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THE BRYAN DAILY VOLUME XXXV BRYAN, TEXAS, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1921 (ASSOCIATED PRESS.) NUMBER 119 VICTORIOUS AGGIES TO PLAY EASTERNERS BRITISH AND JAPANESE SAY THEY ARE SATISFIED American Naval Officers Not Fighting Disarma- ment Italians Burn French Blag American Naval Experts 1 lave Answered Questions Su mitted by Secretary 1 lughes. (Dy Associated Press) Washington, Nov. 28 .—American naval experts presented to the Japanese ami liritish ofticers touay detailed answers to the questions presented last week in regard to Amencan ndva redac. lion programs. Extensive examination, ot ngures o( all three power* as to existing naval strength each country has not resulted resulted in change in original ligures 01 foecrempr luigneH proposats. AMcKlCAN NAVAL UPMCtKb ARt NO I FOOLlbH. Washington, Nov. 28.—Kmphalic denial was issued today by Secretary Uenby to published reports that Amencan naval oili cers were opposing the naval reduction program submitted y Secretary Hughes. *rAiw tiKtiion DECLARE THEIR ALLEGIANCE AGAIN. Washington, Nov. 28.—The British delegation to the Arms Limitation Conference through authorized spokesman took occasion occasion again today to let it be known there was every reason to believe tne Conference will be a success. ITALIANS BURN FRENCH FLAG. Naples, Nov. 28 .—Anti-t rench demonstration, which broke out in lurin last night following publication of dispatches from Washington reporting a clash ol words between i remier nan of France and Senator Schanzer, bead of the Italian delegation m America, spread lo Naples touay where several persons were wounded in a revolver ligtit between the police and the demon strators consisting for the most part of students and fascist , paraded the principal streets of the city crying ‘down with France.” They then proceeded to attack the French consulate here, but here they were faced with a special detachment of 300 troops that had been called to restore order. The most serious incident in connection with the demonstration occurred when the mob found a French flag and burned it publicly amidst hostile exclamations toward France. I HUGHES DtNltS bRIAND ABUSED SCHANZER. Washington, Nov. 28.-Published reports alleging harsh words by Premier Briand of France while in Washington against Italian Senator Schanzer, were formally denied in a statement today by Chairman Hughes of the Arms Limitation Conterence. JAPAN WANTS 1 IME ON CHINESE POSTOFFICES. Washington, Nov. 28.- Resolution declaring the relinquishment relinquishment of foreign (»ostotfice privileges in China was adopted today by nine powers. The date of January 1, 1923, was set for abandonment abandonment of the postoffices. This was agreed by all except Japan, whose representative asked time to hear from Tokio before acting. . * .... ■ BIG FIRE PANIC IN THEATRE RILLS MANY (By Associated Press.) New Haven, Conn., Nov. 29.—T hree lives were lost and 79 were injured when fire of undetermined origin broke out in the Rialto theatre here last night. It is possible that further search of the ruins will add to the list of dead as It. II. I’errigo, of New Haven, has not been seen since the disaster. Fifty-eight persons who were burned or trapped by the crowd are in the hospitals today. Many cool headed persons attempted to restrain the crowd which converg'd the main entrance instead of using the emer geney exits side. The orchestra continued continued to play some minutes after the fire alarm was given but to no avai!. Many persons in the balcony leaped over the rails upon the heads of those below. The coroner started an investigation investigation today. It is believed that the fire was started by burning incense in an Oriental scene, as the fire broke out back of the stage. If the people had been orderly no deaths would have occurred. NEGRO LYNCHED FOR | OUTRAGE OF CHILD (By Associated Press.) Beaumont, Texas, Nov. 28.- -Henry (Special to the Eagle.) Dallas, T< xas, Nov. 29.—For the first time in history an undefeated Eastern team will meet the picked j representatives of the Southwestern Conference in a post-season game, when Washington and Jefferson’s eleven from Washington, Pa., plays j the Texas Aggies at Fair Stadium at Dallas on New Year's Day. teams have accepted the invitation to compete in an annual game, v, hioh ; 300 masked men. He was ac- j eventually may rival the Pasadena Qf attaekinj? Uttle C!eo Colter battle. The presidents, coached by ^ g ye&fg The chnd wag gent t0 | Earl Neale, who a week ago w as sign- a small store operated by Cade to ed to a three-year contract in view o make a small purchase. She told a 1 bis success, present one of the four ■ H^ory nf mistreatment upon her Ik« raaLf t hi« wpasnn. « « .. * . BRYAN HIGH FOOTBALL SITUATION EXPLAINED i I SfsuUTT« Coach Hudson States the Home Team Will Rest I Lake, 20 miles northwest of Beaumont This Week and Will Play Austin High on December December 10th at Clark Field Oklahoma Has Eye on Bryan Game. J I or mistreatment unon ner re -1 Coach Hudson states the Bryan High school team will rest undefeated in the Eeast this season. I turn! N. C. Colter, her father, went to | this week as no game is to be scheduled until next ?ree^A^t^ and are rated by critics on a par with ^ store and fired two shots at Cade, FIERCE DROUTH IN TEXAS PANHANDLE one in the face. The third charge lodged in the gun. Officers rescued the negro and started through tne forest for Kountze, the Hardin county Penn State and Lafayette in view °* |one taking effect in the abdomen and the tough schedule attacked. W. and J.’s 7 to 0 victory over Pittsburg while Penn Ftate was held to a score- ItM tie by Glenn Warner’s me • Thanksgiving gives the Presidents a gea^ two miles away, but were inter slight edge on the most brilliant eiev- Cepted by 300 men. The officers en of the year, ( arnegie I ech scored threatened and menaced to no avail, on Penn State w hile W. and J. shut out negro was seized and placed on an this tough customer. Bucknell, also improvised gCaffold. He protested hrs shut out by the Presidents, scored on j jnnocence The little girl was sent for I.afyette. W. and J. licked Syracuse. and ag he stood trembling before her, By Associated Press.) Amarillo, Texas, Nov. 29.—Farmers of the Panhandle are becoming worried worried over the continued dry weather. Some wheat has been in th** ground for six weeks. There is not enough moisture to sprout it. There will be hart at which defeated Brown, Dartmouth, Colgate and McGill. With the signing of W. and J. to come here on New Year day, only one undefeated tea»»*., Lafayette, is not coming West. Penn Ftate is already headed for Seattle while Cornell is to play Pasadena. Among the outstanding stars of the President’s line-up are Stein, brother rf the Pitt captain, and one of the dangerous field goal stars of the year; Ericson. the dazzling running half who made possible tbc victory over Pitt; McLaughlin, a passing marvel at quarter; Basista at full, and Brenk- no serious loss, however, some wheat growers say, if a rain com<*s within the next two weeks. BOARD OF CONTROL HAS RINGS' RESIGNATION Brazos County Released From Tick Quarantine (By Associated Press) Worth, Texas. Nov. 28— Cattle fever tick eradication in Texas during the season just closing was declared by Hr. Harry Grafke, inspector in charge in this state the most successful of any year since it was begun. Records of the 1 exas tick eradication eradication work were broken when about 20,000 square miles of territory territory was released from state and federal quarantine in Texas, according to Dr. Grafke. “More Texas territory was released from quarantine this year than during any previous year, despite ilie depressed financial financial condition throughout the country,” I)r. Grafke said. Fast and South Texas counties from most of the released territory. Dr. Grafke said, and the extent of this free section is from the Red River to the Rio Grande. Among the counties and parts of counties from which the quarantine was lifted are Edwards, Kim ble, Kerr, Real, Bandera, Kendall, Blanco, Travis, Lee, Williamson, Williamson, Milam, Robertson, Brazos, Leon, Freestone, Anderson, Co- (By Associated Press.) Austin, Texas, Nov. 2*.—The board of control met at 1:30 this afternoon to consider tho resignation of Supt. C. E. King of the Gatesville school. A petition signed by about 200 Gatesville citizens urging retention of King arrived arrived and will be considered today. Among the applicants for the position of superintendent if King’s resignation resignation is accepted is S. A. Cavitt of McGregor. McGregor. LOUISIANA QUARANTINES QUARANTINES TEXAS COTTON The Texas Aggies are invited t« oppose oppose W. and J. because their three victories victories and two ties make them the representative eleven j of the Southwestern Southwestern conference. The game will give Southwestern grid an opportunity to see in action for th# last time Murrah, Murrah, the guard of the Aggies, whose, great play Thursday *as responsible for the scoreless tie with Texas. Washington and Jefferson, together; with Penn State, Lafayette and Cornell, Cornell, are the only teams in the East which went through season with- cut defeat. Penn State tied Pittsburg. This is where Washington and .leffer- scn’s claim to the championship lies. A. & M. has been defeated once, by Tulane, hut that defeat was not as bad as the humbling of Texas by Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt, 20 to 0. Therein lies A. & M.'s claim tobeing the most representative team in the Southwest, inasmuch as A. & M. held Texas to a scoreless tie Thanksgiving. Both teams will be guaranteed all thei r actual expenses by Dallas business men. she raised her tiny hand, and pointing to him, said. “That is the man.” The negro was hanged and the crowd dispersed. dispersed. BETTTINGiS $T0 TO 06 FATTY ACQUITTED (By Associated Press.) j San Francisco, Nov. 28.—Ten to six j rn acquittak These are the odds be- j i ing offered by the sportively inclined j on the outcome of the Fatty Arbuekle j case. Considerable sums of money I are being wagered at the odds in many places in San Francisco. They are offered following the testimony or the last few days, and friends of the defense claim that witnesses will be oaried starting Monday who will offer testimony that will better the chances of the fat comedian freed of the manslaughter manslaughter charge against him as the result of the death of Virginia Rapp”. HURT IN AUTOMOBILE CRASH AT WELLBORN (By Associated Press.) Baton Rouge, La., Nov. 28.—Quan- tine against shipment of cotton from Texas, Oklahoma and New* Mexico is to be put in effect by the State of Louisiana through the department of agriculture, effective on shipments b cotton seed into Louisiana today. FATTY ARBUCXLE ON THE WITNESS STAND (By Associated Press) Navasota, Texas, Nov. 28.—On the road from College Station to Navasota, Navasota, near Wellborn, a car driven try Miss Julia Fuqua of this city, skidded i*nd a car following struck it, turning it over twice. The overturned %ar was occupied by M’ss Fuqua, Miss Julia Wilkerson of Hearne and Mr. Dupree and Mr. Chandler of a- sota. Miss Fuqua suffered a dislocated they meet the Austin High school. Just when and where Austin will play has not been definitely decided, but thé game will be played by December 10th. The rest will do no harm to our local boys as they have had a hard and strenuous season, having played played nine games with several more yet to be played. They have piled up a total of 337 points to their opponents O. They have suffered defeat but once and that at the hands of the strong A. & M. Reserves when they were defeated in. the last two minutes of play by a beautiful field goal from the 40 yard line. This three points is the only score they have had against them this season. The situation in the Interscholastic League is as follows: Honey Grove and Oak Cliff of Dallas will play tomorrow at Dallas Dallas for the championship of the Dallas section. The winner of this game will play Temple next Saturday. Rryan, Austin and Abilene will all take a rest this week. Then next week there will be only four teams left, which four teams will probable be Oak Cliff, Bryan, Austin and Abilene. These four teams will play by I December 10th, and then this will leave just two teams who will journey to Austin and play at Clark Field. In regard to Bryan High-Waco High game it must be remembered remembered that Waco is not a member of the Interscholastic League, in other words they are not playing organized high school athletics. They are not under the rules and regulations of the Interscholastic League. The local management tried every way possible to get a game with Waco before the League’s inter, sectional series began. Because at this time our local boys could get no one in this section to play them, and they had to look elsewhere for games. The local management offered to go to Waco November 4th provided they would give him 50 per cent of the net gate receipts, this however Waco would not do. Although Although the local management offered them the same terms to come to Bryan on said date, but this they would not consider. Now Bryari is more than willing to play Waco but we will not consider such a game until after the Interscholastic League games are over, and if we win the Interscholastic League race Waco may be assured that we are willing to play them. BRYAN HIGH GAME WANTED BY OKLAHOMA The Dallas News November 27 says: “R. L, Young, Ardmore Ardmore newspaper man, attending the Te^aas-Oklahoma League meeting here yesterday, wants to bring together in Dallas the most formidable school elevens of Texas and Oklahoma. Ardmore Ardmore has practically cinched the Oklahoma title and Young plans to stage here; either at the stadium or the ball park, in December, ! a match between this team and Waco or Bryan (Texas) High, assuming that these teams look the strongest in the States this year.” -----*— MARK SWAN’S COMEDY. Mark Swan’s delightful - comedy. ‘ Her Own Money,” will be presented by the Vivian Flayers in Guion Hall sota. miss ruqua surrered a dislocated at College Station Tuesday. This p ay anu «»vcs «uuiu vumc w a uu.u»t shoulder, and Miss Wilkerson received j is serious and laughable and combines understanding of the financial basis of , severe injuries about the back. The huinor and thought. It is an interest- the partnership of marriage. The men received minor injuries. J ing study of the trivial and intimate show will start at 7:45. Cotton seed unchanged 10 to 25 points up; spots in Bi\an were selling by buyers at 16 1-4, mid- manche Smith, Gregg, Harrison, Upshur, Wood, Rains. Titus, • dlin(r basiSt Morris, Red River and Fannin. i j $28 per ton. An average of more than. 1,750,000 cattle were inspected monthly from June 1 through October by the corps of inspectors under Dr. Grafke. The largest number inspected in any one month this year was 1,983.388 in July. “The lifting of the Federal Federal quarantine will leave a little less than 100,00 square miles in Texas under quarantine,” Dr. Grafke said. “We expect to do a great/r amount of work next year. Prospects are very favorable favorable for tick eradication south of the Brazos river and west of Sun Antonio during 1922. Dipping vats are being built and other preliminary steps being taken to begin an intensive season in that territory.” About 00 men are working under the United States bureau of animal industry in Texas in tick eradication, cattle tuberculosis eradication, hog cholera eradication and stockyards inspection, in addition to an office staff in Fort Woilii of seven men and women. San Francisco, Nov. 28.—Fatty Arbuckle Arbuckle took the stand today in the 1 manslaughter case a gainst him and • said he found Miss Virginia Rappe on his bathroom floor sick. He denied j having forced her against the door. _ . __„ It is stated many m the party were ( otton market closed im, u ur> s dnmk and bad been for several days. Miss Rappe’s clothes were torn off. I It is said this is the way many more actors spend their large salaries paid by the American people. COTTON MARKET ■■■DBS THE WEATHER (Special to the Eagle.) New Orleans, Nov. 29.—For Bryan and vicinity: Tonight and Tuesday fair. Warmer. NEFF WANTS FOCH TO MEET OBREGON LYCEUM The Virginia Players WILL PRESENT 3-Act Comedy “HerOvvn Money Guion Hall College Station Tuesday, Nov. 29, 7:45 Christmas Greeting Cards Are an appropriate way of remembering friends. Let us print you a lot. Newest Type Faces and skilled workmen insure insure your being satisfied. The Eagle J Office (By Associated Press.) Austin, Texas, Nov, 28.—Governor Neff today wired President Obregon of Mexico, an invitation to be in San Antonio on the morning of December 7 to meet Marshal Foch of Frwncc. I but has not y©t received a reply. SALOON KEEPERS ARE NEW YORK DRUGGISTS (By Associated Press.) New York, Nov. 28.—Charles H. Heimersheim, secretary of the Kings County Pharmaceutical Society, de- j dared today one-third of the drug ; stores in Brooklyn were now owned by j former saloon keeoers. Federal agents estimated that last year 600 new drug stores were opened in New York. ---------- 1 m ■--------IOLA ■--------IOLA GIRL HONORED. Navasota, Tex., Nov. 28.—News has just been received in this city j from Baylor College at Belton, that; Miss Grace Atkinson of Iola, a stu-! dent in that school, had been named j as president of the Austin Acad- j emian Literary Society, recently or-J ganized there. Miss Atkinson grad-, uated from the Iola School in June, nnd expects to complete her course in j Baylor in 1922. She was the winner j of the declamation contest in the i Navasota district this year. Miss Beryle Sample of Waco is the | charming guest of Misses Susie and Seleta Sanders at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sanders. Red Cross Roll Call Continued Until December 5,1921 Workers in rural communities have asked for this extension of time. All committees will resume work on Monday November 28 to continue until the goal of ¿,000 members is reached. College and Bryan have reported to date as follows: College ......................................................$440.50 Bryan ................................ $703-50 TOTAL ......................... $1,114.00 f i ÍÍ ff! > 51 ) ) i I I II details in the daily lives of two couples who are continually doomed to worry over financial matters. The message is that a great deal of marital infelicity infelicity might be avoided if husbands and wives would corre to a definite ■■■■■■■HDD

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