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 - i UPPER ALTON. f For W. C. t. V. Tho meeting of...
i UPPER ALTON. f For W. C. t. V. Tho meeting of the Itypfcr Alton V. C. T. H. will be held to-morrow fternoon with Mrs. lUathy Waggo- er tit he*, home on College a? enue nd this meeting Is to be of special nterest. Mis« Sawyer, a Chicago oting woman and a noted W. C. T. J. worker of the state, will be.pres- nt and will addreaa the meeting. Alo the county president, Mrs. Lynch, f EdwardHvtlle, will be here to vis- t the Upper Alton organization. An iftlcer of the W. C. T. U. requests hat every member be present Tites- ay afternoon and that each one bring a friend with them. Walter Valentine Hits a 8011. Mrs-.J. M. ChrlsCrnan of Walnut street has received a letter from her brother, Walter Valentine, who now resides at Medford, Oregon, an flouncing the arrival of a son at his bnr of other ' little remembrances from their ttlend*. The St. Louis tfuents returned home Sunday ever.- Ing. In th« Wr|y were Mls» Kale Qrady, ttutfh<&4dy. font .Kenntiy, iShiil WJttsel, WliJtnm Von tterry, Mi>na hlBtBlriaW aad Kd Qrady. Other guests during the day Sunrtfty at the Keirle Misses Myrtle and Violet Baker, Arthur Kigali atttl Mr. and Mrs. 'lV. R. Orndy and children. • ' Will Oj>eh Dairy This Week. R. 1). drove, the man who has bought out the Alton Creamery, will open his dairy headquarters in Upper Alton the-.last of this week. Mr. Grove has leased the 0. B. Johnson building on fcoltege avenue and he has been at work Betting the place ready accommodate bis business, He has discontinued the stand down town which the Alton Creamery formerly had and will have his heafl- ciuartera in •• Itp'p^r Alton. He has leased a part of the old Loehr livery barn on Washington avenue where he will k'eep' Ills horses. The new home. The young arrival is evident- m n k wagons have arrived which he y a fine one as it weighs ten and n ,j W ill use in ihlfl business. inlf pounds. Mr. and Mrs. Valen- • Funeral This tine have lived in Medford six yeans, ;of Charles Cramlnll where he holds a position as book-'' The fttijerai" of Charles Crandall keeper in the Jackson county bank. ^ e &ge $ gnnfbrd avenue resident Slnirtleff Defeated 1.7 to 0. whose deatli occurred Saturday af- The Shurtleff College football ternoon," Was held this morning at players arrived home Saturday night' the Mohler residence on Sanford'ave from Decatur where they had their I nue where he made his home. J annual game Saturday afternoon ( se rvlce was conducted by Rev. W. I with .Tames MUltken University. Ths T er hune, pastor of the Upper Alton game resulted in a victory for the Methodist ChUrch, and a large num Decatur team with a score of 17 to | her of the neighbors attended the 0. However,; the Shurtleff players s&rv ices. ••Deceased was an Odd Fel held them down In good shape and loW) t, e i n g a member of the lodge ft' prevented them running up a blR ( orafton, where he lias lived uritl score. The Shurtleff players put up two y eara ago, when he came to Al a good fight and very few Injuries ton to j[ Ve w,ith his daughter, Mrs were sustained by the college play-' M^ier, The. 'services were attendee fl"Tew"'si'igitk .bruises being tlir ^, a number, of Upper Alton sum of their hurts. 'Tilly had a w«-t Fe j lows ;' *At'th6'C]oae''ot'the,aer,ylc play on which also served to the boily Wtt8 removed from the handicap the game. lupiness Changes Fo»- tlie thirst. November 1 Is the date for th« opening of the new restaurant in the Kittlnger building now occupied by the McDanlelg poolroom. Mr. B. J, home and wafe taken to Orafton for burial. This burial service occurred thl s 'aftragjg!»& at Grafton. *v .JSotes.- '•>>! ' W. Hr^Carttf'right Will leave to morrow evening for Deming, New Kltzmlller Is tlie proprietor of tho W(J jU COi On 'a-Business Wip new restaurant and he is here get-1 MlBa Virginia 1 Gillhani has return ting ready for the opening. The new ed from Springfield. •'•'•'. building being erected by Emil Vog-j ' Ml . anc j MVei. Fred Button have re elpohl next to the .picture theater Is turned fro ma'^Mt td i; "Telatlves in to be'ttie%'ew liome of the McDaniels pool room It is feared thes'j Missouri."Mrs. PhllHp 1 Bi'umtti, 'of St. Louis changes cannot be made .Just on tho', formerly of Alton, returned home first of the month as the new build- j tHa Afternoon after spending -i.*e

Clipped from
  1. Alton Evening Telegraph,
  2. 19 Oct 1914, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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