A Declaration of Independence

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A Declaration of Independence - . . . - ' - .' , - , uly to, : 177.8; A. - H IN...
. . . - ' - .' , - , uly to, : 177.8; A. - H IN JN O 2, JL Containing the Fre ''"r - - :: r .... :. - t - T he a . MSr - iT " r - r :; In C O N G R E S S. Tuly i: 176. A D EC L A R A T I 6 N By the R E PR E SE NT A TI VES of the U NIT E D S T A T E S of A M E RICA, in .:' General Congress aflembled. TTT 'IT ?E rvT in the Coiirfe of human Events, 1 ! - 11 ecomes ncceflary for one People to ' ' jdiflblve' the political Bands which have ' A a "'V - 'conne&e'd : them with another, and to . ' V - ' V : aflume among the Powers of the Earth , 'the feparate and eqrial. Station.to which the Laws of Na - Iture.and of Natures God entitle theiTi,Xdecent Refpect 'to the Opiniops of Mankind requires that.they ih'onld declare the cauies which impel them to the Separation , ;;. We hold s thefe Truths to be fclf - evident, that all Ken Sire created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator jwith certain unalienable . - Rights, - ; tliat - 'among; thefe are sLife, ? Libert?, and" the purfuit of Happinete Tiiat.tb "fecure thefe 'Rights, ' Governments are inftttuted among '.Men, deriving their juft Powers from the Cohfent of the 'Governed, "that whenever any Form of Government be comes deftrufhve of thefe Ends, it is the Right of the Safety and Happ I indeed, will dictate that Goverinr.ents long eftabUfbe'd vIh'ould nor. be changed for light and tranfierit Caufes; ,and accordingly all Experience hath fhewn,, that Mankind are more dilpoied to luSer, while Evils .are futterable, than to ' For fufpending our own Lesriflatures, and declarine themfelves invefted with Power to legiflate for us in all Cafes whatfoever. ' . ; . - . : He has. abdicated . Government . here, by declaring - us out of his Protection and waging War againft us. He has plundered our Seas, ravaged our Coafts, burnt our Towns, and deftroyed the Lives of our People. . He is, at this Time, - tranfportin?: large Armies of foreign Mercenaries' to compleat the Works of Death, De - violation and Tyranny,"" - already begun with Circumftances of Cruelty and PerftdyV fcarcely paralleled in the moft barbarous Ages, - and totally Unworthy the Head of a civilized Nation. ; ; ' HEhas' crtnftrained'burFellow - ditizens, taken captive " on the high Seas; to bear Arms againft their Country," to : become' the Executioners of their Friends and Bretnren, 9r to fall themfelves by their Hands.. - - ; . ' ; : - : He has excited domieftic Infurre&ions Amongft us, and has endeavoured " to t bring on the : ruhabitants of our Frontiers the . mercijefs Indian 5avaes whofe known ;Hule of Warfare is" an undiftinguimed'De&rudtion of all X Ages, Sexes and Conditions - 1 . . ! t In eyery Stage of thefe Oppreflioris we have petitioned tor Redrefs in the moft humble Terms Our repeated jtcliuuus 4vc oeen aiuwcrcii oniy oy repcaica injury. Juft pubTiJbc'di O B S DUN LAP, O N.S and u It'fald by T O H N in Market - ft rett, Philadelphia, E R V AT I A ;0 K T H E Nature of C I V I L ' L I B E R T Y, the Principles 'of G O V E R N M E N T, ad the Juflice and Pclicy of the ' WAR with AMERICA. ..' t - To iohicbii addedf ' ' - ;' - An APPEND I X, containing, a ftateof the National Debt, an eftimate of the money drawn from the Public by the taxes, . and an account of the National Income rand Expenditure y fince the laft War.' - .. . : r. i ? - f;:; - . , : r ;. lieu vtiftri civet non.Ksjlem, inimiccaue ccira, :. r v Veftrti SpesuritU; ... . . Viae i i BJ: .R 1 c H A R D , P R I C E, ,D. D. F. R. S. ." . Thu learned, judicious and liberal author had the thanks of the Common Council, and the Freedom of . the City of Lcn - , don prpfented to him in a gold box, for this' his much admired t moft excellent pamphlet on Civil Liberty - And for rh:ch he alfo deferVes the united thanks of America,.' , - . . r mSr. S E V E N , KO U N D S - Reward. : : . UN awat. laft Snndar nifrht ffhM fnr - K - K.: Chcfter county.; the.' two followin? 1 ferrants. v'it.jl - Edward Gray, about 5 feet. 6 inches high, pock - rharked, ftraighf Ruler Nor have we been - wanting in Attentions to our Britifh Brethren. We have warned them from - Time to Time of Attempts by their : Legiflature - to extend' an unwarrantable: Jurifd iclion ever us. - '' j We - have reminded them every Act : black hair, about 26yrars of. age, .fayshe was, bom inJLondoa: luler of ?a and ferved his time vritWilliam.lIicklin, ia'New - Caftle coua - ty, underftands all forts of plantation work, and fys he worked aLthe Miller's bufinefa two years with one; Reynolds, in Not - uugnam , nao .on, when he went away, white country linen Ihirt.and trowfers, new 'coat and jacket, and a leather apron 5 : took with him a fcythe and hangings : Said Cray wVs bailed ou: nc 4.u ; n. - . - r Tr - i.:.; j n .11.1 i i kua uy ujc maicnoer. and lor mv iruntw inHrt h;r.r.ir .guwuvmiy.v, u,Uuuuiiufi lV IV1 - 1 " CV here " 'We have amy - aled to their native Tuftice and t - 51 - noPcd tn every honeft perfon.will endeavour to ap - .are accuftomed. Eut when a long Trim of : Abufcs and , V3re". r r ??&&?a to "neir. tlvc v111 JJ.na prehend faid (Pray, not for the reward but in order to fcWhim L rjfurpations, pupfuijig invariably e.f&cblea, evina " - f Snimity,,and;we have aamed rSab a Befen to reduce them under alilpfcbotiim, itls ; of our. common :&nd 'their Right, it is.their Dutv, to throV off fuch Govern: " which .would mpjtably, intetrupt our Connedios and or ll iaches hi&, with .dirty coloured hair, his fore rtn wf7e "ment, and to provide new Guards for their future Secu - orreiponacncc - ney ;too nave oeen dear to im,voicc - ., apart ; fays he belongs to ihe Row - gallies, ard has been feen .nty. buch has peen.the patient Sufferance of thefe Co - v . . ; rrJ"?,T"hV V ' - rort - renn ; nad on, when he wen: away; white Hurt and Jonies, and - .fuch , is now the .Neceftty which conftrains acqefce iti.th Neceffityi - vhtchjdeooutic8 our Sepa - . : trowfers,. a ted under jacket;' without llceves, 'no (hoes nor jloclc - - them to alter their former.' Syftems of Government. The x9n:a h!i - thcm;;vaa j - wc hold. thcrcft - 'of Mantad, ings ; he is fond of ilrong drink and ccmpariy, and t very great rKiftbry, of the prefent Kin? orGreat - Britain is.a Hiftorv ;.JrIucu vv;,1." FSf 5UC"5 . : V"' 1 tVoeyer tajeca up tne laid, runaways, and :f,cures, them, .or. repeated injuries ana uiurpation - s. ! " Tift 't'V(T ' ' '1 .,UDjecc tne jiiraDiiinment or an., 'thefe States! T6 prove this, let ::He has rcfufed his AfTent to Laws, the moft wholefome oy mnoripy; or - tne gooa repp ; or ineie yoiom, . - i 'r r ; . Eahm Jutv 2. m6 "sad necefiary for the public Good;: ! ; ' iplemnly.rubhm and Declare, l ht there United Colonies V virtue of 'a writ to me directed, .will be expofcd to Ale, . HE has iorbidden.;h s Governors MoafsTnf m. auuui. ixku. uui. uc, - 1 - w ?1y6rftn w r .medtate antr prellin Iroportance their Operation"." till..' his AfTent ihoul when fo fixTperided, he has utterly fs nt rric 11.lv 11 Kii 1 10 as tne luntcrihtr oftc ftapm 9 n - vn . r. - o q 1 1 inyinf in CilYPCT 7 - r - - w - - . - t t " f.9tit . i&t & a i kc a tun us IOC FaSb fumSS r ' AVILH AM KXRLIN; . , - v . ; - for the Reditudectfdurtritentionsvd r. ' 4;. ;. a the prtmifes, on"Tuefday, the - 30th !ay of July inftant. them. . Uiuefs fufpended. in . . . '.UAV s7 mc,J1!lu " ujAntgiaiiv.tivi.uc ," viuv in iuc aiicrnooa two certain' tracts or parcels ot d be obtained and ' v.rown, ana mac au ponucai connection Detween' nmaic in - jviaccongie townihip,; jn the county of Noith - neleled to attend to ine siaie - or ureac - jontam is ana ougnc - to pc i" - "a "nsr wem oounaed Dy tne lands ot Keuben Haines, :; He has refufed to pafs other Laws for the Accommoda - " tlon of large Diftrids of People, unlcfs tbofe; People ' would relinquifh the .JRi'gb't "of Repre'fentation.in the Le States, they kavfuir Power to ' levy Warv conclude . Peace, coatradc Alliances, eftablifo Commerce.i . and to - :do all btherActs ancF Thines ; which Tnde pendent 1 log wnereon are a Itone tenement and lo? tenement, a larci. barn, itables and other out - houfes, - and Ta confideratle quantity ot good meadow ; and thectherof the fi3 trafls. hmr - rf hv .the lands of Peter Haas and the faid Haines, and containinsr :res woodland: Jate the prcpertr of Henry Shade : feized ani .taken in execution'bv ' Hinr y' Ftrt t - p SWitT rr 4 - . - f v - AAA I jifual,' uncomfortable, and, diftaht from :? '! ; vQTOLEN or S T K. A YX D away, from the fubferiber, refsi - - - lkJ:ying J" vhanceford townlhip, York county, Pennfylvania, lent. - ? the. 20th v of June hft, a white: Hoi fe and a black Mare, the , hcrfe about iz years old, between 13 and 14 hands high, branded en ine near moulder J. U. his mane trimmed, a lorg bob uil, and is a natural pacer j had a . bell on when - he went away 5 the jnare 4 years old, both trots and paces, between 14 and ,25 hands.hieh, no branI. flieMias a fwitch tiilV fmall ftar'ln , Vi,m rirt - Lives, our Fortunes,, and our facred Honor. their public Records, for the Jolc Puroofe .of fatiguing' V them intrt Comoliahri w?tK. His MMfiVr: ; l;. , ' ,: 0 . 5 1 Attejl.t - :' ' - JOHN HANCOCK, Plrehd ; He Jiac diablved Reprefentitiye Houies ; repeatedlfbr . H?6 ' - - ' " ; " ., pjpofing with raanjy femnefs his InyaSoss on, the Rights 1 . 'tfo?fogitegfoTO ofthe Peopled , :'; . - : - V: V'taVi: JUS T PUB iTlSHE D,.aijdto.Ue S OLD ry ; - ..He has reftifed, foraiongTjrae - afterfuch - Di(rorjtions,.....,,r. - :..v,t, - a"? rr - r '. - ' c t?":t - t i? r "C to' cailfe:' others' to ' be." elected iwhcrebyV the'Lcgiflattve - : r kt t rJ. W.r forehead, and wants one of her fore teeth in the upoer jaw r ' Powers,' incabable of; Annihilation,, have r AVhoeWr kel .the People it hrge rrtheirExerciie; the State remaining lecures laid horfe and. mare, ;favs the owner in the mean time expofed to all the Dangers of Invajipn fy, .x , from without, and ConvulQpn's. within. . . ' ' '' . he nas enaeavourea to preventne r.opuianon or meie. - . naftriiw - .ma'i.xfith f h rirtVmnU States; for that Purpofebblrucl:ingt A m ; a fp - ,p F"1 4 D T ,V ; ' - ' . Ration of Foreigners;" refuiing to pafs others to encou - ' - xiND An .rl ' f - "''V . . ' '1' ' 'O raee their - Mi erations hither, and: raifins the Conditions - Containing fuch Ads, and Pars of A5tr ,' relating to Pro - O of "nevv AporopriationV of Xancls. v - v V r V'',';J:'pietyi':as are expired; altered or repealed. . J - with a;white head and'alonj her back, alfo on her belly, but ' HE nas obitruited the Adminiftration of. Tuftice; by, . , TQGETE WITH ' .. . '.r.nac J Dt.Icmz'r - e9 P1."" 01 CV herns nailed on the tit . refufino: his Affent - to. Laws for ; c'ftablifhihg Judiciary ; , The Royal, Proprietary, ;City, and Borough L h arters ; . ot hers. - whoever iwcures the laid cow, anigiyes notice, that - nsifitM a t. C oh C e s s 1 ovi s of the Hohl'WiLLiAM Penn " l'ings, and reafonable charget. V - "' O H N M N A V TRAY ED away, on' the 'ajd of June, from the iutferi - . ber, living in Germantbwn, a frefh ' milch' black C O W. Powers. t ; He has rnade - Judges dependent on. his. Will alone for" I the Tenure of their Offices, and the. Amount and Pay - xnent of their Salaries.' ' J ; .... ;.' V - ",. : e; !.He has erected . Multitude : of new - Offices,; arid Icnt .hither Swarm pf. Officers to harrafs our People and eat . - " ' out their S tibftan ce. ' ' ? 1 1 . ; . :;; T i. ' ., He has. kept "among us,, in Times of Peace' Standing. '. I Armies, without the cohfent of our Legiflatures. V I , He hai affected to render the Military independent of. , ana lupenor to tne kavw rower. to the .firlt Settlers of , the Province." - ; - GEO RGE SHARP LE ST. Mi? o,K?Wi Af in r.,t,rA ' t.' - tneir - pecuaar .xuncis icr c unuw 'UU14" - "u I ' s " T ; E : N . D 0,L, L A". R S Reward X T? ,UN from the fubferiber, living near Talbot Court - houfe, v XSl ''the 15th f lail April, a dark Mulattoe Slavey named HARRY, about 6 yean, old ; he is about 5'feet ,3 or 9 inches " hieh. flout and ftron? made : he it of mA fmif r, - :k rfHE g;enuine PaiVcfipLE of the aHCient SAXON; or. n ecch;' and deceptive in converfation. It is fappofea that he AAENGLISH CONSTITUTION. Carefully col - will endearcur to pafs for a freeman j helw - s lateW feen in Kent lefted from the, beft Authorities j , with . fome Obfervauonr on. county'; had on, when feenr a country cloth iicket. row nen mirt ana trowiers, ana a oeaver nat - witn one corner burn:. - Jt'r - nuft'"pHntdp6b1iihe'd and now felling ' by ' rm O B R R Ti E ;LL, ;in Third - ftrpet, 5 CPritrXymhillint and Threepence r dicltoh foreign to our Conftitutioh, and unacknowledged"1 by our Laws ; giving his Alfeht to their Adts of pre . . tended ieiuiinon: - x . For quartering large Bodies of Armed Troops amoii .us.:, ; . - ' - - ..' - v" - . " ... " . ' For protecting: them, by i mock Trial, from Puniih - inent for any Murders which they Ihould commit on the InhabiUnts'of thefe States:' .' For cutting off our Trade with all Parts of the World: For impofing Tes on us without our Confent :' T For depriving us, in many Cafes, , of the Benefits of Trial by jury: - ' . - - r For traniporung us beyond oeas to pe tried tor pre - ifylvania ; W particular; - 15r HEMOPHILUS. AH human Cenflitutions are fubjeit to Corruption, and muft Derifh. nnlefs thev are timeh renewed by reducing them to their .firfl: Principles. , Where Annual Election Sidney, ends, - Tyranny begin. . . - i HisToaicAt, Esiays.w N. B. All the . New Paropblets may be had at faid DeWf. The above reward will be paid if taken "out of the province or 50 miles from home, and fecured in any gual Co that I may gs: 1 him Fcrty Shillings, if 30 piles'; Thirty Shillings, if 23 miles; with reafonable travelling. expences, if brought horn. - T : - , ALEXANDER M'CALLUM. ' " : ' ," 1 LancaJlerCa - Jy - jure 26,1776. TTTAS cemmitted to my cuflody, the following perI"ori, v:7. V V Jrrancii diidrrijon, 10 jwu or gc, iacc nair arid ccm - tended Offences: For aboliihins: the free Syftem of Englifli Laws in a neighbouring Province, cftablifliinc: therein an arbitrary 'Government, and enlarging its Boundaries, fo a3 to render v it at once an Example "and - fit Inilrument for in troducing: the fame abiolute Rule into tnele Colonies : ' - ' - " : ' - July TV 1776. - . "ITT HERE A S an Advertifement, addrefTed to the Public, lexion, pitted with tne lnjall - pox, - lays he Urely refided rar - r VV appeared in theGazetie fome time pil, rii Thomar Doe - Run, Chefter county, was for fome tine a piirare in Cap - Janhey, - requefling the Favour of - the Public to cfcf? at the tain ReesY company, from whom he obtained a' difcharge. Old Trenton Ferry, where - he now lives, and averting that the Andre - w jfchvjlcn, fays .he enlifled with Lieut. nnney, - hen - difierence of the diftance between the Old and New Ferry is - recruitiBg for. Captain Murray, in Oxford tnwn&ip,. Che.:rr more tnan a mils in favour or tne vjiq, wnereas mc iruc u - vuuui, wiw.6v, nmvu ujii.ici iiom rom - .terence. on a itntt iurvev. is no more tnan nair. a mue ana uxiy . . mc xaia i - uuicj. jjrga. - , iji n a c:::rr:r : rood, ana as cne laoicnotr. nain. ia;eiy corns w mcixcw rcj.j, .umm vvruj" w..w vk.ww, i nTyer and. Drovided a more commodious Boat than has ever : been townlhip. lain JVlWavi Vetryy who ys hr is.a fervsr tj heretofore at eith?r Ferrv. as well as bems the folc cauie of lowering the ferriage more than one third of the former price, which is a very great favine to the cubllc, he Matters bimfelf For taking avay our Charters, abolishing: our moft va - he will be indulged with t) - .eir cuftom, which he will endeavour luablc" Laws, and 'altering fahdainciitally the Forms of to. "merit by his particular care and aneition, and is the public's )ur Governments : moll obliged humble fervaiiV'v'' THOMAS' HARTY. who fays he is a fetvant ro'Mr. Cenjamin IUue;'.hr;ife, The - ofHcers and maAers of the faid dfcrtrr; and fsxvantiirc dsbred to fend for them, pay chireer, and take thrYri - aw.i'y ;n 3 ws - ks from the ate herecf, othiwifc thry will be discharged, "e n rav - iD5 - (K?ir ftis, by ' Pxfr Kislxt, "Ci. - alc.

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