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i-sieEr-jvecy. -^ ^iKpri'.-acyasy^jai rr.ore a::en::o". :he dCe-- nv= ~y. Jrc- 1 *" 5 p)bi:c *'iii r.«c ;o give so-- e very r«rs where its iiUsrests really Ue, WBiona individual has some rights no*, and other remedies for abases are under study. Under present you nave the right to be told if an agency has information about you. Unless fee file is you have 2 right to see that infonnatioii contest its accuracy. The problem G: the saie a lists is a tougher na! but the commission is working on it- Proposals from classifying all such iEfonaafJHi ES private restricting the uses of it. The latter approach would public Access to ice data bat prohibit fe sale for commercial purposes. Accuser suggesHo:; would allow an applicant !o isdicate he does ao: same on any list that is sold. Tire basic eileamia of public rececs VEJSK privacy miKh deeper tfen mailing UKS- It invojres e* question of what "KS! serves the pubuc isteres;. individuals bs prelected by privacy? Or shoald public be protected by the right to kno^ cenair abcti; those wjtc whoa they do bjsizes or polls. BarinjKcy !s a busiiiassg esp-eriecc*. an: anyc^s feo-J - sare-y wekocte privacy. 0- she if ths: person were to apply :'or a itcciirvkers you ~ish: vrss: tosro 1 *" abrin the "oarJEujccy before entrust;-5h::^'-:thjct,.r:ttuv;y. Hc-~t'-cr. ifrre are s-^ne r'uLirer i^~~r"-a«:c:75 ^~c redre-i ro: ^iuztanly afrer teiig ra^ed ^t-. ex- c: ir.ivivs; charges Proving stcci c^ersT-p ==s are r.:- t-3*y sr^-trs. orvy £ i?** cc westers "-"67" Sc*i-"J2 r-ftf^i- ^5 ^Ti-tfJhtr s bc.:-=j;cf KC- shcu-'o"^ LT.-E K crs^r- 1 * By ^cr.': tf r.-:- ':s:.3rjc« :s {William

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