John Conrad 20 Mar 1913 petition for road

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John Conrad 20 Mar 1913 petition for road - ssld lug - or - ., h i - - wit: hi - of unknown...
ssld lug - or - ., h i - - wit: hi - of unknown da. of ap on or 'a is0m , rasaj "tit0m0i0l 0AtrfmTtCe - tJBt NOTICE - Val 1.. a. - .. - - - .... ' '' for ttHi mail In Cedr Crk Ifr7a' i1 shin waa filed l.. in A.,dia..r'. arLL. 7 K( AllOn County India n. on lha ltth atoF. of Mrrh. lilt, and th aasu aalH k. tm.i - aenled to lha Hoard aj Commlaalonara avf ''.rffi tfii'llVK' I""1""". ka ItkftJISe'VV Wlkltfsh hallllAaa 'iSa' Jll - ., .... - ... ay - Ki.vgwg . ininiwg; l,"i. reTinoK. V Htt of Indiana, f'aauaiv ah J ' indUBa Townahlp. Allen Oounty.J , to tha Honorable Board af (Vrvtotr Coaa'' . mlasloreere of llen t.Vunty, IMUanai ,;.' tome now the uatdrrelgrwd frV4drf and voter of Cedar ara' srMMki , Allen foufitv titlM m ahA.laLM,, alT, llonoiakle Hoard af Cmtwi.loar uirSar T" till. Ill, and IIIV;! rw ' Ahrlolated lawtlan 'ataeaolm 111.1..,. v 1001, and Iha'amondment thereto knows ':,',' 7 . "mr ' BU Ott iaeo ,! Il IniliitM of h ci of lio, for the TO a I of of la - grading, draining and vlrf of tha fV, ?!!3n..4T.r,lr of'Ttlahwaro If' dr Creek Tirwnthlp, Alltn Ooualr.' ! dlana, vlaj ',. Uealnnlng at a point about all fodg outh of the Interisectk - i of fho boundary lln kelwaa uella.. ii "", IM1 on tha half Met Ion Una 4t M r - i "' - wFgs view , ivn in a. tavlat ., I. Enr.1 ?'"fM " Hutler rro7" llravej Itevadl then In euthate erljr dlrartlan tkrwugh keritoa II, tt , - ' ' and II Ikmuel. .L. t . - .' ;.. - "i .: Tr.r". - " ., - ... w w town ot, in the townahlp tin between Bprlngflrld and Codar Creek townahlp. all In lowaahlattt lesrtaV ' , rangw It eaat. Allen County. Indiana. : Vour petitioner further aay that. aaU V""i nmnenr , its origin WltS the free gravel road and rana to the townahlp lln between Cedar Creew wad Hprlnaflsld toWaihlnt Ikal tl.laJ a ?.'' - rural mall rout passes ever aald highway for Ita full length. vj,. That aald highway pronoeed ta . 'Ui gradd. drained and tvd with crnshed ' II0.." '""I'a.w and ven.tatha tl T - IO) mil In length. ,, - t Tour petitioners further 'pry tha ssUlP'' highway .hall be graded, drained and' paved with rruahed t.n end that' they - recommend that the road shall be aunt' i rlently escavated to permit the atono when flared therein to la Uv.l tah ak. d!" V. slrlvawny. That the width ui sain nignway shall he II feet and that th crushed atnai wla keM hell be II Inches In thh - knees ' ' Tour petitioner furthr pray that frj the Improvement of atd road that bonds '. be Issued by thl lloraorable Board mi County Commlaslooera under tho are - i virions of the lwv rlted etlon and that surh bond hl! be lesued In rUa payable In not I than to years In tb denomination named la this act. Your petitioner further pray that Ih top dressing .hall h had upon Mid mad of ton eeresnlng and that aabj road shsll he rolled by roller ta each an eilent that water ahstli term ahead ed said roller; that th dralaa abwig tha. above described road or street through A th corporate limit of th town f Qra " ' bill shall b of no greater rapacity than i Ihoee drains along aald highway throwgtt th townahlp outside the earporalo Una ; l!i: ,n, "J1 mownked approaches ta & hrldre and railway crneatng located I on Ihe above highway hall ha con. j slrurted along the alnale Iraek aai ' all other parte shall he ranstrueleai long th double, track Byktefn sod, thai road shall he eo oonttrscted that tba Ion road shall be on tho south aide of J aald highway with tha exception that Ik . Krt. "'""I" tar hlEhwaya paved within Ih limit of said, town of (IratMII hall '; be dons on lha single track system. Tour petitioner further pray that the i stone road ahatl not he an mmm. st embanked approach to tho new river' bridge about to he ronstruetsd at th beginning of eald highway ovr tha Et, Jo river at lha town of lo until aald embanked approach shall aev been rMW. plated and accepted by the County Hoard of Commlaalonera. Chart PI Dlly. Noah Wllk. Charle Flahburn. Henry tvlt. Ilnry KrumMgel. Marcus Yager. David VAritm,r, Joph YVttmer. John llenslnger. Joeeph A Kloprenetela Jullu Oehrlng. - IVrry I Warner Harmon Wltmer. lorg w. (larman John Conrad John It Klopfntetn. Albert Kgley Jacob f Klnpfeneteln. Joseph A. OrablU. Henry Hosier. John C Kryder. Wna Wton. Jscoh Duvall Oeorg W. MrComba. H. It. Rchwartt. David Nrunchwsndr. Jerry Klnpfenateln. '. W. II. Thompamn. Joeeph Tonkel William Tonkel. teeorgw Fraee. F.lUa Klopfeneleln. O. K Oehrtng. Jno. 8. Schwarta Daniel Toder, Charie Htevick. Jaooh Conrad. Rll Conrad. Ii. R. Wltmer John Bharahauah. Iienjamtn Neuenehwndr. Aaron Sowder. Theodor VV. (Jahrlg Alb Neuenachwander. Joseph M, Klopfcntln. Hen. . Oerlg. Peter I. Oerber. John J. Conrad. otto R. Manshy - ;irlch llnl)rdx jau iaa - ob Iotin. Henry A. Porter. Kll Oerlg. IWtvtd Kaopfensteln. David Orablll. Franklin P. Auer. CALVIN H. BltOTTN. Auditor Allen County, Indiana. March 11 - 10. NOTICE OF EXECUTOR'S

Clipped from
  1. Fort Wayne Weekly Journal-Gazette,
  2. 20 Mar 1913, Thu,
  3. Page 11

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  • John Conrad 20 Mar 1913 petition for road

    gravatt3 – 27 May 2013

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