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 - take t-t deal of. arttftM Ms;port, wH-' ' litue...
take t-t deal of. arttftM Ms;port, wH-' ' litue la. all. countries is very expensive, , 1 especially in to tocr a country a that. p. fi2. . BUiDM)rc-lwthu:ii,tlir.''riVM town l A-Hieric," but as to AnajJoUahc s;s : ; ' , ... 1 ' 'A I had then fonrnd An opinion of cow " 'indwlHiiff nulic, ASuiJciis appeared In me a ; podr puce, fctf there was nothing to ktq cows i Jpnj and if there Wiisv no person to buv.niiik ' or atheist no nwnev to pay for it with.". ; This last gentleman Mr. Oough) was duguisbed for shoit homed aad large cattle ; although very improper for. America,' a no poor land ought to have large animals upon, it," - '. ' . . . . ' V' ; (To be continued.) v Ermttttti-ln the leading editorial article cf Tuesday, it was intended to say of Ccn. Hamilton, tiiit lie'told ine he should no longer make any .sctive opposition to Mr. Burr but by the mis- . tike of the corrector adifleret.t sense is given, which 1 see republished in the Citizen .of this Tkf itinth V?uri..l. wis roundly asserted in a eircla wbcp I happened to "be last evening by an honest well-meaning Clintonian, who is a rssldcnt ' 'of the 9th Ward, that they would carry the Elec tion for Charter Offl?rv Ml hollow ibrei(W siuee.TucsdiiJt hviniiii&'tllrrehad bean twenty- six foreigners naturalized, all residents of tht J ward j sod that twice ss want more were to go - through the Clintonian Mill before Election day: Jure. How many of those men are there that have paid uses and rented tenements to the value . of 35 dollar I v,1 V;a"; '. : '-f.;' .Stmt furtiier particulars 'uncerning the lot ef tKe thijk xex, in the fed Sea. tht mattaere' of her " sveiu, and of ' MahaMei JiU,he Pirate. .-, ; In the year 1803, a numerous body of Ara-fcians cf the litt of the Wahabect Under their' leader; the invincible, and as thev think, dir' vine Maul, (the Bonaparte of Arabia) twice sacked the tit cf Mecca, destroyed the Tomb "of the (treat Trcphet Mahomet, anil commit ted dreadful ravages cu the unfortunate inhab- . jtants otStiltlut country.' Alter this he suWu-- cd Medina, sncther city, aacred In the eye of all good Hustclmeh, and conquered nearly all thecounrry situated above Mocha, on the eas- tern side of the Tied ea, in reducing a new re- ligion entirely subversive cithe Mahometan faith: . Sor.te"jef the followers of Abdal betook themselvva lo a tiv employ mcnt, than ofplun.' ilcrins nrtd destroying the vessels of every cation, that Sailed tn the Red sea. Among the " Wait La horned Jkle nriociDally distinsauhed hinistli', having purr.hafcod the isliud Camcin '.fit.- i ib ' .: r t i li.u ! ' made h'u head JjU'irters, afid fron whence lie has spread wore terror, than did.the bucca. peers tirnieily amongst tho Spaniards. ' ' t He sails la a strong well armed vessel,' with a numerous ere Wj made up f fanatics tike himsclli and enemws toevery nation, excepting 1 tUvir- own, the; Vahabecs. Unfortunately, thia pirate was, with his ship, at Mocha when ; the ill ,f,rted capt. Orne arrlvad in the Essex cf Salem, wiUi 60)pO dollar jto purchase a e cargy nl' cofile. Cuflte ,waaot to be had at market, and captain Orne was altogether at a !: hoWn. lt thrccd. : An English" merchmt ; (whose name we have not learnt) miderrtand- . iaKthe emlurrassed situation of captain Orne, informed himi that if they would proceed 60 miles farther op to a, town railed Datfido, he would there procure c&fFce lower than usually asked fur at M;cha, and offered himself to go in the Eey,' and execute the whole business for the trifling commission of 2 1-2 per cent. Captuin Orne lUtcncd to bis advice Qud finally .jjreed to it, lhe pirate. Mahmncd by some means came to the knowledge of all thesc circuit!.' lances, and had the address to punuadc captain Orne, to receive on board about SO of Ms crew to help to nivigctt the vessel, and pilot her to Dadido. 'fne Essex sailed in company with the pirate's ship j rJht approached, but alas 1 not one of the unfortiwtte crew were fated to behold their, country again, or the light of another day. ' At a given signal, the pirates ' on board fell upon the crew with their knives, the csrsnir ranged along side, and in a few minutes hot ai American was left to tell the sad tale of their destruction. The heorileHsbodyofthe captain, and mutilated carcase cf the Englishman, floated on short, and being recognised, received the rites of bu- . rial in a far distant la id. The Essex was plundered and burnt. This shucking catastrophe ought to prove a warping to all American captdns, not only to gartid them aguinst the smallest deviation from their nrdcrs, but also cgaiiuit reposing 'Confidence in strangers, vitcut being first vcUnsureiil ccnccmlng thctr characters. . It aia sj:cw t!ie necessity of being well armed, and nrenared to encounter those fiends in hu- ' 1 man a'nnre. on entei-inir into the channel of the . Red-sen fiends who massacre pnd plunder all nations wiUicut(bVinction--but-we earnest-ly pray,' tiiat Uie vengeance of our country nay oscdsyo'ertake the cruel perpetrator of thiscventfo! tragedy lildt. pap. . i " ':' ' VVasmxctox Citt Oct. 27. It if with t3e sincerest pleasure, that . we announce to cur fellow chizens, the arrival cf C'-ipuia Lewis, with his aplcrir.g party, il it. Lewis. - ThePresiirnt of the Ua5tcd States has received a letter from him, . dated St. Icuis, A'eptembw 23, t whicli place himslf, Cup-. tab Clark and their party arrived that day. They had panieu the precefcing winter at place which e calls Fort CUtaop, near the mouth of the Columbia rirtr. They set tut thence on the 27ih of Mrch last and arriveil at the fect of the Rr.cky mcuntiins May 10, whee tlnry were detained until June 25, by the siicw which readered the passage over these mountai'is impracticable un'il then. He ftwnd It tws tlAiK-ujl five hundred n& seventy miles of the Mw'smri to thegrcat falls of that river, thence by Und passed the Rocky mountains ti a navidle rfirt of the Konkkske three bnwired v--d forty mi'xf , cf which twohundred weald arrrit frd mad, ttid orse hundred and krty miU-, cf tremendous tnnmuina which , lor shcty n.iicsare covered with eterrM mows, thence three ml'esdcwnthc Kooskocs-ke uitoa nli curt n-ardly Jranch cf the Co'.um-Lia. an1 tlf- V-nr l:!ad:Vdnd thirty mVxt to the Fpof.c. irv ai! t'irc thwwsd five hundred and tftt -f.v- miics lif'm the co.h of the M'.s.A.ri to the nirtr'i of the Colairbia la tip Jy.t liver tU tide Cots 1!3 niiles, to j y tH:n ttnz tnllcs of Us nvtat rapids, aol o far would adnritlargc sloops ; and from thence upwards any juvigatcd by bmcaux and jjcridUiirs. Ik speaks of thia whiJc line fu inshing tlirtitc valuable fars in the world, and u short ud direct course fivr" them to the eastern coait of China but that thjreatest iart Of thcic would be fiom the head f . (Jve Missouri. He says His fortunate he 'CM not scna Dacii trom the head of the Mwitari any part of his iqree, consisting of thirty oue men, as niore tiujn oixe they owed their lites.aud the fate of the expedition to their numbers. One roan of his par y had ilied bcuwre he reached fort Mandaa in one thousand right hundred and four; every i-ther one is return eu in gooit health. Capt. Lewis e::nected to remain at St. Lou is some days to settle with and discharge his men, and would then set out for Washington, dt the way of Vincenne.Ixulsville, Abington. Fincastle, Staunton and Charlottesv ille. He is accompanied by the great Mandan chief, who is on- a visit to Washington. Capt. Lew. Is speaks of hit colleague, captain Clarke, In the most affectionate terms, and declares his equal title td whatever merit may be ascribed to the success of this euterpiize. Ltetrati of a letter from St. Lnit dated Septrmler -.'"'.' '..' Zi, IW : :, .' ; Captains Lewis and Clark are just arrived, til in very rood health. . The left the Paci- fip Pcean tl 25d of 'March fast they win. wed tncrs tiiey arrived lucre In the last November j there were some American ves sels there jwt before their arrival. They had to pack one hundred and sixty miles from the head of the Missouri u Columbia river. One eft he hands, an intelligent man, tells me the Indians arc as numerous on the Columbia, nsthe whites are in any part of the United-States., They brought but one family of Indians, of the Menuan nation. They have braught several cnrlosities with them from the Ocean... The Indians are represented as being very peaceable.' - The whiter wa very mild, on the Pacific-. , . .-'.. i . , - ''..;.; :' "' ; '' ' ., Latett lateltSg enee, It appears that the editor of the Philadelphia Register has received by tlie ship Protection, which arrived at this port, later dates than any received hurt, by one day. : Extracts follow: " I,''-.' ' -i ''-.-.. By the ship Protection, arrived In 43 days from Liverpool at New-York, cur files of London papers (comprising the Morning Chronicle, SiUr, Times, Cniu-ier, and Even-Star) are completed to the 12th of Sept. ;' It was believed at Liverpool that Mr. Fox died on the 11th of September, and that Irrd Lauderdale returned to London on tliat day, the negotiation with France being at an end-Neither of our Loudon papers of that date, and they are the latest rtccived by the Protection, mcnti.-.n thene events,, It appears by the Courier of the 1 liht that a messenger was dispatched that morning to Lord Laaderdtle at Paris', and -another received from hiin the samCidayl and trie London livening Sar of that date stales Mr( Fox to be then alive. , LONDON, Sept. II: , Arrival if Diiuiicte$Jrom l'rsncr' ,''''''":f.'-' ' ' ' ;Foa ONcLOCK, 4f ft i ;'.' We slop the press to state 'the arrival tn a messenger, who, as we are informed, reached town, about two hours ago, with dispatches from Lord Lauderdale, with which he proceeded i in mediattly to Sir Francis Vincent's house iii Arlington-street, ; : Mr. Parsbr-s, the ' messenger, arrived In town between two and three o clock this morning with dispatches from the Earl of Lauderdale in answer to Uiosq which he Carried over with him. lie left Pari on Tuesday landed at Deal at five o'clock last night, and Imme-diately proceeded in a. post-chaise and four to London. Upon his arrival he first went to Downing-strcet, and then to sir Francis Vincent's, in Arlingtoa-st. The dispatches were immediately forwarded to Lord Grenviilo. , Mr. Parsous made the Journey from London to Paris with very great expedition he was only s hours in gtang. t ' ' ' The dispatches of which, he is the bearer, are asserlei to be of very considerable imparlance. A council was held upon them this day at one o'clock. -; tasilico and .Vmith, the messengers,' were not, as was generally asserted, dispatched for Paris ycsterd-Hy, No racsssnger was dispatched till thin morning. Unsilicoleft London a-bout 2 o'clock this mornim;. bULLETW. M Giinaick Home, Thunday morning 8 o' tlork. He fit, 11. u Dr. MoseV has the hmnhr to inform Ln- dv Elizabeth r oiter, that Mr. Fox his had a better nitfit than Uiual Ilia pulse U more firm, and he is lcs weak than he was yester day. w Dr. M. has also to add, that some ef the alarming symptoms which chiractcriied his situation yesterday moruing have much abated." ' A letter from our Philadelphia correspondent dated yesterday noon Informs u cf the following arrival at that port., Ship Drutus, Crai;, Rottcrd-un 46 Compunter, Oilbes. Jm:on 40 Young Elias, Morris, Rotterdam 46 Belvidere, Michaels, , Bremen 46 Brig D'.amor.d, Manoa, Liverpool 42 Sc':ir. Elua, Benjamin, New-ork 4 tJotp Caroiia, HaII, . Boston J Betiey, l.i.lord, KnodcIiJand 4 Han-xk, Burntt, Nantucket 4 MoHnd., &'u,er, Neti-York 7 The CurnpUnler sailed from LwmIcq the lOvh of September. A'hip Yourg Uia sal'.cd frcm Helvoet tt.e 1st if f rpt. On the 4th eff Dover, spoke ship Pittsbdrg'i, hence for Hamburgh. Jlad been detiiLxd 3 weeks in Envland. 6th o!Tthe Isle tf Vi,ht. sprke ship New-Jersey, Crow, from this port fcr Aclwerpout SS days, all well. KrLXIXG POST MARLYIi LIST. Aaatvss tbissut. tUr Cr Mms Clil, Patterson, Kew-OrWr SJ Schr. LMi Lcy, Tharp MorVpvBy 32 iiy, Evaj.a, KoriuU 20 ICsncy k Polly, Doujh, EJer.tjn, N. C 11 Peggy, Tktesa, (Lua 11 cixastB tiis dav". SVp Savin, Howard, Aautcrdaw. Licit. Jentittlf C. ikhr. CoaoC'iCut,Mcrthcu, CharkaUa. . , 7CPi4. Sloop y ' . ' B.-ljf Moes ha 1 Jgwood, Lft titer, York had was expected 15, twelve was boarded New-Providenc e, kt 30, long. fur Schr. Little (J.unaica) Jack-son, and the a!d Ohio, to d at Montpgo-Bay sailed, the U-York.,- Schr. Sally, ent' , Captain of and from shore at totally loat-rew Schr, Nancy Nerth ' Sebsc Carolina, has ' Below 2 passage, or to- , r- Oct. 3") , piprs 2X) hhds. 8 bags 20 pipes l-i Made-'; " Vra 30 lil'ids. 100 buiulles Oct. 30 IF the endeavoured as-sassindike appeared in signad Henry Moore, aud hia name, ho UtriW , . Oct 33 MATURES THIS eraily reputation, ss and request, "ue in the ses in which suffice it to from desays from which melancholy complaints, m i . . . . Chronic Hypocondriae or mental Coiiaumptive plaints, -' Immoderate tions, Langour or Loss of Biosaof la ne. all that arise frora plea-Sires. - i The restorative are scx-ts and form for declining byapixiinjtiiiunt, No. t)3 Cherry Evck, No: 148 Boutier, No. Maiden-Lane K. Ritter, No. 114 Broadway andjly Ming Current, No. 12 Interrctirt NtW-tORK, Personally of the City joiner, being law- dcpos?th since he Kentucky, he Kk Hi for aSlicted with in-tcrv als with of his body, very severe from his caut.ud an eaicci-ation of body, ex'iansted recovery j advertisement Balaom, of boy a bottle, the directions through tlie medicine, health and 5wom this before me De These are are well furtlier, we wrought on Rest ti nentioned cmr brat where-Ot we Lave set In the prepuce Jo-, kL 0-t33 TEN this dav wrhok-sale and reUJ, Oct 59 R iCllAHDo No. 61 Oct 79

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