1921- Texas A&M vs Rice (football)

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1921- Texas A&M vs Rice (football) - VOI,l’MR XIIV the BRYAN DAILY EAGLE BRYAN....
VOI,l’MR XIIV the BRYAN DAILY EAGLE BRYAN. TEXA8. THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 10, 1921 - - , , ^ ^ _ ^ (ASSOqATED pT!iSS3)‘ NUMBER-194' AGGIES ON THEIR WAY TO DMTOWLSI BRYAN ROTARY CLUB FOR SCHUULS AND FARMING SESSIONS HELD FOR A, M. E. CONFERENCE Weekly Luncheon Discusses Agriculture and r-ducation; I'resident J^avvrence in the Chair and i^rot. Allen Leader of the Program; Mayor prote.-tion JIasucll and Webb Howell Invite Kotarinn« »« "f,!!!'”’ Meet Wiiti C>«haiiiber of C!!Ionimerce. (By Charles Stewart.) “The American white man makes the laws, he construes the laws, exe- utes the laws, and keeps the jails, we therefore appeal to him for the of life and property, for nv-if#» schools for the ducation of our Vlte IvOtarianS to rhildren, and inretum we wdll join v\ith him in making this country the garden .spot of the world—in fact we are working to that end now,” was 1 he liryun Hotury luncheon proKrain on Wednesdav nt o'tlotk wua lui by I'loi. K. o. AuI'Ii, oi Allen Aeaueiny who by Bl'hop W D, ■■Kjin'iv ‘bl’l'iopnaie remarks, the subject’being llmrrtho ^ Cciiitu on tlie ioilowiiig Itotanans to re- 'T' rs V r> ft A .John.son, of Plains, Ga., in calling to second day’s ses.sion of the Texas African Methodist Episcopal morning in Allen A, I^arker. Jno. conference this u' ^ ^ liryan, Hev. J. Moylan Bird, II. W. Jlowell. M. E. church. Emm, .'n'"Oiik McKenzie, I). K. Moore, E. J. Continuing his addre... Bishop Juhn- hn.-i / Vi lhauley, l oacii D. X. Bible, Major Ike Ash- ¡»on .said, “History is full of the mas- 1 , J. V\t ub liowen, h. B. LaHoche, and '1 yler iiaswell who *®cre of helpless and dr fenseless peo- guve the teiuds and principles ol Rotary. ’ pie at the hands of bigoted and narrow I’roi. Alien cail« d on Brcsidiuit T. K. I.,awrer:ce to read a splen- I'theming cruel tyrants did article irom the Hotarian. Also E. L. Henderson, Oak Me- Herod’s murder of innocent to Kenzi.‘, 'iraviH B. Biyan, Jno. A. Moore and J. Webb Howell on German general who turned special subjects. l»roL Allen called on Mr Moore to sneak on hum.an slautyb- the edurational problems of Brazos county. (Mtv Manager F B. Mc.Adams on the outlook in Bryan tor imnrovements Mr" "'«rder of Barron on the larm loan situation. Mr. IJryan on H<itarianism ami whuh .urpasses in de^ Mr. Bryan read the lolowing p,n ,n entitled Herod’s ma.sacre and t'ount,*’ by OiTin A HeMoss- 1 »»«gs 1 hat that ,s the ma.s.sacre of the children Houston, Tex., Nov. 10.—Coache« Verges and Hilty are not allowing members of the football team to rest this week at Hice institute. Their eyea are alert in detecting faults In the Owl men and making them correct, their mistakes in order that the men may go out on the field as a perfect fighting machine in the game Friday with Texas A. & M. It is the policy • of the coaches to instill a spirit into RRYlN KNIGHTS OF PVTKIAS GREAT WORK GIVEN AT BRENHAK (Special to the Kopi'-.) Rrwnh«n, Texas, N .v. K». P u- the Rice football men which will cau.-e ham Lodge Xo. 10, Kni-hts of Pydiia (heir confidence to be increased. Ycr- one of the oldest Pythian lodrye in ges has been making many shifts of Texas, gave what v as admitted to L the men from one position to another.; ne of its greatest initiatiii in it- 1 ennedy will play at right half back,; history Wednesday night from R t Chambers at quarter back. Boetchet 12 o’clock. The work included nin. at left half, while McKean, who has; candidates for the Knigh’h.iofi tl. recent'y won for himself a place ot , | voung men v.ho re . ived the init at y the Ow l hack field, w ill carry the ball , degree at P>ryan on Ot t « r 1C. ,.t th at full back. The coaches have had great celebrati-.n. I h. , V\>d-e the men in secret practice this week day night wa^ drino hy Hr • I e while perfecting plays to he used \o. 64 De.irree Te-m, f the 1 against the Farmers on Armistice 'n Texar Geor 'e K. H .P. y .1 G ^ ; F. Boyett acted a-» tb-i»’ . :..,r .-'m- A. & M. is confident that her team mander with a full t-t.r; of ofTi. t win have no trouble in defeating the from Brj’an including L. P. .''kmnt-,-, Owls. The Owls have a different i \Vm. Ruchti. J. E. ^-anin n, T-.r-i Zu- opininn of the subject, hut neverthe- ; her, Carl Wippr t bt, S. Be kv ith, less the Rice grldders will have thefr j Henry S. Lot ke, Jno.’ .M • oldwt-!! and “Wlu'n you think of a inaii you seldom think Hi ttu^ knowledge he has of books, You soidoii! think ol the ciotheg he w'ears, His habits, or lauits or looks, Y'ou seiUom think of the car he drives, Xi»r the bondh h;:^ gold has bought; VVh n you think of a man you mostly think Of some kindiH‘S8 he has wnmght. You judge him not hy his blocks of stock.s, ^ Xor his power of name or )»en; Y oil judge a man by the {)Iace he’s made III the hA'iu-ts of his feliow men, Vt.u judge him mon' by the fight he’s made. By the way he has faced the strife, •\nd not the am«junt of the bank account ^ He’s inanaged to get in life. You think <-f the friend he’s been to man, The good that he has done, And you judge the sort of a man he is i by our own negle -t—the murder of ; our own children, the temler souls of , them by our failure to throw around then, the hii7h walks of protection which would shield them from insid -1 uous forces that aim to bring about their moral and spiritual death. { For just as you criminally neglect to hands full. The whole A. & M, cadet corps will make the trip to Houston en the special train that has been chartered to leave Bryan Friday morning, morning, The Texas Aggie Squad also will come to Houston that morning on the same train. It is statc'd they will be accompanied by Hr. W. B. Kizzell, Coach H. X. Bible, Business Manager A. B. Ewing. The Degree Team from bry.j'i v.a composed of the following: H. i'-‘. Txvcke. caotain; K. M. Walk,-r, king: H. Sanders, J. D. Jon--;, ati ndant-;; Cecil Estell, herald; ( ii’jrc».«. headsman; Will K. Giiip;;, ?rrii e; W. C. Ruchti, M, at A. Senators—.T. M. Bullock, Jr.; C. W. Carrol!, T. G. S :’ ?r TWO DISASTROUS WRECKS ON tem ^ bailroaos banta Fe and Texas & Pacific Railways Have Wreckage and Death at Longview and Marshall Marshall ; Lars ¿Vre Burned After the Crash Gomes and Relief Is Sent to Dead and Dying Passengers. Passengers. (By Associated I^ess) Marshall, Nov. 10.—Two men were killed and si'voral injurv'd - n two wrecks in which Texas & Pacific Passenger trains No. 23 ' n i No. 3 figured, division headquarters of the road rt^ported hen today wrecks at St. Delphine just east of Addis, Louisiana, m ar lAingyiew, Texas. The dead are Walter YVederman, pas senger engineer, and C. A. Smith passenger on train No. 3 leaving New Orleans yesterday collided with train engine last night at ■M. Delphine sugar camp. Both engines were wrecked. Train wref’ks are becoming alarmingly frequent. Marshall, Nov. 10.—Charles A. Smith, junior fireman on Texas Pacific special meat train No. 34, from St. Louis to Fort Worth, was injured when the trains met in head on collision at a curve iK-ar Willow Springs just west of IvOngview early today. None of the passengers were injured. Reports at dispatcher’s office James Fullivan, Malor Ike S. Ashhurn C. S. Fîeckwith, J. K. Gammon, J. M. and a hoat of others from College. RICE FRESHMEN GAME. On Saturday, Novemebr 12, the Rice Freshmen will meet the Terrell School eleven of Dallas on Rice Held at 3 us m me pn n'-iit crisis. Aiuiig the same imes Oak McKenz F. 1.. In’iiutrsi.u. J. hii A, Moon* and others spoke briefly. Aft whirw ¡{v\. Bud cuiscd the lum heon with a song, “Till We M€ Again.” Proi. .Vlb'u mad»* a brief sp»>ech extoiimg the victori By th^* tn»*nds that hr has won.” At the cou(;usum <u m miKs by me sr-iected speakers Prof. \lit‘ii lntrouu! ‘*d J. W‘ bb 11 )\v« li who spoke for better agricul* line in Brazos county, and Mr. Howell gave ex{)ressiou to some \eiy p« 11111*111 mougiiia b:>unng on th<* problems that confront us m the pn s^-nt crisis. Aiuiig the same imes Oak McKenzie, After Meet , . . ‘xtoiimg the victories and jtolici* s OI Ib-tary and made some applications of the wonderful wonderful theories \yhi h slmmd he carri»*d out by all Rotary clubs. Presith'ut T. K. I.awrenc<? cailed a meeting of the executive committ»*e to transact th»* bu.siness of the ciub and the following following were pn's. nt: Pn*sident T. K. Uwrence. Secretary Oak McK nzi»-, 'I n a.-.urer U. W. Howell, Sergeant-at-Arins O. Sam •I aikcr and Mayor Ike Ashburn. I poii suggestion of ITesident Lawrence a motion was tarried to have an open meeting for the .«^outheJm Christirn lad.ys on luesday ev»*ning Nov»*mber KJ. President Lawrence trodurcd to the conference ilnd made the announcements lor the coming luncheon. i’n*sent at the him heon were: 'P. K. Lawrence, Oak In . .Í ■’■r" ^ A lto..d eame ia proaiiaad, aa (and clothe their back« wilt cauM them b.,,h ,hi, jt. aicken and die from the panic« of : „„ gridiron. Wonderful j hunper and the chid n inds of « ¡nter.; j.ij „pected to be , «0 neplert to fee,I and clothe their ^ 5 ,,,^ «oul« Will cau«e inroad« to ^ made ,p, r„,b„,„.T,rTin i. rap- unon their moral health and that m ixr jj|y i-iginjj : ultimately brinp about it« moral death I t ,„¡„ , ¡ Kvery rare, every state, every- trih- I ¡lociety am comnmmty are doomel ,¡„ ^e able to see the Hice-A. 4 M, I hat pern..t the ._^h,Idren to ilnft with ; |theti,le. And the church is likew sc ^ p,.,, ;doo^med when it neelecLs the children." . |¡¡„ .-„„hmen coach ot The órenme «.-rvtce. were conduct -1 Kcnzic. (L Sam Parker. E. E. .McAdams, F. Henderson F J Fountain. O. E. Moor»*. Travis B. Brvan, Prof. R. O. Allen,"M.’ Jno. M. Lawrence, Rev. J. Moylan liirdi ed this morninp Vy Rev. A. E. Harvev.; W. Walker, R. G. Sanders, and the readini; of th<^ journal. The following ffirrrs wore ele"ted: A. R. Bogan, '•hicf se retary*: P. D. Sadler. a«.sist- •»nt .eo-rotary; J. W, Harvey, stati.sti- ■ian; R. F. Morrison. J. D. Oliver, J. G, Shelton, J. D. Thompson. L. B. McDonald, marshals; J. R. M, Loet re"ort re"ort r to the C'hri.'itian Recorder, Philsdetnhia: Philsdetnhia: G. W. Hamilton, to the .Southern Christian Recorder. Nashville. Nashville. Tenn.; J. D. Heron, to the West'*’*n West'*’*n Christian R»*cord'^*r, Kansas City; G. B. Young, to the Voice of Missions. New York. Dr F. A. White. renre«i:'nt!ne- t*ie as in- d made remarks, as did Revs. H. S. 5ims of Me- Fort Worth, J, M. Johnson, presidin*» varsity. Caw thorn has pruduc- a wonderful team this year, and it is declared to he the championship Junior Junior team of North Texas. The Terrill squad is made up of a number of Dallas, Beaumont and Port Arthur b.iys. For quarter back it has Aired of Beaumont, who is the star of the hack field. He showed great skill in running the Beaumont team last year when it played Houston Heights, As a whole the Terrill team is a fast aggregation and will give the Freshmen Freshmen a good fight. GIRL ROOTER.S ORGANIZE. Much pep is being displayed by ‘ At.l the wreckage took fire through an expl<5sion of a car of '4' -tdine and eight freight cars were burned. Smith’s body was fcAind under the wreckage. He was fireman for his father, John i J. Smith, who escaped injury. Smith and father were both in I cab of freight engine and both live at Longview. A relief train wrecker canning fire fighting apparatus was dispatched from j Longview to the wreck. Passenger train was derailed and bag- j 4ncp rar badly smashetl and the front end of the freight train was flcrailcd. TRAINS GO OVER EMBANKMENT AT MULHALL, OKLA. (By Associated Press) Miilhall. Okla., Nov. 10 Six persons were seriously inhired nnd a number badly bruised when an Atchison, Toneka & Santa Fe Passenger train No. 11. southbound from Kansas City to Hal vest on threw three Pullman and two day coaches over an i'Tubanknient a mile south of here earlv todav according to r.arner o* Xav.s ta. A aull'v' T'- ' ^Lh'.^e b ? c “’ Pl*>-hicianp to members of the Breuham T.- _« ».v- nressed their de -n an* r< ti* .n • the v.’Ofk of the Brvan I* ... T* and the viisting member*. The visitors who rev’-‘err .1 h* -^ were: C. S. Beckwith. GcArn^ E. Hailey, Hailey, Henry S. Ix>cl;e, John B. Beer.-, J. D. Jones. ’VMII K. G=M-;. Cly-’e Gre"g. John >T Ca’dwell. Ivi- J. Rf>iin- tree, Carl Wippre.-ht. Cecil E?till, A. B. Ewing, R. M. Walker, W'm. C Ruchti, J. E. Gamnir'n, Harold .'Zanders. .'Zanders. W. C. Carroll, W . O. .‘Zander.-. T . P. Skinner. Ceo. A. Ad-.m;;, T. G. Caldwell, Sergeant (V B. Jone ;, Guy K. Boyett and Carl W ; rrecht. After the cerem.**Ai. at Ca i’c Hall a sumptuous hanqu* t wa-* rvej and it was a spendid fea- ar j \cry much enjoyerl. W'. B. Sl*<an of Brenham extended extended welcome f-., thr vl-ilirs from Bryan, Navasota and -it-r pla tan.» thanked all for i.; r t;- d fratir.oK! work. Responses v ■ re ir-.-l.- 1 y Le- J. Rountree, Henry S. T- , ! , . E Hadley, J. B. Beer- -f B- van a*'d N. WILLIS WAYNE TODD ' STILL BELIGERENT PLEADS INSANITY; ON IRISH AFFAIRS L. Parker, R. W. Howclî, W, Barron. Wilson Bradley. Mayor Tvlt'r Haswell J.'F S Park t’oaeh 1>. X. Bible. E. B.LaKoehe and Lee J. ' SEVEP.M KILLED IN LONGVIEW T. P. WRECK (By Associated Press.) Longview, Nov. IO. 1 —Several persons persons are reported killed in a Texas & Pacific railroad collLsion near here. Physicians and ambulances were rushed rushed to the scene. Details are not available available at 10 o’clock as wire communication communication ¡3 down. Fireman Smith KilU*d. Fort Worth, Nov. 10 .—C. A. Smith, Jr., fireman of the Texas & Pacific eastbound freight which struck a westbound pa.ssenger about seven miles w’est of lyongview at 5:.30 today is missing and is believed to be burk'd in the blazing wreckage. Mrs. R. O. Allen went to Austin today, today, where she will spend a week with her daughter, Mi.ss Martha Rivers Allen. V ho is a student at the State University. Rountree. ARMISTICE DAY IS A LEGAL HOLIDAY i’ll. t;n; sti'r VV. D. Ia\.i *nce received received not.ce 'I'hursday niomiiig that President President Harding ha*I «le; l.'ired Friday, Novi-m* M- 1 Ith, Armistic . Day, a legal holiday mid the I;ry: r p< ilouice would be c’ose l as 011 usual holiday; tomorrow. tomorrow. Po.vtma.*-ier Luwiance states that this id the fir.Ht t.imo the law has dire.ted that Avmi-ti*e Day he observed observed Í.*; a h.iliday hy the pod-ofTice di'parlment. t ONA ER.S LIVE-STDCK A.^8.V. (OME.S 10 BRYAN. The Eagle is glad to note that the ■^-onyci's l ive Stoc’cA.'-.-ociation recent- elder in the West Texas conference; K. W. Williams of .Arkansas; W. D. McCoy and wife McCov is the h”«i- ness maiiager of the Madame Franklin School of Beautv Culture and Manufacturing Manufacturing r ompany. In his address, he said that he was prnid that Bishop Johnson was preaching to the negro the doctrine of self-heln. for otherc \* ere t’rod of car- vving the race. “We are fifty years from slavery, and a man fifty year^ , old who is not able to stand alone shouhi b» at once buried alive in the 1 Potter's field. We have had the help ! of the white people for years, and now thev are saving to us do our mvn walking and if we get in a close place, and and we are honest they will help us out.” Dr. G. B. Y’oung, who is billed for the eniscopacy, preached a strong sermon sermon last night. ■Among those who have been meTY- tioned for the highest position in the church are Revs. P. C. Hunt of Houston, Houston, E. J. Howard of Waco, S. R. B ti I- Icr of .Austin, and S. J. Johnson for the the girls of Rice Institute in order, hims-If, Wm. Ruchti. Tom Zut*er and to show their cheering ability in the George E. Had’ev. This team is al- Rice game with the Farmers. They ways on hand to add to the pep and are meeting every day in the physics crood cheer of the meetings of the De­ amphitheater, and under the direction gree Te.am whet'ever thev go. Th-v <By Associated Pix?ss.) .By Associated Prt^.«.) W •athei-ford, Nov. 10.—Thirteen London, Nov. 10.—Sir James Craig ' itm-.^ses te.stified today that they be- in behalf of cabinet of Northern Ire- be.vd Willis Wayne Todd was of land, wishes it clearly und-*r-tootI md mind. The testimony was the, there can be no surrender of Ulster’.-» ^nher C R T \r P ii t t defense’s plea rights, reads a statement issued after Suber t.. B.Jone . J. M Bullock. Jr.. | »hat Todd was not mentally responsi- >uy F. Boyett, Raymond Jcinos of ;H|^ when he is alleged to have asked Bryan: Pfv. Wm. Gamer, J. F. Bed-iJanio McNeil of Fort Worth, taxicab nar, C. L. Gilliland, John D. Mann, driver for a ride given signal for T. J. Goree and .A. I,. Gilliland o^ Nav.nsota, AVhile here C. S. P.»- kwith organ­ ised a K. rf P micrtett« con p">?f d o*’ of a yell leader are preparing for an organized system of yelling to be displayed displayed at the A. & M, game Friday. This is something new at the Institute. Two Rice dances are scheduled this week. The main one is to be at the ballroom of the Rice Hotel on the evening evening of the Owl-Farmer game. The other one is to be staged at College Inn, across the Boulevard from the Institute Thursday evening. are the salt of the earth. WORLD'S GREATEST A SUCCESSFUL COON HUNT IN AUTOMOBILE hauffeur to be beaten to death by Todd’s alleged companions. Testimony- concluded with the rebuttal of the prosecution at 10 o’clock. Argument started at 11 o’ctoek. Each side will be given three hours for argument when the case goes to the jury late ! today. lloyd I eorcemay COME TO WASHINGTON this morning’s meeting of the Ulster cabinet. GREAT BRAio'S COUNTY EDUCATIONAL RALLY (By Associated Press.) Washington, Nov. 10.—.Arthur J. ly chartered at Marlin for $;{f) 0 , 000 ,; of Church Exten- has opencil agency in Bryan. Roger | Q. Astia i.s vice pu-siuent of the asso- ^ - TRailoy will l iation and W. G. Reynolds is now on- tonirht. It will be the annual gaged in buying and shipping live "^'«»»«"ary sermon. il'iazo« coumT'' " “ ‘''’'»"I '»1“ ''■ore visitors in Bryan today. MTiile going to Brenham on Wed- Balfour, acting head of the delegation nesday evening to attend the Knights representing the British empire arm- of I y thias meeting and banQuet a ' ament and far eastern conference, ar- party of young men gave chase along ’ rived in Washington today with other the roadway in Washington county to | members of his party which landed In TnimiTr Tft OAI ring-tailed coon that leaped out of Quebec, Canada, Tuesday. Simulta- ! K uU I L I U oULUItKo timber into the road. As the coon neously delegates from New Zealand scampered up the road Tom Suber ! and Australia arrived, completing with speeded up and gave chase. The race | the exception of Premier Lloyd George was fast and furious for awhile when j who promised to come later to Brit- Mi*. Coon saw th? Ford gaining on : ish representation conference. A dls- him and took to a tree. The party,' tinguished group of American and Tom Suber, J. M. Bullock, Guy F. Boy- | British officials received former Prime ett, C. B. Jones and R. C. Franks, kill- ‘ minister and party at the station, ed the coon and tcok him over t ■ Brenham and had him on exhibition at the K. of P. Hall. This is some coon hunt and can’t be beaten—in a Ford. (By Associated Press.) Washington, Nov,' 10.—Great and small folk moved in an endless procession procession today through the rotunda to pay tribute to the unknown dead lying in state there. As only martyred presidents have known. The day set aside for it and all who could speak fcr groups in this land or for th? powers powers of the world were free to place floral offerings on bier. Nothing like it was ever before known and the ceremonies ceremonies at Arlington tomorrow will b? the most inspiring of all history. Misses Gladys Koyall and Leona Scott will leave Saturday for Jacksonville, Jacksonville, where they will visit friends. THE WEATHER (Special to the Eagle.) New Orleans, La., .Nov. 10.— l\ r Bryan and vicinity: Tonight faa*. Slightly warmer. Friday fair. M arin­ er. DEMOCRATS FAILED TOSECDREAVOTE The Eagle takes pleasure in giv'ing a six-column write-up of the recent Educational Rally in Brazos county and the management wishes to thank County Superintendent Eck Smith, E. R. Alexander, C. L. Beason and others for aid in getting up the data on this important movement. MRS.SCH0riERlOSEN PRESIDENT OF U. D. 0. (By ASiOciatcd Press.) Washington, Nov. 10.—Efforts of the dem.ocrat> to force an immediate vote on acc-:plance by the senate of 50 , per cent ai*en'*mcnt fai'ed to, to, <iay. (By Associated Press.) St Louis, Nov. lO.Mrs. Livingston Rowe Schuyler of New Y’ork was today today elected president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. She is the first woman living north of the Mason-'Dixon line to be elected to the office of president-general. CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR. The Christian Endeavorers and their friends will meet at the First Christian church Friday morning, November November 11th, at sunrise for service in obsen-ance of Armistice Day instead of going out to Suber’s Grove as had previously been planned. cotton ’ market Cotton market weak; futures points down; local spots selling 15 1-2, middiling basis. .All markets will be closed tomorrow on account of -Armistice Day. 50 at You Will, We are sure, be interested in Knowing that we are Making Special Prices on all LADIES SUITS Webb Bros.

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The Eagle (Bryan, Texas)10 Nov 1921, ThuPage 1
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