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THE GALVESTON 1AITJY NEWS, SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 1894 l l deelmtit- uiv and they b::- T . Liberals assorted soromfness the t l l a d s - l o i i f t e r been there from to It reasons every of any be a small assur- OL of Glad-stone ovnr- writer i\1r. (llad- go India. Hon. A. H . s be t h t h e at- lonln. I l l s m u n U ' l p a l U l c H the- nu-m- Lord 'In l l t l f ; i t n:i.i-tf^ rc- aloae w h a t con- p c r l l m i o n a l sport In this ;to a r y KfnU.k- his ; THE BANANA TRADE. Importance of Exports and Qalveston's Superior Location to the Trade. It is said ihat the first cargo of bananas brought U tho United States was run to Hoaton by a lop «ided Yankee skipper somcwhpio about 1004. Unfortunately the name of the saiiormun has not been handed handed posterity, nor has a monument or tablet been erected to his memory. It IM enough to say t h a t tue yaukees took kindly to the (bananas at sight--und that Ja all. I . It la .H good old custom In -benighted YankeeUiud to servo on Fridays what the ])eii_p](» t,beix' term a "boiled dinner." This dinner consists of corned -beef, cubbayo, potatoes, carrots, beets, t u r n i p s and par- Biiljia, «11 boiled together In a pot bellied. Iron k e t t l e aud served hot. The eabbagea are quartered before b o i l i n g . ' b u t the other veyeUbles a r« boiled whole. This dinner, p r u p r r l y couke.l, leaves a taste In .the mouth w h i c h makes a man. alwnys yearn for VYlday and its hot Tjolled 'dinner to come uiruin. Well, the t h r i f t y Yankee Jiousewivcs. beln.«- , uimcqualnt^l nvlth Ojanaina. holleJ. tViem with their cornea beef, and promptly fed them to the hogs These uananai'inay be classlfled as follows: follows: ,'- Bunches. Jamaica 4.7W.382 Bocas del Toro 1,098,55 Minefields ....;.,-. .;..1.781,7«2 Port Lilmon ;...,. » 1,409,211 K a n t a M a r t h a ;.,..; 1B1.SOS nellze. l^lvlneaton and Honduras...2,022,981 JIaracoa 2,003,536 Maniii -. 390.51C Wanes %-».S03 Carbonlco 1 W.221 Aspinwall. 43-1,749 In'1879 the Hrst charters of steamers as AVeuL India, f r u i t carriers uvre made. I^aat year one N e w York shlppiuK house chartered chartered 134 fruit steamers, sold six more, and coutr£.J-t«a for six to be built, or 14G In all. Of these steamers ninety-throe flew the Norwegian HK. The ddea.1 banana steamer Is built especially especially for that trade. Slit* draws from 10 to -12 feet and · currier from 700 to 1200 ·tons of fitlB'h t, ui tho ufh many, do not carry over COO ton.-*. Ten knots an hour 43 about the average speed. These steamers steamers are in many Tnstarcea lit tod' up for pu'dsfiiser trailic and are equipped -with all modtjrn improveinonts. Messrs. Macheca of the Mississippi which can not be reached from Ualveston wverail hours soont-r than from tho former polnU. and even the l*a- clttc coast can be reached from Galveston twenty-four hours ahead of a similar train tttnrting from New Orleans ut the same time. ISanana dealers in the north and \vp»t are -seeliiK the quick dispatch received tli-TOus'h Oalvc.^ton and they art- comina: to understand t h a t they can K«t tht-ir i r u l t to a better advantage through Oalvcston t h a n ' t h r o u g h New Orleans and "Mobile several reasons, chief of \vhlch are t h a t the Jamaicu fruit ia fattest, best tlavored, mo-st compact buiic'hes, unexcelled :LS a s*h!pie!', looltB well, keeps better than a n y other Imnaita, and Is nearer to the conyumf-r than the Isthmian fruit. Then the time of transportation transportation cuts a biy figure, 'even if it be only a saving of ton hours, but when from twenty-four to sixty houra are saved, f r u i t men see that G-alvestoii is the point to trade tit. Time Is money in -the banana business In the lessening of risks against over-ripening over-ripening in -transit, or against freezing, and no on« knows It as -well us the banana dealers. Twenty-four hours may cause a shipload of bananay to so ripen that they are tit only for shark food alongside the dock. GALVESTON AND THE BANANA FIELDS. because the f r u i t lusted, aa an,old Puritan put ft, " like Kol darned mmn waft .Tjlh:d in ih* kittle." A n d Hie sklppei who ran the f r u i t Into .Boston "KUOrt^ed" there WUH no. money hi 'bit nan as, and HO no hiure wore Importc.-d thvre for year. 1 ), n u d Tho IJdMtoni;tnn paid strict a t t e n t i o n to shipping reel hen-ins*, su^ir ^hnoks and warm Inn r-sns tif Uit: Vv'est -Tuoics and : return ins *«i all «' u '* n)i»u.-i.fKs and red r u m . Into ilil.s" coiintry° U weiU. "IO'"NCW Yu'rk "tn JSO^ In I ho scJioonor iteynurd, then commanded commanded -hy Captain .Inhn ("i.'^ter In im .lohn I'earsall of New York Im- portud JGOO -bunt:hit.i ond g l u t t e d t h a t market market at on:e. I . n s t year ·l.UHi.JLXi bunches failed to K l u t Now York. As n n I n d i c a t i o n of the growth of the banana business since Ifcw, tho guif coaflt and A t l a n t i c port imports for 1893 are ht-ruwlth HirbmlUed; I'tittlinore su 3 ltill i¥78 Mdlitroa!,... ~ ., , Norfolk Philadelphia...... Ntftv Y o r k . . . : . , . New Orleans .Savannah , Total 01 ^ 8 .. 1C ..1,314 . (li:t,4M :tl,8i)0 B7,173 2,121,-riTi 4,^0,1:1^ 6,U2Ti.'J17 Bros, of New Orleun.s are luivinfj built at Newcastle-on-Tym- ih« Clearwatt-r, to Meson it-bout 16 knols an hour. Sh« will run between Nmv Orleans and Belize and Livingston. KelVrence to th^ outlin'e. map -will- show 'the rehit'lve pnsilions ot Mobile, New Or- l"ans a n d ; fJ.-ilvcs-lon 10 the banana. Holds, "rue :vowrf~?Ji;ifl Wreiofore. related Ihe two trlpx of t h e H i c a i n s h i p (jyller, put Into the utiituiiti. |LriAiu , ; ] rum 1.1114 pui't. The dotted llm-a from ;alve.fton uhow the route of Ih-o Gyllcr. - H iwlll be seen t h a t i'he di.slanci; frnm Oniveoton. Now urlc;i,nK and Mobllo to the point where I h e dotted l!ll"H croPM lu'two'-M i'ub.i ;inrl U n v r t t i n tire practically tho sume.; In re;i.|lty there are not fifty mllcji diflVrencis to iih.-u point from juiy (wo. yf (hoy. 1 i«rly. From tlni-t jpint, Jiowuver, Belize Is fome nearer t h a n Port Antonio, while Aspliiwa.ll -.iml Port Ijimoii-- ivhicli IH close to A«pinwall--are f u r t h e r away. And U niuy be wild ripiu Here t h a t tlu Ptn-t Llinnn, Asplnw.'rM nnd Jamaica b:in;ui;iM :ux' M'"Jtt.M a t t'iie top price Of tho markc-l. w-l'lk- Bi-lizc, BluolleldH, Bocas del Toro and other banana» are far below in price--so fjir, In fact, that 'there la no room for oomparlsoii, and the .three first n.uiiicd bananas arc loft Lu rogufate prices in the markctft. (Compare Clalwstoil's posllluu UM rf-H-ardfi r;iti delivery with New OriraiiH and Mobile. There i.i not -a point of (.vus^iuaiwy west The first ship -load of 'bananas o arrive In Giilvettbon dlw?ot from the banana fields v?Q3 bi^u^liit to this ponl by the Texus Star mills «tfu.mer GyMer. I.t w.ill readily be remembered tha't a wonderfully fual solid Uoinuna tnain waj» prominry run out of this otty by the Gulf, lonado jaml Sn:1)llil. ir^. %ylitlf)h .1 Mil hi luiii't Du-vu^nv.")* ttnif, and arrived «.-t dei-ithiatiofls" 'from tw-t-lvo lo itwonlv-fVuir 'hou*^ in;!!* 1 ^ 1 !! of the mall w-hidh IfrPt one «mi Q. :b«.ir hours Jarter. Thin trum- itmrt J-ts contents -hiave oa-used a ^ri"at Jo;iil of comment lihiPougilmuit the norUj. Northern dealers saw t h a t Clo.l\'cs- 'lo'n inad opdiicil iu-r OJOQI"S to the fruit ·U'ade it-inl Ih*.-/ Hitld iLluit rtuah a anove nit^tni t n u d i for tho burtinosa in tfen^rul. Tho sharper the oompetition til* g-rexter tlie cxuiKumptkm «n»l trie I«»^ver ln»» pritx-. The second cargo arrived February 27, n.s already related by The News, and was handled, w i t h quicker despa-tch than -the former, the Santa Fe's banana train to Chicago making over thirty-two miles an hour, Including all delays. A proceKs of forming artificial whalebone from animal hair, consisting In subjecting the h'ilr to a softening bath, then to a bath of acetic Held, and finally placing the ma«s under great pressure, has been Invented. Invented. Tonnage in Freight of This Under chairman harbors says. AiiK*ricuii We ·tharlty, 38!W. schooners cmft--A craft, a'nd H.(!T2 2,tfA.Wi 42,7tf of ase 208,828 The for 'th» COW steam mak-hiK ay«n;j;ate must -bt,- property, making terest ploy-ing 24l),l88 ·time for $10,000.000, Thf* roport-s Irafllc l iy ._ frelRlit 108,078,^20 carried aggregate traveled to equalled The of *he 2«%J? aiTl $202,451.080, clzn total of benefited our improvement of was only oceans. movement waters authority T ,_. r _,.. lakes, Freight of the domestic Domestic coast Domestic coast Making Aud lu »C Of And -we movement on All of our From on the on our must be Uftcatlon harbor ernment Jf t-liyre carried derived Incalculable, nature to all transportation i i i l discrimination, other, portation. It iartjeuL transported oomju'Ilfd to carry n a v l iv;iys hitor? clearly freight subject ra'tea navigation The. arising from improvement rates be moved moved water transportation. direct und shipper with pfHitlve

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 04 Mar 1894, Sun,
  3. Page 14

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