Reaction in England about Admiral Howe's actions on the battlefield against George Washington

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Reaction in England about Admiral Howe's actions on the battlefield against George Washington - C}reumftane» <H* national Diigraces, for which...
C}reumftane» <H* national Diigraces, for which I -always thought you Was' not accountable. accountable. It was an artful Manoeuvre "of Oppofition ro obtain youjt LordftiJf's Approbation Approbation of Men, whofe Cpndact will mark J Our AdmlnifrrationtoPofterny, as the Period a whjg& the Fall of the Britifh Empire commenced. . If General Howe had. obliged 30,009 Men tohiy down their Arms on ibtig Iflsthd^ by a 1 lowi ng h is victorious Troops to follow the Jlebelsjnto their Lines, or by attacking thefe Lines iDftantly on. the- Left, where they were defencelefs, or by preventing rhe.Retreat of the Rebels to York Ifland.; if he had even then taken Advantage of the ,Panic whi$h febed them* and.purfued thenr dircclly, wiuyi ,50a Men, it it pad, might have prevented their ahembling in a Sody, arid when the Ifland wa* not in tfe State of Defence in which he. afterwards found it j * if'he had purfiied hfs Victory on <be White Plains, and cut the whole of- Wafliington's Army to Pieces, as Wafhingtoh JiiiiifeJf and all liis Officers ex* peeked; ifj after this Victory, when the General General Congrefs deliberated to make Propofals of Peace, and fame of the Provincial Affem- blies began to vie with brie another in claim, ing the Merit of being the firft Colony to. make Conceffions, he had marched to Philadelphia, where he would meet with no Refirtance, as Wafhington never', had rr,oo Men together, from the Time of his Defeat on the White Plains^ until he furprifed the Heflians at Trenton - If General Howe hadgfeized any of thefe Opportunities" of putting an End to the War laft Campaign, do you really believe, my Lord, that he would be ftill the Hero of thofe who wifh to fee America independent on. this Country} ' Your Lordfhip may perhaps be called upon, by fome of thefe Gentlemen, to punifh me as aDefamerai the Howes;, yet I muft take the Jyberty to declare it is my Opinions that Lord Howe, with ninety-three Ships of War and fe-veuteen tboufand fix hundred and eighty-jive Seamen, migWKaif! W^ked up all the Har- hoursin America, and prevented the pernicious pernicious Interconrfe which has fubfiited between the Rebel CgjjgBJfla W& Wtmte ; that General Hosve flMW^#afejbf>fcfi?tieaded his Pods un- tiece^ar^l^pi^l^sr diteogk the Jerfeys; that he m*$& .a^rafed' the- Horace of J- $»t jifipatrfrdm Campaign, ii*5|ip^0wte:jpr by not go- 3e_^^y£ 1 ApJ^ flwatd have' ... ^ Ba^^^Mkfmces^ aad made a Dwerflon i» ^5»rtijr Burgope; that he mr^ht have csOqpgj^ 4nefe provmees In the Beginning of the Campaign, white he remained una&iveatNew Yoritj or efcapedto Sea, "from the intemperate Heats of July and Auguft; and that, after the Conqueff of thele Provinces, he might have carried his victorious Arms farther to the Southward than where he }$ at prefent. I tremble, my Lord, when I reflect, what .will be theConfequenceof5ir William Howe's ' Conduct before the End of Winter: It is probable probable he will find himfelf foon in the fame Situation in Philadelphia, in which r^is jnjii- dieious Plan of Operations left the brave Bur- S oyoe and his Companions in - the Woods of aratsga; and if it is. true that he has fent to New Yo k for a-Reinforcement of 4000 Men, that City and Long Ifland will foon fall into the Hands of Provincials; and before Succours ean be font from Europe it is poflible his Ma- jetty's Forces will not remain in Poffe/fion of a .fingle Village from Florida to Nova Scotia. '" ; The Oppofition attack the Minifter at the Head of the American Department, as the Author of our late Difgrace and prcfent Dan- f er. But you, my Lord, placed him in that ration. Before he came into Office, "General Hovge was appointed. Cpmmander in Chief in America ; and it is affirmed the Minifter fent J»im pofitive Orders to ca-6perate with General Burgoyne. Admiral Byng forfeited his Life for the Lofs of the pitiful Ifland of Minorca. But to determine who fhould forfeit his Life for the Lofs of the extenfive Continent of North America, is not the Bdfinefs of, My Lord, Your Lord/hip's, &c. IMPARTIAL.

Clipped from
  1. The Public Advertiser,
  2. 29 Dec 1777, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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  • Reaction in England about Admiral Howe's actions on the battlefield against George Washington

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