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Kreider Family Data:  21 Apr 1900; colume 2 - scriptions from the old tombstone?, f ist going...
scriptions from the old tombstone?, f ist going to decay and ruin by negi'iit - ?ome even now illegible copied lor preservation. From time to time it is proposed to furnish these for "Notes and Querk's," where those interested in the genealogy of their own or other familiar, rernot.eiv or closely allied, may find the names of many of the path - finders in Central Pennsylva nia. Among the earliest of the Swiss families to settle in the Province of Pennsylvania was that of the Kreiders. Jacob Kreider, with his family, came to America, prior to the year 1717, and settled on the Cones - tcga, in Chester, subsequently Lancaster county, whither Funks, Kendigs, Brubak - ers and others had preceded. Jacob Kreider's farm lay to the southwest and part of it is now embraced in the city of Lancaster. He was a Mennonite in religion, of his wife and children little has been preserved. He had a sin John, from whom most of thos? hereafter mentioned are descended. As previous' y stated, tha information given is chiefly obtainable from ehurchvard inscriptions. Kreider, Tcbias. b. March 23. 1734; d. July 31, 1S06. He was a son of John, tha son of Martin, who was the son of Jacob Kreider, the emigrant. Kreider, Magdalena., wf. of Tobias; d. May 16, 1822. Kreider, Rev. Martin, b. February 14, 1740; d. November 14, 1826. He was a son of John, of Martin, of Jacob, tha emigrant. He became a member of the Mennonite Church early in life, ani afterwards a minister. Subsequently he threw his lot as a Christian and minister with Otter - bein and Boehm, and became one of the organizers and founders of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, in fact in age he was the oldest minister in this denomination; and the ancestor cf more than sixty descendants who were and are ministers in this branch cf the church. He resided scuthwrst of tha city of Lebanon, along the Snitz creek, anl is buried on the "Kreider Kirch.? HoiT nabar der Schmitz Creek." Like the custom of the Menncnite ministers through all the past, he was a fanner, and thus continued when he became a minister of the United Brethren church. He purchased a tract of 165 acres cf land, January 14, 17GS. from his parents, John and Barbara Kreider (Cry - der as spelled in the deed) . His father purchased the sam; September 7, 1764, cf his father (grandfather of Rev. Martin), Martin and Anna Kreider, cf Donegal township, Lancaster county, Pa.., 'it bsirg part of a tract of land consisting of 58 6 acres which the Penns granted May 6, 1760, to Christian, Martin, Tobias and George Kreider, and. they, the same year, divided up the same. . This land as bsfcra stated, lay along the Snitz creek, Lebanon township, Lebanon county. Some of it remains in the family of tha seventh generation. Kreider, Catharine, wf . of Rev. Martin, b. January 22, 1747; d. Juna 22, 1S21. fShe was the daughter cf Abraham Schmutz and Bai - bara . The former died March 1776; the latter in October, 1789, leaving children: i. Mathias. - ii. John. iii. Abraham. iv. Christian. v. Magdalena; m. Michael Garber. vi. Catharine. vii. Barbara; m. Hershey; they resided and died near Bindnag.e's church. viii. Yercnrca; m. Michael Lusher. ix. Elizabeth. This family resided and died in the vicinity of Avon, Lebanon county. We are told that at one time the. buriat place of Abraham and family was on a farm in the locality designated, but we have never been able to find it. The surname has never appeared in the assessment rolls cf Lebanon county, indicating that they emigrated to other parts cf our country after the death of the parents. Kreider, Jacob, b. August 17.T771; d. February 12, 1833. Son cf Jacob, cf John, of Martin, of Jacob. He resided all his life time in the Snitz creek settlement. His children were: i. Elizabeth ;m. Hostetter, and settled in Franklin county, Pa . ii. David, was twice married; m. first, Sarah Henry, dau. of Andrew Henry; they irrre the parents of the Kreiders in Anrrville, who are among the prominent citizens of that town. His seoond wife, unknown. iii. Joseph; died a few years ago in Campbe'lstown, Pa., where he resided many years. iv. Michael; m. Annie Ellenberger, dau. cf Henry Ellenberger and hi3 wife Elizabeth Kreider. v. Maria; m. John Funk, who resided and owned the farm west cf Lebanon, where the Colebrook furnaces are built; were the parents of the Funks so long prominent in Lebanon. vi. Catharine; m. Isaac Mum ma, long a resident of Londonderry township. vii. Susannah; m. John Landis, son of Rev. Henry Landis. viii. Anna ; m. Samuel Imboden, son of John Philip Imboden and Elizabeth Miller, whose ancestor was the founder of Annviile (Millerstown), Pa. ix. Lydia; n. William Imboden son of John Philip Imboden. Kreider, Maria, wf. of John, b. 1777; d. February 7, 1850. She was a born Staufi'er. Kreider, Tobias, b. May 27, 1772; d. Novembers, 1845. Keider, Barbara, wf . of Tobias, b. Am il 13. 1782; d. May 27, 1877. Kreider, Henry, b. September 25. 1774; d. April 9, 1S35. Kreider, Christina, wf. of Ilenrv, b. July 11, 1777; d. April 9, 1835. Kreider .John, b. January 12, 1777; d. August 3, 1864. Kreider, Abraham, b. March 7, 1775; d. October 14, 1827. He was the father of Catharine, wife of Moses Kreider; Magdalena, wife of Henry Light; Christina, wife of Solomon Kreider; Elizabeth, wife of Rudolph Kreider, and Rebecca, second wife cf Henry Light. Kreider. Catharine, wife cf Abraham, b. May 21, 1785; d. September 4, 1873. She was the daughter of John and Christina Laudermilch . Kreider, Henrv, b. September 2, 1807; d. October 11, 1826. Kreider, Tobias, b. November 24, 1814;

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