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To the citizens... - J DDR ESS, 8 - - - a or fo ; we is the although...
J DDR ESS, 8 - - - a or fo ; we is the although it life it a the as the its fo as inhabitants of of in Tt tbt CitizMt thi UtiuJ Shlet 0 Axtrka. riOM mr. run. H WING formed a deC2n to t IhMifli a MutitiM, hv a c Hellion, arrangement, and prrferviniinof the .)jrch f uatutat hidory, and thing ufetulanJ curious, in June i - oif, iic rv - gan t;i collect fubjecls, and to prrferve an! ar range tarro in th; Lmaein nvth nl: hiuUrsi thrrcin have been great, and d fappointmenK many, elpecially reiectrij proper methods ot ; prrfcrviiig dead animaU 'from the ravages of moths and worm. In v?in he haih fjun'nt, from men, information of the rffcclual method ufed in foreign erumries ; and art?r experiencing the mod pr)mifing ways recoinm - nJedin fudi bioks as he had tead, they proved tpeffcclujl to prevent depredation by th: vermin of America.' But, io making various other experiments, he at length difcovered a method of pteferration which he is perfuaded wi!l prove effecl - jal : it ha a very favorable'appearance in prailice, and far ft. r - paCi all othrrs that hare come to his know, ledge: Ncverthelefs, it will be obliging in gen. tleincnto inform him of the bed practices in Kurope, or.elfcwhcre. ; The difHcultic of preferving febjccV being thu overcome, and the Mufeom having advanced t be an obj . - cl of earned attention to many individuals;' with feniimrnts of gratitude he thank the friends to the Mufeuro. h have ge - neremfly a4d:d to his eollcclin a number rif pie - ciou curiofities from mmy parts of lha world from Africa from India ; from Chini ; from the 0an!s of the great Pacific 0an,and from different parts of Aiirrica ; fonie wher.:of are the more curious, as they have h. en hut ve.y re - ceiitly difcvered, even by the gr - al voya g .rs of liurope. He refpefiiully requeiU acominumce f l!!rtr favors, and the affi ranee of all urrf ti wbo may it poff. ffed A things carious that they car fjMirr, whetlier th - y be tit 'Amcrka, or ny Mher o.rr .f the world all will command hi gfateul'acknowlcdtnen ji'a vaJujible prefenta to himfdf, to the public, and to ftrurecnerationi, H - i (ho more earnestly bent on enlarvinv the collection with a g rater varirry of - bcatls, btrds, fimes, infers, reptile, vegetables' mi - nerali, (hells, foffi s, medals, old coins: and of ureifdls, cloa'.hing arras, dyes andcolo ir, or mitei'vals for coloring, or for ph) fic, from 8' tnon2fl the Indian, African, or other favage people 1 and all pt'ticulars, althougn but in mo. del or delineation promifutg to be ufe:ul in ad vancing knowledge and the arts; in a word, all $ 1 atl for rtkl - plojed tinca, Houir iitilant, A Mr. thev have bliminga United currence tims, Houfe ntxt. . The extending counts dates, to - fc - tional o( the rondcied The Lloyd, to A praying of the ment; rv. fc red A courvty ing a fpirit TrrafuiN . ITie report and Crerlcs, in Uing in dollars, count of reluming Gile - , mitire, In thnr it liL - fli m Iifn - ficlal . 'uti.'ti. nr rni.r. .r ....... ... , ., ... . . taining to the citizens of the New Wur';d. Hut J V"" 1 ' ' . I A... - . in las! a defisn fo vatl, and he is bold ti fay, important, is tar beyond the 11 mler smIiucs ot an individual while profemunai tmiuitrv Ji ne - ccflary for the fupport ot a njmerous family. Animated w ith the generous pntronne he has already received, and by the m.igniiuoc of the object, which he fondly hojfs wi.l prwearethe attention ot the pub u, he now rtfpcciituly fo - liciti their aid to enable him to taife thit tender plant, until ir (hall gro into full maturity, and become a Nation a L Museum. With harmony little things become great ; all from I .u. ri.j;.i m , nt Z any I l . r. e. f ..j i - . t l . - - - y individual America has in this a confricuous advantage' over all oihcr count lies, ftom th $it - ultj tf III vnji Urnttriii. But a (mall number it yet known of the amazing variety of aninul, vegetable and mineral production, in our jorelts of 1006 miles,' our inland feas, cor rrmny riven. that foil tlucwgh feveral date', and mingle with the ocean. A Mufeum flored with thefe treafures mu(Hn - deed become one of the firlt in the word ; the more fo, as tne principal naturalifls in Europe more cut pne and will that thofe and dry the reported were till THE States, r rontiers, me if the doubt in - ? fo rre - our com - A pher have ty oT patronage thnfe aid laid will be anxioutto acauire our productions, bv I an exchanee of whaiever is roort valuable in j 'im their refpcctive countne and (ornzn colonies. Mr. Peale means perfonaily to (quit the au filtance ot gentlemen whole regard lor kicnee ts well known : if there are thoit uho wou'd be - come Iirf(x3ers or f ijtun cl the Mofeum, tUir united aid and influence, he it conhdent, would ar. com - 1 ly ptomo,e , dcGgn (hat is truly worthy cf I American patriots and ntrzrni oi the world. I being I CHARLES W. PEALE. A renewal Inrn Treafury, Mr, llieo I I1 fbibdclfk' hlueum, Jauuorj 179a, JFUORISMS. WHO f 'rcr himfclf on others, is to V.irn - Mr. ion cf roMc the Mr United felf a load. Impetuous cuiidfity is entity and fore ti inconftant. Prying iatrufion may be fufptcled tior.s

Clipped from
  1. The Independent Gazetteer,
  2. 21 Jan 1792, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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