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Ralph A. Faller news article - 1951 D- tr^;n[jtt- - i n M l K t of Ihc r » h...
1951 D- tr^;n[jtt- - i n M l K t of Ihc r » h ' i l l . Jlr. ar..| i . l J. Crown. St. Mary's Parish Gives Clothing For Korean Tots The Initial contribution of clothing to the Gftbrc^Xl Orpharu' Benefit F'und hw tatn prrm-nlcd by the parlflhlonpj» of St. Mary'u church^ 1 l t o mark und .Jam« n r n of t h e Htv. notfrt J. Howie, pulor ol o Crui'n church, hiift nl^lil t r a n a - sli lar^e boxe-j of cloLMng, colkctcil by ' parlflhlonciB, to , 'ocal liciulriuartcm /or the drive. Committee , oven^helmed at the -rcoponie ahown by Ih* C.'rosvn church members, at-iled Rev T!owea had tipearheadcd Ihe clo- I h l n K drive In liU pariah hecalnf "Col. CJabrcwlcl did me a favor a ono time." To dale, several local organlza tlor.ri and Individuate:, I n c l u d i n g i veteran of tlie Korean conflict Imve made liberal caali contrllm tlona to p u r c h u e clolhlni; for the air Korean youngtitrrji of nn or near Col. F. .S. In Kojta. LTfcbla afefne v.ay." * h» poor XW» are all underfed, marine rtUcan of JO ytara said. f« roported thai In an amazingly horl llrne tho IO'.IA o.' one orphan- ,ge dropped from approximately 'X) chljdrfn to "aJwut 600." The . . ,th»r, died « malnu-riiion. A lo«l , aa a reeuli f an automobile ace!- THe peopls of Oil City ehould d e n t j n eal]« whaL ln!a drlvo w-111 mean o the ori.harji 'adopted' by Col Jamen 1ai*rc*i'.l'a outfit, 11 HZ(. Faller ffaid, nd. ho added, "I, personally, v,-ould , , lite lo ice ll go over in a b!g way. The series r.t, father of ihrtt children hlnueLT, returned home ar.d for the firrtl lime flaw Ms youngest child, Hartma Sue Fal!cr. 11 months old. J[la two other led involved slern are Richard, four, a/id ICathyi 3 1 Ann, wo and a hall. HU wire u,! the former Berntcc J f r k o , Itr of Mr. and Mr,. Jc^ph Jer.o M a f Inn'ji «t., and Sxt. Faller la tho jwn of -Mra. A n n a Kaller ar.d tho ate Norbert FiiJIrr of -111 plunnncr at. ( 'llie aevcre w i n t e r w e j l commenlfd, la one of the rr.cwt at 01 loun affllfjtlMia of t h e Wfl.r-ravajr.ed "" country'n people 1 . UP t h i l the temperaturc rangea In tlie zero bracket most of the vsHnti-r and In some aren.i urofti well b*lo-y that Tho campaign wa» I n j i l l t u t c d ' m:irlt. lie- B^W action -^lth the tmrlneJ n Korea, aa v/cll an during ere by Mayor William A. -Morck ollowlng a ro'iuctft from col. (Jci- res'tl, local air ace, for Itclji In the (orcan orplmnago which lite 51ut ntertoptor Fighter Wing adopted. Ono of t l l o moaL rccenl dcmar* to lie campaign was Marine Corpa Ralph A. Waller, son of Ira. Anna Faller and the l u t e Not- iert Falter of 111 PJummor at. "f'vo neen the n o r r o w f u l i.lluht of lie-so pcor clil!dren first hand," the marlno who r e t u r n e d Wednealay 'rom Korea jald, "nnd I can honcal- y nay 1 wiw never more deeply noved by anything." "Pklure If you can," re Slid, "i homcle-Ji. orphaned flvu-y?or-o!d girl or boy. w a n d e i l n s nki:lcMly a-f/out and clad only In n dlsc.lrdcd burlap b.lg In a futile attempt to ward off 7tro [ c m n e r a l u r i , anil you have a good Idea of th: rondl'.io- of hundreds o f IhMe poor children. 1 Sgt. Faller, who a?ent the World War II. He cMerod t h e Ice In August of 1611. Sgt. Faller went Into Korea al i:«ui and pushed northward wllJi hlfl unit Ju«i'. about a« far aa any of t h e UN Iroopi h a v e Ijy participated In the tory-onkins I n c h o n Invasion, wan at Wonsan and Yang p G n(1 d look p:\rt In tbe pro'.ectlon of troopd evacuated at Hungnam. He wan attached to the "Devll- cat" sfjuaiiron of M t r l n e S'juadron Xo. 212. HLa aervlcc bars Include tho fol- luwln);: Army diHtlngu^ed u n i l enjjlem; commendation mpclal \vlth combol "V for action at Sfottl; bronze a'.ar rnedal; preeldenllal u n cllntlon; navj- unit citation; pood conduct with :-A-O «'.ara; American thc.ltre, American dofenec, jlslatlc- J. Marine l returned d montha In Korea, Mid t h n t one P.iclfJc that lmprcj**cd him J five engaeemenU; victory medal moat upon hla return to Oil Clt Philippine liberation and Korean service with two palgn w«J under way to help the for Inchon Invasion nnd Comaiun- urphanetl c h i l d r e n of that countrj c h i l d r e n have h n r d l y them tiny Jilnd of clothu at Wlllo-A- Grove. Pa., I --or clo:h and they 1

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