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SAN BERNARDINO DAILY SUN. SATURDAY, JULY 3, 1937 4 PRESIDENT HUB 0L1TLIN OF ES ACTIVITY PLAN Robinson Names Committee! to Serve Exchange During Next Six Months Proposed activities and policies for the ensuing term were outlined by President C. E. Robinson yes terday at his first meeting as head of the San Bernardino Exchange club. Two committees were named for each activity, to function during alternate months. Those appointed were: first finance committee, Elmer Wilshire, chairman, A. J. Ryan and Glenn Pearson; second finance commit tee, Douglas M. Shaw, chairman, Howard Bard and Louis Rawicz. First program committee, Dr. Herman Katz, chairman, Norris V, Choisnet and Joseph Cheairs; seo- ond program committee, Leo Ben jamin, chairman, Harold Richmond and W. H. Meyer. ENTERTAINMENT GROUPS First entertainment committee, W, H. (Weddell, chairman, Owen Smith and C. I. Ingram; second entertainment committee, Russell Stewart, chairman, E. B. Neilson and Milton Pate. First sports committee, Neil Mc-Dermott, chairman, W. J. Gale and A. F. Kinlock; second sports com mittee, Rex Klinker, chairman, D. P. Greuwell and Dewey O'Bryant, Junior Exchange committee, Mr. Weddell, Mr. Smith, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Meyer and Ray Fletcher; ser- geant-at-arms, Mr. Ryan; chaplain, the Rev. D. G. Cowles; grievance, L. L. McFall, Fred Duffy and James A. Gorman; sickness, Harry Waltersdorf. George J. Codori, 81, Stricken at Home George Joseph Codori, 81-year-old letired painter, who had resided in San Bernardino for 14 years, died yesterday evening at his home, 696 Fourteenth street He was a na tive of Gettysburg, Pa., and came to California 16 years ago. Survivors living in San Bernar dino include Mrs. G. A. Voce, a daughter, and John N. Codori, a brother. Also surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Otto H a g e n of Washington, D. C, and Mrs. Harry Friend of Gormantown, Ohio; four sons, Harry N. Codori of Saxon burg, Pa., Edgar E. Codori of St. Louis, Mo., and George L. Codori of Smithburg, Md.; a brother, Frank W. Codori, of Philadelphia, Pa., 12 grandchildren and seven greatgrandchildren. Funeral arrangements are pend ing, with Stephens & Bobbitt in charge. Kiwanis Boy Scouts Hold Troop Program Meeting to award honors to outstanding scouts, the Kiwanis troop No. 7, Boy Scouts, held a program at the First Evangelical church Thursday night. Among the speakers were James 3. Finn and Tashio Katayama, representing Executive A. J. Roberts, who is in Washington; J. H. Brooks, of Los Angeles, and Maury Griffin, of San Francisco. Guests Included Scouts John Con-nell, Phillip Ferguson, Volney Hoy, Robert Stearns, John Clark, Dale Rouse, Richard Adair, Courney Kreuger and Allen Kreuger. t Prisoner Held on Check Fraud Count Harry B. Auferoth, charged with Issuing a check without sufficient funds, was bound over to superior court for trial after a preliminary Vanderbilt Cup Race, Opening of New Del Mar Track on Radio Broadcasts Sports take the lead on special broadcasts of today featuring the Vanderbilt Cup automobile race on the track at Long Island, New York, and the opening of Bing Crosby's race track near San Diego. Running of the fourth race of the opening day at the picturesque Del Mar track will be described by the ace announcer Clem McCarthy, and may be heard over KFI at 3:45 p.m. Results will be given over KMTR at 1:30 and 5:30. Vanderbilt Cup races from the Westbury speedway will be heard over KECA at 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Concetta Ribaudo, 12-year-old grand opera prodigy, who has been saluted in Chicago as a second Betty Jaynes, will be heard as guest artist over KFI at 6 o'clock on the RADIO HIGHLIGHTS 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m., KECA Vanderbilt Cup Race. 3:45 p.m., KFI Del Mar opening with Clem McCarthy, 5 p.m., KFI Robin Hood Dell concert. 6 p.m., KECA Grant Park concert. 6 p.m., KFI Jamboree. 6 p.m., KNX Hit Parade. 7:30 p.m., KNX Johnny Presents. 7:30 p.m., KFI Circus. 8 p.m., KECA "Othello." Jamboree broadcast. Others on the bill are Little Jackie Heller, vo calist; Johnnie Johnstone, guitarist- baritone, and Don McNeill, master of ceremonies. James Dunn, Hollywood motion picture star, will appear on the "Hit Parade" release over KNX at 3 p.m. Music rarely heard by the major ity of Americans will be presented over KFI at 7 p.m. when the south western tribes of Indians stage their annual powwow at Flagstaff, Ariz., before microphones. C Chain broadcast. T Transcription. O Organ. R Records. BEFORE 7 A.M. KMTR California theater 5. KFWB Happy Jack Kay 6. KNX Sunrise salute 6. 7 TO 8 A.M. KFI Thesaurus transcrlDtlons. 7. Church quarter hour, 7:45. KFWii Happy Jack Kay, 7:40. KNX Fire department 7:45. KECA Patricia Rvan 7. Minute men 7:15. Harold Nagle orchestra 7:30. 8 TO 9 A.M. KMTR Music 8:45. Weather reports 8:59. KFI Continental 8. Concert ensem ble 8:30. KFWB Grouch club 8. Music 8:30. KNX Jack Shannon 8. Eddia Al bright's family 8:15. George Hall orchestra 8:30. KECA Call to voulh 8. Throe Mnr- shalls 8:15. George Hessberger orchestra 8:30. 9 TO 10 A.M. KMTR Music 9. KFI Mvsterv chef 8. Medical asso ciation talk 9:15. Campus capers 9:30. KFWB Music 9. KNX Wimbledon tennis mntrhps 9. Jimmy Shields 9:15. Federal Women's clubs 9:30. KECA Our barn 9. National farm and home hour 9:30. 10 TO 11 A.M. KMTR Safety nroeram 10. Minia. ture magazine 10:15. Music 10:30. Music 10:45. KFI Your host is Rllffaln in. Amor. ican youth program 10:30. KFWB Music 10. Board nt priiiraflnn 10:15. Music 10:30. Junior broadcaster 10:45. KNX Monitor children's nrchMtrn 10. Ann Leaf O., 10:15. Tours In tone 10:45. KECA Musio 10:15. Vagabonds 10:45. 11 A.M. TO 12 NOON KMTR Music 11:15. Planned urn- gram 11:30. Kf I Concert miniatures 11 .Tnrlr Baker, talk 11:30. Track and field champ of A.A.U. 11:45. KFWB Junior hrnnilnaatorq 11. Mil. sic 11:15. Salvation Army 11:45. KNX Down by Hermans 11. Department of commerce 11:30. Clyde Barrie xx. to. KECA Austin Wilev 11. Vanderbilt cup race 11:30. Caballeros 11:45. 12 NOON TO 1 P.M. KMTR AI Jarvis 12. KFI Al Roth nroh 19 Trnflr and field chamDionshins 12:30. Variptip 12:45. KFWB Music 12:10. Luncheon eon- cert 12:15. I i t ,i in mi -X X mxtf . I f BUSINESS GA N REFLECTED III FILING REPORT Clem McCarthy, the country's ace hot-se race broadcaster, who will be heard this afternoon, broadcasting the 'Inaugural handicap at the new Del Mar track, over the red network of the National Broadcasting Co KNX Dancepators 12. A.A.U. matches 12:30. KECA Club matinee 12. 1 TO 2 P.M. KMTR Music 1. 1:15. Kaltenmeyer's kindergarten 1:30. ) m wb-.Petite musicaie x. xjuwh um Mississippi 1:30. . f KhiCA cud race coniinueu x. Rodriguez classic hour 1:45. f .M. i KMTR Music 2:15. Watch tower 5:55 KFI Track and field championships 2. Alma Kitchen contralto 2:3o. 4,rt of Living 2:45. Kr wii sol Jjrignt orcn. i. ii'riaters 2:30. Carnival 2:4o. KNX Ben Feld orch. 2. Ca'fo ina is landers 2:15. Pontrelli orch. 2:fio. Vocals by Verril, 2:45. ( x-&ua wassic nour z. 3 TO 4 P.M. j KMTR Music 3. KFI Track and field (mampion.'hlps 8. Del Mar race track op -ning 3:45. KFWB Drama 3. MUS'c 3:30. KNX Red Norvos 3. A.A.U. sum mary 3:25. Concert hall :'.:20. kkca Message oi xs.-ael 3. jiiusio . 3:30. 4 TO 5 P.M. KMTR Music 4. German Swiss hour 4:30. Music 4:45. KFI Del Mar race track opening, 4. Haven of Rest 4:30. KFWB Santa Monica on parade 4. KNX Saturday svine 4. Week-end potpourri 4:30.- KiiiUA Typical .BFazilllan music . Boy Scouts jambtree 4:15. Goldman band 4:30. 5 TO 6 P.M. -Music . Golden moments KMTR- 5:55. KFI Robin 'Wood Del. concert S. Emery Deutsch orch., 5:30. KNX Maurice's orch. 5. Senator La irollette talk 5: an. KECA EdUPatton todav 5. Josef Hornick's orcr,, 5 ; 15. Ray Herrlngton, 0:10. 6 TO 7 P.M. KMTR Robert Noble 6:30. KFI J am Wee 6. Kine Cowboy 6 Parade. T.. 6:45. KFWB Remote control 6:10. Com munity chst fi:30. Music 6:45. KNX Your hit narade 6. Patti Cha- pln 6:45. KbUA-Grnnt nark concert B. Mere dith WL'son orch. 6:30. 7 TO 8 P.M. KMT Rflnt.iplla orch. 7. Music 7:15. Hawailans 7:30. Music 7:45, rUJ 1 Flaestaff Indian dow-wow 7. Gilmop circus. 7:30. KFtyB Stars over Manhattan 7. Dots ana Jashes 7:30. Mexican patio 7:45. xva iiunny .Kerrigan orcn. i. jonn- "y iTesents v:3U. K-iiCA National barn dance 7. 8 TO 9 P.M. PMTR Fishine rials 8. Bert Rovere o:t5. Loi Hancneros :3U. .Bin rnce, 8:45. KFI Hollvwood extras on the air 8. Charley Barnet orchestra 9:30. KFWB Musical comedy 8. Dixieland land 8:30. Lamplicmer 8:4a. KNX rrot. yuiz, s. juvenile revue 8:30. KECA Concert favorites 8. George Olson orchestra :3(j, at HilRRIS 9 TO 10 P.M. KMTR Music 9. Chito Montoya's or (jftestra 9:30. KFI Don Fernando orch. 9. King's jesters notel orchestra :30. KFWB Bill Fleck's orch. 9. Music 9:15. Popular theater 9:30. KNX Al Lyons orch. 9. Barn dance 9:lo. KECA Raine Bennett 9. Recital series R. 9:45. 10 TO 11 P.M. KMTR Bert Rovere 10:15. Safety program 10:30. Santaella orch. 10:45. KFI Jimmy Grier orch. 10. Archie Loveland orchestra 10:30. KFWB Music 10:10. Bill Fleek's orchestra 10:15. Sol Bright orch. 10:45. KNX Jan Garber's orch. 10:15. Glenn Lee orchestra 10:30. KECA Command performance R, 10. 11 P.M. TO 12 MIDNIGHT KMTR Hawaiians 11. Music 11:15. KFI Bob Young orch. 11. Harry Lewis orchestra 11:30. KFWB George Redman orch. 11:15. KNX Pasadena community dance, 11. George Hamilton orch. 11:30. KECA Paul Carson O 11. City Issues no Dog Licenses in Month Although activity of the city humane department increased greatly during the month of June, .not a single dog license was issued, it was reported yesterday by Humane Officer John Smith. Mr. Smith said that 129 dogs and 152 cats were impounded during the month. Collections in pound fees amounted to $14.50. All of the 152 cats impounded were disposed of, none being reclaimed by owners. Only 13 of the dogs were reclaimed, Mr. Smith disposed of the 116 others. Increase of 25 Per Cent Noted In Number of Documents Filed by Recorder , y Reflecting the best business con ditions since 1929, the report of County Recorder Ted R. Carpenter for the past fiscal year today revealed approximately a 25 per cent increase in the number of documents filed In the office. Because the principal business of the office involves real estate transactions, the voTume or Business handled is regarded as a reliable business barometer. San Bernardino's unprecedented building boom the past year is shown in the increase in work of the office. During the 1938-37 year, 305,138 documents were filed as compared with 294,203 Instruments the year before. In the past fiscal year, which ended Wednesday, fees of $51,647 were collected while the fees of the previous year were $49,873. About 10,000 property transfers were recorded as well as deeds. The volume of instruments recorded and amount of fees is at the highest point since 1929, said Mr. Carpenter. Foresters Halt Brush Blaze in Riverside County Starting yesterday noon in the Jurapa hills in Riverside county south of Fontana, a swiftly moving brush fire covered several hun dred acres before it was reported controlled last night at 10 p.m. Hundreds of spectators were at tracted by the spectacular fire which cast a heavy smoke pall over the valley. It crossed into San Bernardino county last night. State Forester Russell Z. Smith of San Bernardino at the head of 60 CCC enrollees, rushed to the aid of a large River side force. Jail Prisoner Goes On 'Hunger Strike A "hunger striker" was removed from the county jail to the county hospital yesterday where authorl ties said they would resort to forcible feeding if necessary. George Eustice, 33 years old, was arrested in Colton last week on a charge of vagrancy and sentenced to serve 30 days in jail. Protesting against his imprison ment, Eustice said he would not eat until he was released. He has gone eight days without food. Eustice was taken to the hospital to be held for observation in the psychopathic ward. X Harris Annual Department Manager's Sale s10 Empress Waves Also on Sale In Redlanda The genuine oil process Cro-quignole created by Helena Curtis. A lovely, lasting, flattering wave with the preparations 'Outline of Great Hailed by School As an educator, John H. Wal-dron, superintendent of schools in Colton, is greatly impressed by the compact, complete and beautifully bound volume, "The Outline of Great Books." Knowing the cost of comparable books, through his experience in the educational field, he expressed amazement at the nominal charge which is made by The Sun for the volume. He explained that such books usually retail at much higher prices. "There is a world of information in the book," he stated after looking his over thoroughly. "It is a very good book." Value of "The Outline of Great Books" as a cultural means was stressed by Mr. that most included, and sketches of were of interest. Being active of education, it to recognize the the book could student who finds make a study important works of Besides being respect, he said, be a "fine placed in any library." Although the In the origfhal available by The cents and the the paper. HKHEHSMZMSHXKSKZHyiig HARRIS Help Harris9 Maintain Store Hours 9 a. m. Including Today Plane "10" Takes To The Sky! Close-Out of Fine Imported and IPenofionmnie A Toiletries Main Floor The included fraction 50. I'lle Indian 50c $1.25 Taj Ybry 60c ;,v n Large Selection

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