Old Ottawa (Bytown) History

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SCHOOUUTES OF THREE SCORE YEARS AGO GIVE DESCRIPTIVE ' HISTORY OF OTTAWA IN OLD DAYS Vcttrau RccaS Day. af Opw Vttnf ni OtW Bytowa Isci- Isci- WAS MOST SEVERE EARTHQUAKE EVER RECORDED HERE Amen th old resgdenta ot the Capital who lived hare Thto Ottawa were ohoolmate eome three eor yeara ago Mr. P. Banna, T naeond avenue, aa4 Mr. R. B. Jaanlaeon. e( Flora street. ,. Both attended Um aama county Modal school, aa K waa than called, at th corner of Qumq ana Duke street. Tha schoolmaster waa a Mr. Car jr. MR. BEARMAJf. "I we bora,' said Mr. Bearman, "on retpiemttor M. I US, la Nepeaa, near iMU'a C'ornera" Mr. Ocarman's lather eama from Jemriasliirs. rutglaaa, la 111 ft, to Canada, Canada, it look turn toraa waaka to coma from Montreal to Hull la that year. They cam by a "belteau," a boat pusaed aiong by pole. Mr. xfearnuui f irat oama into Ottawa aa a achooiboy la Met, whea he boarded boarded la trfiwer Town oa Ntcbola street, and went to acaool trom April, IMA, till April, lata,. Ajnonc tha other boys who atieadad tha old county Model acnool wera Geo. May, John Nichula-'U Nichula-'U Nichula-'U tatterwarda deputy sheriff), John Murphy, lour entity boya, and a Mat-htaa Mat-htaa Mat-htaa In all there muat have been about fifty boya some to that echoof. Wnea Mr. Baaxmaa boarded on Nichola a treat aa a boy there1 were vary few hciteae off It, aad'noae aculh of tha Jail. . THE LAT Or THK TOWX. WallingloB atreet la tha fortlaa only ran aovat aa far aa Where Bank atreet now la. '1 here Waa no Bank atreet or aparka atreet then. The firet bouse built betwaaa tha preeent Bank atreet aad nappe re Bridge, whan Mr. toperas opened hla property up, waa erected by Kobert Kenlay, aad waa where tha Devua building la bow. Aa a matttr of fact, H parka atreet waa opened lhaVfalL Until then tha road ran where Queea'a atraat la now. v After b parka atraat waa opened op there waa no house to tha south, am cept tha aolltary blahoprta homestead, homestead, which waa dowa where Nepeaa atreet la bow. -Ttaare -Ttaare waa aa houea waat of Pooley .Brlajya until oaa came to Lyoa atraat. Then there waa Jam! on' and Alan aader Orabam'a to tha waa of It. Tha poet otftca (the flrat Ottawa poet of-floe) of-floe) of-floe) waa oa tha north aide of Wei-llnaton. Wei-llnaton. Wei-llnaton. atreet. between tha present Lyon and Bay atreata. Captain Baker waa tha flrat poetmaater, aad hla aa-alatant aa-alatant aa-alatant waa Jamee Joint. There waa Bo postal delivery. Godfrey Baker auoceeded hla father and moved tha Vest office dowa to Ellin atraat. -- -- -.Other -.Other buatneaa men In thla eeotloa a trni u.nniitfHi, -a.-, -a.-, -a.-, -a.-, h -. -. a general at ore; J. MoCarthy, D. O'Connor, on the north of Welllnctoa atreet. On - tha aouth thera wara Charles Bummers, who had a drug atora J J. Heney, who kept a harness ahop. At tha corner of Wellirtgtoa and Kent atreata tha OHmour Company Company had their offleaav OX RIDEATJ BTREs-T. BTREs-T. BTREs-T. . -' -' Tha first hoaea aaat of tha Sappers Bridge oa Rldeau atreet waa Joaepa Aumond'a : then came Wm. Stewart a, ' Zaecarlaa and Laird Wllaon'a Wat- Wat- ' aoa bad a tavern next Mr. Ayllng.; who waa later a member of Parliament, Parliament, bad tha atora where Geo. Maya aona ara now. At tha corner of Moe grov and Rldeau, where Borbrldges ara, waa tha general atora of T. and W. Huntington. un tna oortn aiae or niaeau wnera tha A. E. Raa Co. Ltd. ara located, waa Fltxaibboa'a, than came Andrew Main's, which waa a vary big ahop for thoaa Umea Next waa tha hardware hardware (tor of Warton Griffin. Geo. Pataraon, next ' door, had a general ' atora aad bakery. W. H. Thompson, who waa afterwarde otiy treaeurer. kept a general atora where Frelmaa'ar la now. Thaa a- a- man called liurpee had an hotel. . ' When aakad as to' tha' varloua homea In Ottawa, tha only one of any also Mr. Bearman remembers at thla data In the fortlaa waa "Mackay .Castle,"' now Government House. Thera waa than considerable tmfho going and coming between Montreal ' and Kingston by tha Ottawa river and Rldeau eanaL peaking of general aubjecta, Mr. Bearman said that election! In thoaa daya wera lively affaire. "I remember tha tlma when tha Mhnl. laeiuhl, H,mi, VAfted ,t one poll and tha election laatad for two days. All tha bars wara open. That muat have bean in lit or 1114, , when 1 voted for tha Brat time. ' 11AKD DRINKIXO. . V; "I did not go to Byward Market much before he sixties, wnea, 1 think, a regular market day waa started." "The railway changed thtnga moat of anything 1 aver aaw. It oama In the fiftlea. Blno thaa Ottawa baa rown ateadlly. hut mora raDtdlv dur ing the' last tea years than at any other tlma I can remember. "1 lived out of the towa Itself oa our farm, but used to coma la two or three tlmea a week. Tha "shiner" fights you hear so much about wera ,wiitwi7 coniineo to in eiiy nseu. "I remember tha Imperial eoldlera aa tha hill In leek. I don't think thera then," "I remember coming tote to Ottawa to get a glimpse of King Edward, when ha waa hers. I aaw him when ha waa going to taka a ride down tha crib at the el Idee and agala when ha waa on a crib going down. "Whea Ottawa waa ohoaen for tha capital people wera very well pleased, it waa quit a surprise to moov of them. Tha authorities, yon know, at that war squabbling over where It should be like the city council la now over the water- water- works." "Where did we get oar water from thenT" . "Ob, some of It oama from walla and then men need to being It front tha Ottawa River la puncheona. I never . heard people In thoaa daya complaining complaining about It I doa't think they arose of It, Aa a matter at faot, people uerd to drink a good deal mora strong etuft thaa Bow. Many wera fraah out from the Old Country aad had Old Country haelta , . "Talking about theae. puncheona ra-mlnda ra-mlnda ra-mlnda ma that tha man with tha flrat puncheon at a tiro got tl.W aa a reward.' reward.' Wa had a vol nn tear fire company company thea with a hand angina. "There wara a few Bngllea officer living here In lies. Among them wara noma who had remained retired from the tlma of tha building of tha oanaL "tn thoaa early daya aaaa ejaad to drink hard. Why, I toruewiner whea there war rem- rem- hotels at Bell' Cora- Cora- era and eight on tha way to Ottawa. And thera were very few teama that travelled that distance without two or three palls of water from tha hotel pumpe. MR. K. R. a-AMIUOX. a-AMIUOX. a-AMIUOX. Mr. K. R. Jamleaon waa born at Rockland, Ontario. In 1H7. Hie father came to Rockland about ItJt from Edinburgh, Hrotland. Ha married Mra. Jamleaon who came from Fort William. In the Scottish Highlands. Mr. Jamleaon, Hr., first tried to farm, but tha farm waa too much for him, an ha returned to hla trade aa a baker and located for a year or o in Buckingham. Buckingham. It waa In 1111 that tha Jamleaon'a cam to Ottawa. Their first home waa on Wellington fitreet, opposite gklnner'a Drug Htnre. Then they went out On tha Richmond road, aa It waa called then, hut now a part of Wellington Street, Weat. - Hera Mr. Jamleaon'a father bought a lot and built a bakery on It. And from here Mr. Jamleaon went Into he old County County Model school where ha met Mr. Bearman. Tha school house waa right among tha trees, "and bush waa all around It. At one lima Wellington treat was called George street. LEBKfcTOX FLATS. -The -The whole of tha La Breton Flats waa wild then. They were called after after a Captain La Breton who came hare In Colonel By'a tlma Tha story want that ha thought that the Rldeau Canal would go tliruugb them Into the Ottawa river thua avoiding a number of locks. So aa soon aa he figured thla out ha gut oold of tha land from rieck'a foundry to Broad Street. "But," continued Mr. - Jamleaon, "when Colonel By learned this he changed the oanal'a entrance Into the river, where It la now and where he oould get the land cheaper. In between between the land held by By and lit Breton th Bherwooda had their property. property. . THC OTTAWA RIVER. "There wa a great deal more traf-flo traf-flo traf-flo tn tboee. days oa the river than bow. The railway killed It. There waa a great number of what were called small puffers that uaed to take ps seen gore and freight. In fact It waa the main Una of transportation.' "There waa one big steamer a day that started at I o'clock In the morning morning for OrenvUle and got hack to Ottawa Ottawa about t o'clock In tha evening. From OrenvUle to Carillon there wera 11 ml lea of a stage route before reaching reaching the Montreal boats. Then the tramo up tha Ottawa river waa dona from hare to Aylmer by stage In connection connection with a boat at Aylmer. At the Chats one had another break In th water tranaaortatton.. -Travelling -Travelling than wa very tedious and dangerous, too, "I have seen the malls brought Into Into Ottawa oa h'oreebaak from Montreal Montreal p to the old post offloe on Wellington Wellington street. in the Winter time th travelling waa all done 'by stage on th river from Montreal. "The King's Road, aa tha Montreal Road eMd to be called, waa a pretty rough way to go. - In fact- fact- everything everything wa In the rough then and there wa nothing rougher than the travelling. , SPARKS' OFFER. "Whea I flrat renumber Bytown It wa a vary divided place. In the middle you had the Hill, which waa owned by the Government and Mr. Nicholas Sparka Between Lower Town and weat of Lyon atreet there wasn't a house. . .. "Then came the row between Mr. Sparke and the Government. . - Mr. 'Spark claimed that hhr property ran up to the north aide of Wellington etreet. Th Imperial - Government claimed that their land stretched down to the north aide of Spark HL, However, Mr. Spark gained hie point and a fence of Bat timber waa put up la rront or the Government common, as It waa-called waa-called waa-called them. "Mr. Sparks tint of all farmed hla land. ' I remember climbing over a fence to see a grass mower where tha two Mac atora la now.' "Thaa Mr. Spark opened out hla property and aald to my father. ,.oon after " " 'Jamreson. what la the nee of trying trying to make your living In the bush T Come down her among the people and buy a lot from me.' "And Mr. Sparks In his peculiar way pointed out to my father the alte of the praaent Dominion Express Company' Company' fflcea. But my father . re plied ha had bought hi place and wa not going to move, OPEN VOTlJfO. "At all the election In thoaa daya the voting waa open. A voter waa brouant to a window. Where a return ing officer asked him: "Where he lived r wnat hla name wear And for whom he desired to voter There wa many a lively acrlm- acrlm- mag over hla reply. Th ballot box took away all that. "Ip tha early day aad for a lone time the currency wa pound, shill ing and pence. "At one time there waa quit a number of Knalish offloe rs here. I remember Flugtbbon, who wa tha paymaster. "Next door to ua there wa a general general Mora run by John MacCarthy. who cold whiskey, boots and shoes, auger, tea and dry goods. "I remember the time when ladles eeeo to wear crlnollnee here and pretty large they were too. However, the "hoope" went out of fashion aa quicxiy aa snow in June. ... : " continued my father's bakery nnrll 10. .The buatneaa must have ran for over 7 yeara In all. Ha gave tea BHaineae over 10 me. HO waa prominent member of the Baptist church here. He worked to buy a lot from Sparke and build the church on It. After working In tha morning 1 remember tn the afternoon he would go out and solicit subscription for nm inumi. M r. mntHB, Of AyimeT, helped him, and Mr. Alan, of Cantley. LEA NT'S CAaifOX "Honey Monday wa ' a ' religious feud and waa after the real tlmea of tha Shiaera. The County of Carletoa aettier were mostly Orangemen, while Hull and Lower Town people were mostly Catholic. Stoney Monday ended the feud. ."The Imperial ae Idler went ever to nun nnq , tool the erase cannon Leamy Bad mounted at the end . Sussex atreet. I can remember etng them marching along Duke atrwet with nxe pnyoaeta, with th ounoa Tnis WtA'i SWk Bfok, All . LcJ Recardi. uiereinnf rtcu viduerea at met Dominie Obienrstory. NiMty-nV NiMty-nV NiMty-nV Earthquake! Wert Recorded Recorded Uiit Year. "Ottawa may rest In peace ; Ottawa at not In a aelamlo area." Those ara tha worda of Dr. Otto Kloia of tha Dominion Obeervatory, when Interviewed by The Journal in regard to that week's quake. "In our part of Canada. In fact over the greater part of Canada." the doctor went on, "we need have, no fear of any disastrous earthquake ; we ara too near tha primeval rock : we have too few formatlona beneath ua In which tha compression and adjustment adjustment lake piece. The -weak -weak tine of the surface of tha earth la Eastern Canada, an old wound that ta not perfectly perfectly healed, and that would be the ftrat to open fraah If etratna wara to become excessive; la the Great Cham-plain Cham-plain Cham-plain fault running down tha bed of th S(. Lawrence from lavia to the Gulf. "All the more or lean severe, but . not destructive, earthquake that have visited Eaatern Canada are all associated associated more or leaa directly with thla 'Great Champlaln and St. Law-ence Law-ence Law-ence fault.' A.N OUJ TIMER. "Of theaa tha quakes of llct. 171. 1X0 and 170 ara the moat noted.' Tha nret one baa gained a certain celebrity , from Its exaggerated description. Thla earthquake, which laated about ais l months, occurred during the French occupation. we may regard tha re- re- corn ot u aa tha beginning of our literature on seismology. "Also," added Or. Klota. laughing, "one may any that the narratora of that quake anticipated the sen sationalism of our 'yellow' Journal by two and a half centuries." The Seismologleal Branch of the Dominion Obeervatory alnce It est as- as- ; llshmeot on April 1. lel. haa re corded no leaa than 471 earthquakes in ainerent parte. That la. It haa an average annual record of fa quakes. Last year tha record wa it quake, all of which were d latent except that of April II. During It existence here the moat severe shock the aelamograph haa recorded recorded waa thla week.. Ottawa, however, however, during the period over which the aelsmographlcal records of tha Observatory Observatory extend, ha been visited by three shocks of a more or lea aevara nature. Tha flrat of thaa era on June -It, -It, Hog, when a distinct shock eeeurred-l eeeurred-l eeeurred-l here, the pulsations lasting Id sec ond's. It waa felt over aa area about mile tn diameter. . 1 The aecond waa the quake of April It. int. which waa felt over an area of I, ic square miles, and had Mor-rieburg Mor-rieburg Mor-rieburg for ita centre. - But the shock thla week waa of far greater Intensity than any of these. ELEPHANTS TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN OF THEIR MAHOUTS Huge . Pachyderm Often Seca Guarding Little Oaet. . . . . ... Ta India it 'la not an uncommon thing for the children of a mahout the keeper ot one or more elephant . -Ho -Ho be cared for br hla anlmala In- In- 1 ataaeee are not wanflhg. ot a mother' i yetematio placing of her baby In an elephant' care and within reach of Ita trunk 'While the -mother -mother ujraelf go to fetch Water or to get wood, or materials to cook the family menL ' It la pointed out that no Jackal or wolf would be likely to pick up nnd carry-oft carry-oft carry-oft a baby which wa thus confided confided to th eare - of an elephant. Moat people who wheve lived In the Jungle know how very poaalole it la for n animal of tha first etas to carry off a ha by when It la lying In a hue or when the mother la unprovided with meana to fight oft the marauder. ' Children brought up In tha companionship companionship of aa elephant become rldlculouely ' familiar with the big pachyderm and take all manner of llbertlee with him. - llbertle which the elephant aeema to endure on tha principle that they do not annoy him while they amuse the child. One may eee. It la averred, a lltt'e native child, quite naked, about two feet high, (landing on an elephant' bare back nnd taking It down xt tha water to bathe, vociferating all tba while In most unbecoming term of native abuea. On arrtvm at the water tSa elephant elephant ostensibly In obedience to the child' command. Ilea down and en-Jnya en-Jnya en-Jnya himself, leaving Just - a portion of hla body. Ilka a email lalani above the water. tTpoa Ihla part of the elephant elephant tha child will stand and s'loul. yelling all the more If be ha evveral companion of hla awn ago aleo In charge of elephants, all wallowing In tha water around him. If the chIM hnM ells off hla Island tha ele phant' e trunk immediately replacea him in aaieiy..- aaieiy..- Theae urchin, when they grow op. become asstseante- asstseante- te r-thevmahouta, r-thevmahouta, r-thevmahouta, and In time eventually attain tha dignity dignity of becoming mahouts themselves. and several prteoner among them. "Exits once were tc a doaen here, and meats Sc. a pound. One could buy potatoes at toe. a bag and there waa a good bushel and a half In It Ina. . . Xlmeatene waa ouarriod - en the Flat It wag good atone ana easy to set . . . ' "Among tha other people I remember remember waa Jlmmle Johnaon, who afterwarde afterwarde became member of parliament. The Shrner took- took- a dielike te him and threw him from the Satipera' bride one night.- night.- How he escaped a tr,roken neck 1 don't know. He need to own the Will near Chrlat Church Cathedral and the property near the Van Ccurtlandt bouse. "The Van Courtlaodt hone etill etanda on Wellington street near Bay. "It waa built byPr. Van Conrt-landt Conrt-landt Conrt-landt who In th sUtie bad a good practlcayln Ottawa," - -tbe a of In of

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal14 Feb 1914, SatPage 9

The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)14 Feb 1914, SatPage 9
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