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1881Feb24 BRRR - ia necessary reduction fertile rnav rapidly...
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I yesterday on the which Cam- 1 Railroad, morn over I of ; Savan- 1 the J Carolina have 1 axle 1 knocked 1 1 the j col- 1 trestling, 1 with 1 upon ] cars 1 19) ! cars 1 are 1 of 1 is on river. of the the hundred when the engineer behind of the yesterday to the be derived it is estimate cost of that by of five work, with all built put together, was by wholo driven forming strung trestling upon their to bequeathed large College. before have Garfield candidates to raft of Newark, last at so WHAT MAY BE A TRUNK LIRE? A Project Which inny holp Cincinnati Southern lo Ileach the Sen. Trie Blue Ridge- Railroad Company ol South Carolina iras chartered In that State, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee Tennessee in 1852. This road w.;n to extend from Anderson, 8. C., to Knoxvillo.Tenn., a distar*? of 196 miles. Tho enterprise eras tho business dream of John C. Calhoun, Calhoun, and has been the pct scheme of thc Trcnholms, tho Gouidins, tho Hamptons, and the leading men of South Carolina ever since thuruna was first projected. projected. The object 1*1 tho incorporatorti was to connect Charleston with the ?reat Northwest by a direct lino of rnilB which would shorten tho distance to Chicngo and Cincinnati over tho existing lines by rubout 200 miles. On tho South Carolina Carolina and Georgia end of thc linc over ?4,000,000 ?4,000,000 we?o expended before the civil war put au end to thc work. Of this sum, the State of South Carolina and tho city of Charleston contributed $3,000,000, and tho wallanee was raise, hy voluntary subscriptions and mortgage bonds, which aro now tho only existing lieus on tho rond. In South Carolina 43 miles of tho road were completed, connecting .'nderson .'nderson with Walhalla, and this section of the road has been in good runnig order over since. Beyond Walhalla tho road was graded ai faros ihe Blue Ridge Mountains, and a tunnel, 6,000 feet in length, was begun through tho mountains. About 4,500 feet of litis tunnel were completed, 450 feet being bored through rock. By means of tunnel the grade over the mountains mountains wns reduced lo 70 feet to tho mile, which is an easier grado than that of any of thc other ruilronds cro-sing tho Blue Ridge and tho Allegamos. In the Stnto of Georgia two small tunnels wero part of the original plan of tho rond. Ono of them i-i t ntii ely completed, and tho other is very nearly so. A largo part of the grading in Georgia is aleo completed. Tho road runs directly through tho Rabun Clap, which admits of a passage through the mountains nt a comparatively trilling expense. On the north-western cud of lite line 18 miles of road were completed, from Knoxville lo Marysville, Tenn., and this portion has been in running or[1er or[1er over since it was built. At this cud of tlic road about $1,000,000 were expenilcd expenilcd by ibo State of Tonne oe, under the internal Improvement net. Ono buudred ?ind thirty-li .-e miles of tho rond, as originally originally surveyed, remain to bo constructed. Thc work was being rapidly prosecuted tvhen tho civil war begun; ?nil ?hat put a reto on thc enterprise which has not been removed up ta the present time. A num- ! ber of New York and Boston capitalists ire now preparing to take possession of the charter, and push the read through to completion. A prominent South Carolina citizen low in New York told a Times reporter yesterday some very interesting facts in in regard to tho Blue Ridge Railroad and the roads with which it will compete for business if it is built as originally designed. designed. He said : "The mortgage liens sn this property consist of first mortgage bonds to tho amount of $236,000, with interest interest since 1861, and second mortgage bondi to the amount of $598,000. In 1854 a first mortgage loan of $1,500,000 was authorized by tho company, but under this authority bonds to tho amount of $236.000 only were issued. In the same year tho Legislature of South Carolina Carolina guaranteed bonds to tho compuuy to complete tho road to tho amount of $1,000,000. This guarantee was uever used, but in 1868 tho Legislature confirmed confirmed it and added $3.0?0.000 to the guarantee, provided BO much was necessary necessary to pay tho outstanding first mortgage bonds, and tho floating debt of Ibo company, company, and to completo the road. Owing to tho panic of 1873, only $598,000 of these second mortgage bonos, guaranteed by the State, were ever issued, and the balance of Ibo State guarantee was returned returned to the Stato Treasury and canceled. canceled. The Stato guarantee on tho Becand Becand mortgage bonds was declared constitutional constitutional by Judge Melton, of thc Court af Common Pleas of Richland county, before tho indorsement was made. Those mortgages aro a first and second lien on ibo entire road, with all the rights aud franchises of the company, except on tho Tennessee end of tho line, where the State of Tenuesseo has a prior Hen on the 18 miles of completed road, for the $1,000,000 advanced under tho Internal Improvement act. The importance of the action about to be taken townrd tho completion of tho road will be appreciated appreciated by those who understand tho system of railroads connecting the great Northwest Northwest with tho Southeastern Atlantic ports. The Louisville and Nashville and tho Kentucky Central Companies have recently recently combined with the Kuoxville and Ohio Company, und agreed to build their roads to the Tennessee linc, so as to form a direct connection with Knoxville, and contracts for tho work are about to bo awarded. The Cincinnati Southern finds itself at Chattanooga dependent on tho Louisville and Nashville to reach thc Atlantic ports of tho Southeast ; and in order to make itself independent, tho Cincinnati Southern has already surveyed surveyed a Uno from Emory Gap directly east to Knoxville, a distance or 42 miles. So you Bee the tn?ee great Western and Southern corporations are making haste to reach Knoxville, thc northwestern end nf tb? Blue Ridge Railroad. At Anderson, Anderson, the southeastern end, there ore two railroad connections with Charleston, Port Royal and Savannah. Ono is over tho Greenville and fTnltimhia Rn?!ro?d, which has recently been nure.hft*pd hy the Clydo party, of this city, and tbo Stewarts, of Richmond, Va. Tbo other is by woy of the Savannah Valley, which is to bo built, and the route tbis way will bo 50 miles shorter than by the Greenville Road. Tho Edgefield, Trenton nnd Aiken Railroad is rapidly approaching completion. completion. The South Carolina Railroad, thc great corporation of tho State, is about to pass into the bands of New York and Boston Capitalists. It should be remembered," remembered," continued tho speaker, "that tho only completed railroad from the Northwest Northwest to the Southeast is tho Chattanooga and Atlanta, now controlled by tho Louisville and Nashville Company.The Company.The freight business of this line ia so great that tho trains almost touch each other, and the facilities for doing tho business of the section aro totally inr.de?unte. inr.de?unte. The completion of tho Blue lidge Road will supply n want that baa long been felt. It will bo a trunk line, fully able to compete with tho Chattanooga Chattanooga and Atlanta line, aud will reduce tbo distance from Chicago aud Cincinnati to the Southeast ports by about 200 miles. The parties controlling tho Blue Ridge Road at both ends aro now organizing for ita rapid completion." Tho estimated cost of tho work is $8,000,000.-N. Y. 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Clipped from The Intelligencer24 Feb 1881, ThuSecond EditionPage 1

The Intelligencer (Anderson, South Carolina)24 Feb 1881, ThuSecond EditionPage 1
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