Frank H Downing legal - 28 Jan 1920, Lima News, Lima OH

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Frank H Downing legal - 28 Jan 1920, Lima News, Lima OH - WEATHER--Fair Wednesday night, colder east and...
WEATHER--Fair Wednesday night, colder east and south J I M A OHIO WFDNFSD4Y H N I l A R Y ' S 19T) portion, Thursday fair, sllghtely warmer west portion. LliYlA, \-Jni\J, W ClJlCOL^-\ I , J.-ViMUHIx 1 ^O, 1 ./-U PRICE THREE CENTS HAVE new one being of bill COUNCIL WILL PROBE CHARGES BURKHARDT AGAINST EMPLOYES JOFFRE'S CHIEF IS ELECTED DEPUTY; LED "BLUE DEVILS' Colonel Fabry Colonel Fabry of the famous French "Blue Devils" and .former chief of staff -A ith Marshal Joffre. was recently elected deputy in the first sector of Paris He is now managing editor of "Intransigeant." CONFEREES REACH AGREEMENTS were | Seven Points Settled--Tentative Decisions on Five Others MEETINGS RESUME THURSDAY Republican the yet not nf limits. of td produce Supporters Think Pact Compromise Will Be Reality WASHINGTON* -- Exact information concerning status of the bi-partisan treaty conferences were interrupted by the irrrroncilablps revolt and Senator Lodge's u l t i m a t u m , agreement had been reached on sev- points, w i t h t e n t a t i v e agreements five others T h e conference will resumed T h u r s d a y D e f i n i t e agroempnl had been reached on these points- The preamble, reseivation three, relati'iK to the refusal nf the Tinted States to arr»pt a m a n d a t e with consent of congress: reseivation four, relating to rtompstir questions; reservation eicht. relating to power of h e l o p a i a t i o n s rommisMon. reservation ten nn limitation of armaments: reservation 11, i f l a t i n j : to r e a t m e n t nt n a t i o n a l s of a covenant CITY IS MENACED BY SEWER GAS Official of Gas Company Declares System Filled SAY TRAPS ARE BLOWN OFF City Official Discounts Seriousness of Situation Here That the sewage system, of the city is laden with disease germs that constitute a menace to public health thru their ability to circulate freely into dwellings was the contention of Frank Pringls, general manager of the Lima Gas company, Wednesday Public health is endangered by the disease germs being forced into dwellings by large quantities of sewer gas which is said to be present in practically all Lima's sewers. The gas forced the germs thru, the traps se.t to prevent its entry and diseases were likely to result, said Pringle, who added that a dire danger, was present due to the suffocating qualities of the gas itself, he stated. The gas company announced the presence of sewer gas in practically all of the city's sewers after the opinion had gone out, it is said that natural or artificial gas was the cause of an explosion and a case of near asphyxiation occurring in, the city within the past few weeks. Investigation of the lines of the company in all parts of the city showed, an official of the company stated, that the leakage, from gas mains was negligible. Service Director MeClain was informed of the charge of the fas company Wednesday morning. He declared he was unable to discuss the situation, not having made an investigation The 'complaint was referred to the city engineering department. During illness of Vaughn C. Miller, rity engineer, LeRoy C. Miller, chief as- COSTA RICA NAMES HIM AS PRESIDENT Julio Acosta Garcia This is a new portrait, of. Julio Acosta Garcia, president-elect of Costa Rica. The office is a doubly responsible one now because of the post-war problems in commerce and international affairs of all kinds. breakin enervation 12, re- a M a t i n ? to r i e h t s nf American ntuens. apply T e n t a t i v e agipements had been leaoherl on ^r". at ion t w o , i elating A i t i c l e X; reservation one, relating to w i t h d r a w a l from the league; reservation five, relating to the Monroe Doctrine: reservation nine, re- a t i n g to payment of Americas share le.ipup expenses, and reservation 14, r e l a t i n g to i n e q u a l i t y of voting power These agreements and partial un- der=tandings covered 12 of the 13 divisions of Lodge refervations. Following s u m m a r y shows the exact status of negotiations, with the terms agreement and tentative agree- e n t : PREAMBIvK Th,e conferees had agreed to strike out the words providing for acceptance of the American reservations by at least three the four principal allied and associated powers, thru an exchange of notes, leaving the preamble to provide simply for acceptance The conferees then added these words: sistant. declared th£.t he did not consider the situation seriotrs. The present sewers of the city are inadequate Miller stated, but he declared that sewer gas is kept out of homes by the placing of a trap filled w i t h water. A statement was prepared by Pringle Wednesday. It follows: "In connection w i t h the sewer gas situation in this rity, wish to state that this is not a new condition, ex- sting only at the present time, but has existed Jor some time and this condition will continue to exist. However, the situation can. be improved to a certain degree "You can readily u n d e r s t a n d "just The and ho\v this condition does exist, disposal of the salt waters 'FLU' CONTINUES TO SPREAD Chicago Death Toll Climbs-Illinois Affected Worse OUSTER POLITICAL MOVE, CHARGE AGAINST MAYOR IS Garling Can't Serve if Downing Asks For Hearing WAS CLERK OF COMMISSION WASHINGTON. Influenza con- waste matters from a number of oil wells in and around our city find their w a y into the sewage system of t h e city, such waste matters gener- what is commonly called gas. This sewer gas travels ating sewer thru the sewer system to the place of least resistance, which in many instances result in blowing of the traps in the home. "This f a m e idea applies to the .gasoline, oil, grease and waste matters from garages, in the city, which nre dumped into the sewers and form or generate gases which travel thru the system of sewerage. "Sewer gas odors .ire more predominate at this particular time of season, owing to the ground being blanketed with snow and ice. which hold down the gases giving them no atmospheric Tent. Being so restrained the sewer gag or generated gases travel to the place of the weakest resistance. "Many instances the sewer inlet or man hole to our sewers have solid tops or lids which completely seal the sewer. These man bole tops should be perforated in order to al- 4 'And the failure on the part of ] 0 w the stray gas forming in the allied and associated powers to . sewer an atmospheric opening. make objections to such reservations] "Sewer gas is a term applied to understandings prior to the de- of the r a t i f i c a t i o n by the Unit- States shall be taken as full acceptance the air fouled by mixture with gases which are formed by the decomposition of sewage, and by the organic Hnues to spread over the country, Reports made to the Public Health Service today said that the total number of cases reported in Illinois had reached 14,805, and that this probably included but one fifth of the actual number. More than 2,000 new cases were reported in Michigan, while Milwaukee reported 1,064 new cases and Wyoming 350. Public schools and gathering places in Tennessee hfne been closed. * * * NEW YORK -- ThP i n f l u e n z a epidemic reached a new record Wednesday when health d e p a r t m e n t reports showed 5,589 new cast's in the last 24 hours. The biggest day in the 1!U8 epidemic was October 23, when 5,340 cases were reported. Influenza deaths in thp last 24 hours were 67- New cas'es of pneumonia numbered 6 ^ f i , w i t h 118 deaths. The disease is in milder form this winter than in 19 IS, Dr. Royal Scopeland, health commissioner, said, and the death percentage less. Deaths from influenza on October 23 1918.. were 29U while t h e combined influenza and pneumonia death toll during the last 24 hours was 185. Total cases of i n f l u e n z a since January 1, were given as 19,763 an,d pneumonia 4.331. John F. Kramer, Federal Prohibition Commissioner, today said that licensed druggists would be permitted to fill doctors' prescriptions for whiskey without £lmg blanks with the government Restrictions are to be lifted only for the period of the influenza epidemic. Mayor Has Not Sent Copy of Charges Out The ouster proceeding of Mayor Burkhardt to remove Frank A. Downing from a berth on the civil service commission struck a snag Wednesda3 r . It developed that City Solicitor Garling may not be able to act as legal advisor to Mayor Burkhardt should Downing demand a hearing. Girline : at the time alleged irregularities appeared in the civil service records, was clerk of tho board. He kept the records himself. Should he be called upon to act ae the mayor's legal advisor he would face the double role of witness and prosecutor. "I would have to go on the witness stand. There would be no one to cross-examine me," Garling declared Wednesday. Garling placed a proposition before Mayor Burkhardt that he employ other counsel to represent the city's side of the case if a hearing develops. Garling declared t h a t he was willing to conduct the hearing as tar as he was able. Mayor Burkhardt has not announc- t"rney to represent h i m , it was learned. G a r l i n g slated that be was responsible for (he records at the time alleged regularities were supposed to have occurred, but an audit of the books by Mate examiners showed them to be correctly kept. "At least there was never any charges that they were not properly kept," the City Solicitor snid. "The examiners were asked at times during inspections if the records wpre correct. The state officials alwais declared they f o u n d no f a u l t with them. GarliiiK was asked bv Mayor Burkh a r d ) Tupfcdav to consider the charges ppndlne against Downing. Thf m a i l i n g of tne cliarges to Downing w a s being hold up pending the a c l i o n of the C i t y Solicitor. B u r k h a r d l staled t h a t CJarJlng would a^ain be asked to go over thf charges. Wednesday a f t e r n o o n inn charges hat! not jet gone to Downing by mall. They i c m a i n o d lucked in the desk of the city'.s executive. Tne mayor t-mllprl when h» was asked w b f n they would be presented. He looked s i g n i f i c a n t l y at his desk drawer. "Are they in thorp'" IIP was asked "The} are," ho said, and added "They aie going to stay there u n t i l G a r l i n g passes on them " Opinion on the fight to oust Downing was cut rent in the city to the effect t h a t Do-wninsr would fight his removal Irom office. Several prominent men of the city declared that Downing bad a good chance to hold his office R u m o r that the Downing crowd wore holdiiiR back evidence that would clear the civil service commissioner at a bearing was heard. Wednesday morning. Evans Slated To Go At Once Dempster Says He Will Appoini Committee Next Monday MUCH INTERESTls AROUSED A ruling that determines the standing of Charles Evans, "hold over" superintendent of water woiks, who has bfen charged with inefficiency and mismanagement In his tle- partim nt bv Service Director McClain, was made by City tiollci.or Downing Wednesday. The report had not reached Mc- Claln Wednesday, but ho had been tvdviged by the solicitor that the dead been reached. The formal l u l i n g Is to reach the offlco of the service; director Thursday morning. The ruling makes the removal o£ Kvans f n s y sledding now, according to Met iiiu "There is nr»«!ng, that stands Jn the wav of Evans being asked for his resignation," ho said. "I will ask for three names to be certlfi id Councilman Calls Act "Peanut Politics'' and Injurious Exercising its authority, city council will probe charges preferred by Mayor Burkhardt against city employes, it was announced Wednesday. A committee for this purpose will bo named next Monday night by President \V. J. Demrjster. Tbe great amount of interest the ouster proceedings the mayor has started against city employes and a civil nervIcR commissioner is the reaon for this action by the council. The city has been stirred by the charges filed by tho mayor, it is snid by couucilmen, and It is within the province of HIP cllv legislative body to make nn investigation, they by the civil board. A successor for Evans wil' then be naim*«l from this lint and tho place on the c i t y pay roll formerly ocicupled by L'vans \ \ i l l contain t h o mime of .in- other," McClaln statod Wednesdav. Two courses wore open for tho removal of Evans, McClaln said, following tho decision of GnrlliiK HP accepted the preceflhiK one in preference to filing charges against j Evaur Evans will have no redress from the decision of tho eervica director, it waa declared. "He is ypars over du» now, with his resignation," McClain said. Kxamination of the records of the civil servlro commission showed no record of Kvans being other than a provisional appointee, it developed durhip UIP efforts to oust thp water Dorics superintendent. BOSTON, Mas;*. -- The number of cases in Massachusetts increased 50 per cent in the twenty-four hour period ending at noon today o\er that for the preceding 48 , hours, but health officials point to the fact that the total still is small as supporting their contention that fears of an epidemic are not warranted. The total for the last 24 hours was 4S2, in- | clever check worker was at work in eluding 184 in Boston. For the pre- i the city Tuesday. vious 48 hours the state total was j First reports of the activities of 303. including 137 in this city. At ' the crook were leceived Wednesday the height of the epidemic in Octo- 1 morning at police headquarters Irom her, 1918. the daily total of n e w j t h e Newaik Shoe Store and H. R. CHECK WORKER IN CITY TUESDAY Police Wednesday reported that a U, S, AMBASSADOR QUITSPOST Henry P. Fletcher Resigns as Representative in Mexico WASHINGTON' -- Official n n that, Henry I'. Fletcher, President Dempster said Wednesday t h a t he would name a committee, probably of three members ot both political faiths, Monday to go into tho matter and mako a, report to thp council on its findings In tha matter. He said he had uot determined who would l)o named on the committee. Other councilman expressed their views on the probe. There were none approaciu-ii opposed to it and a cumber heartily favored it. They believe thnt in this way the tru*» slato of affairs can be arrived at afrtce the committee will not ha prejudiced by politics but will have members from both hides. Them is considerable feeling la HIP city that the ouster Is no differ- onl from thf usual political wrangles I'nited States ambassador to Mexico has resigned, was made Wednesday by Secretary of State Lansing Fletcher h a s sent his resignation to President Wilson, w i t h a request that U he noted upon ns hoon ns Fletcher is now In Now York and it Is not k n o w n whether ho has any plans for the f u t u r e . His resignation ends IS yours In the diplomatic servl(c. Fletchnr was appointed to his post In February, 1916. Ha did not go to Mexico City, however, u n t i l the following February. Tor tha last year Fletcher has been on d u t y at the state department in an advisory capacity to Secretary Lansing on Mexican matters. Fletcher's relations with the Mexican government while in Mexico City, were understood to be more or less strained, owing to a firm .stand In trie presentation of contentions of the United States in regard t o American interests in Mexico, it was said at the state department Since Fletcher's r e t u r n from Mexico City tho anibasKv- has been conducted by George T. Suiumerlein. that follow change in administrations and thoip. arc many who bo- liovp t h a t tho administration is dabbling In politics Just as has been the rule tor years. Since the ouster talk has hot'ii started, discussion of the cornmisslon-mnnagpr form nf Kovornment has sprung up again an'l Is RfiininK headway Many look to j it us tho onlv nutldolo for ellminat- ing such unpleasant occurranceu u l i l h bob up overy time one. stops out and another goes into p o w f f In sppiiking of the charges President Hempiter said ha believed t h f r p should bo a thoro investiga- t i o n HP safil he \v«s not prepared to fav j j h t how the committee will n.-ini" will go about the matter, but was under tho impression that ·» complete rrport should be, made for thp benefit of the puniic. Councilman John Reed, dprao- crati'- councilman. f.aid ha ha'd not ghrn HIP i n a t t p r conMderation could not discus,:, it. Ho said, however, t h a t he would be willing servp, on such a committee. Councilman Tienipy, republican, charactrrUed the m a t t p r ns "peanut politics" and said an investigation will be demanded. He said tho ro- .publican members of council ir« tnaTiiiiR an investigation as members. "Whpn .Mr Burkhardt w e n t i office there was an agreement to cooperate" said Tiernay " b u t the political action of the m a j o r has !(.·-- gusted republican uiPmbeiM. He )» Playiuc; p e a n u t politics and a continuation of it will not go well with the majority of council. Wliat we want is to get togPther and pet something done for tho adiancci'ient of 'lia city. TlK-rc is plenty of bip work to U- don« and U khoiild not be hampered by petty political bickerings."

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