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 - 18c 16c to dinner. that are NAMILION NOW...
18c 16c to dinner. that are NAMILION NOW $40,000 a Week In Wage* To The Has Been Stopped By Strike ABOUT 1,500 MEN ARE OUT NOW Machinists And Mofders Are On Strike In Eight Shops-The Men In Big Niles Tool Works Plant And Kern Machine Tool Shop Go r * Out Friday Morning i * 1*'« «i IH 29. the high will thn so us Miami- A Eaton $40,000 A Week In Wages for Hamilton Men Stops .--. _, j Hamilton Machine fool Co--300 enuijoyed. Pay roll t about ^- i $5,000 a week Hooven, Owens fi'-Rentschler Co--350 men out,'foundry going. Pay rool of 1 k men out about 817,000 every two weeks , Hamilton Foundry Macaine Co--300 men out Pay roil about $5,000 a week. Niles Tool Works C6.--A*but 350 machinists out. This will cause other departments to cloie arid about 1600 men with pay roll of about $28,000 every two wajks will be affected. the Black-Clawspn Co.--70 machinists oiit; the entire shop will soon be compelled to .stop work. Pay roll about $4,500 a week. Kern ifiaciiine Tool Co.--i5 machinists out. This will compel ·entire plant to close. Fay roll about $900 a week. . ·'. * .Peerless Toundry^S mbllers out. Payroll about' $1,400 a week. - . . . . . . . . . , . . . '.Miami Foundry--60 moltlars out.' Pay roll about $1,200 a week. .' ·Thai more than $10,000 a week in WAsea to men in Hamilton is stopped. · . STATEMENT BY NltES CO. At 1 P. M. Messrs. Jnines Blah' and J. J. Seybold gave out the following statement for thu Niles Tool Works Co.: "On AVedncsday u .committee of tiie men ciimu into the office unil presented thuir demands. The matter was discussed with the committee and they were told that the local management could not exceed what hud already b«cu done, nrnl that this mutter woiild IJDVC to he submittc.'l to the president of our company mid con. seen, f'olows: Shoard. Kugcl, Hannah; I b, eve- for tho when Js pu', against rumor Miami in definitely nol been nl history paper. and leased tho nl the paper Union on Co-op on sale 5 inclusive. for November and t.wo esUtc. the executive committee in Now York. We recalled to the committee that on .September '7th we had voluntarily granted a 50 hour n week for tho same pay that the men had been receiving for !)5'/i hours' work, and that .we would thereafter pay Lime and one-hull' for over-time,' i-'i- stcad of paying ytrajjjht time, as we had in the piwt. This raise, included all dcpartimMils and affeciod over/ man in the, plant from laborer to the mechanic «!' bighcti 1 , skill. "The committee however. .Icnmnd- cd an answer by n i n e ' n V l o e k ' n n Friday. We. explainer! that W! would do this if possible, but that- it wns almost a physical impossibility to go (o Nciv York,- discuss- those hmianli3 and return an a'nswer on time, b(tt would do the best could. "Mr. A. Woody miinagw, went: to Nciv York on HID first'train possiblo and reached New York late Thursday He, was to meet witli tho executive committee the first tiling this morning. ' '·' '·' , "The committee of the men cain« back into our: office to get their answer shortly after 8 o'clock this liiorning. We explained that we hal IIP answer from New York, but expecting to. get momentarily. While the committee were still waiting in the of I'icc' with -us and nine o'clock, we .noticed thu men leaving tho plant.... \Vo,thcn told committee Unit, considering the very liberal treatment we have always given our men voluntarily, and without /pressure .thjil;.lh.e;gf xjjerc treating us with great 'disrcspctt;. and .lack ordinary business X consideration by not delaying llio. fuw minutes longer get our which were'i ry fi). ' - ' "We V16 not t h i n k lliat our ploycs or the -public in general will be in sympathy^ with such ill-considered and diseourlcolis v ac,lion as was taken this morning." THE N I L K H TOOL It looks as if Hamilton is to have 11 general machinists' strike. The u n i o n n i a d c certain demands nud the shop owners have either declined the demand consider or asked for more time to them. The request for more lime by tlic shop owners lias been'met with an order to walk out. Tlic Niles Tool Works Co. 'machinists, to the number of about .'Hid walked out Friday morning nt nine :)'clock. There are ubout 1BOO men employed in all departments nl the Niles. Thc'going out of tlic innchin- (o Or. YOUR BRONCHIAL WBB When a cold settles in the bronchial tubes, with that weakening, tickling cough, immediate treatment is very important. TJic breath seems shorter because of mucous obstructions', Usually fcvcrisprcscnt, your head jars wi th every cough and your chest may ache. This is no time for experimenting or delay--you must get Scott's Emulsion at once to drive out the cold which started llie trouble, and it will check the cough by aiding the healing process of the enfeebled ntMibraffes. If you have any symptoms of bron- reme»nlcr that 8ttit's Ia£uls«« has been relieving thii IrrwM* fat forty ye*rv Iiu free from *lMlMlOTdf^(i. net* ists will of necessity affect, in a [lays, the .entire shop. . , The union committee met the officials this morning for an answer to its demands. J. J. Scybold told the .committee, that Ous Woods, general manager, had gone to New York, to confer with the officials the eor|orulioii and that an answer was oxpoctcd by wire some time today. It is said Organi/cr McMnlion Ionic the position lliat the company was seeking a delay and advised Ihe to ([nil at once-. This Ihc nmchinisls did. 11 is said about 360 stopped work. The men packed up their tool and shop clothes and quietly left big plant. They met outside and marched down Third street in a Most of them .went to Trades hull. This was- loo small for the meeting and Ihe meeting went over to Jacobs hull on Third street, a session wns had behind closed Mr. McMfthon's SUUmtnt. - McMahoii, ircnornr* 1 orgn sin'd to ii Journal inan that br. did not cull on the nicn.,1? H'1't while confcWnce WHS ftn.'A Ik Jmifl the comnnttec and himself w«re in -trie offii-* tilkins: »lil** the nwn in the to f|«it. He Mkcd tw mm tiMe, b«t quit M

Clipped from
  1. Hamilton Evening Journal,
  2. 29 Oct 1915, Fri,
  3. Page 6

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