Taper Scott - tournament and horse race detailed report - Pgh Post 1 October 1880 4 WIDESCREEN

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Taper Scott - tournament and horse race detailed report - Pgh Post 1 October 1880 4 WIDESCREEN - THE DAILY POST: PITTSBURGH, FIJI DAY, THE LOCAl...
THE DAILY POST: PITTSBURGH, FIJI DAY, THE LOCAl CAPAli. and iiral fcsip from the Home Field. StnrltKiIoM nill-WMMW to BETTINO OX THE KLKCTIOSS. Some few b-t-H are iuad-5 ou the coming bat thus far th? in-murf hasn't lively. Huubiiraus vrht wan to h-t Indiana ask thfir op-wm-nri louli Tuy prnfw to bnlievn that IU- will carry tli? H"i-r State on 1-Tb, on stul a-dc the o or two cm in tmt-t. P-.k-N Lave tjrin sold on Indiana elect wn at the rat wf to in tavor of" L;u.i-T4t th Democratic canMuiat for G ivernor. Suini ft? b-t also h-n iuaiti hi.ween friend h. we jive th new? about iHihiii-al we ai- wUh to dicoura" our rt-al aam.t itriiitf. A tuau who bet is in of Uinr hi? vote, violates the law he country and rum some n-dt of if8inr money. Don't Im-i, b'.it rest aiwureti if Indiana eo-s Democratic week next. Gen Hanock will :rtainly be elected President. he voted thkh k foe jacksov. Ani -n the spectator! at the grand IVm TUic demonstration at Greensburg on Wednesday was the venerable Josepli of Irwin, who voted thrice (or Jack-arm. The veteran Democrat took tea at residence of ex-Sherifl' Guffy. He Th Adtratnret f m Tblrlen Y Old Boy In PI (tinrfth. Yesterday evening Chif Pender received a dispatch from Altoona telling hirn to ar rest a boy about thirteen years old, who was a boot black and who would probably be found under a seat in a car on the Chicago Kx press, which arrived at 7:11 P. M. on the P R. R. The dispatch further said that the boy had stolen money from the sender, who signed himseif Lm Clam, and that he wore a red cap. The Chief received the dispatch after the ar rival of the train, but he saw the conduc tor, who said that a boy with a reu cap had ridden on the train from Altoona on a half fare ticket. The Chief then went to the Academy where the boy was found fhe little fellow had not Known wuere to rind the Academy, so he hired a guide of about his own age, who was paid with an admission ticket to the gallery, lhe boy is a bright faced, smart little fellow about thirteen years oM, neatiy oressa ana on his head he wore a red jot key's cap. He told his story with great Iraukness and apnarauf t ut h. tie said ins name was vnariev i,ook ana that his parent lived about six miles from Dayton, O. A man named Lein Clam saw the boy and asked him come eat with hirn. He promised Charley a comtortaole home m Philadel phia, where he said his father was proprietor of a big theatre and was worth a mil lion of dollars. The bor was taken with the glowing pictures held before him, and he agreed to go with C lam. L lam took him to the race track where the races were in progress and made him sell programs. TH01SAN0S OK SIGHT-SEEKS. An Immense Throng at lhe Exposition Last Mght. MM Al. HKIH S. WETHEK lNDIi'ATlOSS P-RD-D V,T TeBiie. a: -1 trie Ohio VaMry. w!ru'r, clear or yari iv t"ua m 1m ling barometer, anO iutuHea: w Hcott Taprr's Tournament- the Horse Rare, Marrbinic llub Content and Otber Attravtioafi. The attendance at the Exposition yesterday was immense, and at night the throng had swelled to such proportions that it was extremely difficult for one to squeeze his way through the building. The principal attraction iu the afternoon was the tournameut of Scott Tajwr' Knights of Chivalry. There were ten of them dressed in white shirts, dark pants, belts and caps, and were well mounted. As sMin as the rope was stretched, troui which the ring honk was suspended tlu knights were marsh;) led for th1 tmy. lhree or tour of th''m maile a ho.sk to gei their hands in. Knight Krrett took ; ring, also Knight Solid South, Knight Garfield, mounted on a lithe and s ift horse, was the favorite from the start. On the last inning he took the ring in the rximt of his lance amidst the applause of of spectators. . vly .UtllWi-t the imiuen.-e thron All the of bets failed t score, but nearly au succeearu in ois-ilaeing the ring. Iu the second inning Knight Garfield came down the stretch like a srre.ik, aiming at the ring, but only succeeded in knocking it off Knight Hancock, mounted on a nue black charger. was unable to get up much speed and a best onlv succeeded iu knocking the ring TnEOrmshy Union Sabbath School wiil open on Sunday dext. Mike McCool. the putjilist. who had a match i pm-burgh !n tST4 with Mace, has heea ' i.iwiitl in trie Ml- itip:'i. To-DaV ojen the huutiine sea son. ainl a large number of Put.-turtf hers wdl take t-lvantiiie of It and hie to tne huntiiiif fields. Th miners -A tramhle at Ktsher, at Coal Bluff. Mononghela river, are on a strike against tlie iatruductiou t the diamond screen. Harry Willi -ms ami WilUam Furman. ar rented ou a ch.trn1 of teioniou; cuttosif at Hill Herri 13 if ! ali-on. were held over arid will he ht-ard mi charges preferred Uy John Hughes or ins ineiiiis. William Prick, a pu 1 -V.i-r employed at Jnes x Launhhn" mill, wa a tacked hy five men while on his w;iy home yo-itt-rday morn In if about two o'clofk. and wtji V.;rritlv hoateu. in Hrowtu- fi.wn. t he doctor- say ha will not he aide tu leave his heU lor some time. James Massky was arrested lat eveioiut on a charge ot attempt injc tu cut with a lariee chee: knttf Joseph Lew. a Jewish lupior (ican-r on V v ik aveuue. He wanted to borrow five eetih iri'tii I.cvv Several men in the houe ttK'k ih knife ir on Ma?sey and 01. e oi ihem wus slightly CUt ID Oulllif it. A man named S.'h;o-tlcr, who lie on Foster alley, ninniiiif oft h avemu:, between ( rant and Smitl'.tb-ld street?, was arretted by Hettv live M''s!n'r l;tt eveniuif "ii ;t chartrr of on!'1 cent a-i-anli upon hw little .aiihier. it i- elcoiffd Unit he wa? detect rtl in the act by h witc"- mother. s.-hutt'T s wile is 111. The no- i'u.-ed :s st dl in the lO'di up. n:.vrii ir John mookic f.ai. Wel 1 linon n 1 ron lertimtt Paivci tuietl Away. Mr. John Aluoruad died at h!a home In Oakland on Wednesday nUht atter a long illness. Mr. Moorhead began ailing in January, and went on an extensive tour through the West, He returned home in August in no wie improved, and since that time had leen gradually grow-in ft worse until he forgot his suffering; in death at the time stated. HN last hours were brightened by the presence ot his family and his only brother, who had been notified of his illness in time to spend several days with him. Mr. Moorhead was a representative biisihc-H man. He wan horn in itnnana county, this State, in ltd; his lather, mt. Joseph Moorlieao, oeu, a eu-w..,F .... mer and prominent resident ot the coumy. and the son of its tlr.sf. prominent wn. Atter receiving what education rue oum .. schools could turnih he enfereti upon nn mercantile career by tak;ns pl'1 il"frk the general Htore at inoiana., an ie- mainetl iu that position until the pr.pecr of netting into a more congenial hum new induced him to undertaKe rue ui.uhuciu of the Huntingdon turnace, which was owned at that, time ty wr. reter 1110,11- bertrer. In lMr he lett urn employment and came to ritl-shurgh, wherewith Mr. Henry S. King ho opeiieo a grocery Mton- Wocd street, net ween rirsr. ana econo avenues, unoer rue iitid name 01 jvhik vy Moorhead. 1 " husmesH was prosperous, but Mr. M'K.irhead found more nrotit in buying and selling metal, and his trans-Action in that material crew so large that he gave up the grocery busiuess altogether and established himself as a metal broker. The thorizes Ciollt October Hr. E. and J. Magee October aud K. At ISSO. hiU anil At C 30 f C A. ( t 7 :0 P John At Saturday. At Old 2. 1HSO. S. son. At at 7. SO. Uriel At 7 :iO E. A. At S'tnrdav. spc.tk'T? It. F. We

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  1. Pittsburgh Daily Post,
  2. 01 Oct 1880, Fri,
  3. Page 4

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  • Taper Scott - tournament and horse race detailed report - Pgh Post 1 October 1880 4 WIDESCREEN

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