J.C. Fast "Inside Story" in Muskogee Times-Democrat 30 Mar. 1920

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J.C. Fast "Inside Story" in Muskogee Times-Democrat 30 Mar. 1920 - desire of the Arkansas executive and judlcliiry...
desire of the Arkansas executive and judlcliiry to give the negro fair treatment. treatment. ITc critlvlsed Governor Hfenry J. Allen of Kansas, declaring In connec­ Jewel,, dean of the teachers' college pt the University of Arkansas. Tomorrow. Governor Charles H. Brough of Arkansas will speak. for trial- packiige ,of the tablets to Dr. Pierce's In-ralids' Hotel in Buffalo, K. Y. WILSON CHfMICAl. Co Tyrone Policies Adopted by J. C. Fast, Sales Manager of Fast-Buck Motor Co. Distributors of Dodge Brothers Motor Cars in Muskogee and Tributary Territory In which he describes the part that sound business policies and good principles play in their sales program E NJOYING, aa we do, the soundest market we have ever experienced—a market by sound vaJueg and sound business, business, policies—we look forward to 1930 as an opportunity opportunity to build up equally sound markets for future years. jUBt as vve have helped to build up the present demand in the years which have preceded it.' Dodge Brothers do not aspire to build all the automobiles the raai-ket will take; they do earnestly desire to build tho best car It Is possible for them to produce. Nor do their dealers hope, or expect, to sell all tho buyers In their respective respective territory; .but they do want to sell the cars that are allotted to them to people who will rightly appreci.%te them. In fact, it la clearly understood throughout Dodge Brothers organization that it is not the volume of sales so much as the way in which the sales arc made that determines determines the calibre of a dealer. O UR Sales program during 1920 will be directed more than ever to tho end of getting our cars into tho hands Of the right kind of owners, and of doing eveiTthing consistent with good business principles to Insure that each purchaser wilfactually get from his car all the remarkable value and service that Dodge Brothers have built into it. •^Vith only one car for every five buyers, we will try to ob. tain the business of tho man who will care for his car, because because ho expects to operate It for ai long period of time with the least possible trouble and expense. 'W'e can be of real seri-lce to such a m,-^, and can build up with him a long and lasting business friendship. •We sh.-i.!l try to anticipate now the demands tho 1921 and 1922 m.arketa will make on us and our organization by increasing increasing our facilities In advance of requirements, so tl,iat wo may always present a smooth working, efficient service to our owners. T HERE will be no band of hungry s.olesmen waiting, like vultures, to pounce upon a prospect as he entcr.s this salesroom. One man will greet all our pati-ons— a man who represents, as nearly as it Is possible for a man to do so, the character and personality of our business. This man will courteously solicit the customers" wishes. If he desires to study and examine the car by himself, he will be welcome to do so.. If he wishes the assistance of a salesman, salesman, one will bo summoned for him. It a salesman Is called, his efforts will be directed to the end of encom-aging the customer to judge the car on Its merits, as a car, and to thinking of price only Iti relation to the great value it b«lys. For Dodge Brothers owners represent represent the substantial class In our community. We may as- aume, therefore, that when a man comes to see the car, he does so for sound business reasons. J^o is thinking of tho satisfaction of having a cor that Is never out of order It given'ordinary care. He is thinking' of low gasoline consumption consumption and high, tire mileage, and freedom from trouble and annoyance. Ho Is thinking how much such iv car will contribute ,to his business and social fitness and activity. He has definite and fixed t^eoa of what he wapta, and if permitted to follow his own Ideaa, will Invariably make a sound choice, with the happy rosult.lhat he -lyill'always feel that he bouglit tho car he w.intcd to lyu.v, because hi.s own good judgpiont told him to buy ir, and no.t someone's persistent persistent saiesmansliip, • Vi'e shall treat our customer.^ as two-fisted'Americans., ready and willing to pay their owfi way provided they can receive receive value. ^A'o shall try to Vnako cverj' now owTier just as capable and self-reliant as tho owners that have preceded preceded him. ' A S SOOX as .a sale i.s consummated, .several departments of our business will boE!:i to tako a keen and- lively intereat in t!ie purchaser, Tho Sorrico Department will explain to him tho poUcy of that department and the great stress wo placo o,:i,.tho prcvculiori of trouble "rather than oh the cuiins of it. Either porwonally or tViroucth the mails he wili have txphiiuoil to him our monthly compl-eto exatnination proj;rum. V.hicii uffors him at mod'oi-ate co,<;t the adyice and oo-op<'raiion ot our or^perts for tiie purpose of eliminatins tho uood of any ropajrs ooccept such .osmight result from norniaT wear after lone; u.'O. Wo shall try to malio hi.m tir.ilorst.irnl. from tho vorj" beginning, tiiat we Will be just a.s ploa.-^od as ho !.»,. if he has no occasion to use the l"afllittos ot our yen.icc Dcparlmonl. O UR driving instruction i.s carefully planned. A special special to.slboolc explains tho theory and roasc>n for everj- mechanical movement tho owner must raako,iu driving tho car with tho idea of niakiti,g ills operation of it intelll- genl ratiierlhaii mech.aruoal. Wo will furnish a competent instructor just a^ nian\- times ,as ho may be desired. ^he final step in st-irlinc customers right is accomplished by our New Car Dopartraont—an organization of picked men who handle all shipments and tuno up, tost,-oil and .gro.i'so all now, oars before thoy are delivered to the, customer. customer. T HE FL'RTHKR maintenance of good will depends largely upon tho. Service Department. We are pre- ptu-od to take care of. your wants and await tho opportunity opportunity to servo you. .-Vny time your car may be initcod of sei-vlco keep in mind that wi employ experts who specialize on Dodge Brotliers juotors. I X OUR Used Car Department wo use tho .same sound sales arid instruction motliods lUied in our now oar selling. selling. We never offer a Dodge Brothers car to tho public imtll It has been passed by tho Service Department as being in good condition in every respect. Wo protect owners in do.prcciation cost hy merchattdising nearly all tho used Dodge Brothers cars for cash from our associate dealers and from dealers handling other car lines. It is a simple matter to appraise them safely and fairly, because our standardiTiod shop practice permits tis to know in advance the exact cost of putting any Dodge Brothers car In proper salable condition. ' I K OUR advertising we foUo'.v the same constructive principles'. We have permanent painted signs through, through, out tho city of Muakogee, We use only the: best news- papera and shall list all our associate dealers In every ad- ve.rtisemept. We are constantly on the alert to take advantage advantage of the Dodge Brothers advertising in the magazines. magazines. Call and sec us, telephone, or drop us a line. Sale.woom and i^orvice Station Corner Court and Sixth streets. Phone 640. The personnel of the Fast-Buck Motor Company organization organization is comprised of the following: ' J. C, F.\ST. rrcsidont and Sales Manager. B. L, FAST, • _ . Vice I'rcaldent. I.. A. BUCK, Secret:u-y and Treasurer ar.d'Service ;\Ianagcr. HENRY RUSSELL, Salesman, Phone 2917. J. C. SITZE, Salesman, phone 5S MRS, HENRY RUSSELL, Stenographer. TOJl FQX, Bookkeeper, Phono 39SS. \V. T, SCARBROUGH, .Mgr, Parts Dept,, 211 E, Okmulgee, Phone 319S-R, ^ I^.\Y PENCE, l\Trts Dept,, 22S N, l3th St,, Phone ISID-J. T. C, NELSON. Hc.-id Mechanic, Phono 4667, 21G N. 7th St. FRANK WILMARTH, Mechanic, 807 W, Broadway, Phone 1358, H,t\-RRY- WALLACE, . Mechanic, 328 Felix Ave. - A^VROX BALLARD, New Car Department, 518 Columbus, Phone 747. BOB BL'OOMQUEST, Mechanic. 55 N. 6th St., Phone 1678. LOUIS ROBINS,. Helper, 607 S. 7th Su, Phone 1927. • HENRY POLK, Porter, 709 Indianapolis Ave. ASSOCIATE DEAUERS AND REPRESENTATIVES LAWRENCE PRICE,. AVagoner, Okla. GkORGE SMITH, Eufaula, Okla. ROBERT MORAY, Hanna, Okla. " IRWN BAKER, Broken Arrow, Oklot. JOHN IlICKS, Tahlequah, Okla, ' MOODY- & CO., Porter, Okla. J. O. DOWDT. Haskell, Okla.

Clipped from
  1. Muskogee Times-Democrat,
  2. 30 Mar 1920, Tue,
  3. Page 15

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  • J.C. Fast "Inside Story" in Muskogee Times-Democrat 30 Mar. 1920

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