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Guyandotte Baptist Church history - Ralph Stewart, many names and details - Guyandotte Baptist Church By G. P. GOODE,...
Guyandotte Baptist Church By G. P. GOODE, Historian church for the last tinu> May 3. 1884; three ol' his sons,••Joseph. Felix and Mathew having been liccn ioharism ih this section. I'Yom this iiieml>ership,28. date' the church had vei-y irregu- preaching services until tho sed to preach the gospel a short (breaking out of the Civil War in (time before. And in Oeto'ber of : 1361. N'o services' were held dnr- membership (1834, while on his way to the Gen- ing v the war. On the U Hi day of Col era 1 Association "of "Yirgilua he July,.16'oU Klders .\lattiiew Klli;\i>:i.';";• was taken suddenly ill and died in J. L. Ihsrsliall and l.e'vis F.. 2H. llvrndoii From S'jruce Orovc, ineinbersliij). 9. 29. Davy from Indian Creek; 63; minister Noah The creation o? Baptist senti- .Sycamore tree, a corner of the 9i).- ihjg a tour through tlu- i'nited ment and the establishing of Bap Welch-M'andervilhhDu- t!st churches .in this part of Vir-'Boise land grant, just below Oce- States in behalf of Foreign Mis- Elder Alderson met him ginia, now West Virginia, was due ;ana, at the'mouth of the John W. with Joy that cannot be expressed to the labors and the .ministry of: Cook branch. At a church nii.-e.t- and introduced him to the Associa- Elder John Alderson. of Rocking- 1 ing held July 21. 1.812. Elder .las. tion. This resulted in opening a ham county, Virginia, who made Ellison was elected moderator and j correspondence with the Foreign three tours 'into the Greenbrier Daniel Shumate, clerk. By tradi-1Missionary Society. Thus it will valley between the years 1775 and t ion we have had handed down to'be seen that the Greenbrier Asso- 77. and w'lio about'the year 1777 i us the following as those who tool: ! elation was organized on Indian ..Settled with his family on Wolf .part in the organization of this Creek in Monroe county, and a little later.' permanently on a farm on the Greenbrier river. In a short time he was enabled to collect together as.many as 12 members in- eluding himself and wife and on the 24th day of October. 1781 he organized -the Greenbrier Baptist. jfor poiners; church and the next year, they connected themselves with the Ke- toeton association. The first member who was .received into the church by "baptism was Elder James Ellison; this occurred on Saturday, October 25th, 1783 and his baptism took place on the day following. In 1792 Elders Alderson and Johnson consti- j. elmreh and signed the const .itntipu was organized on ; Creek, and that the first efforts : were made in behalf of Missions 'Bedford county. Virginia, and was came to the home o-' 'i'!i'co:i-.- 3'. 'buried u ear Fincastle at the foot 'Cook and re-organized the church, of the Blue Kidge. Upon the death jBro. Marshall taking charge of the of his father Matthew Allison was; work in this section as a.r.iissibn- chosen pastor of the church, in ', ary. At this time Bro. Peters fact he had, presided at many of preached his first sermon in the'and the meting.-; since May, 1830. •' ';home of Bro. Cook. The church record is again lost . -p|,i s ehureh continued a member irom Dec. 215. 1835 to Dec. H. 1850' nf ,]„, (>,venbrier Association until a period oi 1:> years. The ordina- t ) le organization of the Raleigh Astion ol M.athhe\v Ellison had been ; SO ciatfon at Trap Hill in July 1872. called tor. but had not taken place >.|t which time this church W. Bright Hope, 1911 ; from Bright Prospect; membership 52.. Thi'.i from Guyandotte territory' and mebership, within the past century, there has been organised more than -30 Baptist churches with a present membership of 1887 and more than 54 ministers liavfc ben sent out from these churches to proclaim' the glad tidings of salvation. (). P. GOODI']. and covenant as charter members, land in this * viK: Ralph Stewart. Daniel Shu- : the firs mate Ellen Cook.. William Cook, ic enterpr Sr and Katharine Cook, his wife, the Greenbrier Association ' . and that the first efforts uu " "' ->""""c» JMUMIH n;m u.-cn Delation at Trap Hill ;n July 1S72. made in behalf of Missions ealk '' i ','"'' '""' llad " ot lak ''" P |ai ''':at which time this church became i this same church originated I-"'' to ""' !llm> nt ""' !m ' i:k '" rl »' a member of that body. This new •st opposition to that apost.ol- j' 60 , 01 '' 1 '. OWIU S? to a '''m'' 1 ' 1 ^ *>'« association met at Oceana. Wyonir it-prise Ever since that time ;l " Kl ilnsi '" hetween Matthew hlli- j,,,, oo , lnty October 11. 1873. At Ireenbrier Association hns s ?" a1 " 1 ' la '"' Cantley of Union-rhis-iiieetimr Bro. W. 11. H. Cook Mrs. Blake a Fake l lfts json and -iane Cantley of Unioii- rh T 5 - il , eot { 7TT? }5,- o . vy. n. ][. Cook When the church had been.deelar- .'maintained a 'missionary spirit, i"' 11 "' 1 ' ' : '"'i "' view of the very fa- was ordained to the ministry. Kl- .vorable report made by Dr. Isaac.,lers Matthew Ellison. J. L. Mar- I Here permit me to observe that I • have frequently been told that tuted the Indian Creek church, I ° f Thomas Cook, Sr.. was the first ed constituted. A door was opened l received, one of whom was a Mor- j those who oppose missionary oper : i se11 ' to gait, but his first name as well as ;ations are in the habit of referring 'the entire names of the others ba-.c ito "Eld jbecntorn off .and lost, The Ralph | i Stewart mentioned above was a: in the Revolutionary war] fought at the. battle of Cow- j pers. Wiliam Cook was a son of i John Cook, the settler and the! Cook here mentioned, wife jthat Elder Johnson i Bailey, chairman or the committee lew shall, Martin Bibb. Jonathan investigate the matter, and.Smith and Calvin R. Ripetoe com- 'd by the church August 7. p r jsing this ordaining council, presume Ellison's ordina- Monroe county, with Mark Lacy as pastor. In 'the year 1796 .these Baptist in all this section. . dianCreek Church, caused a .livis- . "ie patronizing .,. ;, n , • t ., ,, , tin- j/(u rum/.uiw u i a Suiula , Some years prior to the organi- ot the Greenbrier Association that geh(M aj . N ^. H Moetiu, , r , n . same ministers organized the Big lotion of this church.'Elder John I™ 8 " 1 *™ "' the organization ol thej )lom . e jn ]sr,9 - the pavin" of a pas-i thew kH'sou Levels, now Lewisbnrg church,: in | Alderson. heard of her wherea-i j , lldlan X n ' . "J^™ 1 ™ 0 , 11 B , a P tlst tors salary of #i() in'l82tf.1ind hi' W '"' Walk ' J1 .Greenbrier county.. About ..this bouts a trip or so to ! Association. In 1817 Elder Alder- time Elder Josiali Osborne moved iGuyan. preaching' several from Hardy county into the viciu-UvU'ich eventually led to the organ , ... ity of Lewisburg and took charge Ration of this church in 1812, It j close ot which a public collection • Ju 11,1 i i_ Mini." u u^ piiiu u v a times, json preached the anmia sermon at tho dlul .;, |l 1trw|sl ,V el . 'WS-I^J^/fey A !!°^:f tm " , a L i 1 !' 1330; a cooperation wi of the church as pastor. A little later Alderson and Johnson organized a church on the Kanawha riv- "er. These charehes continued iu seems tliaTa"writ-| was tilke " for missionary pnrpo- ' ' ten constitution was not entered i ses - 'At this meeting Elder Aid into until on the-second Sunday, in 1*°" prepared, signed as moderator September. 1812. The first-mem-j and sellt to the churches .compos- connection with the New River jb-w wlTo came into this church by !' ln " the Association, a circular let- Association which had beeii form-'baptism was Richard ToleV, July! ter '^"'ng upon-the members for ed a short time before 'until the! 21 1S1'>- the second was Samuel i contributions- for the support of year 1800 • but in that, year these |Morgan," received November 12, |missions in 1 the Empire Of Burmali. churches petitioned for a new con ' ~" stiutiou. and delegates from dian Creek. Big .... ... .. .. awha Baptist churches convened at what was afterwards known as Mann's meeting house on Indian Creek, Monroe county, and'organ- ter May 22, 1813. On. June 7, 1813,. "The Church met and being all in peace they for the first time as a ized ..themselves into the brier Baptist Association. church shewed fortf sions in response to that letter. Thus it Will be .seen that, this I church contributed . through the I. Llllll; <!.-, U I . . O 'the Lord's ' Greenbrier Association and Luther -=--- . Green- death by communing together." ! I *' c1e . to the support of Adoniram In 1802 the Greenbrier Associa- From Elder Lewis A. Alderson's ,1:iou met with the Greenbrier church, at which time the Associa- 1 tion contained only 4 churches. .214 members; and three ordained ministers: Elders John Alderson, [ James Johnson and Posiah Os'bnrn. 1 1 „.. ^ Iu 1803 Coal River and Peters!' '7 . . - , Creek churches, were added to the! ment ".' m |" e -, . i church and served sketch of the Greenbrier Assoca- tion,' minutes of. 1842 we quote: "Forks of Big Sandy church admitted inl812. Elder John jveu, pastor. . . Guyandott.e,. • -was;:* admitted .in James Ellison' was I Judsou and his wife, who worked, and preached and prayed a., Rangoon Bnrmah from July Isl3 until July 1819. before their labors were which was paid by an order on in March, cooperation with the Central Committee of the Greenbrier Association for the upropstf of supplying churches with regular preaching in 1829: and in undertaking to raise $10 for the benefit of the missionary undertakings of- year. The following ministers IUP served this church as pastor: Ja Ellison from. 18.12 to 1834; Ma ithew Ellison from 1834 to 1857;! from 1857 to 1858: ' Canterbury a short time in ' J. L. Marshal from-1.866 to 1 "vV.'H. 11. Cook from 1871 to 1906; Bee Cooper from -1906 to; July. 1907; W. 11. H. Cook from 1907 to 1508; G. P. Goode from; 1908 to 191.0: B. Fs, Cooper from' 1910 to 1912. ' , -i The churches that have been or- from GuvandotteUerrito-1 Mrs. Blake, the Iluntingtou spiritualist, is a.l'ake pure and simple. This much has been found out by Rev. G. «. Weiford. of Warwick, PocaliQiitas eounty. Rev. Weiford paid the much talked-abont woman a call while on a recent visit to that city and takes pleasure iu relating bis experience. Mrs. Blake lives across the river on tho Ferry boats reap taking persons to hold Seance.-; il'ord called she ,'eak after having had several sittings with numerous persons throughout the day. She agreed to give him a sitting if he would wait an hfour or so until she could regain some of her lost powers. This the gentleman consented to do'an,I accordingly bided his time. After a half hour or more he was told to go into the room where -the seances , were held. There he was given a horn somewhat similar to one used on a phonograph through which communication can be had with the departed spirits. the General Association of Virgin-ionized from GuyandottcUerrito-j p,-esetniv a voice was heard ia in 1830. . jry'with the present..membership, |e 0ln j, lg t',. OIU t | 1( , hol . u ; [ t coul(1 .-This church has from an early j ami . tlle " ilmes ot ' the ministers uot i )ic 'recognized by the listener, date taken a firm stand against re- ^ ho havf ' bml s f! out trom tllpsu i hut claimed to be the voice of his churches arc as follows: 3 lother. Reing'asked how long she 1. Guyandotte, 1812. Present membership 91. Ministers, James : viling and intemperance. As early as 1832 charge the church ?ainst John brought a| Canterbnrv had been dead, the. voice replied, ^ _ ."About 31'years."' His mother for allowing dancing and drinking jEilison. Joseph Ellison. Felix El- died during the first years of the in his home. It is" said that his''' SOM > Matthew Ellison, Wm. Wai- war which was considerably over wife who was not a Christian al-jk'' 1 '- • Joil " Canterbury, Dr. Isaac. 31 years ago. She stated that she lowed this over his protest, and sojBailey, Isaac Bailey and James H.' humiliating were the circumstances that Elder Canterbury (Jook. Marshus.M8.3G. Member- tears over the matter. On'March ship 50; ministers. Lewis.E. Peters, was happy, called for his Mr. Wciford father. The voice said he. too, was there and happy. This was false in the face of it, 1, 1834 Felix Ellison offered the'Jas. Eli Ellison;.John N. Ilutchin- |for his father the venerable .On August 14. 1819, where .. ... . I'G-uyandotie record "f thi!' r i we fi " a 'a.very had state of affairs >• -i, * ?i j''' '[existing in the church. On this Asociation. About the year 1803 j"" 11 ™; """ ™"' <: " ll «' tlltl i' . v .™ r I date the church is found in session Elder James- Ellison of Indian sevel : aL yeai'sas pastor At tins j { t| , f T) Riggins. -.^ n Inujorimi- ill IW IV u iiaririrtii -virsict, . _ . _ ac3 Creek and and Elder Edward Hughes of Peters Creek were ordained to the ministry. ' Tn 1.806 Bluestone churil; with ,M.- Wiel'ord, is now living at Acad- 3. Little Hull'. 1848. Members, ,emy at the advanced age of 81^ who obstinately continues to make ship, 90 ^ministers, Jam*s R. God- years. A brother who luEt.Poea- " '" MiufF. jl.. Ilarless. [hontas cOunU''s'oine' 40 years Sigo according to- the j 4. Bockcastle, 1858; mcbk-rship, and has ncvcrlieen heard of since with a sino-le convert and 'ftlloviing: "Resolved that we dis- son. Matt Vass, Jas. Vass. own fellowship with any person the'"'''"' meeting in 1812, a petition was j, v , ^ u , ; , , g j-,^,- prcsented, asking a division of tlie. iBob ^- Cwllllhi d j' , , M f,; Assoc,at,o.vwh,ch was in sessiou, t [A .. M - } s H at Thomas Cobbs' m, Kaiia W lia!, t , d avigell , be f weell Elder iriver.atwhiclU-imetherewerel^ij^^ Buisou _ ^ ^^ Q( ^ church and Daniel .Shumate, the or sell ardent spirits after being jfrev appears again, I ]aboi . ed wj(|| £, cord[ng u , t ,,| | ' j word of God." In September 1874 ;243; ministers, John Browning, Rev. James H. Cook, offered the I Richard M. Cook. W. 1.1. 11. Cook, following: 'AJlesoU-i.-)!, by thisJM. \\V-rVmlry, J. S. Poe, Thos J. body, that if in the future., any i Cooper, G. P'. Goode. J. J. Cook, member of this church shall sell !M. \,. Jones. Bee Cooper, E. 1. Hill 9 members and Teays Valley «'ith| clnll . clles . 339 membere niK( s ', x 52'members were 'adm-itts.-! into ^,. dainc( ] ministers. After a very warm discussion the petition was i jwas next called for. On his appearance he stated that .lie had been in the land of spiritss'l'or the last three years, having died at Giit.hrie, Oklahoma, three years n'contribute in any way to a dis-! am | B. \>\ Cooper, and L/S. Hutch- a "°- '''''' s " la - v or lna . v u °t nc so ' the Association. Teay's Valley church was built up under the labors of Elder John IJec. Mudi •River church came in 1808 and Big Sandy joined, the Association in 1811; Peyton Isfewniau was instrumental in the institution of this church. _ This brings us up to tho time 'Teay's .Valley organized, leaving the Greenbrier with but five churches. I was present at this Association and recollect that the division was exceedingly mortifying' to Elder Alder- soii. He had generally been mod- of, the organization of the Gnyan- |erator of the Association from the dotte Baptist church in Wyoming jtime of its organization and had county. That part of the church aided in the eoustittfffim of all the record relating to; tlie presbyter- or council composing the convention that installed this church has been lost and much of |l:c remain- iivg record is torn or i'legil-le. Judge David E. Johnston in bis • history of the "Middle New River Settlements ' says that "Thomas " i , ,, . T T,,,. ing the case the church by the aid ords show that James Ellison rep- ° A , n ., , ,, •' , , ,. , , . ., , ' and counsel of the brethren pres- resented the in the Asso-i . , , ., ,. ,, ,' . ent rendered the .following decis- "Farley county, came from Virginia, and Albemarie erected a fort near the lower portion of Culbertson's .Bottom (now Cruir.p's Bottom) on the south side of New River. This fort was known- as Farley's Fort, in vv.'iieb James Ellison whose father came from .\'<?w Jersey, was born in May 1788. The father of James Ellison was in the battle of Point Pleasant, ai.'d after his return home on Oo'bwt.son's Botto'm, was on .tho 19th day of October 1789, while at wont a bout ; ,a corn crib.attackj 1 by a party of seven or-eight ludiai.s, wounded in the shoulder and captured, and carried some 15 miles, escaping the day after his capture. The James Ellison spoken of became a distinguished Baptist Minister and was-, instrumental in planting a nninbsr . of Baptist churches in th'is section, among them the Guyandotte Baptist church in 18.12, whrti Occana Wyoming county is situated, ile was father of the late Math'ew' Ellison of Bcekle.y, West. Virginia, and who was regarded the most distinguished Baptist preacher i:i this section in his.clay." l The first page of a very badly mutilated .record shows that the 'Ouyandotte Baptist church was constituted on the 27, 28 w.\ 29th ,ays of June, 18.12, and the tradition says that this organization was consummated tinder a large resented the church in the Asso elation in 1812. and both James Ellison and Daniel Shumate in 1813. At a church/meeting held August 21, -1843. Elder James Ellison, Thomas Morgan and Samuel Morgan were named a committee to go to the Islands of Cmyan, where Logan court house now stan'ds and sit as ajjhurch and receive members, and on the 30th day of September4813, this committee, reported that it had performed its, duties and that Sarah Farley, Elizabeth Cantley. Nancy EJkins and Amy White had been received into the fellowship of the churches in its bounds." The rec- clerk, over a hog which both claim's plow- U til 111 UISCUSS.IUI1 LIIC UclltlUll U «a i -i 1,1 • c 1 , . , i ' . , - ,. led and th,e,prieft.of a clav s p jji'iiated ,and .a .new-•• Association;'• '' -"/"-"i Si ' j. • i i'^ called- the v »Te«y' s ' .Valley" was ^^}^^^J^J°^ Stanley was chosen moderator and Richard Toler. standing clerk. When grievances were called for Richard Toles arose and said that lie was grieved at the difference between James Ellison and Daniel Shumate., for both said of a certain hog that it was his, and also some disputed accounts, etc. After hear- tillery. his fruit or grain of anyj nSi kind, it shall be held a public of-1 ,-^ ,,;,„. (|l . ovi ,_ 1SG9 . im , m | )er . tense and dealt with accordingly. i_ ship ]14 . lllillis | :i . I . Si .,. (j- ji.,.-^,,,!!. In 1850, when the record be-| a ii(l Green Bailcv, comes intact again, we find that! o. Indian Creek-. 1.870. (New Wiliam Cooke, Sr.. had donated to Morgun Valley) ; ministers, Anderlot at. Oceana; where ; SOM Hatfield,' Isaac Morgan and B. Cook j A lonzcl Hatfield. 1851 the 7. Crancy, 1880; membership and tins church a the residence of Lewis now stands, and that in Circuit Court appointed a trustee (45. ministers, J.'W. Giinnoc of tlie church, 'Wm. Cook. Sr.. Dan- • Hugh Canterbury, iel Cook and Dr. Isaac Bailey, to i 8° Bright Prospect 1886; mem- receive this lot and erect a new ibership 100; ministers Jas. L. Cook church house thereon. The trtis-! 9. Cub Creek, 1896; member- tes at oncennadc a_ contract with j s ],jp 44. ministers, Eli J. Morgan Banister Meadows for the erection |and Green Perry. of the house and by May 1853 the j JQ. Oecana, 'l897; (now aban- tiniber had Ireen cut and paid for. a part of the lumber secured and "And after due considera- °'' tlle grounds and $174 subscnb- tion we say that all such animosities should be buried and further the $4.50 which James- Ellison claimed shall be divided and that •he shall pay Shumate for the day's plowing and the hog shall remain Daniel Shumates'. They draw the suit which they had entered into and each man shall pay his own.costs, which was agreed to by both." At a church meeting held at Daniel Shumate's August 9,..1827, Michal Mann arose and brought a 10. Oecana. 1897; :loncd.) 11. Buffalo from Bright Prospect; membership 100; ministers, A. 11. Perry Tonedo, 1909; membership Morgan Valley from Indian ; membership 50. Turkey-Creek, 1901; •mcin- nurch at this sitting at the L> charge .against Daniel Shumate for lands of Guyan, ."which reponltalking too freely and betraying " " ' " " confidences, which case wa's postponed until the church could obtain more help, but by the time of the next meting, the trouble had ed on the building, but in some way the work was abandoned ; tlie material scattered, and the title to the lot involved and finally lost. In 1887 .some very fine poplar saw JCreck timber was cut'and floated down! ^4 shall'' 0 K'i'by's saw mill at the mouth jbership 50. of Laurel. United States Senator i {^ Low Gap 1909; from Rock- John B. Kenna stood upon one of !, ;a sf.le and Pine Grove; member- thesc logs while making a speech ! s hip 36. • ' in October 1888. These logs eutf H;. 'phievillc 1909 from Rock- 18.000 feet of lumber, but it was! Ci)s tlc; membership 21. all lost to the church except 1300! 17. Mt. Tabor, 1882 from Coal- feet. Consequently the church Marshes; membership 30; minis- continued to hold its millings in ters Geo. W. Cook. John A was joyfully received and the committee discharged." From 1814 to 1819 the record is again lost, but great and momentous events with which the Guyandotte church was connected were transpiring in the meantime. Alderson's sketch again comes to our relief. He says "Nothing of particular interest occurred until the meting of the Greenbrier Association at Mann's meeting house in 1816. about to Rice matlc his appearance. gether with Mr. aiid Mrs. Judsou had gone as missionaries to India, under the patronage of the Pedo- Bilptists; hut haVing renounced their sentiments and having been baptized in Calcutta, Ttulin, Elder Hicelhad returned to America for the purpose of awakcnjng among Baptists an interest in the Missionary enterprise. Ile was now mnk- school lions' ies. in groves in ;mid R, R. Sadler. Cook from 150; private houses and in various lo-j \s. Breckinridge. 1881, calitics, until in 1892 and '93 whenjCoal Marshes; membership Bro. Deacon Green M. Cook dona- [minister A. L. Hutchiiison. te.d to the church a lot. and he i 19. Daniels. 1896 'from Coal and Ins children and neighbors jjfat-she.s'; membership 47; minis- erected the present, commodious |f el . \y. j. Peters, church house at Jesse. Bro. Cook j '20. 'Becklev from Mt. Tabor; as there is no means of knowing,. but oiy; thing is sure he had forgotten his borther'.s name, for he referred to him as John instead of Grattin, his real name. Other in-_ accuracies also occurred, while he' was speaking, but Mr. Wieford declares that it was worth the dollar he gave the fakir to be convinced that Mrs. Blake is one of the biggest frauds in the country. — West Virginia News. been settled and at this 'meeting those brethren having become true .1 r. ,, , ,, ' . i~......~ V. ... ,, , ,., ^x.,^.. J ^yj. J_»l;CKH;y IMJIII HI L. I UUlt yoke fellows, both were named as and the late Bro. Deacon Zaacha- .membership 214; ministers Dr. a committee, authorized to select a -••-•"'-• - l- ' ' third person to devise a plan for having regular preaching; Wm. Cook was chosen to aid them and. the result was the hiring Jairtesj As the ' Association ' W as ! Ellison rts V astov at a saliu '- v of * 30 |sc o organize' Elder Luther ' 1or >' cin '' ' . ' f f , riah Workman fnrnishin^ greater part of the material and doing'much of the work. Klder'Matthew Kllison had served this church as pastor since Isomc time before the death of his father in 1834, until 1854. On the 17lh day of June, 1854, he tender- I!. ed his resignation as 'pastor and ICook, G. C. Anderson, 11. the chief reason for his action wasjj. E. Bailey. ii failure upon the part of the At a church meeting held Dec. 27, 1834, /'Bro. John Canterbury came before the church and confessed that he had received $00 ,.._ ,. „„. t ....... „ of, counterfeit money with an in- jijinirch to 'pay " his'salaiy of tention of passing it but on reflec- | p( . r y car and 'the ' tion, seeing the sin he would com- mitteo accepted in it resolved not to pass it, asking without paying its arrearages. forgiveness and it was granted." (consider this the, ciritical period i Elder James Ellison presided as | this church's history, (his being Moderator of the Guyandotte tho period of the rise of antimis- ; '|G. Cook and T. E. Peters. 21, Surveyor from Coal Mar- .shes, membership 80; ministers W. W. West and J. S. West. 22. Logan (membership not given.) ; 23. Pleasant Prospect, 1882; membership 65; ministers, T. B. Cook, church' ny coni- his resignation I period in 4. Spruce Grove from Pleasant Prospect; membership 53; ministers Gideon Risk and Irvin Bailey. 25. M.atonka, from' Pleasant Prospect; membership 50. 2(i. Liberty from Pleasant Prospect; membership, 50. 27. State Roads from Liberty; A Remarkable Camera for $5.00 Premoette Jr. It's just a trifle larger than the pictures' it makes, and it is so well made, so carefully equipped and tested, that it makes pictures equal in quality to those made by much larger and more expensive cameras. The pictures are 21-4x31-4 inches in size. Also furnished for 21-2x41-4 pictures for $8.00. We will be very glad to show you this desirable camera and others of the celebrated Prerno line. We carry a complete stock of photographic supplies and our knowledge of photography is always at your service. White Cross Pharmacy X Becfeley, W. Va.

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