Bertha Sawyer was my aunt.

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Bertha Sawyer was my aunt. - Lutherans all elected to move, and Ihelr houses...
Lutherans all elected to move, and Ihelr houses of worship went trundellng olf lo the new town. The Mormons bullta new church. The Methodists tore their church house down brick by brick and rebuilt it. The Lutherans found, uioir church house oul in the middle of the street, come the Sabbath. Someone brought a stepladder, the congregation climbed Inside the building and performed their oblations unto the Lord, as usual. Mrs. V. G. Logan, now 94 years ·old, was one of the worshipers When news of Ihe great work project circulated throughout neighboring areas, workers flocked here by the hundreds to help move American Falls and to build Die dam. Wages were good, housingwasscarce,prices high. All day, all night the city streets buzzed with laborers deliveries to houses of ill-repute -- of which American Falls had more than a few. ' According to William Barnard, a btt of insanity struck one night. A some what senior citizen married a young girl, whose friends rolstrously celebrated the occasion. Thay got carried away by over-exuberance, set the rommlng-house afire and burned it to the ground. To the folks wtio lived in American Falls while the city moved, there was considerable excitement, hut Vard Meadows had a distinct sense of shock when he returned fromamission lo England and first saw the transformation that had occurred during tiis absence. When he left the Falls in 1925, ;he town nestled by the river. In 1927, when he returned, the work of moving had been completed. Of course, he had known of the move but he experienced a sense of shock nevertheless. The new town was still raw, lawns not yet well landscaped, trees were young withes lending no shade. The dam hadbeen completed and Ihe river was beginning to form a lake. Vard recalls that the following year, when Ihe foliage along the submerged streets began to decompose, the odor was unpleasantly memorable, A number of bloopers were lo be expected with Ihe moving of a whole town and building of a Ghostly Remnant of o City's Past dam and bridge. One old-timer, streets - though they had scant WlllardDille.commentedscorn. use tor such in their day. With fully that it was a shame a con- all the wide-open space, Mr. tractor from New York had been Dille thought more of it should brought to lay out the streets, have been pul into Ihe streets. He thought a man from the West Uncle Willard, as he was call- would have realized there was ed by many, also held the mor- * , to * U J"; a day It seems the truckers liked were violently incensed and to park there and sleep rather threatened to blow up the eleva- than farther along the road be- tori . . . cause of police protection with- The city totters pleaded in the city limits. mightily that the old land-mark The old elevator led apassive not be destroyed. They prom- existence ; until World War H ised, faithfully, cross their erupted Then It awoke from hearls and hope to die, that its slumber and became the never, never under any cir- m center ot considerable activity, cumstance whatsoever, would ·T' Security people had posted any further incidents occur in ' St °° Ss at efcS end of Ul e bridge the vicinity of the elevator! lo prevent sabotage of the rail- Amen! Amen! and Amen! road bridge, highway bridge and «·»»*»'- *'" «"«r dam. The guards were vigilant. Any Nowadays when \saler Is low, in late summer, old-timers go walking along the streets of an oncomingiraffic'probfemand Wdtellet'thai Ihe bridge on the City planners ww some- ht = o r,notionofunl«,ownori g in their former homes in the lake wnnlrt have mrtB the streets dam was much too narrow and what nonplussed withanot-antic- »8 investiga- bed. Here wasDr: Noth'shouse. n r* r 1 rn.r.,.n n« c- tha M Q o L - RnwlST would have made the streets dam was much too nar: .·ide enough to accommodate would soon be inadequate to the heavier traffic as well as to oncoming traffic. His predic- provide adequate parking-space, tlon, of course, has proven ac- This gruff old man pointed to the streets laid oul by early pioneers, who he commented had had foresight to make wide level opment. Fort Hall -Ave. was to have been the main part of town, but i e prices of lots along this street Many trucks'come creeping were high and merchants begaji along, trying lo squeeze past moving to Idaho Street, other trucks going in the op- The post office too ·· Blackloot OKs Build Permits BLACKFOOT - Blackfoot City Council approved building permits for new construe- 1 tlon and remodeling for a total valuation of $1-16,300 at Its meeting last week. City fees were $G54, permits were approved lor Kesler's Market, two signs, valuation $100 (city fee $20); Don Clark, office building, $30,000 ($101); three houses andgarages.Dale Arave, Imperial Heights, $15,000 ($59) for each; building addition, Sam's Sport Center, 410 S. Broadway, $4,400 ($29); Jonathan Giest, remodel house on South Meridian, $3,000 ($23); garage,.Frank Norman, 279 Shirley, $2,500 (523), House and garage, Roland Ogden, Imperial Heights, 315,000 ($59); garage, B. A. Hlbbs, 1GB Cedar St., $2,000 ($20); patio, D. 1 C. Panko, 418 N.E. Main, $500 ($5); remodel house, Frank Kunz, 53 N. Fisher, $500 ($5); storage building, Erwin Howie, $200 ($5). Remodel business building. Inkleys, 45 N. Broadway, $4,000 ($26); house and garage, Barbara Cheatle, Hoff Drive, $16,000 ($52); house and garage, David Faulk, Lakevlew Terrace, $16,000 ($62); utility shed, D. H. Dillard, Sonny Street, $500 ($5); and addition to body shop, Floyd Powell, Grant Street, $6,000 ($32). Preston Man Honored PRESTON- Samuel W. Merrill of Preston, who Is a°;sUU\nt professor ot Muslvlat and technical education at Utah State University in Logan, recently received " state and reg! ma'. awards 'from the Federal Avii- rill for "outstanding contributions to aviation safety by consistent high quality maintenance ,., practices," and w\i:; nuiTily tor r his recently published book, c Fluid Power br Aircraft, and , a series of articles based on , 2 A.F. Youth Eagle Scouts AMERICAN FALLS - Two youths from Ihe American Falls area recently were awarded Ihe rank of Eagle Sc-juls in ( a National Court of Honor. Corey Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Johnson; and Steve Robinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Myrl Robinson, were ths boys r^ceivhj; D-' ninnr. The event was under the direction of Tom V. Tibor, district adv.i i'.'-jm«: j nl ehainnai, with uu,,. One foggy night investiga- There was the Mack Bowler tors were sent to a light glim- residence. Or here was a store, mering in the distance. They there some other place of busi- discovered that light had acci- ness. . . . . dentally been left on in a farm- The historic elevator is the er's chicken house. only structure still standing en Another time, the guards be- Uie once busy townsite. Con- came concerned with activity tractors were eager to move far up the lake. It proved to be dwellings, churches, large nothing more than a car passing hotels, an opera house,, yet not to a farmhouse or other incident one ottered bids on moving relating only to the daily life of elevator, the natives A few discussed placing the However' therecameanightof structure on its side and rolling darkness and rain. Silently, it along lo a new home, but this boys from Aberdeen School row- seemed impractical, ed out to our friend, the old So there she stands, a tourist elevator, minding its ownbusi- attraction, and a well-loved land- ness in the lake. Somehow the mark, boys climbed lo the top ot the tor, was "Aberdeen" and the date and year. The security people were worried, the guards deeply distress- that the fool-hardy kids had Fnv.ft Wright, Scoutmaster or come under their very nosesand Corey Johnson Steve Robinson Troop 133, ma!;ii; talton. the pr?sen- Rockland Trustee Vote Monday ROCXV.AND - Monday is tte date for election of trustees of Ihe Rocklaud School District. There are four candidates in three zones. Seeking election in the same- at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and zone is Groom, another farmer, attended Louisiana StateUnlver- He is a 1%1 graduate of Rock- sity.. She was employed by the lanri. Hs majored in agricul- Teachers Retirement System of lure while attending Casper, Louisiana. left the bold signature ot their school exposed there for all the world to see. The guards redoubled their efforls and all would have been well -- except that the boys of American Falls School saw red! Of course they simply could not bear thai they nol defend their honor! When came other rainy, cold night, the local lads climbed the NOW SHOWING 7:15-9:15 Fly girls who know what to do for or to a man.

Clipped from
  1. Idaho State Journal,
  2. 07 May 1972, Sun,
  3. Page 36

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  • Bertha Sawyer was my aunt.

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