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 - t r Tfisiilt, *Affff I, HH 2; S,. JOHN .MEADOWS...
t r Tfisiilt, *Affff I, HH 2; S,. JOHN .MEADOWS GONWNUM SfORY OF ME KID'S CABEER, WITH HIGH PRAISE FOR gaERIFF PAT GiAKRETT IN HIS FEARLESS CLEANING U? OF THE LAWLESS. . ." a 1 a of 30 of S, ... a (Continued; from .Monday) The 'Jilfh went fr£m Chisums up on the Ruidcso and if I remember right, ^-. slopped with : Frank and George Coe. Whether .this is ju-:t right 01- iiot, I don't and can t say, but he told ine. ; a^c.ut. living with Dick Brewer ana Frank and. George Coe. He stayed Quite a little while with them and then went over and went to work for Mr. TirnstaU; who had cattle then on the Felix, fhe Lincoln County War was brewing bad and the country was full of hard meii, just as^hard as they could be, and it se'Sffis 1 th'a't tKM LfffgoTp: County War was brewing and had to come. While he worked £cr Mr. TuEi=tall, they made a trip over to Lincoln or Ft. Stanton and returned to the Felix over the ol£"Ham Hills Trail. yrRile 'going on" the' trail fibme, ttie'rg' waS two 1 boys .with him, I do'fi't f ain'embeM wfib the- other was, b'tft tne Ei'di was' th'fere. Th'ey was trying to kill a deer or turkey or something and TunstaU was riding alprg the trail and he met a posse of bieu, gbtne fr;m the Pecos, some from ffi6 ; Pena,;Co and other places, amotg them Tom Hill and Jesse Ey'aijs, Mr. Tunstall started to run. Hill pulled his gun and said, Tunsta.ll, don't run, I'll protect you. Weli, Tticstall reconsidered, according to the way Buck Powell told me, Hill told Tunstall ,to come back up and' frill sat on his horse and 'killed film hrnKelf. That is the kind of of lake than when he took Caylor in Captain W. D.,Robertg, whom a lot f y:tt -remember, had a bunch Rangers and was camped near there, iind rounded the bunch up and sent them to the penitentiary.- Captain Roberts t:ld me about making 'th'e arrest. . Cowboy: How did the Kid get: mixed 1 up in the .Lincoln Cocflty ,War? Thai is kind Of a tard -question; iV-i will juii-t have to take my d'p'm- icii ari-(i it might be wrong, but I thiiiit I am a'b'but right. It don't se£m the Kid. turned his war dogs lo'se un'l'fl" Tunstall got Rilled, but tlifti the Kidt turned his 1 war dogs loose aid went to killiifg everytniag that got in his way, aiid when things didn't go to. s'uit him; he didn't know anything else but his gatr, but that In how they got Wflf mlx'ed up in the Lincoln- Cciinty War. He eaid he had nothing to do with it until after Tunstall was killed, but Tunstall had give tfie 'Kid s'oine presents, a saddle cr a guff, I ffori't know what. The Kid was HKe any other 'boy of seven- teeit OT eighteen years old, and w6'rshipe,j Tunstall and when Tun- wa'a Idllecl, he made mind •-*Theii Thesa! ; to come" fr6m ; the Pa'a-' member^ SnfTi 3P fenieOiher : -t]ioae. T$ese 'wer! 'in' the ctfSntry. liet's ses now thfs Ikins- turned cut. In F«jb- ru'ary; 'S;. w^it ..; to work f ot Pat Cbghlaii at Tftiarosa, he sent nie o^ft to Tfiree Jirrers. The first thing I done was to .go arbuna and W'ck -over tha rknige', "get acquainted witS it I went u'p"-on pidiaa River, ttiere was sbout fprty^five haad 1 of th'ees LX, LiTS' and T is ; ,caitfe ^ahd". another brand "or rVrp.l don't remember; but aoout 1 lorty^fiye fi,ead, ar'd- 1 loo^e'C at thienf/yi.'fpfa Mr. ; Nesbitt I'ifoap4 soTnethifiife; to^ay ffiat: does not loPft g;od. H^ say.^; What? I "says.-TA of stolen cattle bh Indjan River. He says, What braud. I ic-ld him those are the cattle Pat bought j from Tom Cooper and Charles Bow- dr'ie, aud that was what he was.gO- ihg to sTCear to when they tried Pat. The Kid was over here and I Washington, Mar £& J i— ( AP)'— > The Tennessee DemocMic; ' ISelegation in coug"re33 today a'a6pteu;a resolutiPn i-eauestins its nfitiofiai coinmittee members fo- Oppose *fnf attempt of the ' be'nibcratic : " na'tfd ! n?l comniitteo at its toeetiri^ HerV Thursday ; to pre- scfawB $tfieies for tKe" party, i- ; rfif4 " " up he was" going to s get revenge and ss' he did it. In my opinion. that ts what put him into the Lin- ci-ln- Cotinty -War. ••'- . . :' It -seen/s Kite tKe Coc Boys; Dici Brewer a'arf dll ct ttreni got mixe* full, th'ey all gt.rifixca up'and got wfiat ccitintry or "'•wtis't people it, is '' 'on the west side of the mountains, but Garrett w'as" trytng <8 S'frest them. Char'.es Bowdrie wouldn't listen to GarretiCowboy: What did they do at Fort Sumner after Bowtirie woulda't listen to Garrett? Along about March or April, Pat arid me fell but arid he digch'argeil me and paid tne off. f s'aift, Them bX, L.ITS arid LsS cattle will be bellering ai-ound your bed post first thing you know, i told hfriV Tfrh'b 1 they be'.onged to. Diiririg tha't tjni6 I met Charley Srringo', w e B&l irifit each other ifi the Pa'riha'ridte a~ year or so ago, he asked nie about these cattle and he went there and found them, aud then comes the lawsuit with O'ghlan and the Brewer Cattl-3 Ccmp?ny outfit. This has np'thing to do with the Kia, I was wbrkirig there anj put Charley on and He thought the Kid was tlife one' that drove the cattle off. MWbe h'e did, but I.:don't sea how he did when he was dealing monte at Wnite Oaks. I went back across the- mountains and St6'p'p'e l a J &t ?en*a.?c6' rlitf b'bWght i ranch' from Hayclon, now the Bryan Ranch. I had a letter frOjra'TonvNor- r!.3- rfnd he was on his way arid wheii "no got here, I had the ra'nctt for fi^ I to K& to farmir.g and w* went to became of Hill af- te;t he kflle'a Tuns'taU? . '•It seemed; .-"Kite thai BYiinch broke up,- l5ut I TVbp't Say 'for certain, but tiiese' -Pecos people turfle'd and w.ent h'ome.V i : miglit b'e.taistaken, at any rafe, Eyarig'aiid Hril qilit the buuch afd : 'weaf ' 8vef~ on the' ; other side of , riot have • b'ee'n ..^ ^ . don't know much ab-ut h'is geiting killed'. The Kid tb-d me a'bbflt it. He said, There wag three or four of us shooting at Prady, but I don't remember who' he said killsd him,' but, tie Says, 1 (rm.tne man who th'e. mctiifain. ' Ait old German j yecics to' be BTani'etf for it all, but froin ' CalfJoriiiE 'was over there, itjl do^'t kr.ow why. I do remember WES reported :'iC.'*a'ff' lots of money, j him telling me that. When Brady iii'V •i.-i- : "i*Ju.wi5--i'^iii i- »v.~ „,„,,<!, n ! -" ' sed tlis blcod Mgu- had' hfe stfeep' c'ainp in the mouth of t'tie' Alartfo . Ca'h'ytm, in thre e miles of were . AlaSoffbrdb iG now, between the. old Afainib R'aoch and tha mouth ct 'tfe;6anybH. • Tiiey csncluded they wb'vrid ibb thiB DU'tcliman, so it was siich' an eisy going thing, the old man didn't .'Jcnow how to use a gun, lie.ya'i trying to get to the Staked Plains ' of ' Teias' to get range. He give' up: ; i-Iili stepped on the brake and 'fMcft on the wagonb:d and lybk'ed over and here wsa a trunk. He\sl-c"ri>.ped"the' lit of the trunk in arid tire" 'fir.'it -thing he seen was a iobldrig glass;, arid he looked ?.t him- .-:3li' arid sa'id, Here's a loo'uug gla'ss, I. 'didn't ' know I wa» a fios Icoking rbbbs'r; Sit I am a daisy. Jesse 's'sy.'V I 'won't to see myself a'rid he stepped' : rip' to the glass. The Diitcninslir pickbd up .Toai's gun, ha hafl ieMed yfai'ns't the wagonwheel, ana Kiiied Tcrii with it, and th,« odd man; didn;'f kribHv ; how to load the gun or he": cpvil'tl ; hiVe Killed Jerce, too, b\it''he (iid- : fiayiiy,S £ -t-a cartridge in . JesE&' through ths wrist. ACd the'- bfttchmair got the hcrses w -js" killed th'at raised tlis blcod M er and "Wgher and it kept -gstting. higher. The men seemed to have lost all rea~son. The Governcr ap- peare'd to' have more reason than the others When lie wrote the Kid that letter, because he wanted peace be- there was S6 many of them mixed up in tt. . , Cowboy: In 1S80, when Pat Garrett was elected Sheriff, what did he 1 -start in tij do? 1 was witn Pat • Oarrett .twenty- two years, w'e were c-nue'cted eftnir directly Pr iadirect.y, .and . i fouu'fl (jurie'vi to be a veiy d'itte'reut niau to' \Viiat ifieV .nere in- this ari : d |.a ; dd:e3 arid ali'.- '' "" . inoviLg picture and my picture dutft corroborate witii that. \Vhea Gai-- rett was elected Sh-riff, he has to'.d. nie thro time and again, he said, % first object" was to trj' arid get tffis tliir-s seHte'd 'withoiit any blbodshetl and f ; ti'sufed cat liow to do it. Be- for& I was : eiected 'Sheritf, 1 'taw the Kid and talked witfr ttfni. i>5ayei poker with him. aud" I told him the besc thing he couid do was to get up arid be sorie three or"'four years, and then came back aifd there would bs 6f by int- lor . -''§iii' "was" toed ^ctrt" five or six ^ otllir _ g Eai(1 auoiit,. ther-a" would' he •mi"".:s from LiLiiz'. A'nton jo Baca was no tl . ou ;;; C> |, u t the Kid could riot sea Justice of the Peace then and ho this tiiiiTelf. Jesse the ppi-t. Th:- Kid was at.that time runiiing a little bit on his own. .'ha trmy"it brit- t-id* Fr'&derick about it. Hci went, t°j ] atel . 011 papers cams around Three" fevers,.he fed a frkna liv-| fog Pa', the. Nogal, Canyon, Felipe j Fi-edericic. •-, ?Ye3ef icfi' heard about iesse' Seiris ", .wburidect ar^ he took .. c „ -.- yds cMs- ing tiiese fellows and the Panhandle f'f!<.pi'e c me down to. gef^ihe, cattle; and ^ Garrott's outfit v Manhandle men, to try to catch tKe Kid ;u:d Bowdrie. At Fort Sumner they waylaid them in the night, they, \yas p-aitirg at the corner of a fense, they come rifling down, the'' Kia was in front of Tom O'Falla'her; afid Ms eVifftesV slar. 2-^.(AP^— Staging that he acted in defense cf Dorb- ttfo Saenz, Jose Pic'rrb>:. 34, ol La •Moia has , aaiTenderedf ,tp' the. police for sho'otifig Vach'ariaF Madrid, 22, ' this Dr. B'. P. McGc'e, , , . . fy physician, siiid there fT-Httfe chaWce for Madrid to' feccrver. ; . '-.- . •!' Fierro and Saea* liye.^ogether :at La. Mesa. Fierro said Madrid came to -ttiei'i- tibirse drttrS; : Sunday night d-a'd" staffed 1 a qtrarrei. H e said ha an'a Saefiz {Hit Sadritt -oiit bf the Kbifso 'and 1 he sis o'clock tlrfs riitfrriirig .with a knife ana attacked Saenz. He said he shot to prevent Madrid from Tailing Saenz 1 . Justice of'tbo'.Peacfr.- J. N." Lai Meca turred Fierrp! over to.SUer- iff Trivez and he was brought to •jail in Las Graces. Prepare Now : . ^ . J: For" wftftef flffv'tn'f ' b'f havlafe rts service. your radiator, with Preston*. Rnsweil Auto CO.— Adv. « fnem id iaW ffief e. THer'g hfe'stbppefti ffe KSff ferie his efuty; T^ey wes| ; tried at La Mosilla, the county seftt 'about three miles 'w«st of Las Crn=.' During that time, made his escape tiie p .^ste attacked ali'd' iaher gol kil:6d. .'TKey firolie an;1 i-uii and' went to Stin'King Springs, gji Vmre iri the night, tSs' groulid' was crvere't? witli snbttv _ . . -'. Af- this tflne, ''I a'in u'ot rJ:fent. ijire wlieVe I was. Anyway./ Gar?ett and liis:possoe follbSved atd whett.'tfiey. got to Stinking spring*, tliey".stfr : rjur.i'.e<i- the housfe' junriiing. The bcy^ hau ' : h. H t,-; 'Ke vi£.as, s-mo of them lied theft liorka to these vigas aiid'dtltfers iitjil here; and there -and aroUndV WJ^itj daylight come, ^Charles Bo'wdrie' ptft the Kid's hat en and went 6'u't "to sVo atoTlt th e hoc-es. When he .walked out/ Gar^ctt shot him through 'th& Mci aad he died, killed, him, but he wa'ired up to Garrc-tt, lie put tfotlv hands oa his shoulders and said, P^t, I wjsh, I wish.. -and he fell dowrf dcarf. lie lis , .. - rf. My guess is lie was wishing lisd clone' : whit dsrfrett triefl 1 to" get. him to doY. 0"i \ gna's:/. is as 'as diiotuer, but that i£r wliaf h'appen- eU. -. : Tile Kid ran out end got h:j horse in 'tils' h'-use. Plckett '.nicU. to ; .ge ' his hu'se i:i and Garrett'shot itf.aud brolce its neck.' The libVse fe'lr iir . . _ T „ . the door and stopped" up v the" tfbSrl eld mani u . ajn » { w j' t j, these fellows at all, butj Tll ^j.. s j d m ea-nt to get on'"the horse ancf make a try at .-night, but ; he cpiiiii not get bve'r the ffeaff. fibrse: O:;i're.t, ;aicl, Vo\t hive nothiqg to his teain an'd wetft afKf "him and 1 - Srpu hini fionVe 1 ;,' Now Billy Matis; my attth'Saty^ for this. The Ettjint"'hdtf sonie kind of a com- fJarrett saw Charle; Tom Picket£ an'd others, and rett fixed a maetiiig for him C?aT-'| .and; BoW'drie ; onf tite .Saif Juaa Mesa. He 'Sri'd' ^Charles agfeed 7 "ttf m'eet • fh'sre uii-a"rnied 's tailc' tfe :tftftrg : ; oyef, ; but; ""' * over atfd got Foft° : ;g'fifntM,- aid- 3 'pflt.' shackles on tint aid turried hint ibo,re'. Well, he hung arou/i'd 'fhs; : place; ; he wasn't fo~elfed : . up, and'when'"the shot fit . right he'cut if XsfiaCTclfe." cff and got they got •said, j Look there, '/d'u; hlye 'betrayed^ ; niy confidence, yen iaye' come -armed aira" betray id my" confidence. Garrett got there first, Bowdrie came, got down off his he-rise arid him •• aad Gaffett Mas' 3 talk right then, ami Garrett told : hirii the be.;* thitfg he eb'ulcFdb, alt of you"b'by^, leave the cotriJtryT dtf UKe Fraiik and George t,=re' r nafiea; r CayJof; him,: tp ; ' ftoTd 'mffl""up, took 1 f' •antf'<proceed^ea- -to help themselv&- • iff. scSM : and other flangs d- man: needs on a trip, •but Jesse never made a, bigger mis- hi'plaintiff s cofnptatnt herein, in cause ex ^partc." Plaintiff's attorney is Judson G. Osburn, and bis? business Address is Roswell, New 3feiicp. _, , Dated this 14th day of Feb., 193L GRACE S. MASSffi, County Clerk snW Bx-Officio Clerk ol the District Court (SEAL) .Within and for the County ' of* Cfiafosy"' fitiit Judicial District, State of iNew Mexico. —. Adv. Coe; 'go off to aifd stay and mV. oaiSR later on, thiff thiirgr will be"'ofer. fftarres Bowdrie prrmisea .-{hat was 1 what th'ey was go- so Gars;ett told nie.- He dfd" foot do" it, bnt Pat told him there, If yott fellows dPn*t dir this, I am going ip arrest you or kftl you, or you? are' going to Mil me. if you stay here. They did not go, bitf fooled around over here fa the north- 'ern part of ' the county and finally droppid an to the Red Clorfd Ranch into ths "'house to talk wrtli Wilson, he had gone to school with hint, aff4 somebody ieP a guff "go off ontsftfiM ^ScMeWaliy/. arn*.,tft» RWs outfit killed Charles Carjile and the Kid said? we hadn't ought to hare , ... Pilly- Wilson . went 'to' D$ Rib, jn 6"a Mexico, and: wtifked f<% a big cow outfit for a fttfiriber. ift, >;dars. In 1893, I weEt down to GatV re : tt ; !? place and he sent me- for; ; rice horse to bring up from AiitoiVib: to put in-arace. I got iii''Bie' : n'ight, got the'.horae off, ' lijffi ia' th'e sta>"e and I was 'tirM ar.d lay. dowir to; f/ithbut 's'upfer. The n-£xt morniril,-- " Garr^tt..-^'^'' talking with s^ofi. -i Valti', f vrant somo —._._, -„- r.wajit', somethrn's to eat. He saw, Doc some money Doc Andersffil was goneV ; I Pffefe"a : h\'fn back h|s "' - it. -; sriid, WJrp l^.JLKIs.-Bsa. Ana^rBon. -w t¥Vtf v f'efto* tiiat'' ftoTfts^'oTref^JieTe on th'6\ ; f'iyerr : iie rays'. 1 .:-:^, v: *Sfii, i rif ; irfit tha't is whore Eftifry Wfeon was, afl iiV. was^S&b' Wiis'on eiure ehoxi| 4f't : :f featr'rett war. made Sheriff'$L Ari'a c'b'unty, he and.I was ta»- , . ftrp'b'tie ffay in the office and-.he stf i; do you remember th»t D J -n that was down at the rtt track' at San Antonio. I said,- iT sure. He said. You was, right, v/'f's .iilly Wilson; .'iiadJhe'-E'ay'i ' '' 1 : '''' l ' ' get' ant.-6f :i tfiat v< frcATt«e./ i,"HoSic' irt the- patiftr ojr.'Oo'.a are Ecir.g to, you are; the man ' p.vl him into it, db. you {hiiik ,-_ are the Lord of all: .116 says'; i'<jia get liim out of if." I' said, You ; fp fo'ji. ytu put; hlfir'iii:"' 1^6'asked ifie ff f wouiff h'e'fp fiftn" arri f said, Y0, 1'at,' I'ri h-erp- -y'Ptt. do;-, ariyihlng "On c' want me to'do. ' •'''• do but surrender and say I will sur- rentfer. Biily Wilson said, AU right, I ytfl- surrender- be- was the first to sui^ender. Torii Pickett came next aEd t^e Kf3f was the" rast ois to 1 c^me. Pat said, .New, Kid, when you*' borne, ./pit come, with ypnr up.;;He safd,- alt fSgnt, I:wi'{ with' some ot l&em" up ; antf he put up che hand ang "then the other, Gaffett said, I c^uid not, malce puth-tbem bcth tip 1 'at the sama iife^ Garrett disarme'd iinr.andf tbbk" t'Se batch to Fort Sumner and carried them to Las Vegas. : I will have;" to* giver my own 'opinion; Garrett.kriew he did not have a chance'^ fb' tale care of prisoners like tKaf a't LiS- co?rt; he had gucli a; poor' Ja'il aW maiJy enemies there, he could them in jail there. So not he ccniluded to ta;;e them to Santa iPe, *o ie palled for Las Vega's. he put his prisoners in the, train and* 'here came a crowd of people, Carrett said looked like two or three hundrelT a'ffrf som'e fiifit a*« ffur^a, and wanted to. take .^ prisoners ou£ and* han'g 1 tlfeni. 'Pat picked his ^gun up and "walked^ out and' said, I know what this means and the first pne that puts his, foot on the" train, I will kill, and I win arris! these prisoners- "a It«out. said,^! wpnid^givg_ to smell powder burn again. Pat took them to Santa Fe and put s; 'I- n'sW'e got' "to go -tb Sa Fe ra a day. or two with pridbn ;ind I- want -y u tp',jjjq".'up' with ar.d w' e will go" ''"' \ itt lay .the cat* liiin,- yon "sa'ncficH : wfiat I ,say. ai)g rfiln'R- w'e" can get Kify" ,wTlsoh cie| lie now has a nice, /clean d"6Yng wefl in 'th'e ^/oVici and. fV nfaKe an' K"oflel-f ; li'viS'i''Aid I ' fp sc-3' F^'anc of if: clear; ., sur6 enough Pat Tlie ' When w'e. |6t SM •sent 'the wire tp Doc Andersbn,-j **-, Billy:^Vifetn/ fiimeslfT tte '<s to\La,:. Cruces'pn the next train, gbi p*H aW stayed two daya with ;U8. wciit 'to" ^ari'fa' Fe and Govertfor Tn'bfiffon- fiafegt ft'so'that he wgsfi/.a ec Jnan iigaiir.- ,, . . 4 Another,man Garrett'lieiped out^f h;s troubles, was Puck ''Guyse. 'He got ir?1?a trouble, iilled'a man, fed run off and he went over to .JWft tTancock or below there on thfi^ Wo Grande. Pat her\1 °t ''^ni w&t^jjnd no lars r-ward" tha'f wasjo'n him . ^. ..u T* YL* it .- .L 3KHt± * flicn gave {&&"$$$ to Jfee, a lawyer and clear I will go bact t'b my 'story, "l ifill go back to Garrett I fl*t€? ttlrf |fou he arrested these people 3pHwg« an* stoorf « ' at Las Vegas,- ana put J jail. (Continued > Tomorrow)

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