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 - SYNOPSIS: Michael hat §r- rived in Santa Land...
SYNOPSIS: Michael hat §r- rived in Santa Land in the mldit of a crisis. A very old man named Coitenbricker has put Santa's elves and reindeer to sleep. He refuses to awaken them until Santa produces a black pearl. Unless the elves are awakened, Santa will have no presents to deliver for Christmas. Christmas. CHAPTER SIX THE SLEEPING ELVES "My elves never sleep at this time of year!" exclaimed Santa. "They have to work day and night or we'd never be ready for Christmas." "They are asleep now," said Costenbricker, calmly tapping his parasol against his heel. "It's true," cried Mrs. Santa. "I've seen them myself! Oh, it's awful!" She began to flap her apron more wildly than ever. ' "Then I'll wake them!" said Tough Grain Ship Limps Into Port SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich (AP) — The Canadian grain freighter Starbelle, a tough little lady of the sea, limped safely into port here Friday night 12 hours after a storm on treacher Lake Superior cracked her and deck. The 250-foot, 47-year-old Star belle passed through the Soo Locks about midnight to drop an chor after battling down from mid-lake under her own power was escorted by a pair of Cjast Guard cutters. The grain carrier, less than half size of many of the freighters which ply the Great Lakes trade routes, had sent out a trouble call when vertical cracks developed developed on both sides of her hull a transverse gash opened in superstructure deck Capt. D.H. McFarland, reported his vessel the 20 crewmen were in no immediate danger unless the cracks opened. The 18-inch long, 1-inch wide in the hull plates were above water line. The Starbelle was empty and rode high out of the water. As a precaution, McFarland had crew -tie one-inch wire mooring lines across the main deck to the strain off the cracked plates. The Starbelle was near mid riding upbound, when the cracks were discovered. McFarland ordered the freighter put to return to Sault Ste. Marie and radioed his predicament. The Coast Guard sent out two cutters, Naugatuck and Tamarack met the Starbelle at the entrance to Whitefish Bay about miles northwest of the locks. The oast Guard air station Traverse City, Mich., on northern Lake Michigan sent an am phibian aircraft to the scene. The circled above the stricken maintaining contact with her the base. The Starbelle, owned by K. A. Powell Ltd., of Winnipeg, Man., one of the last vessels on lakes in the final days of the current shipping season. The season usually closes about 15. At this time of year, lakes are especially dangerous, subject to sudden, vicious -torms which can snap a freighter Only a week ago, a Liberian freighter ran aground in Lake Michigan during a storm. She was turned over to a salvage firm after her crew was taken off five days later when the storm subsided. subsided. Kennedy Children To Stay In Fla. PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) Jacqueline Jacqueline Kennedy plans to keep her two children tucked away in this Florida resort until she and her husband move into the White House. Now that she has her 15-day- old son, John F. Kennedy Jr., and 3-year-old daughter, Caroline, ou of the Washington spotlight, she wants to keep it that way. The children will -stay here un til after inauguration, according lo Kennedy confidantes. Mrs. Kennedy may be back in Washington before that, but no the youngsters, who have sepafaU nurses. The First-Lady-to-be has some dates in Washington— a Jan. 18 reception for prominent Demo cratic women and the inaugura; ceremonies, including the inaugural inaugural ball. For the trip from Washington John Jr., bundled snugly in a white blanket, was carried aboard he president-elect's private plane >y a new family nurse, gray- laired Elsie Phillips of Kensington, Kensington, Md. The plane cabin was pressurized at 3,500 feet for the four-hour light at 12,000 feet altitude—and :he baby made the trip without a murmur in bassinet. A Santa crossly. "This will never do." He rushed from the house with Michael and Mrs. Santa at his heels and Costenbricker shuffling shuffling along ten paces behind. "I don't believe it, I don't believe believe it," muttered Santa as he ran puffing through the snow drifts. But when he threw open the door of the workshop he saw that it was true: every little worker worker was fast asleep. Michael stared about him in dismay. dismay. The doll makers lay limply among heaps of painted heads and rubber bodies looking themselves themselves like dolls someone had forgotten forgotten to finish. The drum-mak ers slept curled in their drums. The firecracker experts made sputtering noises as they snored at their benches. Muffin, the whistle-maker, lay in a corner and snorted as he breathed in and whistled as he breathed out. Toy wagons were loaded with napping elves and Gilbert, the stilt .- maker, slepl among the rafters where he'd dozed off while trying out some high stilts. "Wake up, wake up!" cried Santa rushing from table to table. He pounded on the backs of the Mng e ] veSj shook their shoul- shouted in their ears. Noth- u. 0 would wake them. Santa turned on Costenbricker. "What's- the meaning of this? What have you done?" "He's cast a spell," moaned Mrs. Santa. "He came in here and said some magic words and they all fell asleep. Oh, what's to become of us?" "Now, now," said Costenbrick- er, settling down with a sigh into a half finished doll's chair. "There's nothing to get overwrought overwrought about. When you have a pink and white •bottle of formula lelped keep him content. Mrs. Kennedy had a busy firs day out of the hospital since the birth of the baby. Shortly after reaching her leorgetown home she went to the White House for a visit with Mrs Eisenhower and discussion of the household changeover schedulec 'or Jan. 20. gotten me my black pearl I will say some more words and all your little workers will wake up and do even better work for having having had such a good rest." "Where would I get a blac pearl?" demanded Santa. "If the rarest gem in the world." •«f know where (here is one, said Costenbricker. "It belongs t me." "Then why do you come t me?" "Because, unfortunately, my pearl lies at the bottom of th> sea and alas! I cannot swim and am too old to learn. But you can doa nything, go anywhere, and sc you can get my pearl!" "What makes you think your pearl is in the ocean?" Costenbricker pulled a crumplec map from his pocket and pointed :o an X which marked a spot in a southern sea. "Centuries ago, a ship sank on this very spot and treasure that was on her is on her still." "Bosh! How do you know that's true?" "Because," said Costenbricker iwirling his parasol. "I was on he ship and the pearl was mine When the ship went down I float ;d away in an empty keg but the pearl stayed behind. It was a gem of great worth. Whoever carries t stays young forever. I am ol( now, my hands tremble, my mind wanders, I forget things I used to enow. I must have the pearl to restore my youth." "It's impossible!" cried Santa, 'I cannot get it for you. Neither I nor any other elf can go into the sea!" Costenbricker's eyes widened in astonishment. "I didn't know that! Oh dear, what shall I do now?' "You'll say the words that wil waken my workers, that's whal you will do," said Santa indignantly. indignantly. "Yes, yes," nodded Costenbrick- T vaguely. "There's certainly no reason to keep them asleep if you can't help me." He scratched thoughtfully at his jald head and gazed up at the ceiling. Three times he opened his mouth to speak and three times ie shut it again. His shoulders be;an be;an to droop. He looked very ad. Finally he sighed heavily and aid, "I'm sorry, I can't remem jer the words." (Tomorrow: Michael's Plan) "The ship carrying the pearl went down," he said.

Clipped from
  1. The High Point Enterprise,
  2. 10 Dec 1960, Sat,
  3. Page 10

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