Stansbery Murder Investigation/Witnesses Dennis L. Watts of Elkhart, Indiana

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Stansbery Murder Investigation/Witnesses Dennis L. Watts of Elkhart, Indiana - Insurgents To Surrender Beat Off Attack After...
Insurgents To Surrender Beat Off Attack After At- Nationalist Relief Army. and in the Na- projected of along vicinity in food sur- mount- Stansbery -- go with them. Mrs. Myers declined, the witness stated, and told Roy to extend the invitation. He said Stansbery went to the Klooz home but returned to the car a short time later, not disclosing ths conversation he had with her'but stating that she wpuld not go. En- route to the business district of Logansport that morning, Myers said that he noticed Stansbery wa.s nervous and that he wept. He further said that he had not heard Stansbery threaten the life of the woman. Heads Statement In cross-questioning Myers, the attorney introduced statements recorded at the grand jury investigation in which Myers declared he had heard Roy threaten Mrs. Klooz "three or four times". Jn answer, the witness told the court and jury that he must have misunderstood the question propounded to him at the investigation. In a further attempt to show that the defendant had contributed to the support of the woman for whose slaying he is on trial, tha defense introduced George Yard, a Logansport resident, and his son, Earl. The father eaid that on Sept. 3 or 4 last year he . had traded some stoves to Stansbery for an automobile. The son testified that he had delivered the stoves to 1109 Spear street- Logansport, (the Klooz residence), and that Stansbery was there at the time. Mrs. Mary Vernon, 629 South Cicott street, Logansport, was the eighth defense -witness of the morning session. She said that she had rented a home at one time to one ot the state witnesses. She was cross-examined by Special Deputy ProBecixter Tutewiler. All day Tuesday Prosecutor Norman Keisling and his special assistant, Harry Tutewiler, played their cards to establish one point--, that Roy Stansbery killed Ruth | Klooz with premeditation. The Cass county grand jury indictment i on which Stansbery is being tried | charges first degree murder and j Watts said that he never had but on one occasion he came over to the house and offered a month's rent which was refused because Mrs. Klooz had already paid the rent two months in advance. Watts said that Stansbery became riled when he refused to take the money and threatened to come in the house after him; Watts said he met the situation by seizing a length of pipe and running the defendant off the premises. The State rested abruptly as Watts left the witness stand and Judge Herron announced without .delay that the court would adjourn until this morning-; The four witnesses who testified that Stansbery had threatened the life of Mrs. Klooz were the two daughters, Mary Catherine and Mrs. Joe Smith, Mrs. Pearson, and Watts. Mrs. Pearson, who has only one leg and was carried into the court room on a chair by Officers Carson and Powlen, said that Stansbery was in her home on the morning of the shooting and said he would kill Mrs. Klooz. She said advised him against any such move and warned Mrs. Klooz who admitted that she was scared of the man but said that she had seen him in such moods before and that always they blew over. One Witness Falls Glen Myers, a neighbor of the Klooz family, was put on the stand but failed to give testimony of any particular value to the State. The State had expected him to say that he had heard Stansbery threaten the life:of Mrs. Klooz. Being. Tried Second Time On Arson Count DELPHI, Ind., April 14--The second trial of Frank Felix, charged with arson in connection with the burning of the Radnor grain elevator six years ago,: is in progress before Special Judge Ralph McClurg and a jury in the local circuit court. During January a jury failed to reach a verdict when the case was tried. Since then Felix has been out under ?1,500 bond. State investigators say Felix admitted the arson crime when arrested five years after the structure burned. FIFTEEN CAUGHT_ Arrests Are Made After Posing As Patients CHICAGO, April 14 -- (UP) -Fourteen men and a woman charges of violating the medical practices act today as Investigators sought five others in the third a series of sudden raids to rid Chicago of medical .quacks. John J. Hallihan, director of. state department ot registration and education, obtained warrants for 20 late yesterday on evidence turned over to him by investigators who posed as patients. "We think we have good cases against them all," he said. Forty were arrested in previous raids and 17 are serving jail sentences. Hallihan said his agents found self-styled medics prescribing herbs for ailments in which diagnosis ranged from syphilis tuberculosis. Others, he said, ·wheeled trays oj glistening instruments to the side of operating tables and used mallets and paddles to "stimulate" the blood Fierce Cruelty of Executed Double DUCK HILL, Miss.. April 14-(UP)--A grand jury investigation into the lynching of two negroes was promised today. Sheriff E. conviction carries life in prison or eath in the electric chair. State's witnesses in the second Dwight Powlen, John Carroll, a ·Clooz, Elizabeth Cox, J. F. Settles, Gerald Settles, Florence Pearson, I i. Margaret Smith, Glen Myers nd Dennis Watts, and four of them the at she Sim this three of of Lo! Karl at 2 Breth; the Lo; 26 at is will Ko! Delphi. fol- Cen blows, end o~ contro Monday col a th in old the jury of having heard Stans'- ery threaten the life of his sweat- heart, Mrs. Klooz, with whom he ften quarreled. Jaug;]itcr Tells Story Through the morning and after loon sessions, Stansbery sat with a hangeless expression on his face. Once or twice he appeared to flinch ust a trifle when the State hammered a point in its determined and unswerving drive to establish hat the defendant had threatened o kill the woman. But for the most part of the 42-year-old car salesman was stoic and unmoved, to all outward appearances. Mary Catherine, the 16-year old daughter of Mrs. Klooz and the State's Ace witness, came to the stand in the forenoon and told her story of what happened in the home. Tears welled into her eyes when she sat up straight and told the jury her siory. She said that Stansbery shot her mother down as she pleaded with him not to do anything he would be sorry for and then fired two more shots which struck the wall as her mother slum- jed to a couch, blood streaming !rom a. fatal wound and begging !or a doctor. When Defense Counsel Charles L. Anderson cross exam- ned the witness he was unable to shake her story materially. Attorney Anderson was alert in his cross examination of the State witnesses throughout the day. On several occasions his questions were obviously aimed to show if possible that Stansbery contributed ;o the support and maintenance of the Klooz homestead, However, he seemingly failed to establish his poiul. Dramatic Close Testimony of the -afternoon came to a dramatic close when Dennis Watts, a neighbor, of the Klooz family, was called to the stand Watts fairly shouted his replies to questions and recounted that Stanbery had on "occasions too numerous to recollect in numbers threat ened the life of Babe Klooz. One time, Watts said, Mrs. Kl asked him to tell Stansbery that she had married another man. He salt he did and Stansbery came. back.a him with the statement: "My God! If she did I'll kill her and him, too.' During the course of Watts testimony, Judge'Herron interupt- ed to ask the witness: "Do you think this man (Stansbery) I have my doubts,' sane?" "Sometimes was the reply. Didn't Like Stansbery When Defense Attorney Ander son took- the .witness he walked up close to the stand and calmly men tioned that Watts apparently wa: not friendly toward Stansbery. "I'll say I'm not," came the an swer. Attorney Anderson, still trying tc establish that Stansbery had con trlbuted to the support of the Kloo: household, then asked Watts if ' were not true that Stansbery hai paid the rent for the Klooz home (Watts' grandmother owns the pro perty and Watts collects the rent. Love In Hollywood HOLLYWOOD, April 14--(UP) --Love Imd scored a rare shutout victory over divorce In the film colony today with one marriage, one engagement and no divorces recorded. Sidney A. franklin, screen director, and Kutli Helms Jiagel, were eastbound by train alter their elopement to Las Vegas, Jiev, yesterday. ·! Justice or the pence Marlon B. Earl performed the ceremony, that ivns witnessed by Margaret- Hinson and Kny Griffith, friends^: of the couple. !-" Ofeorge Wivot, actor, and M!s» Maryou Curtis, daughter of Arnold Curtis, coal breaker, an* nounced Intention to wed April 25. Tlie couple attended school together in Chicago and met again lor the first time three years ngo when Miss Curtis and her mother, Mrs. Irene Curtis, moved to Los Angeles. Ulvot Is playing a featured role In Greta Gorbo'a latest picture, "Madame Wai- ewska." Wright and two deputies that they had not recognized ·" _ . _ °: . . ' i TM1. _ J -*- m n*«tlr. Ward Stages Party for btore Employes A party was held on , Tuesday evening by the entire personnel of the Montgomery Ward Co. store. The event opened with a bountiful dinner served on second floor ot the store building. The meal was prepared on Montgom- iry Ward equipment. After , the -dinner entertainment was provided featuring dancing and ganjes of. bridge. The Hoosier lornhuskers orchestra provided dance music. member of the mob that th e prisoners with blow torches before killing them. The full details of the lynching spread over the country-side though it was witnessed only members of the mob. While it taking place, the news was conveyed to Governor Hugh White the capital .at Jackson, about miles from the scene. He called Adjutant General John O'Keefe conference, but did not call out troops. He was quoted as said to the adjutant general: "It's too late." The details revealed today indicated that the negroes had slowly, under frightful torture. Torture Victims Into Confession They were Roosevelt Townee, and "Bootjack" McDaniel, 26, accused of murdering George S. Windham. operator of a cross store near here, on Dec. 30. their arrest, they had been in tha mob proof jail at Yesterday they were taken to Winona. Miss., the county seat, for arraignment. They pleaded not guilty and Sheriff Wright and leputiee were about to take back to Jackson when the mob approximately 300 men surrounded them. The mob had a school bus into the bus went the manacled prisoners. Thirty to 40 automo. Di]e s loaded with-men followed bus to a woods near the scene the murder. There the negroes were chained to trees, A produced a blow torch and a match and in a minute It Senior Class Play Friday Only two more rehearsals for the senior class play entitled "Yours Truly Willie" are scheduled by Miss Dorothy Wilson, director. The performance will open at eight o'clock Friday night in the high school auditorium. In the cast are the following seniors: James Black. Jean Reed, Tom Hirschauer, Betty Lou Laird, Gordon Muehlhausen, Harriet' Forgey, John Grubbs, Anhette Fisher, Robert Plank, Carol Shanteau, William Barber, Gene Heckathorn, Earl Woodling, Betty Jean Morria and Edward Rohrbaugh. '', ' Miss Nell Jones is in charge of the 'wardrobe and Miss Helen Brandt has planned stage arrangements. The play takes place in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Phifer. Attorney to Speak At Exchange Dinner Attorney James Miller of Peru will be ths-jguest speaker at the meeting o't' the Exchange club Wednesday evening at 6:30 o'clock at the Elks cafe. In addition to the address of Attorney Miller, an entertainment featuring the Hoosier Cornhuskers will also be presented. Preceding the dinner, a business meeting will be conducted. Review Of Decided By WASHINGTON, April 14--(UP) --Supreme court validation of Wagner labor relatipns~act in cases today boosted the Roosevelt administration's batting average before the court to .609. The box score of 14 favorable and 9 unfavorable decisions on new deal legislation follows: Favorable Decisions: Gold clause act upheld, 5-4 TTA npheld, 8-1. Chaco arms embargo nphelfl. Silver tax upheld, 8-0. Ban against prison-made goods npheld, 8-0. Outlawing of gold bullion contracts nphelfl, 5-4. National fire arms act upheld, 9-0. Hallway labor act npheld, Revised Frazler-Lc.mke act upheld, 9-0. labor act upheld in Associated Press case, 5-4. labor act npheld In' Interstate Bns case, 9-0. Labor act upheld In auto trr, 5-4. Labor act npheld In steej trr- 5-4. Labor act upheld In clothing Industry. 5-4. Unfavorable Decisions: SRA "hot oil" control folded. 8-1. Hallway pensions act voided, 5-4. Original Frazler-Lemke farm voided, 9-0. KRA rolded, 9-0. Removal of Trade Commissioner Humphrey voided, 9-0. AAA voided, 6-3. Processing tax voided, 9-0. Gnffey act voided, 6-8. Municipal bankruptcy act ed. 5-4. Read the Classified

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  • Stansbery Murder Investigation/Witnesses Dennis L. Watts of Elkhart, Indiana

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