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Thursday, April 17, 1969 Anderson Herald (Anderson, Indiana) - ..i... ·« FAGE.IO THI ANDERSON HEKAID...
..i... ·« FAGE.IO THI ANDERSON HEKAID jfeporter , . . . . . Long-Range Outlook · NOTF- The Six-tenths ot who covered the recent mass - ,,-- . - «ir ift of 2,600 U.S. troops from mark the southern edge of the the United States to Korea. While there he discussed the longer-range outlook for keeking ; subslanlial Amerian forces in U.S. and DMZ. Still closer to the outpost is a ence of heavy wire mesh, with jarbed wire on top, protected by mine fields and guarded by across a valley toward the high bills of North Korea. Nearly two miles ahead in the .vallsv bottom, ; yellow meta markers on concrete post: !define the center; of thi 'Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) esta Wished in the armistice. 1953 Koreai Korea with high Korean officials.) By DONALD MAY i SEOUL,, Korea (UPI) - The view from outpost Mazie is ed Nations command and North owers. The demilitarized." Both the Unit- Through binoculars, a visitor an see dark bumps on the (ops f several hills across the valley --North Korean outposts. Nearby are hills Ohio and Texas, which were heavily contested In he war and are now the site of armed U.N. outposts. DMZ is not really josts in it, some only 600 yards iom each other, Incongruously, outpost Mazie is not a fighting position but a small hilltop center for briefing troops, newsmen and tourin, congressmen. It. has a smai grandstand where visitors ca slen.t, a lecture and -look at a crashed du, to accidental rough* in as individual replace- of What are . these' Americans' oing here 16 years aid 8 months after the armistice? How long must they stay? What The; Americans guard the is their role in U,S. policy in western 17,«i)es of the 151-mile DMZ, the Republic of Korea This about sector four of the DMZ- miles long--is juarded by 3rd Battalion, 23rc Koreans have bunkered guard Infantry Regiment, S e c o n d Army Division. The duty is dull but not always so. On March a one American was killed am three Americans and a Soutl Korean were wounded in a DMZ firefight. (Tragically the deatt toll rose to seven when medical evacuation helicopte Asia? Some 8,500 miles away in Vashihgton, these questions are jeing asked in studies conducted by the Nixon administration and the Senate Foreign. Hela- ions Committee on U.S. military com raiments 'and forces abroad. ,., · . · U.S. Army troops permanent ly stationed in. Korea' now number about 53,0po; Before the North Koreans 'seized' the Pueble Jan. 23, 19^8; there were 45,000..Their units were" out" -with aMut 8,000 iillet mei U.S. ground' troops perform wo roles in'Korea: --Defense against Infiltration. HverconniHraQKiu.c.Nuori.-nvn, «w has 5ffl,«0 II Kwo^wiWIta aninterview flO miles,, whic.h,puU them troops at tome .and 50,«»m B* to* ,$**$*££ ROKKArmy guards all the est. ions farther south wssible mass invasion. In addition there are some 10,000 U.S. ; Air Force personne Stationed here,-also augmented after the Pueblo seizure. Their within range , o f ' Communist China and Soviet Vladivostok. U.S. military men here argue that Korea' is the key to Asia; that Korea shields Japan; Vietnam. The North Korean forces are largely equipped. Between 1966 and 1967 North Soviet withdrew its xminsula. containing communism in East Korean .attempts to infiltrate :he south expanded tenfold. 1 There were 564 involving armed i n c l u d i n g i n a w a ( wan and the Philippines, all of ;o: ;· prosperously. non- Communist. missions: ·" --Air· defense. ·^-Counter-infiltration' such as coastal patrol and flare died _ here, dropping. ·"«·--·.. incidents' 1 which the United'States'wants 27. through March 12 of this Korea. 1 year. Many infiltrators come, in by forces from the . : lf you decrease the troops and maintain here only a nominal troop representation," -- - - he said, "it would be exactly infiltrators what the Communists had along the DMZ and in the intended for a long time-to pull interior in 1967; 629 in 1968 and united States troops out of · The South. Korean government wants'the Hailed'States to send sea. They try '-. to set up even -more /troops and use its ' the mainland and a support to Americans, 33,000 ,of whom Unlike in Vietnam, they appear of ail Asia. .It- has offered lane --Maintaining a small number North ^Korea's army of about . agent . networks, territory as a : base for defense to find,little guerrilla-type local of/ielais note that "'PPO't Sou'h Korean peasants stales is forced out of Okinawa pmciais noie mat «· . . · · M f ,,._-. to . _,,,,,.,. i,,, m h»rc now »r security forces. enitetff OFFICIAL VEHICLE INSPECTION STATION ...CALL644-0971 FOR APPT. YOUR CHOICE OTOO Z/.oo FOREMOST P.LM. WHITEWALLS Witt* ·, rf$ * * ~ **t J t*s 4~ Z f tt ? f ^ 1 * * * f -, * * 3 t .,DIAMOND QUILT SEAT COVERS FRONT and REAR All vinyl box-quilted forlhot' exlro look ot for bases in case the Unto are quick 16 report them to ffn ere nuclear bombers now ar The Pueblo seizure and the 31-man attempt to assassinate :South Korea's President Chung iHee Park two days earlier indicate- that North Korea is capable of bold, surprising and 1 perhaps rash acts. But U.S. officials are also looking at factors: --There is some/ fear the United States could be caught up in a new war not of its own .choosing here, for example it the south retaliated'against an infiltration raid by sending iforces north. --Maintaining large U.S. for- jce§ overseas is expensive. --Though Korea is one place where there are no Yankee go home signs, the presence o large ground forces in a country is always a potential problem as nationalistic feeling increases.' --The U.S.. military prcsenc provides the-Communists wit the propaganda line' .thai th [country is "occupied." ; . fdeas'being looked at includ having the ROK army take ove all the DMZ; an over-a reduction in U.S. forces here; change in the proportion, o forces, with' fewer , groum troops but larger air units. Timing is important. Som officials believe none of the ideas is realistic until the Vietnam War is over and Korea's 50,000 troops come ,home from Vietnam. Others argue thai no reductions should be made while North Korea is in its present stage-of increased belligerence. The South Korea government speaks of the presence of U.S. based. It expresses no qualms abou the prime minister: ar as Korea is concerned, the setter weapon, the better acility you bring in here the more our people will welcome From a U.S. point of view here are military drawbacks to using Korea as ? base for defense of a wide area. It is centrally located In Asia. It is narrow peninsula close to the Communist world. The Korean press had discussed the possibility of offering Korea's CJieju Do Island, just off its southern coast, as a substitute for Okinawa. Publicly there dissent to the is almost no government's AT, PIEIKU-US., Army' Spe cial'at four Micfiae/ Cfeor, son of Mr, and Mrs. Wi.lliar Clear, of rural. Frohlclori re cenf/y completed a itionlfi' leave al homo before beini shipped overseas lo Vielnam He Ii now assigned as X-flay fechnician with (he 71s Evacuation Hojpilol in Pleitu He received X-Ray /raining a foil Sam Houston, Tex., an nojpffof (raining at fort Jack son, S,C. Specialisl Clear wa presented the Disrt'nguishe Military - Student Award 19o8. policy. Privately some Koreans will, when asked confess doubts whether the U.S. military esence is really the best way develop their country. The U.S. military is here with PX's, with a large arcade in oul where Americans buy rcan goods at U.S.-set prices, th a separate American ephotle system and a sepa- le taxi service. Operation Focus Retina, in hich 5,500 U.S. troops were i r l i t ted lo Korea aneuvers, was received with ixod feelings. The Korean ivernment hailed it as a emoslratioti of support. Some orean newspapers expressed ar that-by demonstrating lobilily--it foreshadowed re- uction of troops presently .'aliened here. U.S. officials enied this. But the study of future force evels in Korea and elsewhere n Asia goes on. Some sec tho ssue as very simple -- whether ie United States will continua contain communism or etreal to "fortress America." Others consider the issues much more complex: not vhether to stay involved in Aisa, but how--whether to continue to man Asian front lines; how fast and how. effectively regional self-defense, arrangements could be made; whether non-Communist Asia can best be strengthened by U.S. troops or by concentrating on economic growth and self- defense capability. A Queen bee's stinger a smooth and can be easily withdrawn; she stings only rival queen bees.

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