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 - P H I L A D E L P H I A, Otober 7. Friday laft...
P H I L A D E L P H I A, Otober 7. Friday laft being the Annive.fary Election throughout this Pro - .vincc for Ilrprefe'ntativcs,' Sheriffs, Coroners; &c. the follow - loving Gentlemen were chofen, viz. Philadelphia County, , Reprelentatives, Jefeph Fox, Ifaac Norris, John Hughes', Rowland Evarts, John Dickinfon, Jofeph Gaiioway, Plunket Fiyefon, Jonathan Mifflin. Sheriffs, Jofeph .ReJman, John Diddle. Coroners, Peter Robefon, Thomas Cam. Commifiioner, Abraham Dawes. AiTeHors,. John Mifilin, Ifaac iKnight, David Davis, - William ClamprTcrj Henry Lille, Jacob . Uinicead. . I - Bucks Cunty. Reprefentatives, Samuel Foulke, William Smhh, Abraham Chapman, James Melvin, John Wilkinfon, Gil'ss. Knight, Samuel Brown, Henry Crufon. Shenrrs, John GretjgV Benjamin.Chapman. Coroners, William Buckman, Wil - liam Aihbarrf. Commiflionci', John. Terry. Afle (Tors, Edward Thomas, Peter .Shepard, John Brown, Alexander jtirovvn, John Mitchell, Clement DuiYgap; Cheflr Co - ntyr Reprefentatives, Nathaniel Peacock, George Aflibridge, Jofliux. Aih, Ifaac Pearfon, John Morton, Ifaac Wayne, Jofeph Gibbon?; John Jacobs. Sheriff's, John Fair - iamb, Robert Pennall. .. Coroners, Philip Ford, Jacob Howell. ,'Commifiioner, Lswis Davis, Haverford. Afleilbrs, Thomas E - . vans, JelTe Maris, EiiCia HugheS, Richard Baker, William Moore, James MarHiall. .. .: ' . ,v.i, v - Lancaltcr County. Reprefentativesy ; John Douglas, James Vebb, Emanuel Carpenter, James Wri - ght. Sherifrs John Hay, John Barr. Coroners, Matthias Slough," Cafp"er Shafner, junior. York' County. Reprefentatives, David M'Conaughy, John Blackburn. Sherifts, Robert M'Pherfon, Patrick Vatf on. Coroners, Michael Swop, f hn Adlum. ;'. : - .; . . Berks County. Reprefcntative, - John Rofs, SherilTs, Henry Chrift, Jacob Weaver. Coroners, Adani Witman, Samuel Weifer. ; . ' . . , at foor Companies of tKc Royals,' the 15th' ts, the Third Battalion of Royal Americans, hcials, wrre foon to embark 'for thefe Parts : . .KHers and Sailnrs. made Prifo'ners at the Ha - Northampton County. Reprefentativej John Moore, She - riffs, John 'Jennings, Peter Kechlin. Coroners, Arthur Latti - mpre, Thomas Todd. ... - v - ; The Return for Cumberland County is not come to hand. J - 'Nev - Caftle County, Reprefentatives, William Armftrong, A - lexander Porter, John Finny Evan Rice, David Witheripoon, .Thomas M'Kean. Sheriffs, Thomas .Dunn, Peter Jaquet. Coroners, James Walker, William Stuart. , . Kent County. Reprefentatives, John Vining, John Caton; John Brinckle, John Barnes, Thomas Clarke, Ciefar Rodney. Sherifts, William R - hoads, Daniel Robefon. Coroners, John Gray, Jabez Jenkins. Sufl'cx County. Reprefentatives, Jacob Kollock, Benjamin Burton, Levin, Crapper, David Hall, Jacob Kollock junior,. Jo - ,fuh Martin, ShcrirTs, Daniel Nuncz junior, Rhoads Shank - land. Coroners, Samuel Rowland junior, Jojiu Walton. 4. , On Saturday Benjamin Franklin, and Samuel Rhoads, - ycre . chofen Burgeftes for this City. - Afleflbrs, Jofeph Merriot, Rich - ard Parker, George Weftcoat, Thomas Shoemaker, James Wharton, Jacob Winey. Wardens, Daniel Rundle, Thomas Tilbury. Tucfdsy laft HENRY HARRISON, Efq; was eleAed Mayor of this City for the enfuing Year. , . On Thurfday next the GENERAL; ASSEMBLY of 1 this Province meets here. , . '. . By his Majefty's Ship Cygnet, CaptainAmcs, arrived at New - York, and feveral Merchantmen arrived kere, from the. Havan nah, we learn, Th and 48th Regiments with all the' Prdvihci iThat thcSpanifti Soldiers and Sailors, made Prifo'ners at the Ha Vannah, had failed for .Spain :.That two .Ships . o.fjhe.I,ine, .and - ' a Frigate, had alfo failed for Halifax, to join Lord Colvill : That - the Spahifh Inhabitants had found Means to convey off a great Part of their Gold,. and other valuabla Effe&s i That the Eng - . lim had left no Pcrlon of Diftindtionj though the Men," in gehe - ta!, ftill contincd to be vrry fickly, and a great many had died : And that a Brigi from La Vera Cruz; thought to be very rich, not knowing the PJacc was taken, had gone in, with her Colours fly - 5ng, and was fecured. The Articles of Capitulation are not come to hand ; but we underfland, that by them private Property is 'fecured, the ProfeiTidn of tha Roman Catholic Religion per - : nutted, and the Garrifon marched out with all the Honours of War, and was .tranfpotcd to Spain at our Expcnce. . . . . ... . ,

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Gazette,
  2. 07 Oct 1762, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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