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Boston Strangler  - 27, 1962 STRANGLER, HOMICIDAL MANIAC Killer...
27, 1962 STRANGLER, HOMICIDAL MANIAC Killer Pulls Fog of Fear Over Boston BOSTON (AP) -- Like a fog creeping inland from the harbor, a clammy fear pervades much of Boston. It's like the anxiety London knew 74 years ago when Jack the Ripper was on the prowl. Here it's the Boston strangler. He has already killed half a dozen women, and he may strike again. The greatest concentration of police in the history of the department department has been assigned to the case, but they don't know whom they are looking for. They have no tangible clues. But if the identity remains concealed, concealed, the type of mind involved is pretty comprehensively deduced by psychiatrists. They believe the strangler is probably in his 30s, of at least average intelligence, and holds down a steady job. Maybe goes bowling with his colleagues · once a week. / Up to this point he's like thousands thousands among the two million people people in and around Boston. The synthetic thaws, air. It's a Sellout On Book by Cancer Child LONDON (AP) -- The book that a dying child completed the day before her death from cancer has become an overnight best seller. "We have been flooded with requests requests for copies," a spokesman for Britain's Imperial Cancer Research Research Fund said today. The book is "Snowy and the Christmas Foal." The author was Suzanne Reynolds, aged 10. difference is that in this man, a periodic mental explosion makes him a homicidal maniac with ah irresistible urged to kill. Investigators feel sure one man is responsible for the six strang- lings since June 14. The last occurred occurred Aug. 20. Inevitably, his dark doings recall recall the London maniac who Dripped or slashed the throats of ^at least seven victims. He killed only women. The ripper.was never caught, and investigators of that time theorized he was a respectable surgeon or businessman with a Jekyll-Hyde complex. The same theory of split personality personality is held strongly by investigators investigators in the Boston murders. murders. His victims, too, have all been women, ranging from 55. to 75 in age. All lived alone, five in Bos- tton and one in Lynn about 12 miles to the north. All were killed in their own homes but in no instance was there evidence of forced entry. Robbery was not a motive. The time of the killings has been established in each case as shortly shortly before 6 p.m. Dr. Robert W. Hyde, assistant to the Massachusetts commissioner commissioner of mental health, says: "Perhaps he is on his way home from work. If he finished work ·at 5 p.m. he. could make such an excursion w i t h o u t altering his timetable too greatly. Perhaps he could not leave his home without ' arousing suspicion," The terror began Thursday, June 14. At 5:30 p.m., Mrs. Anna E. Slesers, 55-year-old divorcee, was seen entering her third floor apartment in the Back Bay after her day's work as a seamstress. Two hours later her son arrived to take his mother to services at the Latvian Lutheran Church.- He found her body on the kitchen floor. She was wearing only a housecoat, its cord knotted around, her neck. Sixteen days later, on June 30, Mrs. Nina G. Nichols, aged 68, was found strangled with :her own nylon stocking on the bedroom floor of her Commonwealth Avenue Avenue apartment about eight'blocks away. On July 2, neighbors discovered the body.of Miss Helen E.,Blake, 65, on the bedroom floor of her apartment in Lynne. She had been dead about two days. Strangled with her bra and stocking. A week later, the killer struck again. His victim was Mi's. Margaret Margaret Davis, 60, a w i d o w , strangled, with bare hand's in the room of a South End hotel she called home. Then more than a month passed. On Aug. 19, widowed Mrs. Ida Irga, 75, had a visitor to her Beacon Hill fifth floor apartment. He left her dead on a chair, a pillow case pulled tightly around her neck. A day later, Mrs. Jane Sullivan, Sullivan, 67, was strangled in the bathtub, of her Dorchester district apartment. Her body was found 10 days later. Of the six victims, three had worked in hospitals and two others- had been to hospitals as patients not long before their deaths. · · An exhaustive study of all present present and former male employes of Boston hospitals has turned up no clue to the killer. One theory publicly expressed is that the killer is a former mental mental patient with a deep resentment resentment for his mother, thus the selection selection of elderly women as his victims. Dr. Robert F. Moore, another assistant to the Massachusetts mental health" commissioner, says, however: "The theory is good, but it is difficult to screen the population of our state institutions for individuals individuals who hate their mothers. Such a search is like looking for a small needle in a huge haystack. haystack. "In a d d i t i o n , the strangler might be a man who never has been hospitalized -- an ordinary looking fellow who takes, the subway subway to work every morning and bowls one "night a week with the office team. "He may not be considered psychotic psychotic by people who know him." Fifty-five Boston police detectives detectives were assigned to track down the strangler. That was one of the largest concentrations of plainclothesmen plainclothesmen assigned to a single case in a city which has known such investigations as the $1,219,000 $1,219,000 Brink's robbery. As the terror spread among el- Between Toes? To quickly relieve and remove remove thorn, use the special size Dr. Scholl's Zinc-pads for corns between toes. At Drug, Dopt., S-lOj! Stores. D^Schotlls Zino-pads derly women who live alone, the posse was increased to 150 detectives. detectives. They give some measure of comfort to the lonely women who fear they could be next. CAUL BY HUNDRED The women, however, call police police by the hundreds for special security instructions or to report prowlers. Locksmiths say they've done landoffice business in locks and security chains. The Animal Rescue League and the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Hospital report hundreds of pleas for dogs, especially of the larger breeds, to serve as watchdogs for old and late middle aged women. For days the Boston Record i American carried this appeal on i its news pages: "To the killer: "Don't kill again. Come to us for help, "You are a sick man. You know it. The public knows it Most of all, the doctors know it. "Everyone knows that what you have done you did under compulsion compulsion of an inner emotional urge that you find uncontrollable. They know you try to fight it. They know that what you do you are sorry for doing, until the irresistible irresistible urged awakens again . . . ". . . Come in and talk with us. We'll give you all the aid we can through doctors, lawyers and police . . ." But so far, just silence. And fear in Boston. ?, FARES TO THE FAIR REDUCED liil STARTING; ' 1 Special World Fair round trip exoi'r* MOD fares slashed! .Complete ticket and lodgings reservations .serviteJ 1 y**"*« '. "* ^ '' t Plenty of rooms froip $7iOO single«*· "$10.00 double; can TRAf IWAYS 2483 Grant Ave. EX 3-6868

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 27 Sep 1962, Thu,
  3. Page 8

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