Initial Crime report. 22 Sept 1897. Front page news!

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Initial Crime report. 22 Sept 1897. Front page news! - fAWATSANOY" Result of a Quarrel Over a Water...
fAWATSANOY" Result of a Quarrel Over a Water Right, MARTIN MOCK THE VICTIM, ',He Engaged--in an Altercation Yes- day Afternoon, with a Neighbor, Benjamin Egginton, and the Latter Latter Drew a Gun and Shot Mock, the" Bail Lodging in Hi« Bpine— Sgginton Gives Himself tTp—Says He Acted in Self-Defense—Mock is Likely to Die. ,' in a,-<iuarrel over a• water-ditch near "Sandy . yesterday afternoon,- ;Martin Mock a Scandinavian farmer living about a mile, west of the Mingo smelter was seriously and probably fa- 4Sly shot, the bullet which entered his body coming from a 38-caliber revolver In 'the hands of Benjamin Egginton, Mock's neighbor on the west, The jhootlng occasioned much excitement in the town, both the chief actors. In the M-atredv being well-known residents of iMnlW- A. It to. Mock U« .at hi. home with a bullet imbedded in his amined him he found that the bullet had entered the body between the seventh seventh and eighth ribs and had lodged in the spinal column. Jue at first thought that the man's lease of life was short, and it was therefore deemed wise to take his statement. The second visit;, however, showed & marked improvement improvement in Mock's condition. He was suffering suffering severe pain in his lower limos. neither of which he was able to move. In the presence .of the officers, tossing feverishly on a bed in a lean-to room and groaning at 'every move, he tola the story of the-fight to The Tribune man in broken English. . -WOUNDED MAN'S ACCOUNT. "My name is Martin Mock," he said "and I am 53 years' old. 1 was &hot For a long time I by Mr. Egginton. have my tO, »U.,yiIIB I1U nn.-± n- . -cj--- rill Vim water. This afternoon ho carae dox n NO V il A 1 . J-J£|--» 1*1 t- VI* • •»• v '* — 4"^-xt- avo been telling him he must pay lot ,y water he was using. He ^ U J™ >, saying he had a right to-use thu . and started to work- in the cl tch ne.u his house.- I went over and to d h m to atop. He said that T better maku m stop, and J said that perhaps »t * be better if I should do so. He t walked over to his house am L had just stepped inside the door j hen m. reached for his pun. I f aw l lin ?. ]t an £ started to run, but had f J« ^^jf 1 .short, distance when he shot and 1 lui. He then walked ' over to where I ia> ; and when ho pointed the gun at me h- said, T guess I'd better kill >ou u*nt REFUSED TO 'ASSIST. Mrs Snyder. Monk's sister-tnlaw. stale's that' when she heard the shot .she ran out of Mock's, house ovci neai the place where the' wounded nan lay. Egginton, she says. was % A ™™£ near his house. "I asked him to P case help me carry Mr. Mock to the ho us she said, "and he said he wasn t able. I then spokn to him three times again. without receiving an answer, and then Mock raised up on his elbow and sac, •Don't you hear that lady calling >ou . By this time Mr, Mock's buggy Jjaci come, and we moved him to his house. ' Benjamin Egginton. backbone, and his lower limbs paralyzed, paralyzed, while Egginton occupies a cell in the county jail., calmly a waiting the result of the "neighborly vow." Egginton moved to Sandy precinct about nine years ago with his wife. He had studied dentistry and practiced hio profession in the smelter town until he had accumulated enough-to purchase a, forty-acre farm about a mile southwest, besides a small home in'town. 1« ive vears later Mock moved to the neighborhood neighborhood and purchased a small t arm adjoining that of Egginton on the East. CAUSE OF THE TROUBLE. , •For the purpose of irrigating his * -Mock has a ditch whloh taps th Mill creek and which Hews along n,H noutl fence until it reaches Kggln- fwS Ki d The statement of Egginton rSarding'the affair is that for some tfme he has been using the water from the ditch, supposing that he had a right HO to do "Mock did not object to-.this.' £e said to>the officers, "until a few months ago; when he began to tell me thai I would have to stop using the wa- tee from the ditch. I paid no attention in" it at first, supposing he would get over H. Of late, however, he has been ?lrv abusive and his threatened to kill ™ ^evera 1 times. He has also UeeP rne from passing by his house on th- way to my place, \esterday he 'tofc» me very emphatically that I must keep away from the ditch. 1 went home and told my wife this. TELLS WHY HE SHOT. "This • morning, about 11 o'clock I Went from, my'house in truvn down to The farm mtendlng to do some carpen- tne ™ rm > nn the housCi W hich was only had been at. work did not help. Just before we l^crthVyard Egffinton said, 'I did this and in self-defense.' " NOT LIKELY TO LIVE. Dr. Robertson: is doubtful of Mock's recovery. "The spinal cord is .injured, he said "and while he may live lor a whiV f don't see how he can recover. Both men are said .by .Sandy people to be quarrelsome, and Esginton has but few friends. He has four chilclien two of whom are deaf mutes in school ma seven children, and is said to'bcTin very poor circumstances. EGGINTON IN JAIL. Egrlnton was seen at the county jail last"evening, and when asked as to how the affair had happened, he was not inclined to talk freely, but what he did «a.y was inline with the statement to the Sandy Marshal given above. He recited a long list of insults and threats made by Mock from time to time, growing out of the jtrouble over tihe water rjght. • . f- ^ j id USE REINDEER. tf>r work on tne IIUUM^. >• »«^-« • •• nurtially built. I had been at. work ESt a short time when Mock came over l»ut a snt and beg . an to abu UP to the ladder on which I hold of m* rv rii/l a.nd These Animals will Move Supplies up tlie Yukon River. Washington, Sept. 21.—Secretary Bliss of the Department of the Interior today instructed/the Commissioner of Education to have the reindeer now at Teller station. Alaska, which have been broken'to work, forwarded to S*. Michaels Michaels to be held there tor use in toi- warding supplies to the KIondyKc country-in case of emergency Pheie are about eight of the deer Which it is believed by the Administration can be utilized in this way, and the opinion prevails that they would be muoh more useful than dogs/ because they travel more rapidly, draw more, and can live on the little forage the country produces.- produces.- The Secretary says that each i reindeer will, carry about 300 pounas. 1 and will travel 100 miles a day They are to be sent to St. Michaels in piet- erenec to other places because of the i " .... -.-* '.from--me. I felt that I was in self-defense." • GAVE HIMSELF UP. after the shooting Scotch Explorer's Route. Spokane, ^ash.. Sept. 21 -Arthur Jordan, a Scotch explorer who to be familiar with the countiy twcen Spokane, and Ivlondjko, leave here with six: men Oc for the Yukon countrv. J. J. ^or-ww^mj r « T -« Mars - m t ]1C ,e «Vfl.tement. The Marshal s made at and the on the car save himself . / MOCK'S CONDITION. outfitting a party art river. Mr. Browne be ; river. from there to & tSS. s^m°to-the Yukon, thence to Stewart-river. UapwTtrpm Brooklyn BrWge- t

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  • Initial Crime report. 22 Sept 1897. Front page news!

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