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Kanter - Shaffer - •HVO liVEN'íNO STATE JOURNAL. SATURDAY....
•HVO liVEN'íNO STATE JOURNAL. SATURDAY. AIAR<"Ft 5, 1921. WIFE AND HIMSELF inumi: kili . im > *>o- MIKHTIC IMPFII I I.TIFV Kanter Shnol» VI»»«* r« U «ix Vffkln« Dlvorrf. Tarn* IlfMilver «*n ItlmarliV Wlfr rkm U Ho Th#»ri* will b* no inquest over the bodies of Albert Kaoter who shot and killed his wife. Edith K. Kanter, and then killed himself, Friday afternoon at 3:35 at the borne of his wife’s parents, parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Schaffer, 1448 I* street. Domestic difficulties are believed believed to have been the cause of the tragedy. Ranter was twenty-four yearn old and his wife thirty four. Mrs. Ranter had filed divorce proceedings proceedings three weeks ago, following iiu estrangement of six months, standing, standing, and members of the family say Ranter had threatened to kill his wife about three weeks ago when she visited visited him in Fremont. He had been ompioved in a restaurant at Fremont, for the past two years, and induced his wife to come therq by telling her be bad some money (or her On her return to Lincoln Mrs. Katner told her parent« he had threatened ber with a revolver and that she bad snatched it from him and thrown it out a window. window. Ranter left Fremont Thursday, telling telling his employer he would be away two or three days. He stayed at the Schaffer home with his wife that night, relatives say, and they were heard quarreling on Friday. Katner went to the home of his wife’s slater, Mrs. Aleth Philpot, adjacent to the Schaffer residence, and was there until until 3:30, when he returned and asked to see Mrs. Ranter, and was told that «he was not at home. He went back to the Philpot home and again sought his wife at 3:15, finding her at home i his time. They went into a northwest northwest bedroom and were heard quarrel- .ng, and twenty minutes later the hots were fired. A brother of th% tnordered woman who had been sitting in the next room «aw Ranter rise to his feet, heard four «hots and rushed into the room, to find his sister lying in a pool of blood and Ranter writhing in the south doorway with blood spurting from his temple. Three bullets had entered Mrs. Ranter** breast, one grazing her cheek and another fracturing the collarbone, collarbone, and Ranter had shot himself thru the right temple. Death was almost almost instantaneous. The couple had been married six years, according to Mrs. »Schaffer, and formerly lived in Omaha. Ranter had habitually mistreated his wife, her* mother says, and she had finally .sought relief thru the divorce court. He was under the influence of liquor when he came to Lincoln Thursday night, Mrs. Schaffer declared, and obtained obtained more liquor after his arrival. The bodies are at Roberts’ under taking parlors. Ranter is said to have a sister in St. Paul, Minn. v;#*t r\f: sgSkg - •" it wmÊ. ' m ' ANTI-REDS GAINING IN RUSSIAN STRIFE RKVOi-t TIOV IS STKADtl.T CATII* KRIVfi STHKSfCiTH. Petrorrad mud Hr val Said to Have IWd lato llanda of Anti-Hol- nhrvlkl—— Reval A*k* H*« lion latt %ld. ling to other towns. The (soldiers and sailors have (blow for political freedom | individual trade instead of controlled by the government. lighting broke out on a big Lenine tried to suppress an with naval cadet«.” AFTERNOON. —Photo by Bucklln. WHERE DOUBLE TRAGEDY WAS ENACTED FRIDAY The cross in the picture marks the room at 1448 P street where Albert Kanter shot and killed his 1 turned the gun on himself, dying almost Instantly. Mrs. Kanter fell with her heal close to the killed his wife and then marked window. window. BIG FLEET TRAINING LIKE FOOTBALL BOYS NMA POR 4 Y« VOT AS «FTMCTIVK * AS SKVFA Y KARS AGO. DOMESTIC TRAGEDY VICTIMS IS AN HISTORIC SPOT SQUARE % • «»Id M« »-market 3i«v» Used for Revent Hattie Practice Ha«» creased Kfleleney—Better In Ylatertal, Bnt Per*»»»nnel Ha« Fallen O«. In- Lanrelr Municipal PnrfMMMa. “Haymarket” square, deeded to the city by the state long ago, is now largely devoted to city use«. More than half of the square baa been appropriated appropriated by the city for buildings ind tor storing material. A noticeable noticeable change is the transfer of the «caie house from the southwtvtt corner corner of the square to near the north • *4ist corner. For many years the •s aio house was a landmark when it stood at the corner of the square* at Ninth and Q streets. Haymarket -quare was the camping place for gypsies gypsies for some time, but few of the wanderers are ever found oa the square now because the police frown upon their visits. It has long been a Mecca for horse traders, and thro there is not as nuich room available as formerly By Herbert Corey. CALLAD, Pent. March 2.—The big fleet has been at battle practice. This is the sort of thing a pugilist does wheu he is preparing for a fight. He takes as sparring partner a man who is nearly his equal in weight and wallop. wallop. A better simile may be found on the football field. An eleven composed composed of th# eleven best football players players in America is not a football team until It has played together. Team work must be built up. 'This Is getting us hack to the ron- dition the fleet was in before 1914.” That is the comment of practically every officer with whom I have talk«*!. There is no effort on the part of any to disguise the fact that the fleet is not today. What is was seven years ago. These statements are made in no spirit of criticism, and should not be misunderstood. ’They are, on j the other hand, a frank recognition of a condition which exists, .and which Admiral H. B. Wilson is rapidly bettering. bettering. Personnel Has Gone Back. “In 1914 the big fleet was inferior to no fleet in the world in its personnel,” personnel,” is an often-heard statement. "Officers and men alike were snappy, They knew their duty. The fleet worked together as a team.” Now the big fleet is better in material material than it was in 1914, but the personnel personnel has gone off. This could not have been avoided. For years it was divided and its energies dissipated, it did useful work, but it was no; the work of a battle fleet preparing for action. When the United States went into the war the battleship crews were decimated—and more—to give gun crews to the merchant vessels ’<k cf <<- *>♦ ,/• S'« * ì , Vy> » ;k, . , Ü I D; - m . ■U' ■ m ■ I •« , ■■ ■».» . . fr<< h —Photo bjr Uucklia ALBERT KANTER AN D HIS WIFE, EDITH K. Kanter »hot his wife and kil led himself Friday afternoon CHORUS GIRL IS Bnnnir WoMlnard JmniM Mflh Floor of a New Hotel. DIAGRAM SHOWING WHE RE TRAGEDY TOOK PLACE The crime took place in a northwest bedroom. The two figures in the dia gram show where the bodies lay after the shooting, Albert Kanter lying in the doorway to the south and MrR. Kanter lying with her head to the southwest near a phonograph. The dotted line shows the path of Kanter as he left the house of his sister at the r««ar of 1448 P street LONDON, March 5.—The most dangerous dangerous counter revolutionary movement movement against the Russian soviet government government tfinee its creation more than three years ago, is under way, and is spreading, according to advices received received here today. All railway traffic west of Moscow has been suspended, said a dispatch to the Daily Express. The Russo-Rumanian frontier has been closed owing to an anti-bolshevik uprising at Odessa. Warships have joined the revolt at Petrograd. General Semonoff. with twenty-five thousand bolshevik Cossacks is reported reported advancing thru Siberia. The Moscow wireless in a message today said that the Georgian peasants, who had revolted against the men- sheviks had requested French warships warships to bombard the districts held by the “whites.” Private dispatches received during the afternoon, said that the counter revolutionary movement was gaining in Russia, despite the vigorous measures measures of the soviet to combat It. Spring Offensive Dougtful. There are indications that Russia will not be able to make her reported reported offensive against Polamt and Rumania, Rumania, in the spring. It is rejvorted that troops are being constantly withdrawn withdrawn from the front to maintain order order in the interior. IXiNDON. March 5.—The anti-bol­ shevik revolution is Russia is reported to be gaining in strength according to advices received by Daily Express from various sources today. The bol­ shevik representatives at Reval* and elsewhere in the Baltic states were said to be deeply distressed at the trend of events in Russia. Boris Litvinoff, Litvinoff, head of the Russian delegation at Reval, the chief doorway thru which Russia communicates with the ■ outside world, has asked for protec . tion by the Esthonian government and the red flag has been removed from j the Russian legation. The following radiogTam was receiv-1 ed from Kronstadt, the fortress de- j fending Petrograd on the seaside: “Power has passed into the hands , of a temporary revolutionary committee committee headed by General Kozlovsky, to whom both the fleet and garrison are loyal. A call has been issued to all the ’whites’ In Russia to join the present present movement.” According to advices from Riga the counter revolution is pursuing lines similar to those which resulted in the overthrow of the czar. The fighting however, which has broken out at some places, is said to be much fiercer fiercer than that which accompanied the overthrow of the Romanoffs. The rebel.« at Petrograd were nearly defeated at one juncture. At the critical critical moment a number of red troops went over to them, however. The soviet soviet commander called up reserves from Pskov, Luga, Lamburg and other places and is massing them on the outskirts outskirts of Petrograd. “The counter revolution is completely completely organized,’ said a Riga dispatch to the Daily Express. “Reactionady cries of ‘down with the reds’ are heard everywhere. The railway men are leading the uprising. A feverish state of affairs exists at Moscow and an attack attack is being organized against the Kremlin, the headquarters of the soviet. soviet. “The Kremlin is guarded by a communist communist international legion. The counter counter revolutionary movement is spread- NÏIW YORK. March Woodward, twenty-six, a committed suicide early Jumping from the fifth Somerset hotel to a court She i.s reported to have a Pittsburgh and relatives in Despondency is given by as the cause of her suicide. The police are holding describing himself as John proprietor of the Crystal Johntown. Pa., as a witness. and the woman are said to registered at a hotel under assumed Berlin told the police Miss jumped from the window could reach her side “words” between them. HAS A RESTFUL —— Wooilrow Wll«on Noffpn (rcU From HI« tiJlort« Friday. WASHINGTON, March 5.™Woodrow Wilson, citizen, had night and was up early today. suffered no ill effects from strenuous efforts of the inaugural yesterday, Dr. Cary T. physician, announced. Mr, Wilson spent the day the arrangement of new home and in reading dreds of telegrams that from his admirers. I DO Whether

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  2. 05 Mar 1921, Sat,
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