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 - bountiful Mtdlson County Union Convention. ,...
bountiful Mtdlson County Union Convention. , Aug any public The pro- there was soldiers fttjiava fed a calablcs were of the market. An had had lf ' In accordance -with previous notice, the delegates Uievibmly.,jieleot«d from the- various precincts inj&e oanhty, nut is 6onv«nfibn to da^tUll.o'cloffc, ». m., in thii plaetj and w^ealled to order by Dr. J/H. Weir, Chair-* ' ' nty Cental Com lmijt»e, ; - ? V When, on motion',"the Hon, B. K. Eaton, of Edwardsvillo, was chosen nsfresident;- Isaac Cta,J£tof JSatlialto, «n3*th« Hon. Curtiu of Highland, 'weife appointed Vice -'afid:L; A.' JPa'rke, of Alion. »n^i r, of High land, were selected as Hov. , ,' ; r* e ' 1 l t -. lot with-wliich ho also i: - - ' 1 ?addoflk and for their iiri-. reception* a Secretarios. .. . , ..-, •-•i.S'i? 1 .. = ^ ••/ ' J • *•'• A commitlco of cino Irotu.'eaoh precmcti ien . .^ _ After a" short "interval, the' committee re- portod'ihe- following 'delegates as -duly appointed by the different "precincts, to' ait as delegates of this Convention, viz.: ',, citizens cpmpjetqsuc- deep 'interest" matter,. the.lipie. in was ;j m only^demon- for Jti! 1 , : . v/h'o^wbrd «'elected by their attention th.emse]?e&. old baahe- the occa- met with '. ladies, , anticipate _]"j"-- ,'p'a'rtiei, not occurred to if .the with who -the j hand deeji emotion, .:that I my ho-irl,' they ; .. 'our citizens and record dur,ing enBured patience of tbo snould- 'Drying .': usTor Alfuvnbra— rjoshua Thompson, Alex.. Keown; Lcyi llanjsbcrgor,- Isaac Wood—1. -, AUo.n— I). J.,B..Winiams, U^. A. Parks, P. B. Wbipple, Wm. Jarrett, John'W. Hart, James W. Stewart, David Simms, H. Eoesch, /ohn M. Poarson/John Peters;'ClH- Crowell, H. G* M'Pike,' A. H.i Draper, William L. Orr, H- Wiliiams, James Newman, J. W. Van Clove, C. "Vf. Dimmook^h'iilip I)oitz,Saml. Williams Wm'. Barr.Chas: Dimmocfc, J. H. Weigler, J. A. •Cooley,;0rville PBddock,jr.,H.8.Baker,fl. V.' -Crossmon—Zh '<'i. -'•• *:• , : ' • BefAa^-)—James Montgomery, -Frits Herron', '.Elias Proitt, H. T. King, W. : M. ; T. Spriitger; Isaac Coi,;li. 8. Piggott— 1.'•''••• ' . •' CoUinmilh—O.W. 'Blake;,C. C.Trcadway, W.M. Covontry,iJohii Barker, I. C. Moore, Phillip Llsermnn,: James Wilkraghby, ,H. H. Ktthlenbeck—-8. •::• -' >-j-'J ;j ; -. /;:«.'. Edunnfdsville— Alonzo Muna, H. Ki Eaton, T.-J. Parusbaclf, John Tartt, Chria.P, Smith, S. Ti Hughes, S.. P. Gillham, Henry Brock- moyer,' ; Fritz,Wolf, Henry Lo OW , A. W. Met- ca'lt J.JE Weir, if. B. Sherman, F. T. Kraffir, J. D. Cobine—18. . " . '.. , Fostfrturg—H. E.-, Warner. Geo. L.. Porne- roy, B. H. Eaton—?. "•''..' . i ". • Highland —Garritt Crownover, CurtissBlake- man, Jos. D... .Manners, ..Chas. Kinne, John Blattner, .Anton Schwar, Anton Suppiger, Kicolaus Vpegle^Heury Langle—9. " . Looking Glass— Williai^, M. Xiridloy Geo. Seareey,—2 r '.' .' ' ; '.. ' : 3-fnn'nc—David Kerley, John Ellison, 0. H. P. K. Spring' Win! Blanke, E^ P. Eaton, J. B. Stra'ub—C. ' Madison —ITot represented. Monticello— C..W. Colby, Jas. Mitchell, Jas. Squire, D.D. Goodell, Cbas. H. Mason,! Chas. Brown—6;' ' ..... -•-.; Omphyhent— Lewis Snowden> Daniel Kerr, bowevpr, -those might' do .their : • ' , Hermann Kaiser, 'W. C. Flagg, Jas. McCoy, 6. Saline— Jacob Leaf/Pcler D. Men in, D. T. '• --•--• : - or Todd— 3. SiKcr CVec*—Jas: R. Greening, Di W. Biges, >Vm. tKeown, Dennis Calvin—4. ! .. '-..Sin Mile— Calvin : -Kinder, Samuel. Squire, Henry Poley, Wmi Harmeyer, John Oiimpe- ter.-John Wcdig—«. . . • Troy— -Saml. Sicbold, Sampson Kingston, , j ^.V control, of in Uie came of the rcprcsen Circl the Cor party Brooks othc render Itwil any effor „.*(, ac4 of this snpport Cjhio.—. the par- endors- Democracy COIN President eris- party Jesje Padon. James Henderson, W. D. Renfro, G, W. Barnsback—6. • • Upper Allan —I. B. Raiiile, Q. A. Smith, S. W, Ball, Joseph,Shaffer, Jesse Stanley, Danl. Stewart, Hobt.;Hindmau, J..B. Newman. Wm. B. Wright, Fielding Harrison—10. , White Rock— James'Kell,'Jas, 0. English, Wm. Piper, Abel Drake—4. On. rpotjon. of H. G. M'Pike, Esq., a committee of one from eicb precinct was appointed on Resolutions, when the Ch'air selected tho following gentlemen, viz.: Afliambra —Lovi Hamsberger. Alton— H. G. M'Pike.' Bethalto— James Montgomery. Callinsville^VI. M. Coventry. Edwardmilie—F. T. Krafil. Fottcrourq— D. II. Warner. Highland —C. Blakeman. Loading Glass—Vi. M. Lindley. Marine— 0. II. P. R. Spring. Saline— David Todd. Silver Creel:—W. H. Keowu. . Six Mile— Calvin Kinder. Troy —Jesse Padon. Upper Allan —Fielding Harrison. White Socle— James Kell- a of of of in We it up our I I ry I J | in E. I John I I on motion of; the Hon. A. W. Metcalf, a D1!Ti committee was appointed to nominate and wore iresent :to tbe Conventionj suitable gentle- *-•• men to act during the : eoming year as a in °- County.Central Committee; when tbe Chair nnmcd elected the following gentlemen to const!- when llo z,liA /-nmm,-t+« n *~ Ii I . aid commii lighland; J. S. Peers, Esq., Collinsville.and j ohn Ellison,"Esq. On motion, tbe Convention took a re until 3,o..'clock, this afternoon. ' ' met Dale, Two O'CLOCK, P. M. The Convention was called to order by the renti J. and county, those other r!ha ' r • The committee on Central Committee, pre- M- B. For for and D. Geo. Jeff. Creek the been presided the' ' ' sented the following report': CENTRAL COMMITTEE. Alhambra— Alexander Keown. : Allan —James Newman. Vppcr Alton— Fielding Harrison. Settalto—J. p. Smith. ' CaninsuiUc —J. S. Peers. •' Edtcardsvillc —J. H. Weir. fotterburff— D. H.' Warner. Highland— Dr. G. Ratz.- St. Jacobs—Wm. M. Lindley. Marinetoim —Ephraim.M.jEaton. Madison —Wm.rEmert. , . ; Monticello —A. P. Mason. Omfha.hcn.t-V. C. Sche'er. •" ' ' Saline— Jacob _Leaf. . Silver Crixi—Vf. II.'Kcown. .' ^•i Jl/J/c—Cnivin Kinder. ' Troy-J'esse Pa'dou. " '. - : White Rock— James. Kelll . " ixEcnm-E COMMITTEE. Omph 3 hc:it-W:t. Flagg, Chairman. Edufardsville— F. TTKraffl. •'.' - &!lmsviilc—n. H. kuhienbeck. Alton— H.-O. McPikc. ' ' ••"-..' when | ballot. D. I matron J the ' W. J. j for ballot all the of the Hr. called and i. h tialty their retired, self The throe Troy— Dr. John H. Di Jewey. The committee on- r.oBoluiiohs '-irij-l* ' the .Mowing report, .as. expressive oflhp sentiment of this convention, which -wasriad and adopted unan'iinously, by : a separate votoon - ' ! and journed. !>« L. A. JOH.V resolution.' i, -— TT-T;—r> Tbat the-event's of tee I four years have fully demonstrated tt wltn the death He died in lesdmR alia tho i probably ... -a . . -- .r-rf r-'&v. "WU1IHC5.. tknmi >o .purdemn R every wattl, township, and-bor- •oughj m^heStatswith'debt to fill the ranks ... dpes.not hit lamented % % I\ belieV that this in by delegates ras more n« U iI^.l'-i 0 -SS ld "fc^iifed, bv !?^_"» JH ««S! n «*»'wTHW'flBbti.. = ._ l the pl«*o»bil '««", an a failure, and sa&wSfcs i- lit £

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