1911 05-28 SF Chron Pink Lady

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1911 05-28 SF Chron  Pink Lady - NEWMMIHAM tJ r v r vHt - ir v - r - rt Vt Air...
NEWMMIHAM tJ r v r vHt - ir v - r - rt Vt Air at - - - v tfiYir - i ofe Chronicle marba staircasea leadlnc to a apacloua melodise la tha Carrll McLellan muileat comedy now at w j jew arnneroanw e eaw yiiH vviivveixvif - y - - w tion or - oien tHDanisa - aeainuiet rsng peathaud wltn aaiti - or angoatura Mrs John WiMackar and her daugh - tsratht Countess Btlgllano I Colonne ailed this wreak for Europe They will spend some time In London and Paris and than the Countess will Join her husband in Romevj Clarence Mackay Mra Mackayieonwaa at the pier to them oft Ha yi thy would not attend the coronation feetlvUlea be - caue they wera in mourning Miss BlanchBatM who elosed her season - I Nobody Wldow at tbo Hudson Theater Saturday night an - a aas - saaa lt - oou - in autonym trip w friends with her - Even money I being laid that shell reach Buffalo Mrs J Taylor - and her eon Edward uncovered aton balcony running on i - ifT wh hi bMsTVlait Urld ot tha oulldtng in tha ftjfj K1 iJll w Intrlor - of th - entrant there 1 pro IUJl1 lasT the iAm nsi - j iit lnI a New Tor for - last tnre vlded a oourt effect surrounded with a square waicuny luesevona story upon which the rooms of this floor will open FIFTH AVENCE UP IN AIWsV Millionaires living along Fifth avenue between Fortyelghth and Fifty - eighth streets are up lit arm against a threatened Invasion of an ax squad for the purposs ef chopping away all of the encroachments beyond the building Una It Is planned to widen the roadway treating thla seo - tlon as that between Twenty - third and Forty - eighth streets wai treated a couple of years ago A resolution which has been presented to the Board of Estimate provides for the removal of all encroachments projecting more than two feet from the building line at the owners expense If the ownere refuse to chop away the encroachments the city will do the job and afterward will seek reimbursement from the owners Alfred Q Vandsrbllts mansion at Mfty - elghth street Is one of the offenders An Iron fence and three grass plots project over the building line Every houss on the opposite side of the avenue including Mrs W E Isellns fine home at 715 la also on the list Three mansions those of H P Whitney C P Huntington and W W Astor on the block between Fifth avenue and Fifty - sixth street are under the ban Whitneys home will suffer the loss of a grass plot and an ornamental railing as will also tha Huntington mansion while severs alterations must be made on Astors home The Fifth - avenue Presbyterian Church at Fifth avenue and Fifty - ninth street must aacrlflce the stone steps a grass plot on the corner and a small yard on the uptown side The St Regis Hotel at the northeast corner of Fifty - fifth street has a coping and a yard which must be removed Below are the homes of John Jscob Astor Thomas F Fsrrls W A Dooley and WIHlam Rockefeller all of which must be modified The Hotel Gotham and the University Club across the street will lose an ornamental railing and a stons coping and two areawaya respectively Many changes will probably be ordered on W K Vanderbllts home between Fifty - second and Fifty - third streets Plans for the proposed widening show that two areaways two grass plots and a handsome stone wall In front extend over the legal limits On the opposite side are tbe homes of EHolbrook Mrs M Schleffllen W n Sloane and the late E H Harrlman All are on the list as are also the Union Club at Flfty - flrit street and the homes of O W Vanderbllt Emily F Sloane Morton F Plant and J M Bowexa on the same block and all will be visited by the ax squad unless the owners make the necessary alterations to comply with the law St Patricks Cathedral between Fiftieth and Fifty - first streets will lose a stone railing and several grass plots Opposite are the homes of Thomas E A Hall D O Mills Mrs Russell Sage Henry H Hilton and B Altman There are about a dozen other buildings Including the Democratic Club at 817 Fifth avenue and the Dutch Reformed Church at Fortr - elghth street which will be effected by the proposed widening BRIDESMAID WEDS Louise Cromwell daughter of Mrs Oliver Cromwell of this city and Washington another one of the attendants at the Oould - Drexel wedding of a little over a year ago was married this week to Walter B Brooks Jr ot Baltimore The ceremony was performed In St Thomas In Washington and a reception to which between 00 and BOO were Invited followed at the residence of the brldee mother The bride wore a gown of white satin trimmed with point lace and a lace veil fastened with orange blossoms and she wore a string of ex - qulsltely matched pearls one of the many gifts which she reqelved Mr and Mrs Oeorge J Oould presented the bride with a French bronze clock Mr and Mrs Edson Bradley gave her a I bar pin of sapphlree and pearls snd Mr and Mrs T Suffern Tailor gave a Tinany glass bowl NEXT THE VOTE Women at last are bold enough to adopt hats on which no trace of femininity la left For years they have been approaching It but not until this years straws cams out did they adopt mens headgear out and out In the recent parade of suffragists on Fifth avenue they appeared for the flrst time In straw hats that had not aven fancy bows or exaggerated brims to distinguish them from the kind men wear Since then such millinery has become popular with women In the fash ionable sections of the city Of course It Is necessary to have hat pins but ones with black heads o amall aa to be Invisible a few paces oft have been adopted The Impression one gets is that the wearer has borrowed hsr brothers or husbands headgear Occasionally on days when shoppers in the vicinity of the Flstlron building find the breeses especially hard on carefully prepared coiffures veils are worn but usually very fine 1st fabric so as to be almost Invisible One of the favorite spring hats Is of the broad curled brim variety with dome - shaped crown like the farmer has worn for years when hoeing potatoes sava that the straw Is ef finer quality Next comes the vote BOUND FOR COAST Immediately following the closing of The Deep Purple at tbe Maxlne Elliott Theater Saturday evening Richard Bennett will leave for the Pacific Coast His work as the principal straight man of the play has been such as to lead hli managers to arrange a starring tour for the coming year In the meantime Bennett will go to Los Angeles for a four weeka season as a stock star when he will be seen In Plerro of the Plains The Melting Pot and Romeo and Juliet followed by a month aa a stock star In San Francisco when In addition to the three plays nsmed he will also do Arsene Lupin At the conoluslon of the San Francisco engagement Rennett and his wife known as Mabel Morrison who will be his leading lady throughout the stock experience will take a little pleasure trip to Honolulu NEW DRINK FOR BROADWAY The very latest thing In the way of drinks that has hit Broadway this spring Is the Pink Lady cocktail This new concoction la warranted to exhilarate with two applications Three glasses of the Insidious mixture are guaranteed to engender optimistic feel - Ing akin to the possession ot money arid four glasses will according to - one wh has tried them recall t memory month left - thl wki for Chicago where they will remain a week or so before leaving for their Loa Angeles home AN FRANCISCANS IN NEW YORK These Californlans reglltered at New Tork hotel this week From Ban Francisco A Auie and Mrs C B Nobra at the Manhattan Mrs a W Truesdale at the Martha Washington Mr and Mrs J P Cogh - lan at tb Gregorian Miss Kings at the Victoria E F Hall at the New Amsterdam O M Neal C E Oreen W a Tevls J C McMann and J Cant at the Belmont H A Ballentln and T J Jordan at the Marlborough Mr and Mrs B Montlgue and M Montlgue at the Grand Mrs A Drucker and Mrs J C McNIoholl at the Colllngwood A J Isbell at the Empire Miss L Van Sickle at the Netherland Mr and Mrs F Samuels at the Flanders H O Sedgwick at the Astor Mr and Mrs J Turney at the St Denis Mr and Mrs R Muyner at the Van Cortlandt Mr and Mrs J Humby and O W Nlcol at the Park Avenue O Loewensteln at the King Edward H C Fassett at the Algonquin L Scott and W M Qorham at the Longacre D H ewilson at the Savoy C Burt and C A Scheack at the Holland R U Olben J E Stan ton and Mr and Mra E C Sardbeck j t the Grand Union Mr and Mr R F Shapiro at the Wellington Mrs P R Savage W R Savage Miss Lyons Mrs H H Noble and Mrs J Roberts at the Cadillac R L Williams at the Netherland C Bernhardt H W Korper Miss M Bernhardt Miss T Bernhardt N F Juera C A RehJIsch Mrs M Rehjlsch Mr and Mrs 8 B McCrea Miss J Oadah and T O Bonney at the Navarre Mrs B Evans F W Fuller Mrs M E Snow J J Young and J P Cllnn at the Herald Square and Mr and Mrs W B Mitchell and C Blenen - feld at the Wolcott From Oakland A Clarke and I S Green at the Park Avenue P E Abbott at the Latham Miss H Wammer and Mrs B M Wemmer at the Nor - mandle Mr and Mrs H P Hook at the Navarre and E E Ryder at the Broadway Central From Pacific Grove E B Iiham at the Grand Union From Alameiia Mr and Mrs A Akesson at the Grand From California C C Collins at the Ansonla From Orovllle R L Montayn at tha Grand and Mr and Mrs R Norrls at the Herald Square From San Jose C Plummer at the Grand FROM LOS ANGELES From Los Angelea J Alderaon at the Astor House J D Pendleton at the King Edward F E Jefferson at the Wolcott Mr and Mrs L K Russell at the Albert E J Talley and F L Morgan arthe Grand Mrs F J Bood Miss E Erlckson K Swaneon H C McLean Mr and Mrs R Murman snd A Colberg st the Grand Union Mrs F W Patton at the Balleclalre Miss C L Webb and B S Benson at the Herald Square A Stensei Mrs E M Cooley and M Cooley at the Martha Waahlngton L M Grand at the Broadway Central J C Emory C L Bundy O C Penbody and W Banning at the Belmont Mrs E J Waller at the Hoffman Mr and Mrs W Beht at the Breslln Mr and Mrs L E McCann and C Blttorf at the Broadway Central B E Tomllnion at the Brostell C Balke at the Bartholdl Mra G Kellogg at the Murray Hill V B Hsyes at the Cadillac and Miss M Mersch at the Bristol From Pasadena V Bustln at the Martha Washington From San Diego Mrs M Metilk at the Grand Union These merchants and buyers were in town this week From San Francisco S C Harsh - barger for Hale Brothers dry goods F A Lyon for Hale Brothers dry goods J Roberts for Santa Rosa Rockdale Company dry goods From Los Angeles M A Mlllbach for A Fusenot Company dry goods EUROPE - BOUND CALIFORNIANS These Californlans sailed for Europe this week From San Francisco Qustave Lach - man Rev Edward Morgan Cyril F Peck David Schneider Dr and Mrs Edward Taussig Miss P M Blnney Miss A E Graham Mrs Peter D Martin and maid Mr and Mrs I Strass - burger Miss Leona Stone Miss Marie Stone Miss Mlna von Bergen Mr and Mrs Charlee J Foster Miss Marie Louise Foster Miss Enid B Foster Mr and Mrs Charles E Green Miss Eldridge Oreen Mrs James K Lynch Miss Marie Murray Mr and Mrs S Oberfelder Mrs J H Brune Mr and Mrs Ernest Koph and children William Pftster Mrs Walter Stern and Infant Mrs Line Wagerman Mr and Mrs George Zuhlke Frank Blanchl Mlchele Dapulle Mr end Mrs Oeorge Schaefer Mrs H Blaettler Master Rudolf Blaettler Master Harry Blaettler Mr and Mrs Frank Frese Mrs George Mueller Miss Johanna Mueller Master Jacob Mueller Master George Mueller Gustsve Schrseder Gottlieb Stlegel Mr and Mrs H Strsubeck and Miss Hanna Streubeck From Oakland Mrs Barbara M WeTnmer Miss Auguste Wemmer Mrs P Westermann Mlss Laura Wester - man J F Carlton and Henry C Taft From Berkeley L Bacon and Rudolph Schevlll From San Rafael Mr and Mrs William Babcock and maid From Coallnga Mr and Mrs William Cllne and Klchard Israel From Los Angeles Mr and Mrs Lee McConnell Miss Ruth McConnell Mr and Mra E Rand and maid and M A Mtlbacjn From 8an Diego Mr and Mrs Frank W Fleenen BBLDE OF THREE MONTHS TRIES TO TAKE HER OWTT LIFE Mrs Raymond Glynn Uiei lytol in Endeavor to Keep Her Hatband Home Nights Finding other means Ineffectual to prevent her husband of three months from going out nights without her Mrs Raymond Olynn 327J Twenty - first street last night seised a bottle containing lysol snd drained Its contents before her husband could prevent The husband summoned Dr J 11 Graves who notified he Central Emergency Hospital The woman was hurried to this Institution where she was pumped out by Dr A E Skoonberg The husband accompanied the wife to the hospital and while the woman was on the operating table she again accused the mars ef not loving me The couple embraced and as soap as she Is well enough whleh will be some time today Mrs aim will return to htlliWji - w - 3r - - - f - TA - -

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 28 May 1911, Sun,
  3. Page 39

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  • 1911 05-28 SF Chron Pink Lady

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