Merriman Reunion 1897

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Merriman Reunion 1897 - REUNION Of the Merriman Family Held Thursday....
REUNION Of the Merriman Family Held Thursday. ABOUT 300 WERE PRESENT. Iatereatlajr Program Rendered LUt of Namea of ThoM "Wbo Were Present. One of the largest and ioyable family reunions most en - that was ever had in Huntington county, was that of the Merrimans at the ele gant country home of Newton A. Merriman in Rockcreek township. From early morn until noon they came from all directions with well filled baskets, and hearts full of glad anticipation of a day to be spent in fraternal greeting and reminiscences reminiscences of "ye olden time." Every anticipation and desire was fully met. Promptly at J0:30 o'clock a select choir rendered an anthem, "Praise Ye the Father," in an appreciative manner. At the close of the an them In the absence of Rev. Bruce Monnsey, Rev. Alexander, of War ren, invoked the blessings of the Heavenly Father on the assembled people. - Dr. P. L. Robinson chairman, then introduced Newton A. Merri man who gave a he'arty welcome to all, on behalf of himself and estira able wife. He spoke feelingly of his early recollections of this and Wells counties and of the associates of his boyhood days, how that we all cher ished in fond recollection the mem ones of our childhood, that many oithosehehad known that were near and dear to him were not here to greet the many present, bu t were gone from their hardships as pioneers xo taeir rewaru in tae man sion Home above. That while we looked over the past and thought of the loved ones that are gone it would be fitting to drop a tear to their memory. But we should no let the recollections of the pas cloud the brightness of the presen occasion; that we should remember the words of the Master and "Ren der. therefore unto Caesar the . things which be Caesar's and unto God the things which be God's." 1 That today, good cheer would abound and everyone should enjoy the abundance to which they all were so heartily welcome. Rev. J. Rollin Henry, a former Huntington county boy, and now pastor of the Baptist church at South Port, Indiana, responded to the welcome in a very happy and . felicitous manner; giving many anecdotes anecdotes of his boyhood which were greatly enjoyed. He spoke eloquently eloquently of our duty to each other, that we should let our lights so shine as to reflect the will of God, that he for one believed m being a merry man each day of life and recommended recommended the same to others and especially especially on an occasion of this kind. XJC, UU UCUAU Ul CVC1 JUVUY lUdUKCU ' Mr. and Mrs. Merriman for their generous hospitality Awarded Highest Honor - Warld'i Pair, Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair. A Pirt Grape Creta of Tartar Powder. iiO YEARS THE STANDARD. rPSTTnTV mm A vocal duet by Lona Merriman andNellore Robison, of Bluffton, was well rendered at the close t of which ' , the ' chairman announced dinner, the greatest event of the day. ' . About this time the Mt. Zion brass band arrived, and that every one might be properly attuned for the bountiful repast that was being spread, discoursed most excel - ent music. ''; ' , ' Everybody then seemed to be ready, and so were the tables laden with the best that "Wells, Whitley and Huntington counties could af ford. Mr. Merriman had erected a long" stand,' protected by ' a .canvass .canvass cover, and in this two tables extended its entire length. Covers were laid for 125 persons, and that many were soon hard at work, laboring laboring with might and main to level the huge piles of chicken and moun tains of cake before them, and while unable to succeed in the attempt, they made progress. After more than 250 persons had eaten there were many basketfuls remaining untouched, that would have fed as many more. After dinner the choir sang "Oh hail us ye free." The family his tory was then read by Dr. E. Merriman, Merriman, of South Whitley, Indiana. So far as known, the Merrimans of America sprung from two brothers who came to Baltimore early in the eighteenth century. One of these went away and was never heard of again, the other one, William, rear ed a family in Maryland and all of the greai number of the family are his descendants. ' The history was interesting thoroughout, showing that those who settled in Indiana immigrated from Wayne county, 0. The reading of the family history was followed by a song by the choir. O. W. Whitelock was then intro duced by the chairman, and spoke a few minutes on the fact that the family had been pioneers in Hunt ington, Whitley, Wells, Porter, La grange and Elkhart counties of In diana, the enjoyment of these re unions and the propriety of holding hem frequently. Those present, were the following with others: Traoy Merriman, Liberty Center. Huldah Wire, North Manchester. Dr. P. Lk Roblion, Bluffton. Mr. P. L. Roblion, Bluffton. Homer E. Roblion, Bluffton. Hellare Hoblton, bluffton. Mm. J. B. Wooda, Boone Grove, Levi Merriman, Boone Grove. Nettle Merriman, Tanker. Mamie Merriman, Liberty Center. Joeephlne Merriman, Liberty Center. Thomaa Merriman, Tunker. J. Q, Merriman, Keyitone, Martha Merriman, Tunker. Jennie Huffman, Montpeller. America F. Merriman, Boone Grove. Elisabeth Merriman, Keyitone, Mary Ann Oiborne, Liberty Center. Mary oiborne, Liberty Center. Anna Luce. Liberty Center. Cleveland Luce, Liberty Center. Emery Merrlmen, Keyitone. Otto Merriman, Liberty Center. B. B. Oiborne, Liberty Center. George Roland OiDorne, Liberty Center, John Merriman, Liberty Center. Alfred Merriman, Liberty Center. Bamuel H. Huffman, Montpeller. Mlolah Merriman, Lai range. MUion Merriman, Liberty Center. Loyd Vernon Huffman, Montpeller, By lba Ethel Huffman, Montpeller. Nellie Oiborne, Liberty Center. Elisabeth A. Merriman, Majenloa. Clinton Huffman, Montpeller. Mary Merriman, Liberty Center, Newton Merriman, Majenloa. Wayland Merriman, Majenloa. Mary Merriman, Mrjenlea. Pearle Oiborne, Liberty Center. Effle Merriman, Keyitone. Johnle Oiborne, Liberty Center. Ura Merriman, Liberty Center. Etbel Merriman, Majenloa. W. H. Merriman, Montpeller. Etta Merriman, Montpeller. Geo. Paul, Majenlca. TnoniM Moumey, Liberty Center, Mary Jane Moumey, Liberty Center. Debbie Moumey, Liberty Center. Elna Moumey. Liberty Center. Billy Kami, Poneto, Dallas Merriman, Mt. Zlon. Jennie Merriman, Mt. Zlon. LIUle Mourn. Mt. Zlon. Luia Moumey, Mt. Zlon. Willie Collura, Tanker. ' Jmtla Merritnan, Liberty Center. Ann Patee, Oman. Button Patee, Oultn. A. B. Merriman, Huntington. Harley Merriman, Huntington. Lulu M. Merriman, Huntington. Elva Merriman, Huntington. Arthur, Merriman, Huntington. Martin B. Merriman, Gobleivllle. . Roberlei Merriman, Lagrange. M. M. Sonera, Plum Tree. Jennie Merriman, Bluffton. Charles Merriman, Bluffton. , ,. t , Araoi Merriman, Huntington. Curtis H. Merriman, Huntington. ' Rebecca Merriman, Gobleivllle. Bertha May Merriman, Gobleivllle. Anna Merriman, Goblesvllle. Garth Merriman, South Whitley. Clem Shiebley, South Whitley. , : Wade 8hlebley, South Whitley. Nellie Shiebley, South Whitley. Blanche Merriman, Lagrange, Dr. K. Merrlmau, South Whitley. Rebeooa Merriman, South Whitley. L, M. Merriman, South Whitley. . Marie Johns n, South Whitley. Harmon Mb. i .mm, South Whitley. Mary Jane Parker, Wolootvllle. Vera Haley, South Whitley. Nanoy Smith, Goblesvllle. Mlna Merriman, Boone Grove. Etta Whitelock, Huntington. Elisa Merriman, Booae Grove. - Diadem Swan, Laud, Eleanor Swan, Land. Ruth swan, Laud. Mattle Smith, Laud. v Anna Haley, Laud. Etta Merriman, Huntington. Mary Haley, South Whitley. Stephen Haley, South Whitley. Awllda Fellabaum, Majenloa. F. M. Smith, Laud. , J. M. Fellabaum, Msjenloa Eliza Swan, Laud. Curtis Merriman, Hnntlngton. Ervln Merriman, Huntington. Jonathan Whitelock, Huntington. Elisabeth A. Whitelock, Huntington. Dr. J. B. Shipley, Gobleivl lie. John Moumey, Liberty Center. Odli Moumey, Keyitone. Ellai Merrlmau, Boone Grove, Wm. H. Helndel, Majenlca. O. W. Whitelock and wife, Huntington. Jane Moumey, Ltbertv Center. Wilfred J., Clarence and Charlei White - look, Hnntlngton. Zephenlah Johnson, South Whitley, ; ,. Margarete Johnson, South Whitley. , . Mm. H. F. Haliey, Huntington. Lualta G. Bloier, Apple Creek, O. Emma Traoy, Huntington. B. L Tracy, Huntington. Clara Traoy, Huntington. Maria L. Traoy, Huntington. Mn. L M. Merriman, Huntington. Elma Huffman, Buckeye. Frank Huffman, Buokeye. Lona Merriman, Bluffton. Prof. A. W. Merriman, Bluffton . Roland Merriman, Apple Creek, O. Rebeoca Dewltt, Opolli, Kans. Morna Merriman, Bluffton. Ward Merriman, Bluffton. Mary Moumey, Keyitone. Earl Moumey, Keyitone. Cary Moumey, Keyitone. Viola Shipley, Gobleivllle. Roia King, Plum Tree. Anna Elnt, Huntington. Ella Scott, Huntington. James F. Scott, Hnntlngton. Mary Wright, Warren. Braoe Wright, Warren. Loyd Merriman, Bluffton. Rev. J. Rollin Henry, South Port. W. B. Wright, Warren - Emma McFadden, Plum Tree. Sadie McClurg, Rookoreek Center. Meredith MoClurg, Rookoreek Center. Mm. Lafe Bonewltc, Toledr. Lafe Bonewlts, Toledo. Kev. A. s. Alexander, Warren. L. M. Souen, Majenloa. Casper Fellabaum, Majenloa. Llbba Smith, Majenloa. Auguita Smith, Waihlngton Center. Beth Broom, Warren, H. Q, King, Plum Tree. Claranoe Hart, Majenlca. J. P. Souen, Majenloa. H F. Huffman, Buokeye. Esra Merriman, Blufften. Ella Smith, Goblesvllle. Vina Smith, Tunker. Harry Ellen Weybrldge, Tunker. Belle Tost, OrvlUe, Ohio. Robert Bonewlts, Toledo. Xantha King, Hnntlngton. Jacob Souen, Huntington. Cyrus Smith, Apple Creek, Ohio. Annie Heron, Simpson. David Matlock, Liberty Center. Mary Matlock, Liberty Center. L. A. McFadden, Plum Tree. Mack Harris, Majenloa. Setb Broom and wife, Warren. Rebeoca J. White, Rookoreek. Lorenso White, Rookoreek. Elsa White, Rookoreek. Elliha Smith, Gobleivllle. Jennie Wilson, Goblesvllle. Mabel Wilson, Goblesvllle. Jennie Bonewlts, Majenlca. H. Bonewlts, Majenlca. Laura Harrla, Mijenloa. Mai y E. Mcllwaln, Warred. Ed B. Funderburg, Plum Tree. Nellie Funderburg, Plum Tree. Lisii Funderburg, Plum Tree. Etta MoClurg, Plum Tree. Ben MoClurg, Plum Tree. Louis MoClurg and wife, Rookoreek. Baell Smith, Goblesvllle. Ella Smith, Gobleivllle. L. F. Bonewlts and wife, Majenloa. Baall Merriman and wife, BarbeM Mills. Elite Merriman, Wari en. J. R. Souen, Wanvn. Dr. M. Howland and wife, Majenlca. Etta Hart, Majenlca. Eveline Souer,. Majenlca. Clarence Hart, Majenlca. Mm. Henry Rouih, Warren. L. L Bonewlts, Majenloa. E. B. Bonewlts, Majenloa. Lola May MoClurg, Plum Tree. Don Merriman, South Whitley. Mary Shiebley, South Whitley. Uriah Herron, Simpson. Raymond Huffman, Buokeye. M. H. Bonewlts, Majenloa. Opal, Ruuel, Clifford and Park Wright, Warren. Monroe Smith, South Whitley. Elisabeth Henry, Hnntlngton. Mabel Wilson, Gobleivllle. Rev. Bruce Moumey, Mt. Zlon. L. A. MoFaddeq, Plum Tree. The reunion next year will be held at the home of Alfred Merriman, near Liberty Center, Wells county, on the first Thursday of October. Dr. E. Merriman, of South Whitley, Whitley, was elected president of the Merriman Reunion Association, John V. Merriman of Liberty Center, Center, secretary, and Dr. P. L. Robison, Robison, of Bluffton, treasurer. A committee on publication of family history, was appointed, being, being, Dr. E. Merriman, of South Whitley, and O. W. Whitelock. of Huntington. Committee decided to print a history provided enough orders could be secured. A number were taken, and by order of committee, committee, the price was fixed at 10 cents per copy, orders to be sent to O. W. Whitelock. money to accompany accompany order. About 300 people were present and everybody enjoyed themselves. It was a great day for the Merriman family. NOTES. Rev. Rollin Henry is quite an eloquent eloquent speaker. His old friends were glad to hear him. Jacob F. Souers, of Huntington, was the oldest person present he being almost 85 years old. Everybody gave Newton Merri man and wife great praise for the success of the reunion, also the committee who made the arrangements. arrangements. Dr. Robison, of Bluffton, and Jno. V. Merriman, of Liberty Center, scored a tie in the race for the prize chicken eater. Seth Broom, of Warren, was a close second. MORE AFFIDAVITS Filed Against Harvey Bedding and John Elsworth. George Hamilton appeared before Prosecutor Day this morning and filed affidavits against Harvey Red ding and John Elsworth for malic ious trespass. The action of Mr. Hamilton is taken on account of damages he claims the two gentle men have done his property by reason of tearing down fences and opening a roadway through his farm. The affidavits are similar to those filed against these men by other parties, some time ago. The time for their trial has not yet set. A Noted Minister Arrives. Rev. A. P. Graves, D. D., from New York City, arrived here Thurs day night. Dr. Graves has been spendsng several months with his invalid wife in Los Angeles, and is nowenroute for his home in New York. He will spend some days in our city and will preach on Sunday. Dr. Graves has been a most successful successful gospel worker in revivals many years., He is now giving sermons on Christ in the home to elevate religion in our homes. : t " Are You Thinking of what you will take for your cough or cold? It has been growingsteadi - ly worse, and you must take something something or else see the doctor, and you don't want to go to him when a simple, effective remedy, such as Carter's Cough Cure, will cure you, and he would recommend it himself. Price 25 cents. Heaston & Dum - bauld. ' ' Frank Knecht and Miss Lizzie Zahn; of Fort Wayne, who attended attended the funeral of the ' late Philip Zahn, returned home last night. of to biliousness. C. Sold A I box. 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