A R Zubik -- Ommaney Bay

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A R Zubik -- Ommaney Bay  - OfUmaney Bay, Escort Aircraft Carrier, Made...
OfUmaney Bay, Escort Aircraft Carrier, Made Japs Pay Well Bel ore ank Her In Philippine Waters WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 W).--Om- Itlftncy Buy, escort aircraft carrier. tnmie the Japanese pny well before .they sank her. • Up until tho final action resulting Jn mt 16ss in the Philippines, the ship •.-and her nlr complement. Wrought heavy destruction on enemy forces" without the IOSR in combat of n single pilot or aircrowman the Navy said todny. The Ommnney Buy, n Kuiscr- bullt 'Conversion of n merchant .ship design, joined the escort carrier fleet last June uncl fought through WHS menacing the Bay nnd her .sister .sister escort carrier. She launched four torpedo bombers :\K the .Japanese battleships approached. One hit n cruiser. In the second fii»ht, Smith led a group against, n fleeing heavy cruiser and sunk it. It was finally found through efforts of Smith's crewman, crewman, Arnold R. Zubllc, aviation radioman, radioman, 2-c, Richmond, Tex. As a result of the feat, Zubik, previously previously awarded the Navy and Marine Marine Corps Medal for rescuing a pilot from a burning airplane, was Liberator three Invasions, Palau. Loytc and j sent on to flight school, to become Mlndoro, and the Battle of Leyte. i commissioned officer and aviator. 'The ship and her air comple- The carrier's next, mission was mcnt. known as Composite Squad- covering a task force heading for ron 75, spent, 12 days helping the Palau attack last. September, at one stage catching a heavy concentration concentration of enemy troops with 10 accurate accurate bomb hits. The Navy t<jld the Mlndoro in December. Her fighters ; broke up numerous raids and shot, j down 10 planes in four days. j Smith led a raid on Negros Is- i land, shooting down a Zeke fighter squadron's war record coincidentally j as a landed. His force left at least with announcements of the loss of j r j e h t . bombers burnlnr and 10 other | the ship commanded bv Capt. How- bombers and.six fighters damaged. | nrd L. Young. Coronado. Calif., and Miller's Avenge;- was hit hard bv i New Iberia. La. j fli , k His m . W rnan, Adel R. Pace, '• Coy W. McCkrndon. aviation nrd- | aviation radioman 2-c, Alamor.a. j nanceman 1-c, Uichland. Tex., the Colo., and Addison J. Walker, avia- ! turret gunner, was wounded on the; lion chief ordnanccmaii. Talmadge, i arms and legs as he sprayed the I Neb., were wounded. Miller landed' Japanese wiih his 50-calibre gun. ! on anoihfr carrier for treatment of! McClendon was not seriously in- j his men. He left Walker, the more Jured and was back at his gun in • seriously wounded, there tcmporar- the next fleet action. j ily. and flew on to his own ship. [ In the Leyte fleet battle Oct. 24.; At another stage in the Ommnney ! the carrier nnd her airmen fought I Bay's career. Lt. ijgi Emmett E. i two Japanese forces. The first, fight Stewart Jr., 22-year-old torpedo i came when a force of planes was ' pilot. Seattle. Wash., was taking off j launched to hunt down the fleeing in hi.s Avenger when the catapult j Japanese fleet. ! failed, the plane slumped over the Lt. Comdr. Allen W. Smith, At- ' bow and broke in half. Stewart, and; lanta. Go., and .Jacksonville, Fin..'his two crewmen were spilled into! commanding Composite 7f>. led the the water. One could not swim and j attack in an Avenger. They found Stewart swam to his rescue and held ' fwMogami class heavy cruiser. After: him afloat, until help came. ! tHe Wildcats stayed a strafing run, : The Bay's record included sink- tpe torpedo planes, all carrying : ing the heavy cruiser, a troop trans- bombs, followed in. ^port and shooting 10 Japanese planes ; A bomber pilot, Lt. Bruce S. i out of the air. Four cruisers were Mather, Pasadena. Calif., now listed | damaged, three battleships probably as missing, made a close run but. damaged, four clestrovers damaged. his bomb release wouldn't work. He many planes destroyed on the tried again on escorting destroyers,! ground and heavy destruction but he was forced to return with-| wrought against enemy installations out a bomb drop. | nnd troops. •The Japanese cruiser was not i -o- sunk but was damaged. ' In his lifetime O. Henry wrote .Meantime, another enemy fleet j 600 pieces of original fiction. Brig.-Gen. William C. Chase, above, commander of the U. S. 1st Cavalry Division, led his fly- Ing squadron into Manila, encircled encircled Santo Tomas internment camp and liberated approximately approximately 3000 prisoners, mostly American women and children. Jet Assisted Takeoffs For Flying Boats Progressing WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 (/Pi.—Jet assisted takcoffs for Navy flying boats have passed the experimental experimental stage, the Navy disclosed today i!) reporting that a "jato" equipped plane recently rescued six Navy fliers downed in the Pacific near a Japanese base. The PBM Mariner landed in roiujh seas, picked up the men from liferafts and then rose easily from the water within a few seconds, the Navy said. Jet units, cylinder shaped engines resembling bombs, Were attached to both wings of the plane, which was commanded by Kenneth L. Goodman Goodman of Phoenix. Ariz. The ship was one of a squadron that has been equipped with jet units. The Navy reported that the "jato" cuts the takeoff run of a flying boat from 33 to GO per cent and greatly increases the load the plane can carrv. Clean your toaster when it is cold and then use only warm soapy water on a cloth. Never immerse it in water.

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  1. Del Rio News Herald,
  2. 15 Feb 1945, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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