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MoaaeaareUceBiaoerlineflrBtlnaer- noUoea,Oituarieaanaeomp4i- pageaAvextiaementatatloB- adver- m- of 1 waia-tiahed asibU- e- ao - - in the i. yea- ! Sheri-f Sheri-f no '. Savan-ah, E. He to -' of t Dr. Scott. son of Senator Scott, nf ity to practice 1 ver Hughes' I Dover, has come to the ci medicine. 11 is ocice ts, over Naalty's dro z-8 z-8 z-8 tore. in. the room lately occupied by Dr. Watkias. 'i Dr. Scott has come here upon the solicitation of large number of friends ia tbis city, resigning aa extensive and profitable practice at home. Wa commend him to oar friends aa a practitioner of experience and education." education." . i ; .J1 .1 n. f J t . f . l ' TRIBUTE OF StUSPBCT. -' -' .' M i DovkbV Por CotnrTT; May f. Editors Gazette: Friends of D. W. West 1eg room in your valued paper for ing the follow lines: West was a soldier in Gov. Baxter's army and a member of Capt, John Hale's company. ! He was accidentally shot while on picket guard. 11 a spoke oaly a lew wards are bis spirit had flown to another world...' He was a true soldier, ready at all times for duty, and responded to every call to defend the honor of bis country, i ..-. ..-. ..-. , 1 . j ; ; ? t. To Gov! Baxter's generosity we desire to do honor: Wa ask that his excellency will accept our ; sincere . thanks " for the splendid burial gar meats and .metallic case provided by him r for our much esteemed friend. Hay be remain long On earth as a just ruler, and after death be wafted to a mansion in heaven where all good and jast persons; will lirf and rejoice rejoice forever ana forever. w ' To the kind and noble hearted ladies of Little Bock, who, wixh their i delicate hat.dt decorated - with Tare and lovely flower '- '- the burial ease so that ' our prayers and our well wishes are theirs, may heaven's richest blessings be showered showered down upon the xuf Although one of oar noble boys slumbers in a soldier's grave, yet the . sympatnetio manner ta which they did honors to his body helps j to aootne our wounaea spinta.. . .d i I To the young gentlemen who escorted I his remains home, great thanks are doe. When they arrived Saturday evening with the body, and the startling facta that Daniel West was now numbered with the dead was announced, ob, how shocking to those who loved him most a solemn gloom spread over our : liule town. Wa all wept and mourned as true friends should for each sHhatv' tflAJj -a -a vfci-k'i- vfci-k'i- vfci-k'i- vfci-k'i- His . remains .were conveyed to - his father's house and about two o'elock on Sunday evening conveyed to the cemetery cemetery for Utter menu "The grange of which be was a; member took hag Jte of the funeral, and the Dover .saboath school formed fa the procession and Tojiowi Wilk' Ilia iiaaaas in tne crave. Kev.nB. JU Hicks, of, the Methodist church, south, .conducted .the religious ersice. , .Aha, , grangers , pertormad their ceremony, and tne- tne- corpse was low - ered in the vault. The Saobath school expressed their sympathies in a baaatifnl Qoral nnenng, ana a, poem accompanied bra vote ! condolence from tne exu lores. I h. . -w-jaair-l -w-jaair-l -w-jaair-l -w-jaair-l -w-jaair-l -w-jaair-l laltaa: aaAaa.14-' aaAaa.14-' aaAaa.14-' tha uiim wua : wreatna ana pouqaeis, men,. loose flowers were strewn ; profusely and tha ceremony wag concluded, '-toll '-toll '-toll owing is tjie reply of the "venerable David "West and wife to tbe Sabbath school address ; Mr. J. C Rye Dover, pope county. Ark. : . D-Ak D-Ak D-Ak Fbtehd : 'We are id possession of -J -J your condolence' from yourself and joor sabbath school.- school.- i here, is. nothing that can fill or wholly compensate oar great and sad misfortune, but .it ia gratifying to as in our old age to knowthat we have the warm f sympathies " of I all oar frierds. Vary respectfully, UX Tu'JVtvt. $3 t 1 i: t . .aa.,- .aa.,- , , LfcirA .ffm,v-. .ffm,v-. .ffm,v-. . The following a a copy of tbi 4 , . i t poem : ) . He fela-yes-ltefcia. fela-yes-ltefcia. fela-yes-ltefcia. fela-yes-ltefcia. fela-yes-ltefcia. aXls po"-.S.r' po"-.S.r' po"-.S.r' While the shouts .of our ylctory were asoendiaga i is -i -i iu...i.. "- "- He fell in the ranks of Baxter's brave host, . Who saw with. heir shouts tbela-tears tbela-tears tbela-tears . ;-. ;-. ;-. aire no w. toieaart l ng . . For one of their number, a . brave, one and Whose strong arm and manhood no cow ard dare face, : " , -T -T -' -' Has met a strong missel, which pierced Ills , heart throush.- throush.- ' - " And now be lies slleqt In, death's, cold , embrace. ' . . . ' , . ; Strong men are weeping who seldom have Tils aged parent's hearts are now bleeding - at nufflt, : : - For they know that the grave bis last prom-lsebas prom-lsebas prom-lsebas kept, ' - That when peace was restored he bo more ., ' . t from them would roam. ; ; : Cat let mo your anguish, aged father and ' -mother. -mother. '1 ' , - - - ' 1 ' Hasten una moment your days to the tomb. . . s , . Cut think of thy son, our friend and our brother. In marasionsof hliss. wbeTSyet there la -1 -1 room." ,- ,- - . i J. Z -The six - No leave , -We now. devil thing Mem i T fully Little at , Jane also '' in j-i-r j-i-r j-i-r j-i-r Mon-; day, t-aT the 1 mg I can I 4 a - Monday, IT Kt. has son two beside ity, new fine the- day. to and

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette29 May 1874, FriPage 4

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)29 May 1874, FriPage 4
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  • D. W. West tribute

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