active woman,t . ln the garb of aj w • Sister of chari ty, left the boose and wentj to a mission school, conducted for .the; benefit ot tae Germans ot the neighbor-; hood. At th* conjclnsioA of her dntiosj she started to return to the house alone.) She hod reached a point near the house] when she noticed two min standing the sidewalk. one of tKe men muttering soie words'sne did not catch] began to: fire ! i it her. He iflred two shottj in rapid successioti, and; his aim was sntflciently accurate, i bti| almost point-; blank range, As she yfo passing them J i dr>w : i, irevolver, andJ •m with ! an iaxel. His .wife's; srushed Vitha iingle"blow, ^ fiut hia son* ttiroatbytho •dge of thetoe. Heithen v ent into the oom wher« Mrs. Stephens, b visitor and er child aid a servant girl were sleap- l Mled Mrs4 Stephens and her ; Thie servant girl awakened, prang towards the aooribnj; was knock>d senseleii and left fpr^ead. ; Upon (covering sonscionshess si e gavo the inn and the noifrhbprji ci me. It was wt till moEning thatrthei m irdurer wo» onnd hid4en in a jtobaoco honsis with lis throat dut, Uat not fatally. Jealousy, nsanity afed drunkenheas are the lories advanced to'accouhl forthehor- » cause:: opth bullets take effect. i/Jthonghish'e felt: shehadj been wotnded, Sister | ; verena j did not cry out or fall She appeared to realize;: instinctiyely.that Wie haB been attacked; by a madmarj^ and that her safety could be secured only by reaching and enter-] ing thehpuse,!only a few 'eet distant. Shej therefore', hurried ori tod- succeeded^ in ; makin;g her way painfally'up .half nf dozen stone steps. 1 Before she reached! the gate.ihotffeveri noticing that her as-J sailant was not satisfied, and that he; wispursiungher.isheeaid to two men; whomsh'e say, "Won't; yon please stopj him?" PRT: appeal wejit " ' •ible'crime 'MYSTlIBIOTJS I>16APPEARANCE. KEW Yo k, Nov.-8.-Tie husband, arents ahd friends of Mrs. LiUie ^Hde, 'respite in South Brooklyn, are greatly agitated over her dl lappearnnce, ; IB not hatog been :scen ; ince Oct. 11. H" Glide- i was : a ipretty. fair-haired Mid had ibeen Vnarried but mattwith:tholrevolv,dr followsd her to ' the vejry gate ot the: house, and with blbod.strfeaming from |ih]sr wounds she was striving to ring the jbell and i . mbn reh'ef, hejflred four|hore shots,two _«* ^_j J _t_L_«-..vrJf T.jU **l/^»i4*\ f\nt* r\9 ••^•lia' of; which 'struck hip viotiin. One of "the bullets .skmcfc' thi stone] steps and wns| the house. lEepotts —,— been h4urd ! within ii qie honse, ; and] caused alarm: n4d -4'opd«r, although! at! first there; waja nd thought-tKat ai member I of j this ii4terfcood had) been 'brutally F attacked. Tho! -bell was imswired by one of the sisters, who opened the dbor just in time to receive intb her] arms thel bleeding form, of Sister IVerena. | Great[ consternation] uid excitement followed* The Mothers superiorTsenti into the] i chapel, whercl services were i n progress,, and summon-' ed several of he ' sistert to her assistance, in alarm was thus created, and tbe services were |nt«rrt(pted. Medical examvnataoh stowp thttti she had been, shot in 'the; r ght wrist, : in the right] 8.—A horrible «ccl- tnt j occurred n«<ir Ihek-c, today. theKankakce iTaiu was going ,: ?ohri Aden. ' ' a, Ger- farmlr, his ;wifa «rid niece, Ked-fonrt:cn, .attempted t'J cross the ti«konn F -----i-.-r erestruc th'igh, inithe'l , All tho wbnndi except; tliut in the tiack! were flest wo mdjt, and did no serious, injury, fe'heii he i had dtnptied his re- j - -' ---- •• •"--' 1 volver at the ,(JiVDl tttl fcl*C ^A^TAOilO^iM^W «iv»**»»**| «,»*w assassin -yralke 1 slowly jiway in the'dL-] rection of Th smokingm-cap >n in his band. He wasj arrcsted,iana proved to-bo us mad as ft; Unrchhare. He isaid-i tiis woman had! bewitch*! hitri.- He has been \ held forj official examin iticjn. Tlio affair caased] the Neighborhood,] aid among all church pebplB who heard: of it. ' ; ! " j ' '" ' l VIOLATION OF THE *COSStTrT>. ATHENS, Nov. 8.—The conimlttce appointed by the chamber of deputies f::to draw up a reply ,to the b-peecfc from the throne has submitted a draft ot nn rtd- dress accusing, the former. iainistryj:of violating the constitution bySincrettsijie the forces without obtaining {he consqnt ofthcdiamber. .?>-^ -> " '%•;" i !i "It seeins ; that tbo i makes aU; orer IM-; cr.APniC AJC Tte j; e w Tork Nation says to have been at last mode clea fact that the'EngliBh landlord improvements on a form - ft npkle, andin the back.j defenseldss woman, the rd Avenue, i carrying the: Charity . Hill,: uuuM4 ". Boiled reputation. — UK \Villii ml Miller,."» 'yoting colored 4nan.^MBienUmcedto ; pay«l —-'"*' *'" rso CASE! n? : A TEXAS COUKT.; , Tex., Nov. 8-4An exceedingly interestirkg an< I importanjt habeas corj)U« case, irivol«i:ig fth'e : clistody; "of two children7is now pending in the district: court. James B. 'Holton of FulmonthJ Ky., inarried a Mi^s Marjy E. Began of iat place. She bore him four children,: :\fo of whom. Lavina and Cora, are still living. InlS'VHolton Sued for a di- hat Mrs, 1 HolfonVa thirjl .child was a [ulatto-i Medicali, experts pronounced ic child; of' negr9 extraction/ but, tbe jurtrefused-Co grant! the divorce. la etaliation ilri. Hpltoii (sued for, and btainedui divorcej] from! her husband, lleging jcrimiballinthnicy with a ser- ant girlj Tinier the laij-s of Kentucky, Mr. Holtpn wai given th« care -jalid cus- «dy of the chiidren. Helshortlyfromov- d to Hill comity, jTexi. where |he died. }n his dOath-bed lie vcrtolly willed the hildren to jC. S. and f Elizabeth Price,is brotiher-in-la!w ian|d sister. Mrs. ting it, and -keeps the fences Bnd binld-i ings j n Tepair, while the lris$ lanSlora does nothing but furnish thejland^crrn-, aitutes a very marked tween the land systems , enc*: b.e-: tho_ two countries. It- has also been |stablishjed by all but conclusive evidenoj that:it|!is customary, or at nil eventsj very torn-; mon, for Irish hindlords to ffaise' jtheir rents on account of improverSents ma^le — Whijch the in a . and create OiBContCnt I amounts to conflscation of ErCUJCr to " uuucp «*j« ^» fc «.-%. — -- ---- ---.- ufad disaffcctio i among the leigo subjects ol the dpeen «nd_to (excite and promote feelifcs of ill--will: nnd b.o3- Sitv between! the different i classes of her "said maferfy's said Bubjects-that is to say, bet^-e* landlords iind tenants inSeland; arid further, with exciting and promotina ifeolings of &-'*>£ and libstihty tow/uH the landlords to Ireland and among th4*est of her majesty s sub- ifeetb in IrelanM to the great terror ajid jflarmoIthesiaaianaiordB,,to the evil example to , fen others : In Tike c;isc offe'idW, aid against the peace oif the queen, fbor crown i and mgnity,. It is tho opin on *ven, of : lawyers who havenotthe" Bightest: Bynrpat 5Sr ParneE arid his movement conviction cdnnot be obtained even: on S« indictm^t -without;* carefufly ENim BEACOKSFTEKD . iord BeacSnsfleld, who has not appeared conspifcuously in the discussion of tho Irish question sincehis celebrated and contempftibus letterl on Irish demands durinttthe dectoralcanvass I >m if arch last, it iipreparing a letter on Jpe 5ish fluestiol. It is not expected that Lord Beacon ^field's -views will i jbe iarticnlarly Iriendly to the land league or to the Irisx i people, ! bv flie^resent Sivernment by bringinEflp some new jmf.distractiiig question, . OJTE OF agent's housiat Kobodj. was hurt. ' i uiuuu, soncitor for . it ,.,; entered a foi mal appearance to thfet of queen's bi inch for indicted agitators i TOE a*AKI> XJBAHOB WJDOE i lot Ireland ^iipted aTesoltition to com • Hut th? arltt tion toy all means in thel. roperty; also, that in aU the- : nfl: on those estates in Svhich tjne eriant's property in his imgrovemetits s recognized as a saleable iwerest, im* er the name of "tenant rig^t" or jgopa will, the utmost content andggood ifeel-- ing ibetween landlord and acnant pre r vailj and there is now no disturbance.;: -fr k ! __ ft_^- J |f | „ •'- i.-jj i .—A cose has,:beeii ^? iftr*******«»*'•"» *!«.»—. — i—•— ——, ,- ^decided by the German ftoverniment which 'has some bearing on tme BoiseHer )rofhers, of St. Louis, who were! co.p- scripted by the German govijtnment. ; s A man named Weil, a cittzen|of Alsace, came to this country and Tgis notuii(u- zeet'. EfiturninB home hejwas *con- Bcrinted by the German government, pn the i ground that their treafy relievtasr American citizens from conBCaiption did not apply to Alsacej and 35orraine. is A " deal of negotiation followed, put released. - I is Minister White tel state idepartment that, Weil \ ; : Bronx is MojrnrcAi., Nov. 8.—A tftrifio storm prevaQed yesterdayt and night.' A three-storylionse •"• °* street, occupied by a w.' retail grocer, was blown damage to the stock was clipper ship Bavenscrag '• her beam-end at the w wards righted. An unkni blown into the jirer and fierce storm of wind ani throughout the prov' nicrht. Heavy rains——-—r r - v - BrnnswickBtreams and mott'of this logs hung up will be-gotto market. ; B«LBa«*,'BoaQh& , ; Bats, catu, mice, anta, &o.i cleared »ut br "Bough on Bats. 1B« bo^es at drwc ' 878E. Water Bt. K .—AllFitBare FIT CUBE AKD BBSTOBEE. orce. ttllegi other reasons icidentally siie learned k>f the: death .o er former i husband anfl the wherea. outs of ther tiwo 1 childrjen. She came 3 Texas kbbutl a month! ago,| ana demanded la : surrender: of the ;children. 'u'ch Mr. ^anft Mrs. Price "refuseci.": A .•it of. habeas!corbuswis sued out td ecure possession Of the children. Price nd his ^hle on retusink to surrender lie childreh wero :arrested forjcontempt nd lodged in Bail |in this city iuntil the hildren Iwhori they had) Hpirittid away rere brought forth. JTesterday they were released irom custody °n prodno- ng the>cjiildren, who ere being held by be court till'.the case sis disposed of upon its mcritii It has llenlisted nhnosl universal;attentionin^this seption'und he ablest legattitalent to'j be secured ia Mgoged by each* side; | • ' ;- •! ' j' —i— ~ —jj i : AN AKTI8T UT pElME. IK AMEE1CASJ POBGEB!{ TELWSO THE {THICKS or ma TBABE. , London Standard: AilAmerican^rtlsl ' ned Chajles ^henvobd 'Ing aocpnnt,yesterday iu *» 0 v «- criminal court, of the mannerfn: which! circular sotes stolen from tourists can be cashed; evidenr ' ^-' sex mi robbed book ._,, he was crossing--: i nd fori| the; continen Itvappjared; from th Mr. ; roulo^ie" ^BlSciated Mth! each cir •" . .o j , ,71 _ .n-it—igj ; indication, to ,i)rove th< attempting t andj us it if telyirom iho notes, it wai money could be got foi -_ i< Y_i -V» n L.MH.n. J87t ctuarnoie isj the object ot which identi^ («. cash carried Watson,! forger,!.] , « , a Middle- h( Folkestone t was'in' August, 1877 _in riotifs—his i pocket- purloined when *-..• ! -fv^Tn' T7rttto«t^lT» how«verlithe:iot«iBanciJneback toth ""..-/: fntt.».l1,*iM Kaon /.nnhfl be«n goti? wooa,%hogare evidento against Johi — • .! accused ol being th ' 3 latter openet jwiMl 10 ' 6 '' ted as a iin •nro|?«iqnal * i « daughter! of! a his w}fe and ch aeigbboring Id slept as. 8 known, . T. * p to this jiinedas t< he young hree monihs. He* miirred life was appy, and as no cause forithe absence !//<,„. //. _v, • ,_ , 'onlplayiis: feared. The etectives <ire at work on the caserb"* ijne, ._. .. the whersabou iso ASK FOR IK HOXEST < j NEW TOBK. —SUEEHiS dlDDIXG FOB OfFIce— scnoot alBLS urn A BixqpT FOB OlBriELD- IGAINST KBW iBOTJESTS i BXTLKNT VOTIROt IEKSKOV.:8.—5 cular letter,! signed byWrn Chairman of the] i&xecutive the democratic i state co: issued, to-day:j I , . ! Eeports of bnn<5 In the election* Ifcli «Jty »nd BrodKlrq, on the 2nd *f*- *io»nchthat,.atHe frand» jxr^-*" ashed, the electoral vote of t: ^Mt for H«nc«clc and EngllJh, m t&orolrg-b. inveatljpitlon are now ttjered. Jleantlme wo hand here r Urm of protest wdlch you will pie Tftried In snb^tance according to [•tocces, and linndjln to the county, : i« early, this weelt. a* poaalble—not Hiter- than tamrsday, the llli test. • 9 j ' •FThe form of firotest is as follpws: : The nnderajgried : hereby profit- against ihe allowance 1 ol the vot« cast J for presi- •<!untial e lectors |' at tbe elfcoon held - - - feanvuaed. Kor. 2, "SO, in! (name ot place) sn|canv and that retunietfby the. ooard of county " . Irassers for the "reason that mtatetatrs in de- jail.) We would respectfully rennci ; ithat thin but been''bb- 3 or fate ot JOHN; SHEElIiS WANTS AX O 6, K°v. 8.—The will publish .IUMQ I "l**j * ' '•• ': • i j BAD FEIXOWS AT JJAMJIMOBE. __^TrMo}as, Md., Nov. 8.4-This morn- ng JudgeiMorrts sentoncetl Sidney IX _„„* -^r-iij-—-! Yir A l_J nllXu !Tl>rta r*olln_ rant, Milfiael Ward alias jThos. Calla- an, and ma. Owous alL-ta \Vm..Staford, convicted of perjury in fal'»e swear- ng in the fcase of Owens who claimed, n additional pension; I Gmnt who had eon prev: ously conyictetlj of perjury, as senten «fl to pay a fine ft §1,000 and o imprisipried in the penbtentiary for hreeyearS; 'Oh-ensajid jVViii-d to gl.onii ne and oi e year's imprisonment HOlffilBLE ACCIDES* KE-Vft wagon ahead of t! le trnin, and c ny th« engine — "* running at le rate of 30 miles an lioui'. Tho two omen were killed ins(anily, and tho jan died after three hours. Tho blame estswittthe victims, wh|> were ex- emely reckless in driving, i iE* TOKK ;BFROli.VB. NBw"Yo4K,i Nov. 8.—Sorart time dur- jg Sunday, burglars corriplftcly gutted ic store ot Meyrowitz Bros . opticians, otirth avenue and Twenty-third street, arrying aWay opera: «!usiscs spectacles, ptical initramcnts,.glass ayes, etc., to he value! of $12,000 or f 13,OOtJ. > jrcsts, UBBASA, _ _... H1..NOV.7.-1 erm of the Circuit court esterday. of September ?los«l here a.-colored . fine of $10 and go-to; ail ten i daya. I .Also loach; for shooting W; SL Mcrriot, was fined $30. r -- '•;'.'I''I l .' A jfcliDEEOCS (Jl-'AKT;!TTE. MEMPHI 5, Tcnn.. Nov.! 8.--Col. Haey was convicted of murder Jin (he first degree, Saturday, at Osceola, Ark., for illing a m|ui named Brpadwty, last Four were concerned^ in the mur- er. Oae'wBS hanged; losti upring. at Mason, Crittiendon conntyj Ark. One ramed stjitelB evidence.! One escaped. , r . r :. J- ln ,_ enginc of 3nir, Nov. S.-f-Ti AS JERSEY . coal traih'cjn the Morris nnd"Esscxj .lilronid jttmped the track a'. Nineteenth) Grove' stlects. The cng-ineer, Petrrj CavanaugU, ]was instantly ae flrenSin, }vni. Hdpping, was severely; njured. j I iiile'd, umljl contrar-t, wliSojtlie contrac'|)ri claims wrm EMBEZZ F.lrE^T. f 'GEAKD jKAtTDH, Mich.: N< v. 7.—Sam-, icl F. Jfytart, traveling for a Milwaukee! nn, wasamisteil bore ycstsrday morn-, ng, chawed jbv tho linn w th the em -' ' tent of Sl.lOfl of their funds.- 1 FIVE VEAIt-4. FOBT Tt.«>-E. Ind.l, Nriv. .—Leo Burtj was yesterday sentenced to he psnitentiarv for i robbing th« rcsi- Gebhort Bulger in daylight by hloroforining the inmates. NOKWICJB, Conn., $ov.t).--One of.thf mills of too Reade I'opor .Uohipany. in Jriswoldi known ns the pb nauur mill^ •ttsbrirnfcd, Sanday night. Loss, $35,00; insuiince; $27.000. ! 1(10. CnidACJo, Nov. -8.4Thf; li rse disc Iocs not achibit any:sis»ns of nbatmpl i n KOiao stables thtirrt'giilir opizoot'xf j of seven years ago; j atcojnpanied U: swelled leers, etc., huKiappeared. Iu t!i< ire depaftrnent about u:do;cn animal ore ill,--but hone of them ore trouble! AJFLowtui Ar:poixr4 E ^ T - 'WASKIKGTON, Nov.iS.-flt cided i tio appoint IMark .Vv J>*fi> fiir; !Vour kind note o: irpci-lvcd, for w|ii<ui please accept m; prefer 1^> do precisely M yon rl inivio the Jndirnioilt ot tbe Kencral S«Remby ot lOlilo, nnblasHcd" br any . pmmcnd: exprehMoa or !iny wish in) the "matter refcpdd to. I ido not know wjiat Is the desire of Gen. Oar- IfltliJ. bat lean wf that my electlob Anlshtre- lieve hirii from i embarrasHment ana free to do as ti; tlilnkn heft to tbe formation (if lhl» cabl- ineti. A«ain'thanking you for yonrlUKd offer, I km very truly y ; oi^». * *-' Iri JPOINTS. ;ocjl.JolllLS VISIT JAMES. CXT-vr.LATTp, \0., Nov. 8. -j& j Leader :special reports that-4'30 you ' •Jtbe Lake' Erie Seminary, at S-Isited Lawnfle-jd today, passi iladies _, incsvllle, r ion hour, Bt Gen. Gatneld'H villi. Ng jspeech. iilinister John N. Kasson. of |owo; was among Gen. GatiQeld's callers foday. ij THKT WAXTiiTO EAT WITH J&nnE. NEW YOES, 1 Nov. «.—At a nledting of the alumni of Williams collegf. lin and fnont New York City, tonight! Stephen H. Tyng, Jri, presiding tlio {[following iresolution was passed and a —•—'"" Appointed to «arry it into eff< 8 llfinlffd, Th»t ijie alumni of \VJlll(iras col Jere ir. Nc-w York »;nd vicinity, I "— I^arty, tender cqaKratnlatJon* to tin hie election, fenfl invite him to w n«B* .* aii^h time as he may Tian... KETTJBK9. SAX FBASCISdO, i»OV. 8.—I urns of "the fctate lire :cornintt |n, this ivenins, but icannot bo obtamesd from hree or four remote ! counties j before Thursday. Th^ty-four counl|cs; out of 2 show net republican gttins . over irevious figures of 35 votes. J There is onsideruble '• djfference between the ote for differcTit electors, and •encrai resu!? so close, it is Tt-itlj the njte pos- i ible that a divided ticket mai prove to 10 elected. Terry runs stcodijly behind : cd is beaten; b?yoml ijuostioi. j ! SIOTiRISOy's MAJOIUTt. j •T.'Iiouis, N<>v. 8.—Fall retjiros from _nveite«int1>. l ISiliois dUtrict|»bjov, the fote tor Wrn. B. llorrison, facmocrat. : Jolin B.i Hay, repnbliqin} 15,98«i. iilorriaoa's ranj'ority. a(H. -"JwO years |go Morrison's plurality was E831. | j -j — l-j Tho nMcnrieii of the Eight |ward, the loaril of public; works and' pottractor ... i'. Iseera! to be at ,n reference to the paving ftvenne. Thbre docn not . touch doubt,jlnit, the pavometit boa not jplven satisfaction,. but just-if^ere the •esponsihility ijes, is hard to flctcrmiue. "he Aldermen iff the ward '•• iisifct that ork has uot been done according to in |hat any defect that exists in|the pave. fitent, is the ifii^U of the ' spl ind not of t the work, mdoubtcdly- b mistake he pa/cnient :i& cations was >L'ink foundation. This with the! farther ; that a trench was dug inith^ street ; ahead 4 f ^ no laying offlthp iiave- nent, may acflonnt for the'Sfiettling of Uc blocks tn' sjiots. ilr. Dre*», the con- ractor, claiifaa: that he has|iv(|d up to 1 e strict Ictter-'of his contract i^i all re- Th' cntrnct is a erV nnditVon?dbeth"heiIhtbf ' ' or the he work. depar frninis d risk loslr^hi^y to? 1 JUO MTT^U utr- D. Flowers BAT yiVW.SEWS CI5BEES. j : a. settjenieut has ssurnng up wound the Clius'e glass works upstl the ibw enterprise h BncceediD^aduiirably. ,-The rail mill has been idle for ten Jays last. Now see li the promises cjn Gar- lolds election are realized, u£d the bet- .ir work anil increased wiiges jiaater- liainent a*, 'its forthcoming session,for a grant of £10,000 to h^lp the) Princo of wales to pay of such ot his debts as are addition ol £10,000 a yehr to *no. an his Roynl Highness' all6wttnee-jUO,000 a year- irrespective ol the netj revenues of the Dnehyof Cornwall, which 'ainountj to newly £70.000 a Princess' £10,000. It , and of the further stqted that Mr. Gladstone declined, "respectfully, but firmly," to i comply with |tha request, alleging;that, if any such grant or increased allowance, were required, it should be made by the Queen herself —not asked from the public purse.; The Archbishop of l Canterbury, who is 70 years of age, lost his. wife two years ago, and his admirer*, iwho j are almost innumerable, are grieved by the report ' is to marry again. | HOSTBUM LJMAMDi THE GREAT ACTBESS' DEBUT IN NSW TOBK. NEW YORK, Nov. 8.—Mmtf Bernlmrdt made a debut tonight,: before a fashionable audience of at least 4,000 persons. Her appearance,; which was. in th* second net, was the signal for prolonged and enthusiastic applause! which she gracefully : recognized, anil, as her splendid voice waslhcard^ the. entire audience siemod elfctrinerl. To iho end of the performance, the interest was intense; and bouquets jof massive and elegant designs,' were presented after the fourth act. Clara j Morris occupied Manager Abbey's box. Among the-distingiiished people present were Senator Blaine arid; Gov. Cornell. The theatrical profession Was .largely .represented. Abbey's Park! theatre was closed in honor of the occasion. The street in front! ; of i the theatre was illiiminated I by 'elcc- trio lights. , A i ' niost successful season is assured, j After the performance, a grand] serenade to tho Uornhardt took place! ut the hotel i,y Gilmore's band, 63 pieces, i back on the Chlnese.britl believe at he ia their friend,. Whan I attempt ?d to vote in Michigan, they: Challenge 1 my Foo btics vote, but I got it in nlLtl^e same then gave his experience! with pair and eairt that lie was in favor of sttotting a ne.w partv to be called the" ct^mo- politnn republican." ' His lecture msted for two houra and he was frequently] ap p lauded. ' jn« NOTES; BBinOE'3 XECTUBB, BTC . The fat ewcll beneflt accorded to MaUieA Bridge, at the Acaden jj of Music, KDndny night, j proved a very , substantial affair for the beneficiary imd a moot enjoyable' qccaiiion to th(j i audience. JA number of Mrs. Br>d]go's warm atltiiirers contributed magniaeent floral offerings with ivhich tho ' sfage iture, was decorated. Mrs. Bridgo'a le on "Htinian FreeJom." was reported at length' on the occn'sioni of its pnvlous <lelivery jn tliia City, soaia monthn »RO. It only remains to be said, that in , of profnieness at illustration, beauty of diction and fine effect, tae address tho marlls of ranch improvement bears •ven ovev thetform inj which it was first tiveii. The audience wiis generous in Its nanl- feRtatioiJB of approval, and the si cocker aildod in tho i laurels already ""•" on the rostrum. I She will start foi fornin irj a few itiys,! Not a little tlnanciiiB . of S^iidny r point won Cali- >f the was dueVto h«n<laome contrilnt!.iona, uccompanli'd by ijindly wordsi, jrom («iiiio [of Mrs. D idge's friontls : fti Minnesota ^uil lowit. Hint Uily Itftntu'llsv the reade . and Fro£.i.SiiinioiiH, the |>[riiiiat, at the Academy next Sunday nltejrnooii. Tho riuelbuker lllijesty. Co. w the groat ainusuiuei4 attraction AcaHemJ- liext week.!- 11 joe t the AS'U BAB, AT: ESTATE CAHl . al—Tho sn c-jnrit his- rendered u ile.cision i IN EXQLtSH OPEBA JAT BOSTON. BOSTOX, Nov. 8;—Mlis Marie Roze appeared in tho English version pf Aida at the Globe theatre, tonight, being tho flrat time this opera has been given in ! English hero. Th« p«rforci:lnce was received with much enthusiasm by a critical audienco. .'-\ \ WONG CHIN FOO. TBE LECTTJBB AT THE A|eADUIT, SUNDAY fcaaoluf U. -y>. rotter, uxeiTutdr o^ i Wnrtl; dl'lieiucd,!^^. tho Tliird Nn ban!i:of 1,'hic'igo. Tho judgment < circuit <i>r.i.-t of lUincjis is alflrmed osts aniliutorost. BY' THE BETISE!) TAX LETT ADOPTED COfSTIHO TH The eommo der by Presid terday afterm their seats. 4W- $chwortz .movi, a committee <ijf j three be nppoiifted m cauvasa the vi te for aldermen, and the) chair appoln ed Aldermen Sc&wnrtal Wood, and Kduss oa such committee. 4 recess of ten ialnutes was taken. i4nd thii votes r«ceivec vote W03" 1 ! fb er,,1075; Bres by D. C. Green MM Fourth, Williijm Meyer in tho j)vcoud|, and A. Praeaser in 'the Filth Wilrd:<>, t^> fill vacancies tn the board, were ednnfeii. A the expiration of the receHs tlip committee retnrii! id arid reported ihjit the lows: Second Wardj Meyj- auerj 1057: Meyer's jnajorL raino i the E. B. ional f thn with I LOCAI. (iouBTa. I : la the (lirciiit iiour( yesterday tlie Jurors wert! excused until tho '£!rd inat; Wm. Speijice y.i. John Mead; ehaiigo of county court granted. U. Wong Chin"Foo,=the-f Chineso American." delivered a, very picy and highly entertaining lecture at it Uo Academy o[ Music Sunday afternoon to a fair sized andiouce. Foo is a n:ltiye of northern China, about 30 years of age, of medium height, dressed in Isami-heathen stylo, has a good command; of the English language and is well educated. His pronunciation is remarkably good for a Mongolian, and tho ionly noticeable words that ho could hot master were "wane" for one,- "dot" firthat and "Acg- lesh" for English. Hp wore Chinese a gown that struck him at tho . Andree: nefeu'- witlileive to vcuue jtf) county court Winganfuid va..3In'gnn9 Ai djuit's <i!e(nurrer sustaineii plaintitl'jto amend complaint on] pay- nlcntiof]$10 imd costs; A. 13.0cilfpaa YC. . C.iTBiinipif: trial by jury waived and 'dtredlto bo tried on i'«sut'H of- fnct calender; \Vm. Tobin vn. John J. Xobau; cost;-! ordered pro ratn. inserted iij judg- uient. li. Cr. Kiilckhotlva. HichuriliKuos: iujuh'ctijm ciiutiuuod, plaintiff tb pay ail coats and G E. of all property in C. jjCotter v.'i. G. M. Tracy appointed Cotter: hearing postptn.'d until 2 o'clocld, Nov. " doMlid:iut in case of Mar B. iic- ry vdi. Jas. P. McHenry to pay to ninsel J'Jj, and into eoiirt $lu rjuvi'-ij n (^v»T*i v»iin< I,IV>U^H ....... — . —- ^ (JlillUtHi (1 Ct>ll Ilf." i v-i'-'f rtm-4 AIJIW w**» « «*•*" heels made of some dark stuff and a « lor witness frob; Stiito vs. Robt. | John- Sleeveless jaoket of pirerilo velvet. The < sorii d^mi^od; c. ;S. 'Brown v^, J. ij. extremities qt a pair of: bluish nankeen f u,^,.,; .»4retio« to undertaking jufatifliid breeches, arid the starchiest cufti of i, in pp - cr j court; Amelia Post vk.Auia what was probably au American shirt, j \vhoeicr, clianxo "I vcnuo to liacirje were observed at the accustomed pltsces : C0lm tv. (frauted; Eliziibeth Lcopdld»vs. otrcasionally. i Hi!f color is a dull yel- j yebastvuiir Leopold, trial postponed, low and hia eyes are. .nlmond shaped, i coi-.NTY'corrrr. JUIHIE SIASS «rlfh n tt^rtT,if in i*1i n A tinn t^ TrtlTjain ' T ,>..J«f t-'x. I... 1 i^riA.f 1. \ra T,l . with a stronj; ineliu«ion to remain . Hchulbnrth VH. Jumes lilake; . closed nearly all of tbo time. Foe is ] confirmation ot nnlu; Mnrtha Thompson not a fool by Any meanB. althouglt his > V! ,_ E> L .j craw.'ord, clinnge of vt-biie to rtftme only ncioda one. ! tetter to make ! c j rcu if. court L-rantccl; Cutlieriuo Boelim htoone. On the contrary hoisathiuk- : va _ j oai ^ jjoehm,; relief granted; r L. B. er, and his thoughts: are] thoroughly | Eudersvs. C. Sch'nltz, ' mental and show us ap f to circuit court; of imaginary power. In belief ho is n r ^ ar i wijher. Ordered that the Christian, but the superstition of his | described in tlieaindavit be and if forefathers clihg to him and he says ; hr v ,, ca j,;d and aud set osidu. that when he dies his soul wand«r vs. Fred I'abat . about until it enters somo other bclnR. • -j- uo arsttment of the attorneys no of jvenuo ".t vs. deed here- Board et al. human animal, reptile or fowl. - Ho i keenly appreciates thd ludicrous fen- ' turesof civilization rind Christianity, and his remarks at times were satirical and witty.- He began: " Mrs. Bridge's lecture iinA puid a high tribute to the Workinginen of the country, tho class mostly depended upou and least appreciated. He then taid that ho would tell WHAT AN AMERICAS COULD DO IS CUKJA. and what the Chinese could not do in America. Until 1854, when the ports of the empire were opened to outaide nations, the obnoxious i opium smoking was almost unknown; tho.advent of tho British with-, millions of dollars worth ' ' of. : Itho: druff almost . ; _-,T »h<. ,i»^iv paralyzed tho nation with the deadly and loathsonie intoxication Twenty ni.llions of women aud children were living happy earning their frugal exis- tunco by the fruit ot the hand loom, spinning fliw linens "^ "t^r fabrics The Americans cumd i with cargoes of jludcd; adjourned until today. UNITED :BTATE3 CUICC1T COL'llT— DYER. Mary -Crummoy vs. James B. ityi 18; Fourth )Vard, Green,-; 101MJ; Hindakopf, 8'ia: Green's mojoiitj, «"«; Fifth Ward, A! Vraesser, 278 votfs: u<> opposition, ilie returns were riccomj- panied by reHiilntions declaring WilliaJo Jliiyer nldernian elect to sueot-edi Auw. Htirn in the rjecond Ward: D. C. Greeai, to succeed E. JrMMatthews iu.tlipE^urtli and A. Praefber to succeed '.' Snveland i i the Fifth The rulls were mopcndctl and the reiolntions unanimously id.optl- edi Thomas:! Kauli was also deBlureil elected coustdble in the Eight ward Ui nucceed Rujl iiimniprmun resjgu>'<(. None of thenidernjen elect lx?ing" prcsj. unt, the Bweirlng'in process wasjpostV poued. TheJunlinished busincsi waji taken np. The resolutions for ; * new sprinkling BJstem. 1 and the opening.of a portion of Twentieth street : wore adopted. An ordinance re-establiahiutf tho grades 0} Wells and Twenty-lift^ streets in Uie| Fourth ward, and another changing thjp ,nauio of Nortli street running throagh t}ie First, Sixtl^ Xinthi, Tenth and thirteenth wards to; Xortji avenue were i passed. Percentage 2. *UE TAX LirVT. The committee qn Ununeo reported bi resolution tl a annual tax levy was adopted.; Thii amuiuita aro a* ld\yu: •" IK.TBltEBT'FCNDS. lH;C-10,OOOmlll«. UEXE.K.IL CITY ;| Mills. Orni-ra! city ftlbd....O.(j(;i-H'00 Pnl)ltc Hchool itml...".-4-I/I- l" (l ° ru blla libra ryniml Inwrcuptlug i (uuU ......... 1 ...... 1. J517- it co Eii«t (icwcrafc trlct WeMt weweratfcl trlrt ; South scwernii 1 trlct.' Flrot wnrcl Second ward... Third ward.... Focrtb woid... Flftb ward SUCh ward— HcTQath ward.., Ktituth ward... Ninth waul.... Tenth ward...! Kleventh ward! Twelfth ward.. Thirteenth witr< I In'nre«tfnmli)J. General city fi^i tuuum 40O- KlOO • 31111.1. ,S,000-10OO H.S1U I.SOO 313305 ..... 3-143 B. yooo 3.735 . -[.0713 . •".1.94V «'(> C.tJ . l!.t,9'.»t; 10 p.floo ~^ s^.Joa o>j : . -l,9'.'t> 3.1 2I>,9!13 37 4«,OL-5 l'.( u-'lli'.llV Ul* 21^01 U l4'$W7 3'i 14.S41 -I'. 12,f-« 1! 1I',J."|H Oil tiil! ] - v -\» s! ! i oti;>.j|-i; «; t?-l,«i». s. ': ITaryiCrummoy vs. James B. Cnim- W anliSnd«...!::::'.'.'. 2-s;..|!'-J f. mey et 41. Order making naw parties { -.TTTJ-?—"T^i def«iiditnt. Godrffii Seldon et lal vs. Total -...; • »l.OS.,y.u.«iJ Johu M; Stouelll Knle to show cause nETOHTB:pi? OTHEII COMMITTEES. Godrffji Seldon et jal VH. ouowclll Bnlc to show cause why defiiidant Hhbuld not be pnhished for cnnteinpt, f(fr (Violating iujutctiou, on pnymoutj of contempt procoe N vi. Ed. nETOHTBiOl? OTHEIl . The comiolttce on judiciury regorted in favor of piling I^eopold llerniaa Sl,| 500: in Hctll«ment ;of a suit for da£iiugc| prncoc!iu«B3, jiivunci .\cctj , P . »-». now pending iq the county J OUIt > i'. AilisJ i Order reqniriiJgxomplrtint to ! adopted. The committee on lire de} tile rcpKcation to tlio nmondetl aiiswur. j partnieut reported: in favor of POLICE -VND citiMiSAX, couivts. The following cases were called) in'the police cvAirt yesterday inorning: I Sellin£ liciiibr to niinora: Edward S. Peck r.nd Erttat JaogiT. Both; cases postponed until hext Monday.'.' Drunk:] Mary Schoehijnfelder, dismissed; Loui» Hnrt, lined f3 and costs; Cha.s. FrrmciB, S5 or .„„. to rann Hoolt arid Luddet Truck, No. 31 tho foreman to receive ui) annual ^alasfr^of ISI.UUO and thej Ufa men S800; adopted. Tho ... tee on bridges reported in favor olj- pro-, vidiug brukis for Broadway,Eiisfft.itiT: 5 days 1 ; Mary Davis, Anna Mllleh each ned" ^p and ci»t.-i or 15 days; I Albert Bierlcnjf, drunk and disorderly, S15 and cof-ts ot: 30 (itiys. Alteiithe police cascs.were disriosed of the' Not-ember term of tho milniclpal court was begun. Augustus L. Jiartcm, larceny, lined J30 and c the railroad constructtti, h. sends word | the coiirt. John Meyer, ; vagrajicy, UU to the American that; tne rails mast be i dnJ3 ui the house of correction. j Dolly «<>rn up. The American espostnlutcs and says rightly . that tt« = roue j tha has already cost him several miilions of dollars. Then the empt-ror orders the , abandoned ichiltl, : sentenced to ial .chool for | girls tUl 2! of :ige. Sohoeneufeider, the woman who i -. supervising inspect&ij oli steomboats for " ; "" " v ' 1 the Oth district," at Sti Paul,]Minn., i "lhas. L. Stcphenson,t deceased. TEE IFABE WABEABE. )Aio,, |Sov. S.-rTlie :ailroadsai' ,, still cuuinR on passorige: Louis and Kansas -City. | T.iis morning further ireductions iwere — -'- *-— made from Saturday. The 1111 loin Central, (selling limited! tijkets to 8- mnriOay, at S5, is toiay offeri" them atjS2. | The Chicago St. Louis is selling tickets Alton an ,o the sac . point at!$2, B reduction bf !?2 since 8a , nrdny, umd tb Kansas) ciiy « , redacticin of $2. The jWaaash is leading all 1 1« other roads in the cut. S|t. Louis tosketi are selling! at 51, a reduction of S3 since Saturday, a ad tickets \o Kansas pity i at ?G, a reduction of S. The agdut of the Illinois: Cuntral, updn hearinnt ha't tho AVabiish was selling tickets o Stl Louis for SI. £ aid that .liis road we uld also come down to the same rate. ! Che iBock Island : hbs made no selling change In it« rate to Kansas selling it $10, the. same is Saturday The Chicago:, Burlington aid Quineyjis City at the tickets! to Kansas regular tarifl'rates^ name : given] by physicjani from BHght'B Diseasd, and 1 ddney, , dert li-vfer, and urinary complaints need not d*inti*. HUNT'S! EfiMEDY, tiie greatTxidney and Liver Medicine,'is 0 j aTTTa ' ta. -«,1 "HaOlUtO CUJTQ. ed, rates to S ovens are feeing built (t glass factory 5>o. 1, in tlie|\"allfcy. : -Tho Northwestern railway company sre building track in the Clhise I Valley. i Superintendent SUnun, of|the! Valley :rlass works, au'd several o| the; gloBS- jlowers, have been conflnea to their respective hqmfs by ill-health lolf a few lays. All orb ripidly »ver. i » $ : The city fathers will buy deposit the village papers i ' ''-' . S7, nlsoja City, tickets This is tie teohnl to Bright's how- saic, and *>oL the villdcu marshal, is paid $40 a month and thefeityj printing is given to liis party; Like] "uncle DanilV Si. Pefengill. the|clerfc is,"a rule hnndy foliar" to have agound. N s The macliiiijstu departnlent rof the rolling mills IB Crowded withl work. AB A Prevent^ of the diseases; which affeit the teeth and mouth, dothing is sure* andl-speed- ier in its efTeetsfthan BOZQDONT. Its benefits are realized at one*. It is aro- piatic, expulsive of the cankerous affections, and most delightful!when used. It cleanses front the humori wh ch de- jgange the secretions, atd| whiten the fo»th.': . ; s ! I i Years of use have establiaiedjthfl tenacity of SRiitocfo's Giar. Bs hold 6n the confluence of the p jblic cannot be broken. I I, . j | , I FOB DrsprJpaA, iKDioEaiaoN, Pepres- sion of Spirits tad GeneraH Debility, in &e various ;fo»ms; also as3o preventive iagatost Fever tod Ague, |nd other In- B termittent Feveis, tho "Fe^ro-Phoopho- faled Elixir pflCalieaya," fflade jy Caswell, Hazard?* Co.. NewlYtrk, rtnd sold by idl druggifetSj is the belt toriio; and for patients I recovering jf&m fbver or Other sickness; it has no eqtial i : * - - ' ••*' 4 - r • - - -'. i ^ • was made in Lea Idn. Sun day, wuon caused a deiddea et nsation, to political ajidlsocial cirpas. I; was, to the effect that Mr. Gladstone-hs d been Qn«n »|pply to Par- i t i r t , ica oiigbt to go to China c ] mr g e .il frdm the county asyl l teaching. The Chinese ;! jinllory dismissed the CJLSO up • - slio had just beiu dis- " :im Judge .ipon lenru- ili been a-eat- whiit the enternriso | ia. All tlio old maids of America ought to go to China and go to fcliool teaching. The Chinese -\ Jiallory dismi ore anxious to lenni English anil I know • j u g tj,jit the .. . an-American ludy whoiis piiid SU'iO- per ; committed to that liiatitution io. mouth teaching a pj-iviito school. If ' 20 000 brave men, each; with $20(1 and a Springfield rifle will aftree to go with me to China. I will insure each with a fortune in Oil days aftier touching the shores of China. Wilen you get your men ready I Will There are three great you what to do. provinces in tho interior of tho empire, as largo as the states of Illinois, Michigan nnd New York, that are howling wilderness, where the foot of a human being never trod, inhabited only j by wild animals, and enterprising Americans &i» invited to emigrate there. Pine -country it is. Will grow anything, aiid to the Yankee's there are JIIUJONS OP MISLIOSS IN IT. The Chinaman does not like the Yankee. He is to quick, and is never satisfied unless trading nothing for something. What can a Chinaman do in America? inent. j nt. i . : la thn cases of tha saloon keepers, Peck njid Jaagi-r, who ;iru charged with selling liquor toj minors, were adjourned UBtf! npst Monday.;, £ } Augustiia L. l y uxton, the man Who- was convicted of lurteuy yesterday, -fas taken to Suyder's ilhotogriiph gaikry, and photojiruphed. I Th* police re&.ril him- us a vti-y diingfi'ousiihaa and » professional Ihief. - j Mrs. Crocker was arraigned for trial yosterfliiy, and upon the district attorney reudiiiK the charge against 'her. she answered iii u sharp mauner, chaopictoris-> ^ticof her, "notguilty." and upon motion o( her attorney. Col. Goodwin, her ease wan continued:' until Uetemlier. She was held under Uie same bonds. i LEGAL BB1EFS. I All of the courts wiiro: in session yes- terduj*. bt " ' Iu Jim circuit court, yestertlay, the !' caHQ nBoinst Fninkic How.-ird was called. '"* t'The court made an order releasing her Nothing, eicect open'a laundry. John cannot hold real estate, cannot ^to. taliu ^ law and in the Pacific slope, cannot buy , ^ c ^ n mudo nn a mining claim, or take oat natui-alua- Sf rom A on fl nem ent upon her en tion capers. If he walks along the streets ,;" um T . .-_.?— he isinsulted-, and often assaulted. The moment he reaches California, ho is met by a christain crusade! headed by Dennis Kearney, and-if ;not quartered or Bring in uuj. * tt-uj.,****'* 1 -"*'.'-'o Sinn!! granted judgn.ents of recognizance. , yester- Ehlara; ^.w*.. .— 0: T~~- »• • vs.; Eaima J. Quin; liana diverse in tins following ci day: ilda Ehlers vs. August It. P. Wilson vs. Carl E. Wilson Schuqfcr vs. Johann Schaefer; * SehnSr vs. Louis Schnur; Ett Moni'oti -Rindskopf; Jai . 1 shift! WEATHEB L1PJC1TIOXS Clolidy or partly cioncly weat ler, with rain tit snow! stationery or fall ng bar- ometir; southeast tc( southwest winds, Emelia Ibertina o Einds- et White hung is a lucky dog indeed. Att American can do anything in China. A Chinaman can do nothing in America. The population of China is about 25i), I ^"t 1 !' 000,000. The statement of the:.-e being *"r ,]:'"" white- alilea Grisjwald vs. 400.000,000 human beingaiini China, is caroljca Griswald. ! false ahd grew out of ^ho fact that the ^ alu H" —— estimation was based on the population of a mile square- of opr most populous cities, multiplied .by the number of miles bf the vest empire. The laws of China are pure and-seek to mppreas rather than to punishicrime. Heavy interests are paid for money, from 15 to 23 per cent, the first being the legal percentage. Here is a : : flne opening for American capitalists and they are invited to go oven The Chinese do not like to emigrate and many millions hate starved rather than leave their home). All that a Chinaman has to cling to is his wife and children, and they are KUaran- -teei of hi* honesty. Gen. GarQeld went * ..!'•. ig to coler northwoste barom eolde ierer. Tha Eamoua Bathesda. Duibor's Celebrated 'Bethesfla Water of Wiukesho, Wis.—The. mar*el of the — .A acknowledged b£ thej mnrH(>«l asaspeciflo worli Igtree bet medical _ Bright's fdtse'ale"a < nd'ali klnSred diseases. For sale !>y Drake Bros., 378 Sa it Water , Milwaukee, Win. ly, with Sixth .street that Strifet, and brijdges."" It thbi ' brakes tlie BJUlald was atutiiil wero needed ami would not cent rnort^ thoit. $100 per bJSdge. Aid. Puuln thjught that it would b« best toexp.rimi.'iiO with a brake onlbut one bridge and sc« how kiter a short discuhsiojt Uiu report was) re-reforred. Thu scuiu- mittee on ;| auweEs reconunendj Uiu adoption of a resolution •.•imniwor. ingi. the |poard : of public work* to provide 3|ichael ; Bice with huftlcii-ut addition.-d bWck to strengthen the walls of the AVashiugton avenue tunnel silver; adopted. 'Bho cdmn.ittee on police reported adversely on tho resolution re- latintf to tha fact'ory act. On nn>tij'n--ol Aid. Smith (he resolution was laiJ^iisido for separatej acticnj THE nrai£]fi)]'.Tn The comiiiittee (ilso reported expncr» atinfj Office! LechnVr of ull b!am«.aml slightly ceisnring: Officer Hinkforth of the ohar^eii coiu^rnin^ tho liroopcr matter. Tile report was referred to tlit> chief of pollco and mayor. The ojucial committee appointed to iuvcst:g;i^'thi> charges nguiiuiit Bridge Siipcrint»»d«'_nt Mcllule, roriorted the man preferred tlio w:i» j»»tl>l din- charged, but that McUalo was guilW' uf UHiug vilo abd unculled-for oaths. | Iho report was flled. Tho speoiiil conimit-t teo appointed to look into tho Nufoual avenue paviment matter ruport<:d:.tlm» Contractor IJrew hftd not carried out I hit letter of hiJ contract in constructing; thrt pavement, Sand a ! portion .of it woulil probably h4vo to be torn up I'JUJfCIPALllV CONqEllKISO HUNT. THE Thorepojt caused a considerable] de-bate. AUlt l.eidcrsdorl seoruil !• th« board of public works soundly for not: properly :<JhperinteudinK the work uf paving Nut:)onal avenue. He sutdi thtj job ;wiu a bbtch and an outrage on th« property owners. JAld. Kchwnrtz 'su\(.\ the board <Jf publio: works 'was u nuiM-i ance and.ofeht tolbe abolished.-JAIUj. Smjth Boidathat the! whole businessI wa« a snccessiop pf blunders. Tho blpcKf» wero placell on the ground with soaweljl any sund n! ider them and not a boajd al) allJ Mr. D;rew couldn't do ' any bettor! under the) circumstunoes. Aid. Wood said that Brow's son advised his fifthce tokickhiro (Wood) 'off the street.; uiul that the Dlews. were doing just Whatever they pleased,! furnishing imy »i' u * of an exduso for; a pavement. Aid* Sholughncssy didn't beliovo thorn i watt liny reason for hurling phials of wrath, at I the- Hoard of| publio worksr-its! iiinmhers I mav be efflcient ,ona! may | be efficient us offlcials. On inttionjtne. members conscientiL. T —- . committeejstands aver and the report; was refer&d to the board of public, works. At inquiry was made for.* re-: port of tha experts who were appointed! last year ito investigate the books -oq different fctty offl<?ara. It ; was sUted) that abortt fl,000| had been paii|the "experts" 4nd that] the books had alii been fourM correct. Tho factory reVolutionj "ci ntiniud ef> /our _ , . act was taken up and! refcirf<jd tr

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