1922 Dixie Classic- Texas A&M vs Centre College

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1922 Dixie Classic- Texas A&M vs Centre College - PHOENIX CITIZENS ARE WARNED AGAINST BIG FLOOD...
PHOENIX CITIZENS ARE WARNED AGAINST BIG FLOOD BY OFFICIALS TEXAS AGGIES DEFEAT VICTORIOUS COLONELS Centre College ’l earn Who Conquered Harvard ^ northlve3tern pOTtion of. Goes Down in Defeat by a bcore 01 10 it I>hoenix were notified by the sheriff s At Dallas Coach Bible’s Team Shows Won- .««i M»t. department e.ny to-1 derful Fighting Spirit on Gridiron. (By Associated Press) Phoenix, Ariz., Jan. 3. —All -the office and polite department early | day to leave their homes because of the danger of flood waters. Flood * waters from Cave creek, that broke , j through Arizona and the Grand ca- j nels, two large arteries of Salt river j valley irrigation district north of the city are expected to reach Phoenix early this morning. nor.'.'.-.- - - - ‘ 1 ***-*'**''**-*****' I in depositors’ reserve shrink- (Lly William Li. Kuggles in Dallas News) Dallas, lex., Jan. 3.—Centre College’s wonder team eleven that deieatea Harvard and is rated as the champion of t South—outiougnt and outplayed, went down to a U ¡ to14 at the hands ol Lexus A. and M., the battling representative of the the field on the kick-off to the nine yard line, where the waiting Sanders gathered it in his arms and sprinted hack up the field along the south side of the gridiron, shaking off tackier ■ after tackier in a brilliant forty-yard I run until McMillin spilled him in midfield. midfield. Weir, playing at fullback for the first time in his career, ploughed j over left tackle for nine yards and i field and with Captain “Heinie" Weir earned lO me wueuu« Sanders gained the needed yard across when his ankle gave way in the first quarter, the Aggies thrust G r5pht sile of the line. As aston- themselves into the gallery of football immortals with the vnm-,ighi throng had seen the Aggies, SlmetolIrtayed They fought every inch of the way- carry lhc ,»,t >n even fifty yar,!» and ,i Set o utline' ulaving strength, aware that there was no i put the fight into Centre h-rrhory. a thill line S I - . t reDlace them. They smeared Roberts spilled Miller in a dme at reserve strength on t he ben h to replace in y threat- left tackle and Sander* faded to gam ■ the famous passing attack oi in^ uuure uou & l r|rmind {(>ver Gordy. Morrie, the clever little they stopped the wonderful Bo McMil m ambled help- i field funeral, elected a trick play, hut t h« All-American Red Roberts, whose huge frame ammea map wa3 gammed up when lessly over the field most of the tlme-th^r rose to1 he Miller fumbled and was tackled by iioitrht of the glory of the old Aggie spirit that has immortal z Gordy for a ten-yard loss. Miller ,<1 College Station teams. They outplayed and defeated the un- j punted gixty yard. down thefield. The beaten Centr*^^ AGClES ELECTRIFY STANDS. From Sander’s first forty-yard return of Roberts’ kiekoff in [which the shifty-footed all-conference back eluded every Centre [player except Bo McMillin, posted at the safety position- Dixie—Tonight First National latest all star super Henry Walthal-Rosemary Norman Kerry, Ann Forrest and “A Splendid with a big two reel comedy Tomorrow—“A Wife’s Awakening’’ “BREAKING ¡Southwestern Ooiuerence. at Fair 1‘ark Stadium Monday atter noon. With f 2,two spectators cheering themselves hoarse as Fanners liiaiuiainea a two point lead through the first half ai came back fighting to overtake a brief Centre touchdown in third quarter, liana Bible's game homehred^evei^ man of them a l exas »ugh school product—wrote lootbali lustoiy on the playing Held at Fair Park. Figured little chance to «in-play- IIE Willi two regular fullbacks out of the game and a pair of bad legs in the makeshift backfleld Bible was forced to B m _• Weir carried to the sidelines Queen the final showing of Jas. M. “The Little Featuring th *ful star of “The Betty Civpsy love and village scandal! lio'ouB crowds' (¡littering wealth, intriaue! One of the most alluring filmed in scenes of indescriable made Maude Adams famous! Now triumph on the screen! Tomorrow and Thursday—An “Eden and Fridav-Saturday—“Don't Tell from a rare football misplay in to be Dallas,, tbr(>wn j,y \\ jlson lor a safetv, the Agg . Aggies ’ A all, jtj their ureat play. '1 he breaks went to the Aggies the breaks harks back to the night of New Years but the Eve -f revelry to forget the serious ¡3- thp Fame. I f(ilir down q^it, but in each case >he the Aggies’ 40 yard Ime, McMillin was _ continued the to a I°J \ j Y<* niiiet of I rally assured the game Dallas task ahead an 1 nrernred Evans, the stripling wing who to ¡ Dallas t. dormitories caught Miller’s long pass across the was for the big game. It harks bacK I j line and scored the first touch- re-,(0 the utter smashing Of LniaiI down; and in the back field Tommy with (t|onai training rules that night McMillan> who at last came into hi UIU.CU JIAO . , .. . 11 .eteran Bartlett received the ball on the goal line, ducked back, and 'vas ¡failed to gain and Covington fumbied, tackled for a safety by Wilson, whose ] the Aggies recovering on the 20 yardj smashing drive carried him back of ^ Miqer „^de ten yards oyer the chalk mark. For the first time I tackle and first down. McMillan , in the season, Centre was playing gnashed for five and Miller was stop-j from behind. The Aggies led, 2 to 0. ped on the ]ine 0f scrimmage. On the Two Points Lead. | next play, Wilson raced around Rob- And for the rest of a hard fought | ertg. endj and scored the touchdown, two period?, the twQ points, remained McMillan again kicking goal. Ag-- Ag-- the only figures in the score, i giea Centre 7. the Aggies stopped j tbird touchdown came early m LITTLE TO The home of and this little George the two resting were . mo8t of the Centre eleven, 15. ju 8pite of Moran’s warn“Recent Pr»ce . underestimated the Farmer j puckner’s injury, industry . h - foolhardy overcon- j brand of football way. i fleeted in the play of the Kcnj own, and the slim Miller, thrust into the breach as a forlorn hope after flashed a dazzling Farmers were off-side and the Ken- ' nailed behind his line of scrimmagCj tuckians worked the bail to middle-. for an apparent twenty-yard loss. At- ^ jittie fi.dd on penalties. McMillin put his ■ tempting to duplicate his mcompjeve &nd into effect, hut Roberts, paSs, the ball was caught by 1 ed; spec|alists Winn, who ran forty-five yards for a bravejy touchdown, McMillan’s attempted was 1 ^ avail foiled when the ball struck the goal friends post post. Aggies 22, Centre running pa prostrate, missed a loop to his arms. A short pass from Bo to Armstrong was successful, but not enough to <rain a needed down and a punt exchange exchange followed. A penalty for hold Miller’s Kicking Figures, 1 ing set the Colonel.« Miller’s great kicking figures was a yard ¿'ne ------------factor ------------factor in the Aggie victory as much As the quarter was about to em , factor m the Aggie y ^ ap- the hall in the Aggies’ possession back to their 20 and compelled another kick. McMillan, ...........! must t>e auueu me «■* *i' " I : . . . • gpite of a pair o the [Hthe coant, where the team had j and he broke the crux of a Cen. p | playetl in mild and rain, and tre drive in the second period that which in 1 ^ ^ Sat'irday v. | the faTtMtt „f s any one player’s work. He ap _ around fifty yards near middlefield, Tommj f short who had replaced Moms, injured, his head in kicking on the PENNSYLVANIA GRGDE PRICE S3.5G BARREL lated P broke a and tm fast had might have the game. an adverse break Sanders fumbled a against Centre. It was not an|*n^^ ML , = workout, Moran had the No- 1 ped up to its stride. The Ag~ | for the Aggi market lgies overset the dope from the | p0Rt well in A 4 M. territory, recov-, to its st5irt when the eleven coolly i e- ■ ered and ws knocked unconscious y ( con- f to remain on the defen- ,he charging Shadoan, who acci debt-pay-j ^ b,u matched their of fense ; ally kicked him as he slid over. leading in joorolngt Centre, ...... — -------—w. . . . «mt/^there ?fecUve offense—it was not | ers and was recovered on the twenty partial re- _ , I rnnrerted gains P , _ by cottonjg Centre team, plunges gained but seven _ which it astounded the Centre ^ ^ ^ pky A & m was penal effect up-j and twice, whenp«‘thl" . ‘ h I iw.l for holding, giving Centre It. distance, it achieved , down on the six yard line, developments j ^owns. ¡Snodgrass and Armstrong, in I Luck Plays Part. hit the line> and Gn the fourth down been j t uek played a big part 111 the bero|c Aggie defense turned b says, „hanging fortunes of a thrilling the attack. It had failed t0 cross advantage j tacular game that kept the 5nches. standing ten yards back of Pre* | on their feet ill a the goal line, kicking from the diffi* Sc^d down with the wind behind j Pittsburgh, Jan ^ - Miller’s toe, starting the second period i ket opened for the year today with the ball in Centre’s possession on [the announcement that prmicpa its ¿wn 25 yard line. 1 chasing agencies price Pennsy i„ ...cVmxT a first down grade at $3.o0 a harrei. inn mar- with pur- . ania >0 cents. The Colonels rushed a first to the 35-yard line, but after short! reduction^_______________ gains on plunges were «wpelWtoj CALL ISSUED, kick. It was this punt thab Sanden Aitp0ciatfi loved comfort and human and and are grief truth I clouds Ye That and I funeral residence Calmes, church III- tYlCfV. aw r CVs«_ I*3* *i « The 1 dropped when knocked cold as Washington, Jan. 3.—Comptro eies* fing- ! doan dived over him after the Jijgskin. ^ Currency D. R, Cr I " ” fine, »here the wonierfVune br'aceS Member ^ reniy- - ___. can oi cwnum«“ * but J eight yard line by Shadoan.^ Th^Jthe Ag^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 6 yard,the close of tosine ued a ilcs at irday, yards lias ud and ti first I and’ staved off th, .tuck . ^tingfthe j McMillin. 1 ball on the goal line. Miller’s phe turn, down back by ^ rrJTtn? ath^ s; Arizona are the aiternoon. Miller drove the ball to the forty yard , »rie. un ^ ^ *^nvpr<ld for nomenal kick and Evans flying tackle that brought Covington down put C entre entre on the Aggies’ 40 yard line. Pass Successful. For a moment it looked as if me! Centre offense had come back as Covington Covington took a 15 yard pass from opera-J College lell made good , tjie one touchdown Ol the honor of the Une where Evans tackled Covington | itbe one touchilown °l ^ ^ tracks the drouth j afternoon won on hard, tiean Centre few of the wonder unfavorable. football —a Steady procession . showed in the line it was the and lain . ()VVll thirty yard i fi^re 0f Minos Gordy that stood out, recentj _______ rtnnftTWint'B goal. But — recent •« - - 0 onent-s goal. |piiyin» a remarkable tackle position aeu » ________________ f*nn woj oflme in tjie final period j Go^y easily made half of the Centre , T ■>* McMillin to Coving . , prevailed J meil ill*0 fumbled and Du Bois recovered for the Aggies on the 9 yard Lae. plunge failed and Miller kicked short i to Covington, who was* tackled J Murrah on the Aggies’ 28 yard mark Centre was offside on a futile forward ; grounded a second and complet- ( re.|*his came in uie ima.i | Gordy easily maut ««n v.........., d a short one( _ , . j t— Morail could rush fresh j tackles in the course_of the^ | ton Beasley intercepted the next several against localities stockmen re- in prac- territory- The drive; And it was Gordy who headed the for-1 slashing attack that wore through ton. pass offside, Forced to kick, A. and M. was and the Aggies got a first ’. On the next kick Centre was * where the wonderful I ter reported McMillin, staging his last game for Where Roberts— player in football sluggish game, in New j hogs, wit smallest ever calf receipts Trading early As a result prices during valpes few cents of , of distribution the wholesale November. is somewhat says, due the retailer VICTIMS more victims* received at This swelled revel which sent a score when the game to the battle-worn -------- —— r \ <m(i M the wearied right side of the Aggie naBv> V1I --------wards --------wards of A. and M. t line when the Kentuckians marched;* ide d the Aggies down a first ”!day-piyed • to their touchdown in the final <juar- j J™ o’n the 34 yard line. Folk —. _ j a tii I ter* Covington Carries Offense. *,vv,p>—o - . , . i | Cnvincton liero of tlie Arizona Centre and under the eyes of his^ bore \he brunt 0f the Centre bride of hut a few hours, uas stopped, offeng€ This fleet youngster, playing bareheaded, reeled off the best of the Centre gains in the first three periods and replaced Bartlett as the punter I for the team. In the fourth period, Thomasson, who went in at end but was drawn back to carry the ha.l, Parker aud motored to Mrs. Bird returned from friends in friends of Mrs. that she is her recent ill- Miss Dorothy Wallace and to Caldwell the young ladies Belton to reenter the remainder to Dallas yesterday visit with Suber and family the Aggie stars of the year made good although it is hard to pick out of the finely fought game a few to praise. Murrah Heads Stars. Murrah, the powerful, bulky guard, whose smashing play has stopped every every team that thrust at the Aggie line this year, concluded his football career career in a blaze of glory, opposing his huge form as a bulwark that Centre could not pass. Murrah simply lived up to the game he has played all year --the game that he has put up against Texas on Thanksgiving—and that leaves no more to he said. No more, except that he ranged the field almost as swiftly as the ends—that m Paying Paying defensive center he swept Kubal off his feet—and that he even tackled under punts. t Fred Wilson, the smashing wing who will captain the Aggies next year, was the best end on the field. He swept the Centre interference aside time and again to the runner—his tackling was deadly—his aim aocu- rate—and even under Miller’s long punts he was down like lightning. Wilson earned the honor of drawing the attention of two men after the Kentuckians came out for the second half under the instructions of their coach. , ,. Sammy Sanders contributed his share of the Aggie offensive and until he crumpled on a had leg in the third period played his steady defensne game. Matched with the three All-Conference All-Conference players was work as great by their teammates. Tedd W inn, Dallas Dallas lad, developed from organization teams at A. & M., fought shoulder to shoulder with Murrah and made tackle after tackle in the line, as well as smashing many of the Centre es. It was Winn who snared McMil lTn’s futile attempt to ground the ball when tackled back of the line in the third period and who raced forty-five ________ Following a brief punt exchange the half ended, with the ball in the Aggie’s possession near midfield. . Morris went back for McMillm \ the start of the second half for A. and , M. Covington ran back Mu™\h kick-off to the 22 yard lme tweUe vards. and in a 12 yard sprint around, end carried the ball to the | mark. Bo failed to gain and °vershot| Snoddv’s head on a pass, after whw ■ . 1 ... „KFohitnn« Beaslev intercepted a crashed through the Aggie line for . the ubiquitous Beasle> mtercep thP material rains that scored the ■ pass on the Aggies 39 yard li * i Aggies could not rush a nrst and Miller punted out of to^nds on, the 50 yard line. Centre rushed six | tried a forward pass +hat on the the material touchdown. While only three of McMillin s many passes were complete during the game, while this Texas lad, rated as one of the great running backs of the game, never got away from the alert charging Aggies, he directed his team with canny judgment, and twice | that on fourth 'down and lost the ball on A. j and MJs 44 yard line. Beasley Loses C hance. Beasley lost a chance to score as. team witn canny juugnit-.it, a , ——y , droDped a p0r- saved big losses by intentional groun- he Miller. Failing to gait\ ding of the ball that saved distance in fee j. ^ ^ hounds deep in the penalty. But it was not Centre’s I Miller k.cked out ol houna»i ^ ^ dav, and it was not McMillin’s.* No Stage Fright. With no trace of stage fright, f L^^faiVed to‘gain around end On daunted by the paper reputation of , - Aggie back, said tO| the team they faced, Bibles Aggies, AIcMillian,* fumbled, and the buTlet showed little regard for all-American * * Humpty Tanner was closest, achievements. Their work was remi- , . .. u^tle star grabbed Centre territory. Centre smashed a first down and then punted, the . g- gies starting on their 33 y*T_^ ll£*-1 nisccnt of Chicago’s play against the great Keck of Princeton. They did not hesitate t0 dare Roberts’ side of the line—he played mostly at defensive defensive 4ackle—and they gained across him. It was around the Centre left wing—Roberts’ side—that. ‘Tuny” Wilson raced for the final touchdown of the game.- It was the Aggie daring in starting an offensive—perhaps the surprise in the fact that they took the play away from Centre and in the first few moments moments rushed the line on I ontro s own especial style that turned the tide in their favor. The toss favored the Aggies and Captain “Heine” Weir elected to defend defend the west £oal with a fairly slid wind blowing up the field at his pursuer's pursuer's backs. The huge Roberts built up his toe and sent the pig-skin hurtling down i > the ball. This ........ the oval and raced for the K°al’ ^na *| ly being tackled out of bounds on the 3 yard line. On the first play, Snoddy | dived across a massed defense for the touchdown and Roberts kicked goal. Centre 7, Aggies 2. I The lead was a short-lived ^ one. McMillan kicked off to Centres 20 yard line and .Tames raced back twenty, twenty, fumbling when tackled, Murrah recovering. recovering. Miller failed to gain, spill-, od bv Tanner. On the next play, the Aggies work their triple pass sue-, cessfullv. McMillan to Wilson to Miller Miller to Evans, the latter taking the j fortv yard heave across the goal line, j McMillan kicked goal. Aggies, »,| Centre 7. Second Comes Costly. The second Aggie touchdown came with almost startling suddenness. Covington received McMillan’s kickoff kickoff on the 21 yard line. Two plunges Listen, ‘ My Daddy says will be eating Corn Flakes, too, find out they an’ all tough to “An’, Jane, are good-er ’an Daddy says you KELLOGG’S ‘I want RED and GREEN “An’, Jane, ‘Please give me like you used to ‘KELLOGG’S That’s how I get Everybody do! Oh, gee, they’re Kellogg’s by the Coupon explains another toasted CORd flakes InsUt upon the original Flakes in and Green CORN Also maker* of KELLOGG’S BRAN,

Clipped from The Eagle03 Jan 1922, TuePage 3

The Eagle (Bryan, Texas)03 Jan 1922, TuePage 3
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  • 1922 Dixie Classic- Texas A&M vs Centre College

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