Tennesse General Assembly Ratifies 13th Amendment to U.S. Constitution which abolishes slavery

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Tennesse General Assembly Ratifies 13th Amendment to U.S. Constitution which abolishes slavery - ' ' " " i " "'"'"" . ', ' T . , . . j . . t , '...
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The resolution of Mr. Wisener, rati- lying the amendment to th Constitu tion of the United States was taken up, and unsnuaonij pass0d. f, f ! ' Tha SiiAskAr . annniin-etl iti& lhA Senate would now retire 10 the . Houae of Bepreentatives to participate in the inauguratipa of iheOoveriaor. . . i .After, the inauguration cereraoDf wsi completed, the Senato conreieed. and oa. motion ftfijourned to .9 o'clock to morrow morning- ; lhe House coarencd at 111 o clock. Prayer by the Re. lit. Allen. j A resolution, offered by Mr. Steele, of Marshall, was adopted to rint the rulea of the Legislature of 1S5 and lsGti, for the use of the members of the Uouee.i A Ii A ii u Ai A J H I The following resolution, otfered by Air. iuiuv waaaopted:C r t ) Jietolved, That relying upon the Supreme Supreme Being as the ruler of nations, and more especially -the preserver and protector of ours, we believe it becoming becoming that a proper sense of our obligations obligations t Him should be impressed upon this House during ita deliberations, to such end and purpose we cordially invite invite the loyal pastors of tbe city to attend attend the. opening, of, tho House each morning for the purpose of addressing a Throne of tlrace in our behalf." A resolution was ' adopted invitine GeOiThoiiMt, -and all officers bow. in the service, at present lfi thV city.to attend attend the inauguration of theUovernor. Mr. Hood ot Hamilton, proposed the fallowing: ... ; . ,'.'.'.,', ": licsnlvtir:' Br the General Assembly of the, --State of Tennessee: That the amendnlert of the Constitution of the United Stites, proposed by the Con- g resa of the United States, on the 1st day of February, 1S6 in the words and enures following, to wit : itesolred by tae Senate and HrHrso of Rcprpsentativesof the United States, in Congress assembled (two thirds of both: hocseaocreniog,) tb& the- foUowiyig article bo proposed to the Legislature of tLe tcveral States, as an amendment, to the Constitution of the United States,' which, when ratitiea by the ' Legisla tures of three fourths of said States,' shall be valid to all intent md purpotes a a part of the said , Conatitutlon, namely!"- -"-iJ c 't i" Section 1. .either slavery nor in voluntary servitude, exesrt as a pun ishmentior CJckue. whereof. the partiei shall Lave been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place suhjTt to their jurilictio.,1 J . j !Sf etion z. Lngress snail nave power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. ' ! Approved Feb. 1, ISCj. J Be, and the same ia hereby ratified ai a part of the CoTrUiluttobr' - j Adopted unanimously, the followinj members bsing absent : B jnd, Crutchr field, Gillem, Jones of Claiborne, M (iahev. Pearson, Scales, Simmerly, Shet ton, Toiiieny, Thomas of Benton -and Humphreys, Warren, Woods of Stewf art,' and jWood i ; t 'u.'i The House took a recess of five mir- Utes, then met wif h the Senate in joint session, ia the ball of the House, whea Governor Brownlow - was - conducted within the ball by a committee arj- pointed for the purpose, and tha inaug uration ceremonies commences. Thft couiBilttf apriointeff) to wail ' upon Generals Thomas, Bousseau, Mif ' roy, Miller and Cooper, announced the j acceptance, by those gentlemen, of th lnriUtirrrr, ant tliey wereoonauofla ip seats, lhe Governor elect was aiso condafted to "the Speaker's seiM j The entrance' into the Hall was aa event of interest The Governor elect; supydrled by the speakers of thertwo Hou.-ee, entered first, Geaoral Thbsfla and the other invited officers, attended 1 by thn invitation committee, followedj the members of the Senate closed the procession, which had quite a, striking appearance as it passed ' up to the Speaker's desk. ; j .. I' car, H VA men openea Dy lue tvev. Mri liolsingir, of the Cumberland Prei-byterian Prei-byterian Church, after which the oath of otliee was administered,, by! Judo Millinptnn.the Bible sworn upon being tendered to the Governor by theSpeak-er theSpeak-er of the Senate, Mr. Rogers. i Cov 'TUOy E'ownior, cundua at the apeaKors ueeic, teen proceeaea vo uje-liver uje-liver the following inn.tagurV address : Ga'MfVM-KPf teSt-na'.f and Ihuse cf Jl.b - Hsentath-ti r I1"- j The neriod has arrived fixed by tie amended Conftitution for a chance In trie l.'rt:ubifo ai.aiia ,'i auc iiir. v the fled :on bf alcivil Coeiiior; .This . i . -r- -n . : -r a n i,u I-. w distinguished honor, by the generous confidence pf tbe loyal people ot ien- nessee, has -been' rouferred upon me. The oath required by the Constitution has been avdininistered tot lAet. fend I kit once enter upon the high and reer-efn-sihledutie? pertaining t j the cllise. Without aflecUtion, I may say nope din Tt alzp nore '.aeiitj.ly- thaa tpyfelf the weignt ot tnese new responsiinu-ties, responsiinu-ties, anil the ability required for the faithful- nd roiiiM- execution of them. None can feel more sensibly than I do the moderate iual:.fictiori I bring to the discharge of tLeae duties, and that want of experience in legisla tionwhich, in stirfle decree, might atone formy want of ability. I have uo doubt tht u"h, ef cswill pyopBrly-rpreciate the responsibnitiea under fwhichi r r rjaor-d, by Ue fact that o"a bar to legislate so as to promote the physical, the social, the intellectual and the re ligious welfare of the State. Of one thing, gentlemen, I csn assar you, aod through, you thotte whom you nave tte honor to represent' I bring with me! a settled determination - to discharge tiNse-dnttr-a to the very best of my limited abilities with an equally dft term mea turpo ot fwUitulneiM, In tecritr, itupsrtialitv. and devotion to the Slate, and the generous people who nate f iMvea tnt lf , tothe cloe of my pafuxl t lserv:ce : . j 1 MT) free to ,vlruH tbt T nave t-een promoted' lo thia'hijch position by tlie -ea-rlf Tennseei, wiihr-nt reaar-l to ' : a ' v. . . , , . oaa paaii.tnes, aa i .ut a-iuy -i.px t ed t y litem to a-lmmister the xeu t.-aua.ti, j-.'Ji tt: to iu partiwn or sekieh purpose, and thus relieved of the ninny troubles aad burden which iiiVAXiA.ily ; cuiiiasct themlve with 'iur re party Uium- h,T am left fiee with yotA, pfBtiemen, lo follow the snrrefct- icrs of pitriitTm atd duty, and to know bo tu Q becauM he La Lri Whig or i)emoci--tt, bet to know all as tho j tasy Loner the Federal Union. The maxim is one of long stsvnding ana of world-wue renewn, that "th pen u mii;t!t:er toiu ikaswora ' l cut. I sura a modern writer, "is a sort of half truth, that in the iritbt of ty--rulr i'wi u luaji ouu.Lievt tae stamp oi au- tho-jiy, 9,rxi henceforth his pax-ted current current w ithout a very close examination a to its correctness.'- Major Geceral I homas, a true soiijer, and a mo-lest gentleman, might utter his maxim, but the rtbel General Hood, leas modest, mlfht question its correctness, allecg tUat Li .-T'TfcTw Ltv uuht him that the sword has ciAde tht pes MwrfuA, andpoiLei iu per:CNi, i And tiaugh often used ai tha in.-irtii mentofwroug and injustice, p,trif. , philanthropists, and even Chrutiaus, will not faii to rcuiemWr tha invaluable invaluable services of tha sword, in the aw of truth and liberty; they will rHnmnix-r that it wrung tli grett C7.or.Vr ('.-A Hlghl from th-- hands of an oL.n-0 oL.n-0 tte Kirij.'; ihey will remember that, ia iht rasp uf aa .inexorable pf-pple, the sord p:-r:Htiatcd their rishti a. the block, where C'f.Hr'cs the First j-t h.3 hfai! Com lag Uotvn to our nti day Bnd tins., the-lirp logic ( tfi i awoii hn soivid with its trenchant b:ov.-tt the Grardian knot of Sou theru Iudt-l';wud encfc! The pen did ita work is tL- grt ting up of tlai rebeiiioa, by Iiistruci" ins the Southern min-1 md SHi" the Southern heart," but Grunt, tb'it !ii'uiT' Sheridan, Thomas, Farragatacd oti.-'i fey tne use of the sword,' hava l'riitt the Southern people to condid' seii- Ously whether of hot "the triumphs of peace arj greattr thn the triumphs of far." . , . ' i Gentlemen, your amende! couslitu tion wipe out the institution of slavery, slavery, and denies to the Legislature, in all time to come, tho right to recoguua property i man. , In this sweeping act pt emancips-tion you have, in due thnc, kbated a nuis&uce which for years pat has obstructed all tL? avenues to ari- jcuituriil, mechanic!, . manufa.cturmg, aiia ciuumwciAi tevW)pujeni. tu mis emergency, tlie rtuty ot pro6!jv action becomes imperative; ai evt-a ta ad-vocittaa ad-vocittaa of fcraduial emancipatioa icfl means the wraduai puttin? tti'-rai of the rebellion found themselves iV-vwieps in the claims of a higher civil and Stito necessity, trhicb dematid the provupt ahstcaentirof -the- evil Tit authors tit this -ebe!lioa were told that in the , Union and vmlcr the ConL ;u tion their slave property was safe, aul thatituld.tio bfistjinywhero elst. Xot one vear elatisnd nfirr 4!in sav c'oinmeecea, iel'oTe'" the "Inst ituuonof slavery, -ia all. tha. border Sl.ae. became became utterly Hleniofalir?d. ;The owrper lost ajl -control over Lin nlaves and the slave, ktivr o( mtt (if tto X'i-ttt and fi-uMl urltheinsfiMtion,' has ".either ceeu xtuunutng si Waii or inif 4irvutj. The LLitory past show to ev ery candid mind that slavery has con ferred no benefits upon Tenu.taf.see.- it baa been a stumbling block In the way of her advancement Her people have felt the atTacts of its degr&dlnx ir.Ha- ence, and her growthcd pror-perity have been retarded by tiiat-erclusioa-from her borders of both c.riul and eaucatea laoor. - ' ' ; . r One of the signs of the ti'mw i, lhat the natural features of tho Southern States are now every where expatiated upon, in order that enterprising emi-granU emi-granU may, ba led'to come among as, j and add to our capital and euterpriao. Ten riecseer holds- out- induebmenu 'oi welthy aud industrious emigrant, that ( no other border Stale otit-rs. The noil, from Johnson to Shelby, possesses extraordinary extraordinary fertility ; it abounds in ' clear and delightful gushing stream ; its mineral wealth' of coal, iron, lead, zinc, copper and other valuable pro-, ducts, is inexbausUble. lt climate is' mild and salubrious, avoiding the extremes extremes ef both .North and South, and affording remunerative markets for everything everything grown upon our proliCo soil. Land is cheap, and by no means di'li-cult di'li-cult to clear. .'o State is so admirably adapted for tho growth - of cereals ftuiU, grapes, ca,ttle, sheep, hogs, horses and-wtule. . The winters are short, and generally so mild that stock may run out without particular c.iro. The sum; merj are Xree from the iutense hcat-of the Gulf .States, and the entire State abounds with valuable mineral springs, mapy uir, phich tar handsomely iu-i proved, and before the Rebellion, were places of populor tesort ; Tho sign of the times indicate very clearly that the war ia about drawing to a close ; that the rebels are exhausted; exhausted; that their Commissariat has no food, and their Treasury no money; that their army is melting awa by desert tionsand by deaths on the battle fu Id, and that there are no materials left with which to tilt up their depleted ranks. In ahort, there is every thing to encourage the fronds of tha Union, as they enter upon ths summer campaign; but there ia also every thing to admonish admonish us that we must gird 3purelvts for our best efforts. " The ho.rdst work, nay, the bloodiest work of the war, is in all probability ahead of u, i rid; dinjr our country of guerrillas, robbers, and professional thieves. . . ... - j a iJl l v But. gentlemen, this greit c?r.H.ct bAs lad lu useful lessons. We under' land now the full meaning I tnat Bbontiaabl doctrine of ,laute Sover- ienty," the southern interpretation oi which has involved ua in mi our trou bles. ""For thirty years past, tne uu-qUitous uu-qUitous phrase of "State Sovereignty, ' has worked its way into public document, document, political speeches .and jil. forrus into, every treasonable dail and weakly journal of tne country, and finally into tho conmron latig'.iage of the honest people untir it was uik-deretood uik-deretood to mean that thaie waj no other ' 'sovereignty r in .Amenc. -iu State Soverrl.nty that the greatest Bi mount bf this wa Uxlged in the Cotton States, and that white verhey resoiji d to do, it was xnarvT-iiouaaiy proper te nerform i Lven la .he pnlpiU-.-ot tii South, the changes were rung upra the mischievous doctrine of -"StaU-Sover-eignty," backed -up by the AinUruu'led Influence of the worst c!as of rues that have made tracks upon South.-i B aoil &vmiV prs-f-a-s. And thin the treasonable dtiii'.nne of "bUi over-eiirnVy" over-eiirnVy" has gradu.-diy been undsrruin- ina the I mots Hr wore than thirty ,- i 1- Tt Tears, autt m my nuuiuie tur x aic opposed it that long. "7 When applied simply to the author- LtvofAii'ate over. her own d.wirstic ail'air,'s,nd Vocal institutions, the doo- trine is sound, Aiiougn even men, word tavcrJjH signifit-s U1 much. . IJow pdicalous the idea it, of a sovereign mmber of the Federal Yhion, existiu without authority to declare war, or to conclude a treaty of peace to con tract ariimceu, to levy duties an i lm-norts. lm-norts. or even ta coin monty ! This u sovereignty wiih a vengeance, ana i , . . - . Jearee l fcovereiguty U.at 13 Dot uxeiy ta bold the nations of ths erih in awe, while their everal rxwr lets sovereigns confederata to overthrow a truly eov- ereign po-vr, ao-t acuu-ve their boat- ed mdepenuenoe I hold that, under the Con-ttitution of the United MW, ther?f em but one SovrBKit.S Acthoritt, nd to tnat all Stale SjTeiUtUr artf uuoruinate Hence. I am not one of those wn wl.o are alarmed at the powers aunied t y the Federal Government at this tiiu,-, regarding them as a departure from (.arme nrettWonia. .. .'A iat ci w,.r fire,! nton the country, by a set of bid men in reteli:on, callir.2 fr t! a-a.ro.i,-v of lhWbol? W&T L-OKPr Ot tli at innal ' Government N far from finding fault with the National Aduiir. iatratiin for the exercise of tltr allegird slarllicg powers, I have felt in rUni to -rrambie that we k.ve had n.ore of the same sort. Tii r -al people have notiuad any fnotiotis com-pla.nts com-pla.nts as to the liberties of th (OJn-try (OJn-try Laiiig - ndACgered by th-r.o en-croajchneaaU en-croajchneaaU on U.epa.rt of the General Government, but hsve sustained 1 Admicistrrtion with preat unan.mity. If JaraADythln in pohtlc, I come under the heated j peUaatu. u cf a F,l-er.tlirt. F,l-er.tlirt. came fiven t- th f-iec It of the Couatitation c-f the United S ties at it formation and adoption, and to the political party Uiat fivore i th Administration Administration of President WaLitiiz'on the most pure and patriotic party thavt ever esirtea in Americs,. 1 hope 1 may be all'owedto repeat, w.thout Aubie.ctir- mvetf to the charfe of ecoti:n, th.it 1 as've all my Ufa long Leen Federal Whig, of the MMhingtoa and iiamil- t & acht5ot I m the advocate of a conc Feuerel GoverCaie-t, e u p,5r accepubleto the fastidiocs. cf a sfrnnj Ctnfral Gjirnnent, able to maintain maintain iu -Lenity, to assert ita authority, and toenrsh out any rebellion that miy be iaaugura el- Such a GoveTi-iniut GoveTi-iniut a'i this is whht we want, and what we must hava. wina Utopia powers ito !mUin itself, having due regard for the wutttitmious.! fihtt "of the Ststee wlixhare dearly deunedanclsu'iEcient-ly deunedanclsu'iEcient-ly f aarded.-- i have oewr been a aSt--..d, hut at all times a- KatiniU Hiov supporting men tor th Presidency and ice Piv-idency without any regard to which side ut' Mnoa and Dixon s line they wre Iwu or resided at the time of thtir nomination. I am for doing what every ArucricAn citi. en should fet j-repared to do villi villi ai KTjvm and d; for America, as she i-oind hiis bepn. bat - America' without tbe Federal Union,"and bligh, ruin and deray conifi upon i and we bid ft fareweil to the List remnant of earth's b -'anty, sad the liht of civil and reli- , gious l.bcrty ! ... Who iiiiorig us., gentlemen, or our I geuerauon, 011 eatimatw the value of tLe Ameriea Union? Proud, happy, turu &-h;aj.y, AumricA ! the home of ti e ppj ros-od, the asylum of the emi priint, wLtre tha citizen of every cliine and tho rhilil of every creed, roam free and untrammelled as the wild winds of l.rt&veu ! B.tptiied at the fountof Liberty Liberty iA tire and blood, during our Revo lutionary struggle, cold must be the heart that jhnii. nct at the name of the Ar.iprican Union. ' U hen the Old World, psith uall It pom,!, aud pride, antl circumsUnce," : n I the mal ceo'itBmjnarchiej towards our (iovemisiuut, shaia be covered with oblivion when tl rones shall have crumbled and dynasties shall have been forgotten may this glorious L iiion, despito tha mad schemes of Southern tire-eaters, and Northern Coppt rhei'Ls, stand amid regal ruin and nanonal dueolation,. towering sublime, liate the hist mountiin in the Deluge majestic, immutable and magnificent In pursuance of this, let every loyal man who loves his country and her in stitutions, shake oil' the trammels of Southern treason, nnd swear npon the alur of his couutry, ia the language of that innexible pat.-iot of the Hermitage Hermitage " Tan FtOiRAi. Uxiosr, it sirsT asd SHALL l:E PRESERVKD." Then We shall see every heart a shield, and a drawn sword iu every hand to preserve the ark of our political safety. Then we shall see reared ft fabrio unon our National CousUtulhin, which time can not crumble, persecution shake, fanaticism fanaticism disturb, nor revolution change, but which shall stand among us like our I city ant stupendous Lookout Mountain, while the earth rocks at its feet, and the thunder peals above ita bead. In conclusion, eer.tlaraon, allow me to say, that this stWou of the Legislature will be oueot vital importance. Grave questions will be agitate1!, discussea, and passed upon. Bat I leave for a future and oilicial communication, the mention of measures proper for your consideratiou. Antl may the blessings of our Heavenly Father attend your deliberations while here, and may the guidance of the Unseen Hand preserve your families in your absence ; may your legislation prove. - salutary ; and may your soln-iety,' morality, iudustry and pati iotism, win for you the merited commeudation of "well done, good and faithful servants." , , At the ceremonies of the inaugural the hall was crowded. The invited oi!ieer3 and their f tatls were seated in a semi circle in front of the Speaker's pUti'orfn. Behind the bar, and in the galleries, every incli of space wa3 occupied occupied ; a number of ladies were, seated iu the gallery to the right of the Speaker's Speaker's desk. The delivery of the inaugural address address was interrupted by frequent bursts of applause. The menttou of General Thomas invoked earnest marks of approbation. At the conclusion of the inaugural address, General Thomas tuouuted tha platform and warmly sh tok hands with t'ue Governor. The Legislature took a recess to give the members opportunity to pay their respects to the Governor ' At th.j ooncluiioa-of the recess, the rM-tH!or retiri-d to the IlalL Mr. Hood otVered a resolution for the appointment ot a joint Committee of the two houses to wait upon the Governor, Governor, and learn from him whether he h-.aS any communicjtion to make to the Legislature. The resolution was adopted. adopted. A messenger from the Senate, was r po.t d, then the Senatejhsd adopted the KiM -reolution as the one adopted by tho House upon the subject of the slavery amen Imtt to the IT. 8. Cou-stituii Cou-stituii n. The Home adjourned until this morn ing at 10 o'clock;. . - r-:i rmji ft r.- a.1 J' t WHOLESALE ' :-- " AND - Ci l JLO C E Yt X E , J a- Fruits sr.d Coafcctionories, t ' . SUTLEM'S SUPPLIES, YANKEE' NOTIONS, , , , &-c Ar., A C, 1 NO. 1 SOITH (I1EUUY STUF.ET, (,.ppoite itinera! ta.litfery, ro?tOV.,) IVn-Hlavillc, Tenn. ItrtmLD Cll.l. TIIF. ATTK.N'WN OF THK f iliK-ni of N t-hr 111 ao.i H-io:ty, to th (ar t th.i he I,h- in rUw iar aad bhIi -lem4 Hurt ol th n'tfive nntid hrt --lii. all of ahu'hwill t ai' 1 at r-i.tiy ri,lui'frf1 prii'e.a. V .ji;l 1 '. u ,o.ul at'ention to our etjtk of G-BOCSRIES t'OlM.'l!! Of Wiiito & Brown Sugars, LHKEt AXD BLACK TF t, t.OI DK (j k RI P, MOltiwElj, anaravr Cared Hana, Baakerg aad W eitere Rearrta raewee. Vtv Uo tep r.l!i!!y on han t Choice Roll Butler, Etc- OHIT H Uli Ea.e70S.ED Tt) 11 OSIC I11.1I ruuUful (olor, lUldBfts Fre-vrnlcfia Fre-vrnlcfia "in.l )o" "fair ("mor tWcre?" ' Iv-r, ii-n" "Ma r i .r Kw-4irr "t i iimKio" Nk T7. "Hvr (m mh 'r -..a.!..o " "lii-ir... h li.r." "loivioit" -Hir t'-t-r K aaorer " ll 1. -riooiy ka ,1 n r.-tor-r t-f '-vwr aui prrlB-t h-rdre ni-m. ti-.l I "a-'r r.f. rij;ol. t'Gm i,.iifv-"ii -I iu ir:,-t cou:' r;fy a "h mo aem ,-i;.-U i j t: Is i n-ea if I l.-:'ll:- t a ra. a --u-re ,-t I-t mi-r ri'V. It I no a dyr ivn i iit, r nftct, of tilt hnml k vaf wMP fw T wTl XktvUi Ifai , p, r. ii c- vi l p-ne-. . b- f f, kv; tfi !T Vilf, i:V-i"', IT fi ll ft at -iaPT H i tAfX l.'J fcp- rvr'. tr-yh.y jrta.?!, u4 0 rr u.&a( 4 hs to Min'.r, , ami AVoriiA.ft ct&Tinrtr. 1 Baue-.aa ,a. V I aW aa, .'. iuw4- "I avtV W rj I tvi" dry fti'l h-vtv., Mi Slitig; otf, rotr t-vr. t-vr. fw-H ari sbpwcjt Ismh ; Ltie tl4a4-t'ft .:-ti i-nrl, n-'i lh rvp aui trt Haa?; rHtf. i J,,, j i ' t- i so tt- t ', i-, nM color, so l i i'r-r' .:ir.ry4M tu up to ami who r a-trtKW ol rtAVti i aWeaVui. bMa ot rout. Mil. Mut Cmb-rtHirg, fcL. t.Jt. ..4. f.-.;i by Jt,feiTj 3;. .su, jSaxyAiu-et, By Afternoon Tbe Flshting; at Noble Coadaet Eelel General A. Capture or Lee's EepafcUeaa Major - Mllaak!e- E!s!.op Froia What, bhernan XiiT Touk, April 5. eor-respoadent ha ths operatoiD : ' 5S.'xot nimtiOr.Oa Wilcox bad oniers ta right of ths lian, a to the left preparatory to qnartar. The next tor and all tb artillery right were, set at wort. boa was i ranee i. Tha and soma sharp volleys heard, indijiing they the coite and inv keof the pushed oa, till tliey of Petersburg, when body of rebels idveu-iag bribk engngement followed, numbers wers so stuaUl that eompola-ed w wilhdraw. IVilrox then got orders Ma-lose ou tbe lef. He the pttrpoae. Whilo this siiutlar dispotitia were to the left, and a yatni haV-1 been agreed upon to starticf, that all might aimuila-neotuly. Om-iuj to a mitt the field, prepnrstiom had from tha enemy. At 4 o'clock aig-aal waa advaacal quickly and with fixed bayonet. etay was indicated by by a detachment of prepared ts turn and work Presently musketry waa pioket line was reaebed. cheer, followed by the The ckoeriug and musketry up and ruua along to the ia th diaianea. Instantly both sides is ai work And forth their thunders, but quickly done. Oceanian of th acting Brigadier General, rhargs up, and A ray the over breastwork, che-VAUgh de freiie, ths into the min works, and ae-uocnpliishaJ. For ouo dcratiuck rebel looked but our boys were too captured two hundred guns wera found ia the turned and set at work, batteries. This, with tha operations further to tha tine in two, took from them position and a large artillery. Scan-ely were aession of the tort when reorganized their forcet reinf.irr-eii.eoU, com Dp- effort to rttak it. They por to aaaiulilog party , manfully against terrific and (annister and musketry, but it was to time during tha day did reuie this important time sent reeliiig tack heavily each l.uaa. It isaulU thst rebel General his life, aet-kiuK in perion. tip tn the work 1. 2-alh eorp haviog broken line in their front were their rear and coming and flank, it was evident was lost to retell ion. oth cor pt wera ao rapid aeif narrowly etcaped his Qead-iuatrlers fall into Tribune's correspondent erations oa our left, at Ing, the tvib corps left ita enemy, leil and centre. echelon so a to (nub's tha forward iu left and Hank a. enemy, on a.ter another, soon after a battery of tha Ut ririin, but by tha lt Brigade, il wa captured. Tha batteries of from every point, but on brave. The loll aooa in their front, aad oca by oar hand. At 10.34 a war prelected iteelf. with its .left ia advance on toward two heavy The rebel plied their and shells bunt thickly puahed th left division ttaiuih.id Kadread and fur-, swept th 2d division forts from the, r command incessantly, utt-1 our man them, then A dash wa worka, but it waa . - .1 . :. trtei,SAl mil iiine i. to reaoiute were th rebel ef theru wur bayoaeled. aa theoa work fail into cheer rent lj air, eoon baalily retiring lo which ppend sharply our advance. About this peared oa tb field. lie loud cheering by ths apis h en wi-.a great mo-meat trur eiiUte line wa front to the r gbt, sad broken line ef the enemy upon thir rer def.acee. lo which tbe fell back u i.tcbed, eoutpoacd 6th aad loth corp, troops a lull look place. Wot a the lores wa it wa p'.ain that a fought, dauk alol over attack waa deferred for While tha above nlace. the i.ii eoroa, Sheridan, tu-tavi the bel army, taaing from prisoners. Th Id eorp ths right of tha tih. nelithataadng they roughest grennd to Cght and delcrmiaed foe ia Tha lino ef defence eorp tu stmBier thaa Hnt Tl f..!iVMrM.i fentaa, but unaui W d.via.i.n ef ths 13ih greatly. Stv Yv, April faia.iy of alsj-sr (earal ao. killed but hoped beV'i-a retarver. Advice 'rom ti.l OnerU SherJiaa . a", v jL ri .iAa-SaJl f 1. '- tr. f..S- i

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  • Tennesse General Assembly Ratifies 13th Amendment to U.S. Constitution which abolishes slavery

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