Feb 1969, Riesel

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Feb 1969, Riesel - Recjuiem For A Revolution NEW YORK —...
Recjuiem For A Revolution NEW YORK — Shoot-outs, busrt-ins, fire- bombings, sit-ins and grovel-ins, seizures and building burnings are the trademarks of the new revolution. But it is the revolt of the extremist young, black and white. It is not the dreary revolt drafted and I'edrafted by the Communist Party, USA. This party, in its brownstone mausoleum at 23 West 26 St., is a corpse. But the Soviet Union refuses to bury its dead Instead, somehow, the living corpse, shuffling along, is heavily financed, probably at Victor Riesel a cost of a million dollars a year. The party, led by the intractible. posh-living suburbanite Gus Hall, spends money as through it were printing it. In some fashion the “movement” supports a “newspaper.” The Daily World. vStrongly pro- Arab. bitterly anti-Israel, staunchly pro-Snviet. angrily anti-Maoist and brimming with hatred of Czech liberals, the publication claims a circulation of some 25.000. but probably sells only 15.000 in the U.S. Foreign subscriptions are what bring in the gold flow OBVIOUSLY EVERY READER Ls not a voter .After some considerable digging by this reporter, including calls to the party’s headauar- ters and publications, I find that they olfer no definitive figure for the showing of its presidential candidate, Mrs. Charlene Mitchell, I^s Angeles Negro bookkeeper The be.st that can be reported is a national tally of 1.075 votes — most of them cast in Minnesota and California. There were some 23 tallies in Ohio — a state where Party Secretary Gus Hall began his own explosive career Sic transit gloria Stalinist propaganda With no effort at all. Black Panther Minister of Information Eldridge Cleaver, now a fiigi'ive. rolled up 195,134 vo'e« on tht^ Peace and Freedom Partv ticket Tlie once-upon-a-Ume comedian. Dick Gregory, took 148,622. running on both the Freedom and Peace and New Partv tickets. Thus, the black revolutionists piled up a total of some 343,756. to tihe Communist Party’s 1.075 votes. , Compare this with the CP-USA’s top vo»e of 102.991 for William Zebulon Foster, the old stet'l industrv radical in 1932. Obviwsly today’s extremists have it all over the cut glass era. The revolution s the thing of the Maoist kids, the Castroite students, »he gun-running Panthers, the second generation Progressive Laborites, and the conspiratorial cells which have infiltrated educational sys- •enis, com mu n i i y ac ion crouos by the hundreds, and now are seeping into the big un_ especially in Detroit and Pittsburgh, BUT THE “AMERIC.AN DESK” ot the Soviet organization’s Central Committee and its John Le Carre-like intelligence .svstems arc stubborn They need an American Communist Party to fill the image of a world movement eiKl to cast a ballot for Soviet policy at coming global conferences of national Commurast movements. .So the American Communist Party will make one last effort to hoist itself from the political grave. Secretly, Gus Hal has called a National C(»n- mittee meeting of the “party” for Feb. 20 and 21. He has told his ideologically ragged, disintegrating battalions of comrades — now down to some 6.00(1 members — that the guarded sessions will develop a program for the coining national convention This is scheduled now for New York or Chicago on April 30 t»Ht>ugh May 4. Actually. Gus Hall will lay down the Soviet line He will tell the National Comm^tee that there ju.st can be no deviation Mo.scow must be followed — on the anti-Jewish issue, the black revolution and the invasion of Czechoslovakia. IT WILL BF ROUiiH GOING as Hall attempts to pull a Stalin. There apparently is some honor left among ideological thieves. Paul Novkc. editor of the Freiheit (Freedom), has Ixen slashing Hall for supporting the Arab cause in the Middle Ea.st. A few old-fashioned revolutionists, left from the days of the defM-«- .sion. are cutting at Hall for accepting the line that the Russians have Ohe right to interfere anywhere in the Socialist camp any time a lib­ era! trend shows its idealistic head. Negro campaigner Charlene Mitchell is pressuring Hall to get off the Moscow line and abandon the party’s old Negro Commission, which is described in (T circles as “red Uncle Toms” The presidential candidate want« the commission replaced bv a Black Liberation Committee which would have its own black caucus inside the party. But Hall holds fast To break with Moscow means to break with the gold flow. He’ll follow Uie Soviet’s corkscrew line even if the next party convention will have to be held in a phone l)ooth. The party is over. But the gold rush is not. Why. then, should the USSR be permitted to operate so blatantly in our land? There should at leas' be reciprocal trading Why should the Soviet Union not he opened to our propagandists? 0 ( 1(1 Fads Tile Monroe Doctrine guaranteed all the in- dept rid(‘nl nations of the western hemisphere lor the purpose of oppressing them or controlling in any other manner their destiny. Al«), the .American continents were henceforth not to I h > eori' idered as subjects for future colonization by Pluropean powers, Tlie re«istance <*f steel to atmospheric corrosion Is improved by the addition of alloying elements such as nickel and copper. Carbon monoxide is lethal because it prevents oxygen from circulating through the bloodstream.

Clipped from
  1. The Evening Review,
  2. 22 Feb 1969, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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