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The Evening Post, 1845
front page - I. r , . TJ4K F.VFKne post ',. - at, ti n bo...
I. r , . TJ4K F.VFKne post ',. - at, ti n bo LaaVi: a a u m . At -.. t PlMtml, NwXrlu . WILLIAM U. SS04.4.S. . BATE OF AWTEITOLW. , ALP QUARK. DAILr-oMMlM11 JLTtT rVwMiilu,Mt m; act W third lartv-ai, each 4 lsj tnM tmr, v a JTiV DAfLT-n h.M ri!r1iii: rinn iIiib.1I i j mint a4 wrd '"J'' xkomt; and IMnHtriwT sabaaqoeas, la-senaa. AjJVBRTUEMENTRaanmwBk-h tna aembar of tiaies fcr Uvamioa IH Not M AHtW1. ' AOVKtTlitMKNTkfitlMlHtArik psper an chargy) addlrtna.l artea. . TlABLY ABYEaTlbtaA leclrkeea, 40 ; wuhoal U.wrIUUiiH.kMmlIW n4 thaa u asoatas. Tata ETraim ft the rawa-trr, AT CB DOLLARS PER ANNUM. IHCW TWICE A WltL Taut ItwTark Weekly- Evening; Post, AT TWO DOLLAR Vti. AAJL'M fry- AH kl4' Prlatlac xecate -sank 4nkki tlse ss aaa teat atm toawat Issa arwvM l g Hand reuunakletcrnH. Ufa SHIPS "" .li-tv i TW Bail WarkiV-- . Bng gJMJ TOO A, J. B. BassU, muttr. .; " JfEtT JCRStT,B. T.Brmm,wtmtUr. "J ' " Ot0ROIAJfA,B-M,mmttm-. m MACOM, ,muun- - JYew Cat FOOf, . . Jmekmm, mutm. -" ,YUrL ouster. Taeabrrvs are aH am rim susuls of ahsnl stttVsMsnr-'" with hukMt it ii iiliiinn for rt Tim, and Mnaade4 by an experienced la Um farads. It is Intrnd-4 to despatch no every week, aad the tale of freight will always be regulated according a Um sians. All goads V asetad s the aaeau basa and at Savaaaab Ceo, will be for-wartled iota lb iaaulot, via Savannah rtver. tree of com-ralaskna. This line has beea established for the better eo-toaiaMidattoa of aserchaats, sad esasry serooa wiUaaaslda - tubus hsiti shippm snd nBaasiagsiB ,.. Por freight or passag., apply to t. M. litmLLlHI Front sheet, " .... . aad Hasan. L1PPITT At W EIGHT, hl3 Axeau at Saranaah. HTEAM BETWEEN KtW YORK ANU LIVEBPtXlL. The beat Wastara ( lltaaiaMhla -oaiiaT- Htaaa hlpe Uia iHfcAT WEdl LBN. 1700 ioae.i bone Uoeunaaisn; the CHEAT nwe. . hITAIV, J MO loam, lauu hutaa suwef, Uealeaaat Jajuea Uosaaa, a- n. ueaaaiaaoef , are lateaded lo saa as loiiows : CREAT WEUTEKN. Fran Liverpool. Fmea New York. amrdajT, Oct, II. I Thnnrtes, Nov.. . GREAT BRITAIN. r From Urcrpeoi. From-?few Yorlt. Satnraae, tpt. ti. I Katorrlay. Oct Ji. ' Fan perCreaWeteTa,"(((ll aad mewarda' Feea. Fare pmt Ureal Britain, tmm - tu I J1. (aad S Howard's foai aecor.Haf In the siae and ausltioo of the State Knnms. plana of which may he seea at ana of the Afanelea. Foe (reifht or pusafe. or other Infurmatioa, apply la Liverpool, to Cibhs, BrHrht at .; la Ooebae, Moatreal aad Kiacstna. to Maitlands, Trlea at Co. ; la Bostaa, to Curtis, Leavens It Co.; la Phllanetphia, In Jnha Betd at o. ; la staiuranrs, to Itiainel K. Uennre ; la Richmond, Va., to Jamas Herrtt : la L'hnrlestna.ta Jaasas Rohertsna ; la ftlavaanah. In Robert A. Iewis ; la Moot la, ta Ileal Wheal-f : la New Urleaas, to W. F. Mamllma : or here, to RICH'U IRVIN.W f root st. New Tnrt, th July. IM silS JOHN I1ERDMAN it CO-8 aiTfOld EaauUshad United Slalas and Grant M' MViiAiB nd Iralud Eaiixrant Omca. No. fil death strrel. New York. IIKRDMAN. KKF.NAN k. CO., Liverpool. Faasarn la aad frees Ureal Brilaia aad Irelaad, via Uver-ool aad Lnadiai. by the refular packet ships sailing on the 1st, 6th, 11th, lftlh, Slst and .lh of each ammth In and ftoai Liverpool ; aad to aad from Loadoe oa the 1st, 10th aad Kh of each moath. The Lkverpoul foiled I.lae Is cosnpnasd of saperlnr ships, which will sail aa follows, via : Captaina. Tons. Phips. Csptaina, Tom. -Allro V IM'Isr Nye WW ..AIWn I0 8 Whitnrf.Thompeiai.. rMI . .Msckeuir...!"" Yoikahira Rsimt ( ..Honlrr ' il ot We...W'lhoie.lla ..K...lnjM UrU Hlindsn.....('nia W ..Filrtier KM Cirl..JUiils.. ImWpen ssaa W'swrknu.. ras-lin... lloumetM (MTIUS.. f.urope. . AHiburma Ilwluid I's'.'k H.urr-l'siM S'l J.n R lkiddy.f Vimniaa Iliern 7i0 fiew York ( Wo ax) Oiloni Rslhbooe... 7HU jnrpnol (-.Ulr, If.. . .1177 R.:hrter.... HrHKHs. 71 j hMm ( H4 t, tract Tr.k...... K6 f"-Tnsnnsh Wail 0J0 Huiismna..Xowber tea The CaaiaMrelal Line Is comprised of the following first due ships, which will be despatched from Liverpool throat hoal the year la regular eacceesioa, viz : nhlDa. nintalas. rthlna. Captalaa. .riwaros l pinry nminiua. . vier Tahata Hi Ueorga rtnatherner .... Rapnahaaaork. Ilsweao Iloeana Vlnlnla , Alt Kllnha IeniaoD r'htkspeara..., Clillon Liberty (cila.... Mesnka .... Ilihemta Tsrolinta.. Liverpool. Oadlaka... Republic .. ..lllnnr latersoll .... .... .Norton Barstow McLaren ..Boating Cwuh .....Asvy Chiidt Leads aded by ate a of ackanwledged ....Ueiibura rerrls Palmer Drnmrnond Wood Pare Katon Wood Braaswick McManans IJlsabath Dealsoa Post Hew land Mills Ksiaowann MeCerrea Thaaauve ships are enmaa aklll, aad are aart equalled by any others In the triple. Ar. raaeaieau eaa also ha wade to have passengers forwarded I roes Liverpool direct In Bmlan, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Bavaaaah.Charkealnn, Mobile aad New Orleans, hy Aral elase trnasieat alups t,rrat rare will be takea by oar hoese la Liverpool so prevent the neiealioa of euiigraata a single day la I Jverpool. Fur further partlrnlnn. apply (if by letter, post paid) to JOHN HKRDMAN fc CO HI Houth st, N.YM MKROMAN. KtKNAN at fX)., Uverpnol. N. B. First eksss ships are despatched from New York to New Orleans, Moaiie. Lharlestoa aad Bavaanab, taa aui or each year, ay wnicn treignt ana passengers nre takea al the lowest rates ; we will also be prepared to for ward passengers and their baggage, on arrival from Kurotie, man pans of the IniMNtt, by Iba aillerent canal aad rail road nsiisea. at the lowv't rales. nl 1 lilt Nr.W U.NL Ll KKftHlL PALkhlS. " rfS Ta sail iron New York (1st, and from Liverpool Sth of eat a atoaia. From New York New ship Liverpool 1130 Ions; 1. Eldridge. New ship Qorea ef the West IVO loas, F. Woudhouao. New ship lorhesier.eOO Ions Juha Bhum. hip Holtlnguer, 105 Ions Ira Burtely. ( Dec. April ( August !Jo'y May rVpi t Keb'y June (orloher SI ! March SI July SI Nov 1 I.lvrrpool Feb II June U Oct 6 March 6 July A Nov April Aug lire May Kept Jan j.- LIVERPOOL LINE OF PACKET, Packet ol JY& of the I Ith of November. The iplendid aew pack-''-etship WATERLX, W. H. Allen, muter, wlU aall as above, her ra.ular da v. tar freight or iasaen. ear accnemnodariocs beisr oniur- pessed ioc coaiaort aad alegenca, apply on board, at the foot ot aioea taae, or w as R.KEaUlT,No.7foutJi street B Price ol paa are 1100 The aew packet shin JOHN R, E KIDDY. Wot. Pklddv. master, will succeed the Waterloo, and sail oa the 11 th of Dccrmner, FOR LIVtUPOOU The New Une Regular citYS Packet or Silt of Nov. The superior fest soiling PM ship HOTTUHJUER, IU5U tooa, Capt ira Barsley will sail aa ahova, bar regulai diy. l ot Might or passaee. hairiaralerant andsuDerioraeeom- modationa. aoolv to the Otm. on hM.rd. at vreet side of Rnr- WOODHULL fc. MLNTURJJ, 67 Booth st Price of nuaa re R 1 no Ue packet shin LIVERPOOL. 1 ISO lone fctrrthen. Cant. John Ltdridra, will succeed the Hottinguer an.l sail oa her regaiaraay sisl Dec n4 - FOR LTVF.Rroal The fast sailine emm fui- rfftieiwd and coppered ship SOUTHERNER, J. D. It Palm, na,M Mill W. i mma im tm Hh rt. tr- V, Y'-T freigbt ar iismar o havtog excellent accoinmodatloBa. apply to toe Capt. on board at Koseveit sl wharf, or to tli WOODHUI.I, at MINTURN.n Booth st ki'rriltnowD fail sailing Br. bark ANN HARLEY, Rob't. Krirtt, niaater, 460 tons, daily eipecled wiil meet with quick despatch. For freight or passage, having excellent aceommo nations, apply to otei wouuuLtL a ii.i l k.t.p, stonthst. THE EVENING EOST.vw Jrrr1:i"Z " " Till- ssa IfhiaitTh sin ' Saaaaa saiTth at, kawwaam UU ilea law aad s a" to pavhsg Sth avaaaja. (meg Siegga Bn as. ta VOL. XLI1X STEAM BOATS. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4. 1845. MORNING LLNE AT 7 O'CLOCK, lb ALBANY AND TROY, and Intermediate landings. . ' 1 he lew preasore ateamaoai twi, uwnw, will leave New York, from pier foot of Barclay street, nt seven o'clock, A. M-, every Tuaaday, Thursday and Samr rUramlaf . wni leave Troy, at sir o'clock, A. M and Albany aiseveao'clock, A. M-, every Monday, Wednesday aTaenw prermre steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. A. De" groot, will leave New York, from pr at the foot of Barclay street at seven o'clock A. M. every Munuay, W ednesday and Rtinrnhig, win leave Trey at air o'clock A. M- and Albany at eevea o'clock. A. M, every Taesday, Thursday and 'wPMiaure or Freight, apply on board the beau, 01 lo F. B. HALL, at the Office on the Wharf, foot of Barclay street. m . J".18 RAILROADS. VQ-0. NE w VOHK ASD HABLE-TI R-R, CO. WINTER ARRANGEMENT On - a--aand afte, Monday, Kovambar 3d, the cars will ruaasioiiows: Leave City HaU fcr Kaiiea 025th street.) Morrislana, rordham, Williams' Bridge, Hunt's Bridge, Underbill's r'?TkTJ?dt,noe. Hart's Comer, and White Plams-7.30 ad 100 A M, aad 1 and 3 JO P. M. ."j-" trains for YorkviUe, Hirlem, Mmrisiana, Ford h wo iiiDuna- isndge, leave S7th street 10 A. al. for wu-tuvms Bridge. Leave City Hall 9 A.M. (to Harlem only,) oa II.30, 9J0 ami 4 3D P.M. for Williams' Bridge. Leave White Plaint air City Hall 8.18 and 11.10 A.M, and 145 and 4. 10 P. M ieave Tochahoe for City Hall 8.20 and 11J20 A. M, and Lis aad 4.30 p. m Leave W Mi;. T,i.i r i... tt.ti - it oic .-j A. M. aad 12.45, 4.15. 3.45, 4 45and 5.45 P. M. Leave Morrtsiana Inr City Hall 6.10, 9.10 and 10 A. ' ie- . 410. 5.10aad 6 10 P. M. treignt train will leave City Hall at 1145 P. M. and -r.a ,tws rv orrAMnniTo rfiUrubD uiiid - ........ . , "--..."" Mill nn.c iixidi . u. muu FOR ALBANY Daily, Bandaysexcepted T White Plains at 11.10 A. M. All freight must be at Throufh Direct, at 6 o'clock, P. M, fiom ? plHT Hall between the hours of 10J0 A. M. and 12.30 the Dier between Courtlandt and Liberty streeta. - ipte White Plains trains will stop after leaving ihe The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, tpt. a. nougnioa, 1 oniy at ine corner or Broome street and tae Bow ,Ti airf. u.aJu and Friday evenina.l "T.Vaoxhall Garden and 27th street. - I .. An extra car will precede each train. W minntee before The new steamboat H. HUDSON, Cap. R. GXJruttenden, I ,ne ume of starting from the City U all, and will take op trill imveaaTnetdav Thursday and Saturday evening, at "-""vers along the line. will iteave on Tuesday, inursuay The City Hail and 27th street line will ran every 6 ml- -u'ct irom JU A. M rTeigni laaen ai moneraie raws. muiuu steamboat -i . nit;MOXjA9,tApu Aiex.u.c;cnuiiz, All persons are torbid trusting any 01 me utnum uue, 1 win leave the foot of Duane-at. dally, (Sundays excepted) at c- run new UKLt,fi.g noimes une tteguiar rfTti packet for Thursday, 6th instant, and the first vessel -aat that will mil punctually The last sailing coppered ship MEMI'HId, I). H. Bunker, master, is now loading and will positively sail as above. r r rreighior passage, apply on board, at root of Maiden laue,or la n4 WM. NELSON. 858ooth street. No goods will be received after to-morrow eveninr. 5h I ww.rf losu The ship SULTANA . E. 8. Dennis, master, will nteeeed the Memphis, and sail Mth November. At 4 o'clock P. M. Landing at Intermediate Place. From the foot of Barclav street, n.. .. mouth AMKltll'A. Cast. R.H.Farv. will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 4 o'clock ..,. ,r D j The steamboat SOUTH AJtnitA,vi. u will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aad Saturday aitemooni at4o'e!ock. .. , , , Paasenrers taking either or the above tines wtu arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Traia of Cars for the East or West, fy The boats are new and substantial, are rnrni.hMl wiih nlw and eleeaat State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. ,A A d ai The Cirv UmII mr,A CriiU .. n .V., :n. will ... n .Dan minoies from 8 to 12 o'clock. "n oandays the trains will be regulated according to the te of the weather. o27 FALL ARRANGEMENT 1845. ;. VOHK Ac ERIE RAILKUAII LIHE FOR MlVDLBTOWN, UO&HEJf.AXD UfTRM- - . MATE PLJWKS. On and after Thursdav. Oct. IK1I1. the new. fast and com modious steamboat 8T. NICHOLAS, Capt. Alex. H. tiehnllz. arithnnt writtftn order from the Captains or Agents. For panaee or ftelrht, apply en board, or to r. dcbui ta arr. FOR N P W IR I .P A hM Ta ..Ll WI.UJ.. positively the 5th November. The splendid and very fastaailing packet shin WARSAW, will nosi- tlvely sail aa above. She has spleedid accommodations for aacoad cabin and steerage paasenrers. with stale rooms, at steeraca rates. For balance of freight ar passage. In either ot the above places, which will be taken lower than by any other vessel. appiy on ooaro, loot 01 it all street, or to B4 JOHN HERDMAN stCO.,r31 Soathstxeet. - FOR BALTIMORE Union Line Regular Day The fast sailine schr. TRAFFIC, A. Gardner, master. Is now ktadinr at Bier 12 East River. Old slin. and will sail as above. For freight which will be taken at the lowest rales, apply bj vj 4. at n. nn,ituB,u?ouin street. FOR PHILADELPHIA Tuesday Vat Delaware and Raritan Canal. The Merch ants' Canal Lines Iron steam propeller IRONSIDE.-1, will receive freight until 5 Appiy to WILLIAM ii. THOMSON. 9 West street, opposite pier g North River. NEW YORK ALBANY AND TROY I LIVE FOR ALBANY AN I ECT, From the pier at the foot of Court landt St. . PttMcntrers laklnrtbls boat will arrive in time to take the Morning Trains ot Cars from Troy west to Bnflalo, and north to Saratoga and Lake Georre. The Law-Pressure steamboat EMPIRE. Capt. R. B. Maey, every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday at 6 o'clock. The steamboat nri-usim., t-apt. wm. n. rn, orory .1 I , 1 1 1... J &wAw ., B nUwb 1 - . . . , . -. 1 HtlOM m. AMm Ull .lnw.Bllv InftUinvlUMl mlh lha t-or D:issaee or treint. bddiv oa poaru. or 10 yj- inia, a.i - ... ... . --- .u.a . 1 ,1.1 r n..:A,t.. HihiHMimim. aiternoon line, to Rlonminirburc tvnrtaboro. Monticello Mt able terms. Freight must be put in charge of the Freight ant,BinghampuM,Owego, Port Jervis, Honesuale,Car nrth fomiYnnv win nor tie resDonsioie lor loss. no 1 '-' --. 6 o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock P M. ordinary running time nonr. Returning, the cars will leave Middletown at 7 A.M. and 5 P.M.- 'bp Freirkt.A bam will leave every aflernoon at 5 0 clock, (Sundays excepted.) rretgnt will not he received after that hour. Shippers are hembv notified that the name of the con- signee and depot or station where goods are to be lelt must be distinctly marked upon each article, otherwise they will not be received. For further particulars, lnanlre of J. VAN RENSsELAER, agent, corner of Duane and West streets. H. C. SEYMOUR, Superlntendent. frel'rhl taken after five o'clock. 23 IICPIIM IIO lO tlONOI'OLY 1 EXPREi?& LINE FOR ALBAJi Y, with out landing This boat arrives In time for On Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays to DusdafT, Mont rose, Friendsville Lenox, Brooklyn, etc. ol5 o'clock. P. M n3 rOR PiilLADEIJ'IilA Via Delaware 'jh f- and Kariuun LanaL The Merchants' Canal Line, eonsistinr ni ine ninowuut iron steam nroneuers. viz t nijAi'K iriAMl.YU, VI IA AA, IRONSIDES, ANTHRACITE. has rmimed operation lor the season. A steamer of ih line, will leave pier North River, every Tuesday, Thurs- w,, 1,11,1 cniutuay al icrnuous, at it O CiOCa. r or ire ignt, apply 10 wit 11. nlh?0 I all the Hail roads east or west, and the fc tares and Packet Beau north. . The sulendid new steam Yacht RIP VAN WIN K LB, Cant. L. D. Abell, will leave the foot of Robinson t., (next above uarcinyi en 1 ttviiAY . trtutvotiAt snu 01 1 l nun 1 A FTEKNOONS. at 6 o'clock. For rjassare or freight applp on board, or to the Apent in the onice on tne wnnrr. Ki. 15 LONG ISLAND IT A II.-ItOAIk CO PA NY. CHANGE OF HOURS. loiiows, commencing on llonduy, liepL Trains run 15th. 1S15. Leave Brooklyn at Pi o'clock A. M.. Bostan Train for Greenport, daily, (Sundays excepted,) stopping at Farming- uaie ana Bt Georre s Manor. Leave Brooklvn at 94 A. M. for Farminrdale and Inter- entlemen .ni1iii" treipht to Alhanv DV the Steam- I mediate Olaces. dallv. fHundAVS excented) and on Tnesdavs. boat Rip Van Winkle, will please leave their orders at the I Thursdays and Saturdays, through to Grtenport ond inter- house lrom which It is sent to have it snippeu oy tue mcuiate places. above boat and oblige the aieaU ou JAMES WELDON. . THOMSON, Office of the Line. Ipporite pier 2 North River. FOR nilLADELPHIA BWIFTSURE uns viaueiawareand Kan tan Canal Thin Afternoon, at 5 o'clock P M i nmnrn in 34 honra by propellar The barge CAYUGA, i" " " .ii.., n, in ww wi uun sieain propeuer. I'or fie K"t, apply to t J. N. BRIGGS. 40 South street. FOR TRENTON. N. J The schrs. MARY P. FOR FISKHKILL.NEWBURGH. PO' 1 CO H KEEPS1 E, A N D KINGSTON , landing .at PeekskilLWestooint. Cold Spring, Corn wall, New Hamburgh, Milton, New Paltz, Hyde Park, and ttninetiecK. The snlendld new steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Capt. E. Pierce, will leave Barclay street pier, on Monday, Wednes day and Friday at four o'clock, P. al. r or passage or freight, apply on poara, or to n3 T. J. HALL, Agent on the wharf. FOR KINGSTON, RONDOUT IAND DELAWARE AND HUDSON .CANAL. 'I ne steamboat EMER ALD, Captain John Samnels, will kare New York, from the foot of Murray street, every MONDAY and THURSDAY, atso clock, r. st. iteturn Leave Brooklvn at 4 P. M. for Farminrdale and interme diate places, daily, (Sundays excepted; and on Saturdays u cuuon rotation. Leave Greennort. Boston Train, at 1 o'clock. P. M. or on the arrival of the steamers from Norwich, daily, (Sundays excepted) stopping at St Georee's Manor and Farminrdale. x-eave Ureenport at 9 A. M., Accommodation Train, on Mondays, Wednesdaysand Fridays. Leave Farmlnmlale for Rrooklvn. itCl A.M. and 1 P. M dally, (Sundays excepted ) Leave Jamaica lor Brooklyn, at 8 o clock A. M. and 24 P. m., aauy, (eunauysexcepted.) 7! Vr'i STEVENS and JAMES MADISON have resumed Sn wil"ve Kingston, (Rondout landing,) every WED- Clowsville, (duringses- .heir regular trip. Tor the ave,!iac; the .ion of Court) .:....0 37J Bedford East New York Race Course.... Trotting.Course Jamaica........ Brush ville Hyde Park, (17 miles). 0 3' ..0 I ..0 12) ..0 m ..0 lr ..0 25 ..0 31 Tbeae subsntallal. fast sailing, first class ships, all built in the city of New York. are a.iiimaodei! by men of expe rleaeeaad ability, ami will be deiuauhe l punctually on the V I st of ear h aaoath. Their cabiaa are elegaat aad oanaiodlous, and are fur-Ished with whatever can cooduce 10 the ease and cumfurt of passengers. Price nt passage, (IHO. Neilhar Ihe captains or owners of these shlpa will be re-epoastble fiar any parcels or packsces sent by them, unlets regular bllis of Ladlag are signed there fur. Vot freight or eaasage apply to WOODHLLL at MINTURNS, e7 Houth street. New York, or to FIF.LDEN, BROTUERd a. CO. s4 Liverpool. j- NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL PACKErs. jeTrti Sailing from New York on the lllh, aad from Liver-pool oa the Snth of every month. FROM NKVV YORK. Nov. II The new ship WATERLOO, W. II. Allen.. I lev. II The JOHN R. SklDUY. new., J. a. II The S l'EPHKN WHITNEY. VV C Thumison, Feb. 11th The VIK:.NIAN. C. A. A ilea. FROM LIVERPOOL. rVpt.9a The JOHN R.SKIUDY new. limo Inns. Or.L2A The STF.I'lir.N W HITNEY, 1UKJ tuns. Nov. The VIRi;lMAN.7o0 tons.. Iec SH The WA'l'EKUNi new. llluO Ions. The qualities and areommodatloas of the above ships, aad the reputation of their commaaders, are well known. Every exertion will be made to promote the comfort otpas-seagers aad the Interests of importers. The price of cabin passage Is Hied at f KM. The owners will not be responsl ale lor aay letter, parcel or package sent by the above ships lor which a bill of lading Is not signed. For freight or passage, apply to roll ROBERT KF.RMIT, 76 South St. will leave regularly every Saturday, from le foot of Cedar street. For freight, which will lie taken at Sow rates, apply to the vi'i.i.u. un uoaxu, ox to ap7 J fc N BRIGGS. 40 South street. FOR PROVIDENCE R. f The new and elegant steam pjoneller WASHINGTON. c "Ws t V. 1 V lonuiiiR ni pier is .'ZL3Bi r.aii niver. uia inn. and will leave on raiii.OHw at j r. M. For freight or passaga, having superior furnished aceom- nion iiions appiy to the captain on board, or to ogl N.BRU;gS,4ii South street FOR NOU W ICH. Propeller Line. On Friday, at 4 P. M The elerant imam Propeller WASHINGTON, Cant. Brown. is now loadinr nt mer II East River. Old flip, and will leave as ebove. In the Dlace of Pronellor SHKTIJCKET, laid by to repair. rortrelghtnr paasace, having superior accommodations. appiy 10 ine capt. 00 poaru, or to J.&..N. HltlG;s.4n South street. season. For further Information apply on board, or to WILLIAMSU.K ft BARL.OW, o50 1S4 West street. n, TCLINE SAMUEL THOMPSfiN'rt Ol.ll KSTAHLISI1EII (Pg PASSAtiK OPFIl'E FOR EMIGRANTS FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND As the Sea- aoa for emlaratloa from the Old Country has arrived, the subscribers think it might be well to slate that, if possible. their arrangements for IMi are superior In point of comfort aad cuoveaienee for passengers, to what Ihey'havcever be fnre beea. To those who for many years have given this Ilea a preierrace. It would be unnecessary to say more; but to ethers 11 might not be out of place to remark that the ahlps employed are all of the first class. American built, and commanded by men well known to the trade fur kindness and attention to those who are thus placed under their charge. The vessels sail weekly, rendering delay at the portrf embarkatloa Impossible. As usual, the paassge money Is refunded ai thuee from whom II was received, when those settled lor oernne coming out. Apply to SAMUEL THoMPSON.73Pearlst.,or C. UR1MSHAW ft CO., 10 Gone Plaaxaa, LiverpooL Drafts also furnished oa the National Raak of Ireland. Northern Baaktag CompaBy aad National Bank of Scotland, payable at their numerous branches. Also on R C Glynn Ja Co., Bankers, London, aad C. Grimsbaw ft Co., Liver pool, sar sums to suit purchasers, payable os demand, ant 52 FOR DERBY. MILFOllDand STRAT- FORD The new and elegant steam propeller NAUGATU('K.Cit.OrrinSe!lew. having been completely refitted will resume her regular trips for the above places, leaving New York from pier 11 East River, old slip, every Wednesday and Sntiiriluyat 4 o'clock. P. M.. Returolnr will leave Derfav on Monday and Thursday. I p F?" f For freight, or passage, having superior tarnished accom-I Jg;;gjS55L. J. ft N. BKiiiur. 40 South street. CAUPENTEU A' CO'S FOR NEWBITRGH The new S35linr SUPERIOR, Capt Charles Halatead, will letue Ilia loot of Warren street, every iuesilay and Friday afternoon, at 5 o cluck, and returoinc, will leave Newburgh every Wednesday and Saturday aiternoon, at 6 o C1IXK. The above barge is fitted up with state rooms, large and comm. dtons cabin, and passengers will find it a very pleas ant wny 0: making the passage. rreignt taken at the lowest rates. All nagraim. packages. parcels ot goods, or money must he at the nt k nt the own ers thereof, unless entered upon the books of the boat or re- reipteii lor. s- LiilD U t f V U V' 1 I I irt'Url A VL'kl I M(, rassv Toint. ine Sine.l arrvlown. Oabba' ir5t.rerry, Hnstitiffa and tonkers. Itreuhlastand Dinner on board. The steamboat UTICA. Capt. OdeH. will leave New York from the font ol Chr-.mbers street every arternoon ut h-ilfp'tst 2 o'clock, (tmdaTi excepted.) Returning will leave rtehski'.l at b o clock, A. M., aud bin; Sing at 7,1 landing al Hammond street each way. t ur passage, ftc. apply on board, or to 1 . E. HULSE. ltsi i est street. 015 Heuipstead . . 1! ranch Carle Place... Vt estbnry .... Hicksvllie .... Fanuingilale.. .0 ri .11 37 .0 41 .0 44 .0 44 .0 C2i Deer Park 0 fi) Thompson 0 8H Suffolk Station 1 00 Lake Road Station. ...1 IP Medford Station 1 IP) .tunvuie 1 ou St George's Manor .... 1 62A Riverhead I tv-'J Jnmesport 1 621 Muttetuck 1 KJ Uutchocue 1 t!2A Southold 1 6il ureenpon. Accommodation Train 1 75 Boston Train 2 00 Stages are In readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very luw Fares, lu all parts of the Islnn.1. The steamboat STATESMAN leaves Greennort for Sar naroor, twice each day, on tne arrival or the trains lrom Brooklyn. Begin Crate, win he In readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the several Trains, 30 minutes before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. Rorkaway baggage taken In separate Crates. sll REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE, at great bargains, the following Pro-perly In Williamsburgh A two story brick House, with Lot adinining fcl feet front 99 feet deen : km. St tret wide, well built and handsome ry situated. Price S3,0OT. Also,aeoUare built House, well finished, with kitehe. in the rear, S 1.600. Also, 2 Houses aad Lou at trj75 rju-h or both bigelhcr at 81300. Also, a good (louse ana Lot at gi.suo ; another beautiful cottage built House, with 3 lots attached, for 81.200 : 2 va cant Lou at 8750 ; together with about SO others, raaginr iKiwovuiiw, 111 i iwia vi we Tuiigc. cur particulars, enquire at the office of tUAKLLS a. HCHU.VALD ft CO, 023 No. 26 Piatt street, N. Y. XO BE LET OU LE.UEU-The first class Store. 29 Beaver street, next adjoining the oae to be occupied bv Messrs. H. W. ft H. Mali. It will be nnuhed about the fist November, and the interior can ha arranred to suit a tenant. Apply tn olO AYMAR ft CO, 33 and 34 Sooth st. TO LET The Lnfls and Cellar of the tour story brick store, 1S9 Water St. Apply on the prenu- aircs f. X TWO STORY FURNISHED HOUSE is ttri! wantd by a small family, without children. A cera-ii-JLforthle house, situated ia a respectable part of the city, and at a moderate rent, will find a first rate tenant by addressing H. box 14b7 Post Othee. au.' TO LET The lante Store and Cellar No. I Rn.lur m.-m1I .H.uiilil In t llrv flfMVil. nr .nil ISLlarge retail business, well lighted with plate glass wiodews and doors, shelving cases, fee Apply to an 19 J.ftC. BERRIAN.bOl Broadway. A FAK J1 of 100 acres, 30 miles from this city, for sale, or exchange for city projierty, improved or "vacant lots. Apply at 230 West 19th street. je!3 if FACTORY FOR SALE On Lt3d street, 'between 2d and 3d avenues ; three-lburths may remain en bond and morurage The buildings are of brick, cov ering the fronu of four loU, aay 100 feet, and conuin 100 Dorse steam power, with or without 5 or 6 lou 01 ground ad joining; well located for steam cotton mills, machine shops, aiundry, or otner works, in case a company snooid be formed for carrying oa any profitable manufacture, Ihe own ers, would be willing to invest the whole in the stock of such company at a lair valuation. Apply to II. M. SCHEFFLIN ft FOWLER, au20U 142 and 144 Front st. No. 14. in WARD SCHOOL HOUSE Greenwich street, near Rector st. Estimates will be received until Friday, Nov. 7th, for for nishingand fitting up said building with desks, stools, plat forms, furnaces, pipes for Croton water, ftc. The specifications Tmay be seen on application to C. E Warner. r.q., tne architect ol the building, ntfto. Vii Broad way, comer ot Cedar street, lrom 2 to 3 o'clock, daily. Estimates to be left with J. Cruiluhank, at No. 46 Greenwich street. New Yotk.Oct. 21, 1815. HENRY NICOLL, SAMUEL A. IR.APO, STEPHEN R. HARRIS, M.D.I o215w JAMES CRU1KSH ANK. CTEWARn PATENT RvTHIHER AND TO THE PITHLin W. th. o v., v . w,uinuiim, dcidk cnusen judges by the governtnent of Manachoseus Charitable Me- tuJW' Association, ia avwtup. aamnbM iu nk. ing stoves, ranees, furnaces, ftc, won Id inform the public' thai after tesUng all the Cooking Stoves that were put into the Fair lor exajbitsun. aad letline each n . hi. ""ve with the same kind of coal, tn order to ascertain " """' 00 tne same work wttn the least fuel, in the shortest time, and do it the best, we find that Stewart s ratent Summer and Winter Air-Tight Cookiac Stove, man utactured by the Patentee, of Troy. N. Y, to he the best, as j J1 j"" lhir!a minutes to boil two gallons of water, i m bcail in the same time, and broiled beefsteak, and all done in the best manner, with 7 lbs. of coal, in 30 minutes from the time the fire was put in the stove : to which we awarded the silver medaL . . J. 8. GOULD, I THOMAS MOULTOV, I WALTER CORNELL. ! Judges. JAMES PAIGE, f n. ' ' A" a WEBBER, J Boston, November 20, 1844. We will herentaietl,.! J7.c.u.i l , . m.j muwot miriwpii(,mill h.T ZlL aDa "oprovemeau oa the riewan ri loves, aid JZS .Vfj ,ow laed npua the public, and would tbeiefore, cauliru, ,hJ wishing a first rate Thi ''"IT for.."'5"''"l, Summer and Winter Air- f.i1?m "hteh b pateotea'a aaaie ....., .IH,un ,no I rent, and la Ik. Hi..n'. H.'. 'l-tal-uat principle, of lm,iuj r ",vc inient, ami eanaot be In- aUie, ,lo"ny"'"ve, excepting ander heavy pen-Si..",",,ne, Preh"" as u. the vender. The h, b,J. iK . , I ,a,u 'u' g'nal unaliiies. acd aeenDl.l,,B,,re', N" Y " " ..H'r c"'b uf IrOM n'irg the stove In New York may may be i Oil TTTOMPSON ft WNSELI vw . ,a . . .... ' i "'-lasrineninip nrrcu.lore esisiine between tlie -""r-""" nnoer tne nrm or urippm ft -i. In the Uiy of New York, and ol WM. CRlPPrf ft Co. in the tnal consent. Either of the undersigned (a folly authorized to setUe any ouuuadlnr buslne.. ' WILLIAM CRIPPS. ... , WILLIAM WRIGHT. ALFRED LARGE. WILLIAM LOT11MER. New York, Nov. 1, 1845. The business will be heretofore, by the nn-i!inn!' ,h UU" or W RIGHT. LARGE ft U)T-i .lV'.,','Iof Nbw Yu'. "d of LOTTTMLR. LARGE ft U the townofNoitinL'ham. F.ncian.l! l 1 -i , CO)! The Cotton martu ia oVTeaawd, tk beaaatraasi-actcd it limited, pncei have a downward tniemef. tad holders evident me at ease, show a doiie to teeer the correal rate, anal fa tarts their The tale of the week, ending- FrKUy. ohly amounted to30,0uO baJea, and limited at thai bul"c ia, il "wax even more rearruned yesterday, Wv" 00 more than 1300 10 ax baga changed heads. , A. variety ol cause may be adduced to aceoOBt lor the tsreaent M.m.tin. Vmwwi ia the railway madnra. Tr . .lln. .11 -I. ... .imI mhadc U I Ooasravred la. lta von.. . .a. . I. L 1 . ...4 kv swkleaa I sWaort sssrairiM that Eachse rntjV;:' jr".:.r.-, ..d an M dlaihet. aai aa AUCTION S A L E S. to""" :?ho ora.xauo- would -cm to I ppTm Waopeag Eghrya, -- vu. n we way cm trmptsuiuu, "-,rr' I earrea m. Rowing; under atimuiaucg draugnts, axw w- 1 uroxaaaee caaagW ssssasisn Ibt wail aad "I men conduct the renerai maaoeea. 1 street. NO. 25 PINE STREET. la favor of eoatlauiag eawer ta 8th wauedy aide of M avoaaa. vaaua. - . . . For aa amni laisat ot grade of 40th st. betwaaa Stb ew-SUaveanea. To Coasautu. amnT Saaas aa sa well aad pup la Thaty-fitM at, aaar ftth Apaaruoaaseatot'l taaisaBbkglla4kasa JOHN J. SWIFT. Auctioneer. BT SWIFT 4 MORGAN. . Store Na.9 Pmestreet. SWIFT MORGAN k... ,rr N.SlA XulflM street, fin floor. SWT FT ft MORn V 'l .1.. -- -- .ft lina ta salesof bamehold fnrriture and out .1r -aies teoersXj i aiteUi alesol F.irhsn--", TUESDAY. Not II. il.nrt pTnoi:ty thvpovMl of sr nrfrne set 1 Alll...k..rf.U -. -1- . - OlSPVTTVMnifK Thlwntf., L.u.k hniM "' Wreru. .'.warn Mft 7 ire fr-m ihemerir hoe of H'M . fbebiieJJftiiii.froot. m .levth aa the nocia luf ft. "r.anfir ajit, ,ssskii.( .5 rt.. ia toe rear z. ieets "ljr1 '5 ''""bo" 'lKit her!, I:ne 72rS irs. rrem or Ws. f am or the purrhiu mmrj ran it-wi.b na bond aad snort, gage, r or furloer prir irnUr snri'v to rre ..tctioosrn. . . , "'NESiiAYJJerie. - At Mn clock atthe .Merrlpinn' Eschenre. FyecTlfor'i 1 Sate of theftore srM !. as bB Pearl st-ihe lot m 21 R 10 ins front. IT ft 6 ins resr. wiiihirs.trlr fir I"j I .L tiorrheRKertv ,'Hr I VI ff nw,M. M u. - tk.. .... H theran.tNbnafitt.lwaiinrr. Imf S oivtes liirli ard luu ft .W-o. m Rumi ii c,wm innam. a rsrre poruoaar tneparcbaja BMI.IS7 caa remain cm the propertr t 6 per cant JIT vie ll' j rt v 4 1 r- Vsl.rabl- S'nra Pn-itv.i Water' Mreet, Peart. Winiana, Rea 5 aad Hos-asasara. aavav Mat, Caa paaawM AgaiTj, there is the fearful dehcieoev IB the potato I ProvMiagfora laaeW place) MssfalatssVlavhaatoaaa cro,i, arJ had graiB harve rircnmLanecsin lhrav I Biacsrwvll s liat. A osed. selvea appalling, aad andrr the inHueace of which the U aaialaaeeaaptoCaBg iena Aee- Cottoa markei may , ahnnk like scorched parch- - - , , Thea there I the rite in the rate oi iatereet J?JZS?r oxaaoa J 111 r la J. L Jl?rZ- WhK ''A: ras-evrhUs t, D C. Rissesh-d -4 CK. S-oilK-r Dreakrrs ahead, to a acarclly ol money, and the wok I Y f 1 j vxenargra, cooaequeat oaioe im faror of paying balaace Eaaue C. F. 1 rinn I !ns constantly leaving the country to I dish Coasnl Geaetmi. ftc Cisisnn ka. New York, Nov. 1, lr45. a? It K V tUIl IVhrni, $50 REGULAR MAIL LINE BETWEEN NEW ' YORKJ AND BOSTON, VIA STEAMBOAT l'OR SALE. 170 Tons Burthen, 131 feet keel, 22 feet beam, draws a Hint draft of water, and has ou niuiresana accommodations lor no passengers. Will be sold low to close a concern. Apply to "17 . J. ft N.BRIGG3. tVHiviiiirr fou 1.1 w vpi u 11 . .. .. -u .. gJTlMHind to the above, can have 70 to 100 tons by ap- ol AYMAR ft CO, 31 South st. K." FOR SAl.P. FltF.lf :HT OR CP BTPH-Tk. X?.fi'""t eopred ship COURIER, Finney, master, ---300 ton.hnnhcn. Apply to 11 t'll.l.villLltL.AIN fc rHEI.PS 103 Front St. r-- WANTED TO CHARTER A good vessel of SiONLNGTON AND PROVIDENCE, AND VIA ii.w rum. Composed of the following very snperlor and well known steamers, running in connection with the Stonington and f rovidence Railroads, and the Boston and Providence Rail roaus : MASSACHUSETTS, 1000 tons, Capt Comstock. MOH EGAN, 4IK) ions, Capt . NARRAGANSETT, I0 tons, Capt. Manchester. RHODE ISLAND. 1000 tons. Cant. Tharer. Each one of which is now fitted with comfortable orivate state rooms, ana nas on ooaru pnient l,ue ifoats. rroiu Battery Place, Pier No. 1 North River. FOR STONINGTON'. New Arrangement, commencing Thursday. Aurust 7lh. D:iily, except Sunday's, a: 4 P. M.. from New York and from Suminrton on arrival of the mail train which leaves Boston nt 5 p. M and Providence at fij P. M. mabout3ir0 tons Register, bound to the south of Europe. ?',he RIioi,E ISLAND, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and --fliav nht.itt . ,.trn K ... . ....IL... ,1- ... iriliaS. OS BARCLAY ft LIVINGSTON, 13 Broad St. FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER. A first class rrf "iropper fastened and coppered ship, that will earrv -- rvboal 2,U0 barrels, is now rcadv to load and In ner- fect order to Proved on any voyage, apply at 13 Rroad st., ol7 BARCLAY ft LIVINGSTON. JT- WANTED TO CHARTER Two good vessels of XTl'fi ' to 200 tons each, ta load at an out port for the v au muies. a 'ipiy to sl3 AYMAR ft CO., 34 and 35 South st. - !'( IH 4 A l.l.'-'rh. karnn. mil ' ll'flB I C A Sid I.... vi 1 then per reenter 310 tons, and carries 4600 ba'rrels- -She was built at Bristol Maine, of while oak in 1H31. was new keilcd, coppered and thronghly overhauled about nmontns since; ts double decked, length II eet, breadth 27 feot, between decks 5 ft. 6, hold 12 fc. 6. Apply to Capt. uouniess, on Doam. at j nous wnan, m. H., or to BUVU ft HlNCKN,U 'i ontine Building. o31 . No. 6d Wall street- Jr- FOR SALE The coppered and copper fastened Wjfeishlp LOUISA, of 497 tons burthen, built in this city 01 uesimaieriais, cames taou bales cotton, sails last. ann u well caicnited ror a whaler; now lying at Morns' wnan Brooklyn, una whan above Catharine street terry, For terms apply to auitf WM.WHITLOCK 48 Sonth street. The MASSACHUSETTS on Tuesdays. Thursaavs and Saturdays. Passengers from New York on their arrival at s;oninzton are transported to Providence and Boston in the Railroad Cars immediately, reachinr both places at an early uuui in iiii iiiorniiip, anil in tune lor ujc early rasiern trains. rreiut taken at tae lowest rates. Fortraasacnorrreight, apply on board, at north siile of pier No 1, 71 Greenwich st, or omce el SAM L DEVEAU treiijht agent, on the wharl. Tickeu for the route and steamer's bertha can lie cured on board, or at the office of Uarnden ft Co. No. 3 ivaiiiL o25 TWO DOLLARS 1 REGULAR MAIL LINE, VIA: NORWICH ANO WOKCttci ER. NK, V . Oltn. A.N LI I1AVKKI-ACKET8 UNION LINE ,n Tosaillrom New York on the Sth. 16th. and -Uth I -y and fross Havre an tha 1st, Sth, and 24th of every sssasstT. month, as 1 1 lie w a. y 1 x : Vrra New FVra. I JVsat Haerc Piwuupaaou, ma Msrco. (34th April CaptsrB J th July. lUlh Aurust Antnonj. 1 h Novem. c 34th uoct. rklNCOIB lsa, I loth Merch. (1st May. Captain I lath July. 1st Sept. Ainiworth. ( 16tb Novem. ( 1st January. i'itth Msrch. ( Mh May. 4th July. Wb Sept. 34th Novam. ( 8th January. !Bth April. 24th May. MhAngusL JxtthSept. Mh Decent. 1 94th January ,lb April. (1st June. RHONK, Captain Wetlon. 1 16th August. J 1st October. I leth Daceaa. ( 1st February (MthAprd. (3th June. t tAlh AugasL J sth October. I mh February ( 141 h Jnne. J. 14th Oetobes. 8th January. ( 24th Feb. 1 mm a, STATEN ISLAND FERRY, foot of I I -a TtWhilehall street The boau will run as .-rsffsaSfollows until further notice : 1-eave buttea Island, at 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 A. M, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 P. M., I.ive New York 8, 9. 10, 11, 12 A. M., 1, 2, 31, 4, 6, P. M. n. H. All goods at the risk ot the owners thereof, slo By steamers CLEOPATRA. Captain Dnstan. and TR A- vr.i,br.K, uaptaia vanaerouu t hrough without change ol cars or baggage. Daily (Sundays excepted) at 4 o'clock. P. H. from nier t . , , - . 1 j- . c . . , ' iso j norm xiiver, loji ui nailery place. its UbLUfAi KA, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The TRAELLER, CapL J. II. Vanderbuilt, og Tuesdays, Thursdays and Salurdavs. - on the tarrivai ot the boau at Alien s rotnt, passengers will take splendid cars of the Railroad, and arrive in Boston in time to take tne morning trains East. All kinds or trcirht taken at reduced rates. For further information enouire at the office of tha Line oaiicry riace, or uu uotsiu tue uoaui. a. u. All persons are lorbid trusting any one on ac count ot tne anove Doatr or owners. 031 WRW JERSEY RAIL" r D01 11 . . 1 , ri.u . uuDOi.n'iTinwi is fil," inniiciuaiaiiuii , mpiv WINTER ARRANGEMENTS. Commcr.rir,. MONDAY, Octolier 27lh, 1H45. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. FAkl RKnrrXD TO TWKNTY-rtVn CBMTS. Newark Accommmlation Line, from the foot of Courtlandt street, daily, Sundavs excepted. Leave New York at 9 and 11 o'clock A. M-12 M. and 2. 3, 4, 4L 6 and 7o'clock, P. M. Leave r.ewark at 7. H. Hi. 9. and II 0 clock A. M.. and 11, 4,4, G and 1 o'clock, P.M. On SUNDAYS. Leave New York at 9 A.M. and 41 P. M. Leave Newark at 114 P.M. ard 9i P.M. The cars of the Morris and Essex Railroad lor Orange. Mtlmlle, iumniit,lhiithain, Madison and Morrutown, run through from Jersey city without chance, and connect with 8 A, M.anffl 4 v. M. trains lrom rsew york. KIKVV VUKK l.M) tLiiAhbiniUWn IeaveNewYorkatOandll o'clock A. M and 2, 3, 41 and 6 o'clock. P. M. MLiave Eliubethlownnt7,7,8), 101 A.M., and31, 41 and Vi o'clock p. M. The trains lor westaeid, riainneid. Knnndiirook, isomer ville, ftc, connect with the A. M-,and 2,4i P M. Uaini from New York dally, Sundays excepted. l ore between New York and raixauetniowu, jii cenu. New York and Somervllle, ii cents. NEW YORK AND RA1IWAY. Leave New York at 9 and 11 A. M.. and 3, 41 and G P. M. Leave Railway Mi, 7 and Bl A. M- and 4 and 9 P. M. NEW YORK ABU IMHiW HKUIVftW ICR.. Leave New York at 9 A. M and 3 and 4J P. M. Leave New Brunswick at ti, 74 and 11 A. M- and S4 P. M. On SUNDAYS. Leave New York at 9 A. M. and 41 P. M. Leave New Brunswick at 111 A. M., and 8 P. M. Fare except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York and New Brunswick 31 cents. Between New York and Rahwsy 31 " Passengers who procure their tickeu at the Ticket Office receive a ferry ticket gratis, the Ug train lrom Newark excepted. Tickets are received by the conductors oniy on the day when nnrchased. The commutation tare oetween new x ora ana new Brunswick and intermediate places, (including the ferry) has been reduced to aoa per annum. o-ii PATEKSON RAILROAD JL WINTER ARRANGEMENT. On and after Wednesday, Sept. 34, the cars will leave A New Invention for Ratiasnsrantl 1'tl 111 p luu out AVreckctt Ycisrls, THE undersigned, pmprielois of a method recently patented for this purpose, oiler to shipping merchanu, marine insurance companies, and others, to take contracts for raising or pumping out, wholly or partially, wrecked vessels, in any of the bays, harbors, or rivers of the United States. The apparatus employed by us is at once new, simple and certain in iu results, and the most economical plan known. We will furnish parties or companies with our apparatus, together with a license to use il In auy specific section of the Union, or sell the right to use it in any portion of the United Sutes, on fair terras. A complete working model may be seen at No. 25 Pine street, room No. 6, second floor, S. Bmmlierg's Office, and the method fully explained, hy application to the undersigned. For terms, and further particulars, apply to P. BENNETT, S. LROM I) BRG, 25 Fine st., or to D. E. SICKLES, 79 Nassau st. Dated New York, Oct. 17th, 1845. olS lm FEATHEItf RED. TOATTHASS AND BEfr STEAD WAREHOUSE, 15oand 156 Greenwich sl corner of Court'andt street Feathers fron Is o 4s per lb IlairMattrasses $3 to $25 Moss do 2 to 10 Palm Leaf 2 to S Corn Husks 2 to 8 Beds 3 to 25 BlankeU 1 tn 8 Coinl"'ts 1 30 to 2 50 Toilet Tai.les 1 12 to I 50 Washstamls 1 12 tn 1 50 Bedsteads of Mahogany, Black Walnut, Curled Maple, plain Maple, all the different patterns in use, and in price from VI to $30, according to the style and finish. The attention of the public is especially called to the patent Premium Rtcht and ljeft Screw Bedstead. This Bedstead must lie examined before iu qualities can be known. They cannot well be stated in an advertisement. They have lieen in use about fnuryears, have taken the premium (a silver medal) at the Fair of the American lustiliue. and over 14.0110 have been sold. Whatbetierevidence is wnnt- if the value of the article! Everv hotel and boardine bouse in the United States should have this bedstead. 1'ri ate Uimlies cannot do without them. Old leather dressed and renovated, and mattrasstJ made vera? -rood us aew. 27o SAMUEL S. PARKER. WILLIAM WRIGHT ALFRED LARGE. WILLIAM LOTTIMER. al lw Chariea Iloimea Perrv. a sailor, formerly of the rit. of km). In t.F'auu, m uii much as a passenger lrom ine port or l.iver pool, in or about the month of March, 1836, on board a vea sel called the Jane, belonging to Plytuuuth. in Eoglaml, to New York, in tha United Slates of America, and has not since been heard of by his friends, who reside in Ensl.mi: any information concerning him will be gratefully acknowledged, and should it lead t any final discovery of biin, either living or dead, the aliove reward will be given. Aiuresaof ippiylo ABRAHAM BELL ft SON, "2 117 Fulion st., N. Y. A FEW F Tllli I sEli I C I RIOTS, ii. AND INGENIOUS ARTICLES, fur I,v JOHN J. UROW N ft CO- 12 Fulton st. I he Cane Chair This article is a linl. tniwr ih.n th. ordinary Cane, ani can be converted insuntly into a cane or chair. 1 he Cane Fishing Ro I. is the sixe of the nrdinarv. and la reaoily chmtrJ intoaroi for the anrrler. The i:i. Cane is similar la appearance, and contains an excellent Glass, suitable for the angler or Urartu The Praril Case iiu r nalance Is ol the usual pencil ease size, containinr a pen, pencil, tooth pick, end guageand letter weigher. The Escretoir or Pocket Writing Case, is about the sue of a Daguerreotype case, and contains a pen and holder, a let rr ami coin oaiance. an inkstand, box or extra pns, India rubber, letter seal, 12 Inch measure, memorandum, tablet and blotting card, JOgum wafers, 3 slicks of scaling wax. 2 wax tapers. 50 promethean lighu, and a recess for letter stamps. The Pocket Mnslcal SUnd, mado of rose wood, atiout the size of an ordinary fan can at once be converted Into a stand lor books or music. Also 00 band, a comulele aasortnwnt nr Annlln, and Sonrting Materials, Fancy Goods, Cutlery, 1 lard are, ftc. ftc, of the best qnality, and sold at the lowest cash prices, at h holcsale and retail, ri3 invest M coatiBeatal raiiwav. ir.nIlv thera the proepectt otthe nvw crop ia the U at led Statea, rejecting which there ta bat liuie aanety iell noih- m in noon, at au uaeiy to act aa a counlcTpoise to the prevailing desfoariency. The causes at which we have g'anced are each ia dieir war mora or less potent their camhind inrlii- euce oa the price oi Use tupie aad the proauccu of 1 lie anarkrt ta deadraing. iial every evil baa some drawback. The present ataie of Uungs will give a powtrlul impettta 10 tire 1 crime; m lavoui ol tree ... . .. mmmih . ar . . , W .re mwaUm Brd'wt,d,'U'i!c!"rvWu' Uue' au. con.ecttiret, nroUahly, but atrawa bo how the wind AandI..Tee.,trr-o.;-rtT.riey. Fahrw Bar 1 hiowit thai reeL ere long, anil throw opea tue poru, ejav, V. arren. C!..mher. Whi:-. Wslker. Spnnr. Hm-re, I and thaa aatlclpale the lamiaewhich wouid appear to be inpwad:n over irelaau, ana wiuta caiuiot be uuitt in kjiciand. Thet mt1 at trmli im iKl" m.n if SClUT 1DX du-mrtSL doti not cenainly give an indication of the existing Ice.uut ia the Cotton roaikeL Ihe trade is Irea t.r.-k than it has beea. bat it can be accounted for wuuoi-t relerrace to tne circucistaaces at wbichave have rlanccd, and exttsirre5tciive of them. The Vara market is especially dulL Large quanuuesbad beta pnrchaaed lor etanaUoa to terruany, en the aautnuon thai the Zolivereia would have tmpueed a htglier d-iry on cottoa twist; but tha Cocgrt-as waa brothtlil to a close without that step. The parties, then-lore, who anticitcd aox-h a coarse, and spe-cul acd upon it, will rather suUer than gam by their premature activity. The market for goods ia" Maa cin-ver and the netghborheod, n also lea active, and I prices have receded a Utile they are " easier" in the parlance of the trade. The Woollen trade ia ine Yrhire districts baa abo diminished eome-wii.u iu activity, but still aiainuuaa a healthy apvear-ance. The American Provision trade tlotvufaea. The atoa rt lieei. Pork, and Cheese, is light ; aad the rfnt rt thing in lrrlaad will hate a tendency act 0:1. y 10 improve price, but to leroea cooiiartitioa. it riasaa aa as Balaace afsilsls al Laanas Wswaaaa. The retolntna aoaccamat ta graaOac aissaetna of time ia K. G. Edgar la isdasl canaia pnaany. Ta Gam. oa Fawsea. Ib rawr oi allowiag Coasaal mt Carsoranaa tha asansist gives an has pudacassrsr br dart htra. t asramtav ranaitcnr Dorothea FluasaBl aa liajnn las ssaaaias of Bar ana- Ciaii nasi ia. Aecrptiag the raaigaatloa of Oertrasa Crsr!raas tor of esretsoa ta nas fc-arth shanaet Uth W ars. Cs Paterson at I New York at 8 o'clock, A. M. I 91 o'clock, A. M. IU o'clock, A. M. I 12, o'clock, P. M. 3 o'clock, P. M. I 41 o'clock, P.M. On Sunday. Paterson at I New York at 8 o'clock, A.M. I 91 o'clock, A. M. 3 o'clock. P. M. 41 o'clock, P. M. Paasenrers are advised to be at the ferry a few minutes before the suited hours ot departure. .01 omce, 7.1 i.ortianoi street. YTJJLK DS LYON, Captain Stoddard. ( tstk Da ( mh May. ALBANY, Captain Wstson. I sth Septaai. I eta Janua alLYlI L-E ORA8RE, ( lth May. Captain lath ReMem. Wesderholt ( lthjnnnary. t-UUia rniLirra, i v.ia may Captain Jslb Sejilcta. CarltorT. 24th January. DuCna-BB vunLU,l,l.a;nna. It TILLY, CapL Thompson. IOWA, Capt. W.W.raU st July. 1st Noveai. 1st March. !9th July. 8th Novem. Wh March. t HthJulr Captain th October. I 4h Novem, tucnanissn. r m reornarj. t mh March. Stmn June. list August lrtth October. J 1st Decern, imh Feb. ( 1st April. (24ih June. )SthAngusL 24th October. Sth Drtem. t Jith Feb. S Sth Acril. Thass ships are all of the Brat clas,and ably commanded with superior snd elegant accommodations for nsssen gara,easspnaiaf, all that may be required (or comfort ant) caovenieoes Tha pnea of passage ta Havre kt fixed at $100, without wlnas. which will be furnished by Ihe Steward en board wkaa requtrsd, at reasonable prices. FOX a LIVINGSTON, 9 iroad street. Ui WM. WH1TLOCK Jr. 46 South street. MARSEILLES LINK OP PACKETS The na fxTi il.iai.arlnasd ships will be rrrularly deapalcbad from 1st hears oa the 1st aad from Marseilles on the 10th of each BtoaUt, daring the year as loiwiwa Skips. Cant's From N York From Marseilles Naktaaka. faew) J k BrowB, Oct 1st Dec. HHh Poaca a. Jtnrtlle. (aew) Lswreacs, Nov l t Jaa. 10th starcella, P lagbam. Dec 1st Feb. 10th . 'aaw N W. Evaliegh, Ja 1st Mr. lOih Galoa. lupaea Coulter. Feb 1st Apr. loth 1 aay are all fast sail lag coppered aad copper fastened Wmt, sad eouunaadad. ar tn bs coatmaaded by men of ex- aarwaca. Then accommodations for passengers are all thai assd as aaslrag la aula! of comfort aad coavsaiencs, having earsilsal sum nu. sccomaiodationa. Pwartnsiiiy ia ia days of sailing from both ptsti may be ssllsdoa. Oosas s rldrassad lo ths aeesu will be farwardsd free ot s-aauseaiaose actually paid. Pat fcalrat saaaaa. apply 10 caAMitRLAu, ft kIIKLP, rVaprtatnrs, No. 1113 Frost street, or to BOY ft MLNCKEN,Aganu,9ToBtlneBolMlnga, 61' enr Wall aad Wamr sea. j-tr p6r new orlTanbT" t" aT , HOLMEo-aUNE. il5 Toaal!evar.i.mT,,JO. 1asTr hip A k K A N rl.VH, E. B. D-aaVmaster hi VIHKSRL BG.C.C. Berry Bwaier hipBARATOGA, Wat. H Ruaasll, masief, hip ALABAMA, D. M. BnnkJu raip raaiiir.a,j. r. twMimaasua. maslet. VhlsORLBANIt. sVasM.autM hip LOU IB A, f. J, Uavitt.Bkattar.' are all skat sal I lag. eapnarad and aapner fkateasd MI er-rassl, nr il. wad.: assnsJItZ. ?! Is.aaMli of rnsal erpsrlsaee, aad will bssais at taa iosnu TV.V will at all Bmsa ka towas) ap aad down tha Mtasle-alaat kv pksaJBpnaks, saa will sail paaetaally a. uj I draalears will ae Jia of aU fmm shipped sv thu aid aad arail knows liar aad ovary asantoa aaade to im. ajndass both IBisatB Bad iaiitiii Natthar ths owaars sor ptalaar taaas shins wtu k. Baspsaslbls for jewelry, sttllloa or pajelous stones, silver or aiassd for any tottsrs, parcels g pacaares. seat by or pat oa board nf thank, aoleas lagular bills of lading ars ashea tor tits aaass, sad lbs value iheieoa sxprsesad. f or Irstghi or psasasa. apply to plrsj ' WU.LUM NL0-I, H aoath-itrs-t, TT5IBRELLAS. ISAAC SMITH ft CO, Whole- IsU sale Manufacturers of UMBRELLAS, PARASOLS and PUN SHADES, No. 256 Pearl street, near Fulton, would inform their customers and merchants renerallv. (particularly tnose wnom tney were unable tn supply last UII.) that they are now prepared to fulfill orders for their Miper uingnam 1 mnreiias to any amount. Alter an experience of onwards of twenty vean. thev can confidently say they manufacture aa anicle which can not be surpassed, 11 equalled, by any manufacturer in this country : and havlnc the reputation of makinr the " best Umbrellas in America at stake, they pledge themselves to give entire satisfaction to an who may be Induced to pur chose their roods. Their assortment (the largest la the city) embraces every variety lrom the lowest priced to the most expensive qualities manufactured. Merchanu wishing a general assortment, and those who bay to job, are re-sperttully Invited to examine their stock, which they will dispose or low lor casn or approved paper. sly V. S. ITIAIL. LINK 4-a, FOR NEW HAVEN, IfARTFOKD, ?TKS' BfriiM.ntLU. from rsta SLar.L.K. DAILY' LIN ES Sundays excepted. The steamboat HERO, Capt. R. Peck, will leave every morning at half past 6 o'clock. Returning, leave New Haven every day. at half-rent 10 ,IEW"ORK AND PHIL Iadeefiha RAILROAD l.INF. VIA NEWARK. NEW BRUNSWICK, PRINCETON, TRENTOM, A.UBItiniOtj. (Through In Six Hours.) LOI.E LEATHER, tJAI.F K.INS,iC. r9 -J"M Sides Hemlock and Oak Sole Leather 300 do Finished Coper do 50 dux. Oak Tanned Calf Skins Ml do French do KM Sides Skiling Leather Inn do Russet and Block Bridle Leather 2i0 doz. Lining and Morocco Skins. For sals by hUMMEL ft EVERSON. s:iii 47 Ferry street I1KI nsTOE Sniwrior city refined Roll llrun s stone, in barrels and cases, warranted equal in ap pearance and qnality, to anyeversold in the country; Crude I'rintstoaeln bulk and casks; also. Virgin Brimstone of the highest degree of purity, manufactured expressly sur powder makers, for sale is any quantity upon ths best terms by the manufacturers. JEFFRIES ft C ATTERFI ELD, - ' ' 31 William st, np suirs IANN A IAOCY g;4OOSi. DEKA1SME? 1 ft BOI.ARD,luipnrtersofFrenchGoods,c8 William suect, have just received a ceneral assortment of Fancy I..S-U, suiuhl. lor the fall trade, which they offer on the mo.1 reasonable terms to jobbers and wholesale dealers via: rich leather Faas, Brushes of all kinds. Percussion Caps, Silk Purses, Hooks and Eyes, fancy perfumery, Sus-pemlers, taney Boxes. Work Boxes, Accordions, gum elastic lnslrumenu lor eruggisu. Clocks ftc. ftc. aul Leaving New York daily, from the foot of Liberty at. Morning L,me S' kl.,1 PH.. 1 Line 41 O'clk, P. M. Th. lino, nroceed direct to Camden (opposite to Phila- 1 nrithoni cnanse 01 wi. Hartford and Springfield passengers proceed immediately pipe ur.TWEEN NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA. 1. . ...i ..r . v . . . v 11 j . . ... -" u wau, , . . . cu. I f irst tyiass sani. ....... .... sr B..MUil1flu Cars.... 3 Ot Passenscrs will procure their TICKETS at the office at th. e,( i.ihenv st. where a commodious steamboat Haven every evening, at 10 o'clock. Freight taken. I will be in readiness, with Baggage Crates on board. rornAKironu uireet r very aiternoon, at 4 o'clock I Philadelphia Baggage Crates are eonveyea trom city The steamboat KOSCIUSKO. Capt. Bacon, will Im I ,i, i,i,, hain. onened' by the way. Uich Train every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ; and the GLOBE, provided with aCar, in which are apartments and dressing I ... U ... , V, 'I'.....!.- 'I' V. ,. r..t n .1 CI. . , 1 I V , - .v T m.Mmm ' nm i. ' . ' "7. iu,-i." - , ... rreipui laacn hi aay Ol IPC anuve places, at low rates. I Returning the Lines leave ruiiaucipuii. iraui uw iwiis For further Information, enouire of CEO. W. CORI.tpa I txr.i.,,, .. . a AM and at 5 o'clock, P. M. 2P3 Pearl st. .nis ' ti.. r.;.M for Raltimore. leave Philadelphia at 71 o'- For Pbilatlelplxia.-The camoe M, and 4 o'clock. P. M., being a conunnatlon of Atlantic wtiile l.rl. New York. tictoiK-r 05th. 1S45. 'CvHT; ,'VUntie White Lead ('ompajM have now eomp'.e- JJ ted the r Works, ai d ;ire r.-ady to txecuto or.hrs lor pure W hue l.e;id. Imth dry anil ground in oil, to almost any extent that may be wanted. The Company have spared no expense in the erccti' n of the Works which would lend, in Ihe least decree, to the improvement 01 the Lead, huvlcr availed themselves of every modern improvement for thut purpose. Being well aware, from our long familiarity with the different I .eails sold in our market, that by Ihr the greater oor tlon sold as such has been, and still is, greatly adulterated witn uaryies, an article 01 mineral priaiucuon much heav ier than w hue lead, and in itselt possessing no virtue ot any pigment w habsver, it being, whea miked with oil, almost transparent, and In lacl having nothing but iu specific weight tn recommend it, the Trustees nf the Atlantic Vvhilo Lead Company hae passed, unanimously, the fol lowing resolution, viz: Resolved, That in view of mannfarturinr onlv a prime article, the Atlantic White Lead Company will make but one quality of While Lead, Inth dry and ground in oil ; thai pi lie a strictly rtKK, genuine article, and perleclly Iree from any adulteration whatever, which the Company wiil wumtuias such to all who may purchase their l,eal." Purchasers, therefore, may be well assured that everv de pendence may be placed in the purity of every pound of w nitc i.eart manufactured and sold by the Comiiany, which pureness will not only tend to the greater durability ol the Paint, but wilt be found pinch more economical in its use. even in the most common description of painting, owing to the body or coverin-; quality it possesses, thereby giving a far better finish, with only two coau, than the adulterated white paint would wila three, of which every will near witness. Having been appointed general AcenU for the Company, orders should tie directed to us, a 1 2r7 Pearl street, corner of lioeKman. o25 POLLEN ft COLGATK. Pnnee. tlmiskio. tarerne, Wonqer. Perrr. H.imawaMl Rar.k III.-etrr., 4' h H. V. an-rly i' P:.-e.t MarVl Plic. I a biveve Place, Iji a, 8ta, lot. Uth. lh, Mia. Ijta. luh. an.1 Wb ureeu. etc. He. f X'lft to I -own nt bond wnd rs"ir sre. rlliOAR jLN K livi'.'Auc noi,evr. It V KIf,AH JENK1?Y. Store No. 6 Wall i.. oppmne New a ..M oear Broadsrar. THURSDAY. Nov 6. At ISo'ckrck attar Mrrrhanu F.srhanc. I.rsnemr.l urret Th. t w. Cocr haarmrnt sad i't Imr-k botw sn.l l.a N'.r M ltienard itnse.aa the su.tb.rig ae. 17 Irs inaa I . r. k " Ta kK aJbfrM fnwt sod rear br 4r 1 lUf-u, an. panr walls on rarii .ni.: the t' aa'ef a inlntflncr, r:h rnf..ft.,ideralk newly nagred. Tne baas rents fur aao. Trr.i. at sale. Siimrat Sale ol Valaati properlf in the las ward Usluug-in-a. U.WJa'ri Johua Miaea dee'd. SCI ,Th.t eenain piece of land on X1H ar.. ei.pi.pai. in e-theritr.olUbiark brtaeen 83d ami sstb straets. 4UU lart at bf ly InaaTlh ai-antie.!g&u Iraifia uW u-lji .-i. fti lev a 10 on the MMjth .ide, 6r ft 4 m an the east iiile, aud 66 ft im no IB" am si.i.tlannf. AKis. arart Thar two kas tormarlg belancsne Is Samuel iar r a .derate, known asd iji.tii.suald i:n s map nuuie tr Smilli. eitr ur,';or. N..r !, r.y toe .Va 13 hi1 14.,-iitr nttrnrl on rti.r 50ft. m iIm M-.iOr Ml u r, '""'' on Ui.e4 arta 33 ll I uach. loaher wHb ae I b"'r ine OM in Ir.Akof sa.,1 AhiL xiiiel I h.c5 I,.',, ,r Int.l kru.n m a part of the HsrV-iB .".1-,'in.- mil .1 'J ...... II . ma,. t . I 1 1V4. ir the ..a 42i 4:., A'j. A,t ax i. .. lj. beiri, ll fr.,.4 .nn rear l.y II 0 It in dei. log4h-ff withlli ou b 1 ' iba assiioe. and areei. frontmr Ibsieoa. AkH ban mm, 4h s'k! cih kwcoes I'biaa Iwii I.'. I now a an e Plp l'l '.TmroHH k, Ik. k',.lud SHI a A.h aim f.lli aad Hh al Hkh ,ir... .-h l..i rr. k. hn ..! .er.nhfehsll the.ireer. nfrnwihrrcd Pnrhid paru w.ees adrcnisefiiasturnMl H P V. ...... ..k ..,i.,u tru'or. . FRIDAY. Nov 7. At 10 ti t-Ifse-k atf tlkf U. . V..fJ-ll-a rf IsirCand (rim, tthIlnMbt mihnand Variie. aawkstasatliei. hill leirtiuemj fcnj pir( w.iif, rxnpnw:tix ,mm oi the PnFt tsfn-itilul npr tmi-rtrtcti. -fix: Urrrn4-rH mn4 u-iirm iui. iaMit. wipfk: ikii r. ni,lct- 4 wtirk USrf h fil rftniaM. rrifin ii4.wib r-iirH.pleijUidrabirfvU, terj te vutu nx9, trr rt7T, n' tU iint rnt. ba-kcnnmi-Ki lvl,a, roa, t rti-r-rh. s.mal wnrk httci .toil Km po?$l.'ci lr lcitM?iT-J. cr-alrc itxbk, rxbir auvtad ciies men wi A! -. iritrr nrl iv4tn ! in i.I'pi Uu ! nik,'al ament iiuiyhii ra-ra, urt- ur---tra ui UHlcrtria Ill.UI, 4TOlKuw'eterl Q, rm inbic in it. UJ will. -t.iil, try Mlr.oi.i, tifse eimm-fi-d ff.OitdM rpari, l,nii;1-iiiniTu-.. nnntlol blmilt wtlh m. (ftti Tartf t tif new at, ririraiht.- 1'htnra rosiN. i 1 4fMiYr?rroall or njlm mai qnnlitv wttkim ofTerrd, and Ws'ihy ibe atteo'.itan at huriil sta of uutur. Jli nrirVt. will Ipa ttrrabccri frtrinr-rt on With catlcnc fm 'bais-lar. and altsoM ia iwreel. uia.H purchasers. 'J'snnscash J O.NISl, NOV II. At 13 o'clock nt :he Merrhants' Pvchsnc. Chanrerr Sale Coder the diraetiun uf A O Millard. Em. mas ter m chancery. io 13 Ami t I hat cenain tot ol land with the loin story brick .iu thereon known as Vo 13 Ann t ua k.. 911 Im ir...i on Ann t.a3 ft. insia the rear. 3ottg in. oa IhaaMUiMaAUrly Md I' - u iu ittsnn trie n,,nnweierir w,:e. tetheaim i.tore tr Imv M'fullpartii'alan ee mnrer'. ecvenrnient in ihe Ev. Pom. Saase as to iraigaarioa of tVJoeaoa Eeassssslt Msastrk 11th ward. " ii s ii at Timti H. BlaanaQ sth drscrict sasas ward. k?emnf aruuoa tareaaoval af pssaap us mm af Bjaarsarp sa brarawira stsart, to Aleasasaa mmm BMUtof the wasa, aad etrest Lnaimiasina m tssxrarred In. Peraittieg John A.Tardf as lis s.s isassias af I Coacarrad ss. the pluoa far rvgb'twg W. TCih fas-so Cumsaiuee oa Lassps aast (Ms, with pi i Sasiih. as Pesssituag A. B. Hasapsoa as I Beat. Coacamst at. Aerrpoe ts rasWaatioa mt Js rlrrUaa 1st llatnct, 5Us Ward. aavoaT. fCcaasalttea ca Polira. ft. ka tavar as sracs a pvasuB at rsasa ssaraec asaavas setMtwsth sat. Caa naisJii afass tarsrawsf 'Bis, riV'IIIE TRAJJfiAND tlll.MKV ja i ii a, t a. i he suuscniiers II ElL- their works, are ahum removing their Manufartorv to the country; where, with the use of water power, they' wiil bo enabled to manufacture at much less prices than I'.rmerly. L.'ii,Mini;niv ui mis, inev nave reduced tne price, ot their stock of Blank Booke. Colored Papers. Sealing Wax, V cfers, VVritins Inks. PlavinsCards. and all .ih. r nnlrln of thir manufuclurc, to such an cxicn: as will defy couipc- TIlOV would now invite .11 trhomnv 1,. in winl nf llU.k Books or Stationary, of any description, to etnmine their Slock, which will he found ihe largest in the United S-ales, and offered at prices that cannot laiilo be Cuusidcred decidedly cheap. DAVID FELT ft CO.. Stationers' flail, . "31 245 Pearl street, and Ollire, 50 Wall street. CTHEXCH AMI FAf l 'SIl STITII. B? EK Y FRANCIS ft l.l IUTRKI. kin,1 ... iuw. zinnia nn riirn'ive assi'nnieni oi riaiionerv, consisting in part of tbin Letter Faiiers. Letter and Note Envelopes. Embosiicd Portfolios, Penknives, Erasers. Porcelain Ink stands. Pocket Inkstands, red. colored and transnarant AVafen, plain and fancy Sealing Wax. pearl Pen Holders, pearl Folders, letter C.ips, lai'ccl iin Pen Holders. Gold I aper. Motto Seals, liaclgamiuon Bosrds. porcelain Slates. transparent Slates, lllass Inks ia treat variety, mnrlila Paper cifiiiM, kc, aic an oi wuiro are oiiereu hi unusually l'i"-, t'i r Ii t . id or i.i JU l KLU Ulnntilartnrlnir Malione a. 77 Maiden Inn.. Southern an:l Western Meieh.uiu siuiulied with Account innras ann i-iauonery at luw prices. o31 JOH F. sale in lol tIA Kli:. W Wuter street. crTers for i lols to suit niirchaaers in nates, ui and ettfa sizes iarislierre Pig Iron, No. I Shovels and Spades Manure Forks and Grain Sempa Holland Miles' covered Cotl.c Mills "rmv Bars, assorted 'izes Tin'd -hort handled Fry Pans Do Iron Spoons, Tin'd Iron Rivets Paillorks. a large assoruuent Pnient Plattnrm Scales, warranted Inn I 'bests and Fire Proof Sales, al! s.zes, ftc. "ui feJsSJ.-vI.Y C'slAL AFLOAT. Now li.niline lrom kJ the,brig Arrhiterl.acargoof Sidney Coal, direct from the mines, and of very superior quality and size, lor s ite luw in mi. u, kiiii purcu.iscrs, py LAING & RAMM-iLl'II, 250 Washington St., East Broadway and Gonverneur r treetand nl Tliirteeuth street, and ttowerv. BRANDY. 30 hulf Pipes and ii 1-2 quarter GodMrd's choice pile and colored Brandy, of the u-.res of Ir JO and IH3S, josi received per brig Sea, from ol vin uimiix, anu lor sale at u rlpiad street, by ": BARCLAY ftLIYIMiSTON. Suruicul it ml Deitllsta' luvlruuxeulai UAXDAGKS ANU r'lxli'cUTLEllY, MAM'FAmt'REn BY WII I.lAJl R.;Ot LDirkU, No. 57 Chatham street, opposite Chambers. Steam Manfiiartory. No. SKI Ann street. 3,'JfAM FA4 TI ICKIl nf all sons or Surgical and YJe. Iiental Instntroenu. Cultery. ftc. ftc: viz. Amputa ting, Trepanning, Lithotomy, Couching, Cupping, Pocket, Dissecting, ptrabismus. Midwilery. Phlebotomy, Teeth In struments, ftc. Plain and improved Scarificators, with shifting blades, Instruments for Restoring Suspended Animation, Inhaling the Lungs, ftc. Improved Clyster Apparaiu.:, to'! kinds ofPewter and White Metal Syringes, Silver, ana Gain Catheters, Bougies for fEsophagus, Rectum and Urlthra, oi atetni and i,nm Kinetic. Splints tn the form of the leg or Arm, and all other soru ; Fracture Machines, and apimraius for Deformities ; Umbilical and Spring Trasses; Bag and Riding Belu : Suspen sories and Bandcgcs. A new and Improved Abdominal Supporter; Tbum and Spring Bleeding Lancets ; Wood, Metallic and Gum Elastic Nippi Shields. Pill Machines, and Medicine ChesU of every description; Tonsil Instrument nf several new imprnvemenu,by eminent surgeons ol New York. Dr. Joseph T Pitney's Patent Speculum Ani and Levatrr, and all other kinds of Speculum; Apparatus for Curved Spine and other Deformities. Stromeyer fc I et-molri's improved Club F'oot Boards : lira. Scarpa's. Littie'r. A C Post's, and Buck's improved Club Foot Shoes; Razors, Scissors, Shears and Knives. Particular attention paid to an repairs oi cutlery ana insirumenu, and executed with neatness and dispatch. To whom it mav Comcero This Is to certify that we. have been in the habil of employing WM R. GOULDING, as cutler and instrument maker, and can with confidence recommend hu Instruments to the Faculty of this country. VALENTIN E MOTT. M. II. Professor of Surgery In ths University of the City of New r era, aua ixmsuiung rsargeon to tne new York Hospital. ALFRED C. POST, M. D. JOHN C.CHEESEM AN, M.D, Surgeons to New York Hospital. Trusses and Bandages applied. auas "UirA va'EIt Hcr;.n aud Old Iron The liirhest cash Tw prico svill he paid for ginal wruught Iron (Scraps or ,-mu iiuii, ui uuu iiua'.uy. oy juii k MAt'KlB, lsawaterst. Sole agent for the Jersey City Iron l. slO JTRAW BOARDS All numbers for ale la lot to.ult 7 purcnaacrs, by uSi CYRUS W. FIELD, No.9 Burlins slip. r!rA.i ai p.;tiici: stove im hie. MM Rags, Messina and Palermo: en eak Pumice Stole, imwiiii; iiimii .nip s.uuiier, anu lor sale nv CHAMBERLAIN ft PHELPS, 103 Front street. 9 lIA IIE-TIJ I-J0 tons first quality clean Itus m SV sis Hemp, now landing from ship New Jersey, fi sale in lou to suit pun baser by HICKS ft IXJ. an 1 3 m-rnvr ruiiauci cuiu. ine uamoen I . -' .' .. ft and Amboy Rail Road Line for Philadel- ,ne Line from New York. ha pmaanu intermeo'-ate Place a. will Imv. 2, N. R, foot of Battery Place, by steamboat to DR. Ill Ll." THI'SSEN A1VD ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS. The superiority of Dr. Hull's instramenu over all others isacknnwleilged bv the m..l nhsr. ticians in Europe and America. Orrtce 4 Vesey street, As-tor House A lemaie In anendance In the Ladies' depart "ni- slS IfHI SMI ft I IIHIMIEM! JlJs Jnst receiv BHIISIItV!! by the lata arrivals ha p,,.u . etu-asive aasortnieBt of Ivory, buffalo and bone haaiUc Teeih Brushes; aiso,aall, comb, hair and shaving brushes-of great variety of patuma, which, with a renerai assnrt-mect of other fancy artxies, will be sold on the moat rea-soniihls Bci'ias. DERA1SME3 ft BOIZARD, Importers, s30 AVUliamsL G- OAT SKINS AND HIDES. 35 hales heavy " OawBPora Goat Skins, just recatved per ship Brunswick, from Calcutta, 15 bales G. S. Patna Cow Hid.. average weight M 1-3 lbs ; 3 do Dry dodo do, average weight p ipa, ss sai oy s30 KIM M EL ft EVER8QX. 47 Ferry st 4P4 1NSASD PISTOLS NEAVBOULD Ur SF.L.No.140 Fnllonst, onerfbr cash KUS or aaorovad -uns ana rmois, as loimw : Cuti. too i storked single brl Gaas. dodo rib'd barrels eaia twist and pal hi itch do for cotkiaf ard ducking Real twist and pat Mitch son hie brl at very low prices Wiretwlat and Damaacas diHible brl, some v.iry ana Diicklnc ssd Deer Guns ol all qualities Alien's" genuine brl revolving Pistols, at reduced prices iinn awlerUI for fua makers ia all Its variety j19 Rf yt. 46 paackeoea of high oavoesd Jamaica Ram, emitted to deheaiars, and fur sals at 13 Bread st, by olT BARCLAY ft LIVINGSTON. TAXTKACI KIOY H VOtM; HISOA TEA H. Tk. .naarrlkara snar tarsal, xw the orkwanJ aark- aas oroiherwue. lbs ssat chop- of Yousg "Hysua Tea Im-port--thaao.joHx can fc --. W Broadway hsiwasa Walker aad TT I.ip.fMinf rtraahs . Pier No. South Amboy every day, (Sundays excepted,) at 6 o'clock A. M., and will continue at thot hour until further notice! rassengers win laae lue cam irom s?ouin Amuoy to Camden, and arrived in Philadelphia about 11 o'clock, A. M. r ore tn Philadelphia $3 00 Forward deck passengers 3 25 Freehold and Monmoath, via stages from Hightstonn, 5 o'clock, P. M 1 50 Fpotuwood ond AA est s 75 South Amboy 25 Perth Amboy. Tostens, RossviHe and Tufts, HI TO PERTH AND SOUTH AMBOY. The INDEPENDENCE will leave passengers at Perth Amboy on her way down, but wiil not stop returning to New sura. Daily Excnratona to Philadclnliia For the accommodation of those persons wishinr to snan.i .WI Ul uin uay ID r uuaucipuia,ciiuc:i on uua:ness OT plea sure, recursion tickeu win ne iitrnisnea, entitlinr the paaaeneer 10 return by the Mail Line ai 5 o'clock. P. Mth. same day. or at 5j o'clock the next morning. 1 ickeu for the excorslon, Au, to be aad at the Office. Ka 9 AA'enl St., uron board the boat. Fifty pounds of baggage will be allowed to each nasaan. ger In this Line, and passengers are expressly prohibited trom taxing any tning aa baggage But tneir wearing apparel, a n 111 mv a. uia iiu ut ui. wn uu . Q-23 I. BUSS, Agent. EXPRESSES. UARNDEM cc CO'S, EXPRESS. h&ve mad afTanfeinenLav st ghT YJ ? A a- iMi'.a-rKay4l J. DaUy Express between Boston and New York, by hichall goods entrusted to them will be forwunled the same night, without extra charge, or a delay of 24 hours du ring the wlntermonms. The report which has been ro Industriously circulated by unscrupulous parties, that we rani but three nmesa week is nnnnalifiedlv False. HARNDLNftCO, nld DAI LY EXPRESS f I? fVrilE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE! 3m mrLiymnita Arrangerrtenia wnu m. NEW L I'M E S ii vrosi ,X, YORK to FREEHOLD, NJ THE PEOPLE'S LIXE OF STEAJlBOATk On the North River, for forwarding their presses to and from this city and Albany, for the season of 1S44. An Express will lmve every evening (Sundays exceptodO at o'clock, ragcisiLY, for Albany, Buffalo, and Intermedia w polnu. ALSO Throo-h Messrs. Wells ft Co., from Buffalo to Chicago on Through Messrs. Pullen ft Co, from New York to Troy and Sarraujga Springs. . Through Messrs. Virgil ft Co, from Troy to Montreal aad 11. n,m,i, n.n.,. a- nnrlstnk from Utica to fft- tertnwn, Sackett's Harbor, jungsMJu ti-"l aau rUilaaalmuh . ,.A,.m and safely of all valuable Pack- ares, we have a room on hoard the steamer Knickerbocker, Capt. St. John, and Rochester. Capt. Houghton, which is occupied by our messenger, and each room is supplied with a good Iron Safe, (which has - Andrews' Pateal Combination Lock," WITH THS t-ATSST """" oor aoAL-sT araotASs; and Lkryd, Dunham ftThom-on's Patent Safety Padlock, as protect the key holes,) tn by steamboat Ix dependence, at 5 o'clock, A. M.and arrive whkh " placed ail packages of value entrusteo 10 ss to in Freehold between 10 and 11 o'clock, A. M. I forward. . - MUad nnon 2d Line.-Passenrers wUI leave New York by the steam I lockages must be at out office! n time to be enteren upon boat Traasport, at 3 o'clock P. M. lor South Air boy. 0ttr booas, to ensure safety anddcapoicn. . thence ia the cars of the Camdea and Amboy Railroad Co. I LIVINGSTON, VVELLjj ".ur. Ziu.a . . iu 1 Via VVesu. bv Steamers. Cars, and Stares. To commence on Monday, the 21st of July, 115, lea vice New Y ork by steamboat Independence, at 54 o'clock, A. 41., anu s team 00a 1 1 raaspori 11 oju cunra, r . uauy t.un-day'sexcepted.) from Pier No. 2 North River, to South Am. boy, there take the ears of the Camden and Amboy Roil road Co. to Wests, sad from thence in stares to Freehold lhasubserherwiil commence running anna or stages as above, from VYesU to Freehold. N, J, leaving New York In Westt. and there take stacea arriving In Freehold earl the same evening, making Ike quickest and safest route to rreeaoio. Fase front New York to Freehold S71 ceaU. - N. S. RUE, Stage Proprietor. rsew York, 15th Joly, 1845. - - jylS tf TO HATTER S I ease super black Silk Plush.just received per lniis Phllllrpe.nnd forsaie by "J SAMUEL, MOKOAM. 34 Pinest, f! Tr.,..n.. K.s Tork City. ) H. Wbu, Buffaro, A Proprietors. T. Poataox. Aibajy, JeSC A.iAI-It?, OF VOODS lertaiSS Plau sl, will be rv? .ureriisea ana suM at a small eommisnoa. By sll CHARLES H. McDo.VALD. 4P4 ROW xUHWaaai sues, for sale bv i .. .. JOHN F. MACK1E, 139 Water sL s J 11 E I , LA C 30 cases 1 ad LAAVRENll rim Orasr. for sal by fc UiCk5,32 fiurUnf slip. VM,TI?fG-eo0 barrels, extra dry and Iras from II grit, for sale by - - o24 LAWRENCE ft HICKS, SS BwrlmrsUs. SMsiET IRON KM bdia aaaoried sizes, f,.r sale row by - ,t --1 JOHN V. MACK IE, - . " .s ; lew w star street BLACK TEAs-i large and nne assoruuent ta va rioas sised packvres. fur sale by ., , JvtJN DUNCAN ft WJTi. 4v7 Broadway, oil bstwaea Walk aad Uspeaard sa-eeai. FIRE PROOF EOOFIXG AU LATHING. The subscriber has invented a ubstlinte for wood lain. Fire proof Ceilings can now oa mauc ai a aai a nensa Metal Roofing can be furnished at about the following puces: I C or common Tin, 7 e per low. I X or cross " sc. " IX or double " It " " Sheet Zinc, "" ' - Iroa, -tse - " -Iron railers,-4oe " -' ' .- Copner, M3e- " ' - -"' " ' GaJvaalaedTin, ISe ; ' Extra iarCiaat, when nsed.' ., , . As im'm.1 naa ii.t mis wsce with Galva- BisedTia over Cement The reaaU is ttautaeUn Is lusted through, showinc that Comsat. arGalvaaued Tia u sot good for roaaag. - wooouot toe etnerent smvea orroonnx, caa " nroraiatias giyea. by apatylog at Bt. Ji.M-fc 3 11B tvars hiuiiih Of lf GtetttWIck screat. To Professors and Amateurs of the Violin. Jf 'ST received from Europe and for sale by the subserl ber, four valuable original Violins, made by the follow ui masters : No. 1 An original Jacob sutrur, mane in ItJvf In nne preservation. No. 2 A TJumiu uaiatertt in crraena, or a superior quality ol tone, maiiein iitj. No. 3 A ljurvii iricuuum, in jvaaawrr, mode in r.j. No. 4 Made by Gabnel David BmckaUUer in 1793, of sweetness of lone. The above Instruments were selected In Europe by aa eminent Violinist, and can be warranted to the purchaser as originals, and perfect. E3AaitCLj v. juijLjc, jeo nmaaway, I certify that the above named Violins are genuine art? mat Misr,anaoi superior quality. au77 (signed) v. v. HILL. S,l OltN IMi UOHEb.-Genlleineo are requested 1Y9 to call on the subscriber and examine hU lame slock ot Morning Robes. Tbey are the most useful article for ouuittinr that can be lound, ana especially in sickness. 1 he assortment now conslsu el Fine Velvets, Do Le Lain, Do Prints, Common do. They will be sold wholesale or retail, at low prices, by o-M 1 RA PLREGO, 74 Maiden lane. lT tii.Eil S DOIBLE SALA.V1A! UciK SJ. ar SAFES. This safe was first constructed by C Gavler. ia Oct- 1M3 It combines two complete Salamaa der S-ifes : one within the other ; so forming a safe within a safe, each having a distinct door and lock. By this com binadon the Inner safe is fully protected from fire until the outer safe may he destroyed. In which event the inner safe will then afford as much security to iu contenu as did sny of the single Salamander Safes in the recent fire. No wood is nsed in their construction, they are free trom damp ness, and are offered at but a small advance over the cost of a single safe. The above, and an assortment of Iron Safes, for sole by jy31 JOHN P. MACKIE. 1P9 Water street. . SF.IGSETTE &. CO., No. 39 Beaver stia a offer for sale in bus to suit purchasers. ALEX.SEIGNETTE BRANDY in half, quarter and eighth Pipes. OTARD DUPLY ft CO. do la half Pipes. . HENNESSY do in half do JJDUPUY do in hair do M ADEIRA WINES, in Pipes and Hogsheads. BORDEAUX CLARET, ia casks aad case. CHAMPAGNE WINE, "Bouche" Brand. OLIVE OIL, is Baskeu ' Araae Seignetie" brand. PRUNES, in riass aad fancy boxes- AVHITE AVINE VINEGAR, In bbls, very superior, MADRAS and MANILLA INDIGO, CREAM TARTAR, Scaaks. VERDIGRIS, extra dry ia balls. CORDIALS, incases assorted.- MUSHROOMS, In eases, fresh lot. SARDINES, in kegs nressed. a aew article. WALNUTS, 90 sacs- au5 BR ASUY.FRI ITS, 37 Star arena 108 eases BraadrCltrrrles 1"0 - Do Peaches 50 Do Plumbs 25 " Dm Pears. Superior to aay Imported, lor sale bt VVTLL8, MILLER fc PROVOST, s3? - 317 Front street JT U.AkDALfc CO. Nankeens, eilesias,. Paper Cam- sjs uii,.!,., s nii'ieoa s 101ns, sic. sic., lor sale by LAW HENCE, TRIM III. F. at CO, of 63 Beaver sfeet. PTS 4I.MA 10UO bbu best uiialitv W, ',.., .,. m by WOODHULL ft MINTURN. on S7 South street. SBEESWAX-1700 pounds yellow, of strictly prime JstJI quality, tor sale by "l AYMAR ft CO.. 31 and 33 Siuth St. . DII.4I 50 cerooos Caraccas M d lndiso: 15 eaaes Ma nras do, tor sale hy o!3 AYMAR ft CO . 34 and 35 South sL CALf-IiiuO sacks coarse; ("si sacks fine Liverpool k. 1 mil auoai, lor sale uy voolllll L,L.ft MINTURN. 87 """th street. TTTI ATTS 50 bales, superior quality, just received and SS-JV By Wr. Aibiiiwia Of A, t, tt WaaaWI asal etaasa. as asvs si ta Boo ana saaasss. astwaaa 4th Avaoae east 1 lagdaje road paved. Ta Ctssiuai a Ituasts. raa ae 1 1 a. 1 t. Ia fcswr of ssutdasg bua haasl across Cuasataaa ftc Coacarred aa. Same as toexaraBg paw M ef Barrsana . la avrar of urasUii.g Jannb tV. Cifl.s as bsrUL al awa expeasa, a ar asiwaaa tsassrt aaa each 1 Coacsrraa la. la savaret prsalnte Jaa SI ana Laoaard ss aaaios eg hat ansae aa t. (if tha Cvaaasiateo aa 1 s.s. aad PAaos 1 aa adoptlua of the Ordiaeare a AU ap lew aad saaaaa sci ui. a amijular aaomaly in tuts branch ot trade, I rroaTd sncadWd by I lib ssd lh streets aad Asanas c aad mat, me aeairrs are eonstaoiiy cooiiaaining ci the sm-jlnras cd their Hocks, and cd the dilhctilty which they rxterience ia ciecuting the. orders which pour in ujk)u them. 'ilie price of Corn is rutins rapiiily ; aad on ibis hciS we need do little more than refer to the auipae details in oor market returus. The weatDrr lately has been nto-4. wn-tcbed, and even at the pr-nt moment large patches of uncut gtaia are rx,-o-ri 10 lite peltin of :he elemcalsm the north ol England and in Scotland, while, aa we have su-ted 1 the position of mailers ia Irehmd ia ri-a worse." liamp cum enhances ine value ol fine! wheat ; and those who por-ss the latter, Cai-culannr nn a riiu. erince aode.-ure lo part with IL Th- market is therrfore scantily suppiicti, aud im-provnient in the price is the result. As to tlie ;-reVral yield of the harvest, the authorities ditler ; out; it beerus nodcnublc that the wheat crop will be andrr that of last year tliough not to the extent ni-1 rHinie aiarmiau would fain luduce the world to believe. Tue money market ahw avmiitoma of wavering under the black clouds which appear in Ihe distance. DryDnckat. Laid aa Iba Taaks. rarrriea. By Mr. Gilbert sf Isaac P. Mania, Ibt cotrautas af deaas. To Ccsunittee oa Laws. The Board thaa adjoaraad. lYuaa tha anaalaa. O. & BARTLBS, CVsak. ! I RY-Il the Graat Waaasra JMEPH II. BAT'i n laforso hat enstosaers sad taavilaav that he has leo-ived two lane lavotoseof Hosiery, by Use esasaa. er direct rrnea tha naaalactarars. annag ef a fall aaserv rs ol tha b4owkeg scarce aad aaslnibls gnnds. vis : Boys super sneruso asder shirts, toag . leaves, all sAssaa, Girls' aad Misses so. all slaaa. short aad loaf sieasssa. Meat' aad wnaissi' do, loag and short alssias. AA oawn.' mrnas aadsr sasta, close ia tha ssack far la- TBlldS. Wnaisi large exoa sisss, short aad loag slsssss. Men' do do extra qnailry. Girls-aad Misses whlss asaruse haas, all stass, aam sapar. Boys' a a lie and mixed mariao half hosa, aU atass, ia- tra super. Mens' white ssd salted BMTias hose aad ball hose, all ANTHONY J. RLEKCKKlt Aiictioneei. BV A-4TIBO.W J. 16L.I.I I K.JLR, OiBceNu. 7 Brosdtret ntarWall. The subM.riher has asK-iated Mr JaeoS S Bakr with him in ie auction and cminttssion tmrma. and isnowoeeraejl tneive isnitrsKion In .ale. ol every descnplion. A ranter wUI h kepi irrtlietfiafaal ol real and leawsliolil prooer.y by private ciMitracl n.i f.r the procuring anil loaning ol uiiiner on b-.-nd and molt ear. ...... Solos of Household Furoilure. Slrvk., A-e. 4 ntten.Jpd as hertt.,ture. AN I HON Y J. BLLEl KEK. Wl DVF.SDAY, NovST At 13 oVI,.rk at th. Mi-n Imfiu' I- wk,n. C r of Ri .klyn Tne lolluwug d-nralile residences situated 1 mill l.r.iofclrnT"l : A',i-riMn ctraet The new tern. sWr Krich humanm! Inl limai as Ni4 Ha-Tinstt,,nllienor1hside,'lirtwi-nt'liritiiaai.l t:ourt .r-pliie Willi ererr convenience, tlie bouse 2i ! by 41). lot 4 It Tompkins Place Al-o. those twu birre and .ol'antinl three r;rr brii-k hmi'ef end liils Nis 10 and VI Tomnki.i. Pin,... lr,nt- ine 'h Churrti : the l. f. carhS") II by 111! fl in., ihe nw.'iSit by 4i It, were b jilt hr dnr wirk in lhetno.1 .utntauualbiaa-ner. and liave eierr CHitrcmefice fur centre! ,mJie.. n'ii er i-t ai-i. rnse rao Innisef of two t'r:es ard ,.. each nd lot m M.nd 31 Rullar t. taiawr, f.,nrt nn.1 isrrull, ... m. thnViutUside, the ha. each tit by luu It iinuwaaA It bginieet eac'i: Ihei- rt ul a! each .ml ere neal Iwrtae. V. vc.irire.-t 1 hiacrwocolrqinile hiaHC ir, rowdrrme. in Wycvi.tfil. l.eween Court and TUihrto-rt... lh-r arelUe ' r-.o I w'rrlv end e. li s ft try 36, the kt 23 ft by luOench. Tb :.ic win oe wituutll reserw. Till. KSDAY.Novg. At 12aV.m I, .1 th- lr.-hi,nf.' I'.h.n... Roirrv.t street If nut pperiimf ir iiirMisednt' al pnvsteaile .ii,, iian-v imhiw. am Burnetl SHAriMsi.Blia lia ao)l't a, near tiie .''iBr-iaff's I 'hiiieh: b yi fi-t frinl nn amy tuictlnns-tiiet n..n wa'er laid on. Tcnns knjwn on ii'li'l'imto lb.-aneteirfapr. IVal r.ireet Uhancerv .-,l Un '., ih. ,1 rviu. Jk J V... Intui t iolituan. Ijn,. n-n-'fr in;?ry A'TiuimcJ crtain li I rr..!,.il .ituntc in the ith asrrl. tnimn on a ma-i of l"i I' a'" in il.e Till wa-il, ii.rntrr.,- lc in-? nr lo Nicfv ia. I.oanrne. rli-uNniat.'ll. tVum! Ii t i, a l,,.i;.ln m V,., hy VV rtrr met and on III. SK .de 'v M.-IlT -n, i.i r U. ciMiTairnnv in frtttt Oil ri-rir toe 3 'hs. nn Iheca.t ,nlL j7 Ircl .. in., and on the trc4 1c ji fr. Iih.t.aiii.- morn or le-s : en.l In-'- -nfl M Nn 4 lmiin,led fr.vit by Vaerart nt'.:reiid.cnltaininr 12 1.1 Irain Imw n.l rear anil.'ia Itll ii, nn Iheeea side and oi ft H intonthewest (.. le ll.ekaitie more r .e nii.-icr sadiertisetaenl. MONDAY. N"rh. At laoVfrvk a llie A! hfint,' Esehanre. Second Avenue ntili itnctl imrr si i.i.wili.Jin. Mi:i,i' AVm II Eltnv. Ei laitcr in cbancenr All thi.e fiair ul Umi situated Ul ihe I-th uar.l. kimw n on . iiiannl klllmi ll. pr.ipc'Tv of Hin ItreyiKirt sinI Jneob II O.WI. a. Int. rsia S I'.IT. !: Snd IJ. Which Said iut. Okm In-r-lkMam Luir.U NV ta front by 'M nvnnie. ciuitainin. lnyeilatf in Ir,,! .nA es-h l'.Of! 4 ins. an. in l-n-:h on enrh ile KOIcet. torether with th.' la.rl rnonurir Mlh M'nrt. nml ni in. Inn, rnmawnr said JJ nvenne in Ironl at ..Ht kit.. titij1 ncvertheleM I" tin nshl ,4' wayi.t o.if. et nvr -a.. I l.inl. ft- rc nin.ler'. mlertrenieiii. lor sals by SAMUEL MORGAN, 31 Pine st BLACK EBOA'Y-5 tons or Ceylon very fine quail ty, by the stick or ton, by w JOHN PHY'FE.19 Murray st. "IVP-rAFFLIVl'W EED AND TARTAN SHAWLS av a ssa 5 cases, just received and for rale by STANTON ft RICH A RIH.WPIire street iEO. B. ROLI i.N-s, A icio-e--r. EY Ti n KINS A. I?I.LIS. ask. 1!Tt Arc-rtiivrcaa t'ales pofw. Nri. 17 Rroad street AV. 1 R. will aU n! DTn-aliyio uinul l!,m.h..M lirni.i.h ia adtil.iuQ tu liie-r wie-. oi'n?,i e.te. kr stn.a luchtuu,. T i-MOUHO'.V. At 10 o c'.icl at ihe s,k num. IS Fna.r! itrret. Sl'Tierii.r lllltrh f t. 3 tl An iniii'i-. Intelv Iwvrmt a tinevnrMHy nf all the choir kiiul.. pi m tn.u.t tht. iiMirkft r.inl hiM m kpNIiisu't ,irrlu,wn. TI pfii. ol tin. it'.portat..rfi have rivi-n nti.l.ciiun fi.r a -ries .if r--.r, a.i hxyers can 1 :id upofi icctiruir a rmrl .r,'V. Iinr warranteti. VVt.l.M-II.A Nova. Al lJnCH-s "I Ihe lerciiRii.' E-rSrnre. Piremii'i.ry saleot iniiislil t.rrneclr nt A .U.-ntt-bnre- ma si' i ins i. II hnn e and Kits ana 7 tracn lot., urtuaud . l.-lbm-. : i. It hmi H41IHI LietM-rth M.le n4 outh hr.l l. Iiwtnnih a' uf li'Ji rtroet, eaibh.t i) by 70. l--i. n nouaai ann Int. m In. tanr n' th. .hove .nd f i .mi.i. siui; l,jr an alky with ('h "licet, each lot Hi lii-t h nn kyiPiti. iaj. - rotson the north . of hooth ftp street beswtsn 6tb am' t:b t. beioc t'Al ct fr 7th 1. ori 4 x5 h. I'k' Ivt. Ah-i !,i ..ii V S...nli f.r fn-4 VirMn ttk.ij 8:h.i. beirg i:u .H MM nl riiha.enrn liltzri ,y'psi M. . t-.r.nn uie north wet onttr ul rsuutatiM and 7h u. each lr 57 lect. ATURIMY. N..V. Al 12 uVlm-k nn lb-' pr.-iiii-e. Administratrix r-.lV Bjrorrler Ui -iirrora'eof Iheemimr ol AA' AH thl.1 trart of lend wi'h Hi. I.ii.'i- r. liul ipi provrmenu inerca,, lyinj in lire town l l.trhtT, vs etchei.. ley rem?, Stule if Nm, York cur.taminr 7b ar-rea. sine. or l. Biiywn a, tlie rrrfenii of Ihr Franca Kain. Ta. uiipnivsarrn. roiisiA: nf a tnanaiuti hnti. g,rdo-r h,Mi. farm h'.'Ht. ciarb b'itl. and barm. 1 be almre imn,r. were nrruyMd by Francti Kalninhis lifetime I'bsfarm. mansion hiaise. end aut-tuild inr are in good cn-ii. miii and ei.:.'itutM a desirable reMioce. being WUU.U a mileoi ih. .w A' on and H.rtera TlK-llAY.Novll. At 12 o'clock at Ihe Merchants' Eteh.nre. The threoiory hrtcli bnasr-Nml kaoi rruund situate. Hinr .n.l being on tlie easle-ly Mile of Rroartway, lie Iween Grand and Itroome strerts. in the 4th ward of h. city ol New Vork. known and d'stinsuaned bv:itect No47 Broadway, bring 26 feat 8 um whj. I root and rear, ami 1'-1 Inct .Up mi earn uoe WEUNFSIl V. No, IS. A ISo'rluck atth. Mrrchanr. t.trttswr. Cbaneery Hale By or.ler h 4 ambreleng. en . master All thai certain PH-reor imril of r.n.1 an:he IniiMiiic. theranil. ut-ii.te. lying and bring in lit. vtllare of Creeuw.rn. in 11k-ei' r and county oi New Vork. ait.l IViniting nurili on Ham-iiond .t. brcin nine on lire ni,nheii.i'rlr rmer o! . now of the ir-nt-IrflUnu o the Key Alith'.s Rnien. .nd rtinninr thence eattarly leet. thir wwiiirriy it. It, llieuce wetmlj ij lert, and theuce uoruicrly iii It, tu llie plare ',f bi-g nnirir- AT HHirATR fi-ir.R. Yatcht A very pilot laait riccerl yacit.of shout !!3 tons, fwrrrd ami Citi,u,.r IjiImmI miiMrt.lii. iau uilrr: .i.l be Sulil a crer.t bhrcain. A vatuaiie na nn llroad tie. 6lots nt rmuml ...-li'-fT ft R .. I mm mwA MrhrfHIl a ,m ,1 n lynir on the aorihrvly s-do of Jlst m, cnminrnriiir f?i ft 6 ins wrv p r frum lxingtun avenue, and partly fronii:g on GraiumeTcy UEH1P UTriAGS-il bales Kentucky Hemp Cuttings, for sale by oxs BURRITT ft JOHNSTON. 32 Pine st ARGOLft AMD PCiTIIt E liTO.AE.-7 cssks red argola ; 14 casks stone, forsaie by v 11 .-1 .,1 0 r ivii.T i.s or. 1 n r. 1.1 .-, 1 11.1 rmnt street u31 aiJICI EY 3IADF.I R A WI XE. 100 qr and thirds casks Canniu brand, lor sale by o3l CHAMBERLAIN ft PHELPS, 103 Front street RAISINS 16 half casks Muscatel Raisins, fa sale by CHAMBERLAIN ft PHELPS. l 103 Front street. iviuitcn-aiiiaus, ui all shapes and sixes, js. jusi rcccivcu ai ine uousekeeners en lane. F'mponum. 45 Alaid WHITTEAIORE ftTORREV. tJitK for Sewing and Embroiilery, fursaleby 3 LAWRENCE, TRIMBLE a. CO.. "39 63 (leaver streeL K JkO.aiAL HDKFS., f..r salehy J' LAWUENCE. TRIMRLF ft CO.. 61 Beaver street 'SlO n.AKEKSi I P, Cot onades, Franklin Stritws js. so a variety ui cottoa uant stun, fear inhn tr.,1. 8. T. JONES ft CO, 12 Pine st POAKSE SATINETS AND SHEEP'S GRAYS 10 e cases oxiora snnneu. common quality; 8 do light in u. a Hum uuuicHic j t ctotm ; lor sale by "3 8AMUEL MORGAN. 34 Pine st HE.1P. Water and Dew Rotted American Hemp o superior quality, for aale by . W M AVIUTLOCK, Jr, 46 South street B AY It t VI A superior article, for sale by JOHN DUNCAN ft SON, 407 Broadway, between Walker and Lispenardsu. & I AUHtKV-lou casks Fiench i.'.sL quaiiues, lor sale by nl Madders various MOSES TAYLOR, 44 South st. L. A Its 3U0.U0U Havanx Segars, various brands and KCJ quaiiues, enuuea 10 debenture, for sale by nl MOSES TAYLOR, 44 Sonth sL SUGAR 350 hhds Sew Orleans, 300" boxes prime" yellow Havana, for tale by al MOSES TAYLOR. 44 South at f IrYSEED OIL 1000 gailons bestqnality, English, JsLd for sale by al AVOODHITLL ft MINTTRN.H7 fViatti st. GCANO -JU tons Ichaboe Guano just received, sad " for sale by MOSES TAYLOR, 44 South st AH AJS EI.AE-A few casks Gaxaasiae, or Extract sxss 01 aiaeoer, tor saia oy nl MOPES TAYLOR, 44 Sonth st Af a ALA PLAID'S Ginghams and Casbmeref. lust 1 -mV l.n.,1 frrm fZmmt U. A r , Bl .and forsaie kv T. JONES ft CO. 13 Pine street Kfcsr a a. A 1 :V a.s A lew cases half mourning kep 8. T JON ES ft CO. 13 Pine street' A LPAUAAi Orleans, rionzellaa A good aasortsnea X sa. M saw 11 y .. .. nl S. T. JON V ft CO. I-Pine street Tk!NAHL riC.SAD HlRLAPSw-4 1-aJesOs m - luuinuaauNinaBkllnjs. lUk,lMv 4c a 40 inch Burlaps; 4 hales Tailors canvas fcr aale ata Broad , , ....... -tats-. - . -- BARCLAY ailvtKcornv CllPEllIOB LIVER PtrOL COAL. 164 loas a oabuardtb Barsslia. at Piar No. 9. N'oTth Rivrr. of a sn perior quality n be sold from the thi p. J oil UaSNDE fcCO. No tAT-kQit ' LV colon, graen, blua, oraaca. yellow, alack, kr .J on. aaanufaciure, and of superior fjaality. Also, EneltsB aad French f. la led Pvpeca, .n color, of aaiw peat aad eaiiajl gaea. Eotaabr by tharwasaarqair. " puces,. . DAVID FF.LT fc CO, . U-1 P. rl Sit ll . 1 1 .1. I " 1 ... , , U,l o30 JAS. M. MILLER. A'J-ttonerr it v itiiF in. am 1 rn. Hardware, Rea! Estate, leather. Hoou. Shoes, fte, st Mr a 1J berry street at lu reaction with Maiden lone. THURSDAY, Nov6. At 10 o'clock at .tur Nn x Liberty street. PACk'AfJ F x4ltz fth- II ituliUJIUh- 1-ITTT.FRT- t n a credii of six moritas Ioc approve,! endorsed n 1 A F. Q packace. and luu of ireh imported Btrtmnrbsra and hhWhel" Goods, eonsistinr of tabieand picket cntlery. butcher .hne and bleed ktiive. lbtorn's. Greaves' as'lTeyluf's hie. Rulcher't draryir.r kmres, pta'e, chet cupboard and trunx lock., tentel rooks, nims.iea imnim waner..eurry eiHBi",iea seiim. sance pens, tmn'd and enameled vices, trace, lor and naher chain., Carolina hoes, ('larks, Perrvs. AAil-ua ft A'an VAarl. patent and common butts. canifltirbt stmrlWa, Gemiansilver ami iriitea and table tpiams. iiritnnnia do. tutnlcco tmsea, table butu. Jame. Wies screws, round and iQiia re holts, etc er. Catalogiaes aud ruuds ready tur examination three days before the sale. A' 12 o'rlcvk at the Merchants' Etehanr. Clianrerv Sale Uclerllie direi linii of Lor iu. Lul.iiwtm. rpas ter Alltlie twoenunl undivided third pari o' and in all that certain farm in Staithpurt. Chinunr county, known at the K.i tK-n 1 oven rinn, cumaintng sriuai-p, ann nrcupteu oy Jietn 1J Mann. For full particular r n.urr'. notioa. f KIIIA A . Nov 7. At 1? nVlork st the itim? ol Brnir. GoHfrev ft Co Kv" Water street, betnr piaiti.ery their last .ale tha season I'OO ease bnnU. shoes ami brarans, enfmsting af every varVty .dapted to the aailliern. westuro, onrthera and city trail. I'iirrn-fr are assured Uiaievery kit on the catalogue will La sold a ithuat nr During ihe huK few days the price of ColboU has dr cliacd one pet cent., and the value of money is high er. . 1 lie slvare market may, on the whole of course notwithstanding the fever, we are b.akin; compa iMtfvely of the bloodheai -be pronounced duller. Some of tlie shores have receded in value, end the pr e ol n'mo! every kind ol scrip is lower. The Iron trade is brisk, how could it be otherwise! and ilieie continues to be a greater demand than the .lafle can supply. The pnoe of Iron, of late years, (in advanced enormously ; and, from the present pr ""!i of matter, it acems liilely to advance still higher. t ratifying feeling prevails amongst the English :. niiiirrcml worU at fhejrrrjpect which exists, during the adinmiatrntion of President Vo'Jk, of having tl.e Ar.rcrican inrilf denuded of its present restrictive leaiures. A more 1-rill would materially pro-n'o:e tue prosiwrily and the ha. pine-ss nt both coun-tr for commerce is always humacizing in itstn-I'urucrs and while it adds lo human happiness, it l.iis a tendency to curb ihe military, m contradistinction lo ihe civil and social euirit ol nations. The Produce markeia, for the last fortnight, exhibited no unfavorable change as regards the West I iti'ics In Jamaica Rum an advance has taken I lire, and the stock is on the decrease. Spices ate l:el 1 lor tiie former Aalue, and in some kinds an im-ptotctuent is visible. Tbesilcg of Sugar are large, iirl the importers ol Wt-t Iudia exhibit mote firm-u.--, while the abundance of money, and the prt-va- K'pre ol empluymeat, cause tne trade to buy with tierdom. Refilled is not to o much inquired for. In !:ur.ded Crushed there hat beena slight decline. Mo" riescTiplionsof rugarscll free!y at rates which cannot I iii tn answ er the 'tirj ose of the importers and the rleiiirrs. Colonial Wools have bren britk. AA'eal Irlia Mi'Iaea are firm, and the stock is considerably reduced. In the better descriptions of CofW, a .liulit advance has laken place, but for the middling m i interior ramples, lower rates have In-en submit-i-rtl lo. Wilujrr Jc Smith's rJuropeaa Times. Prospects el the Ilarvcat. The very wet, untavorable weather experienced ilurins the week, has done go much injury to that jor-Ix n of the crois still abroad in the northern couii'ie, as to rrndtr it next lo impossible for the grain to be secured in any other than the worst condition, how-vvrr auspicious the weather may hereafter he come A'hen rain occurs early in the aeitson, iu ejects may ireijuently, bs almost wholly remedied ; but the year ii now Ir o far advanced to admit us to hope that ihe tniechirf done in the present cais can be repaired: the fhortness of the day-i, tbe diminished power ol the sun, and the heavy niht dews, all tend tn prevent bat which has been thoroughly saturated with wet ly ing easily dried, except 1 y artificial means , the corn which hes beets eiposcl lo the fields to the fre-I'li ul liravy showers of the past fortnight (and the fnantity is, we are sorry to learn, considerable) must iln it fore inevitably be carted in a damp state. Ia some localities', where there have been he.Tvy n.iHJf, a Bortitm wU be entirely lost, and that pan saved can scarcely Se expected to be in tit order ten 'hrashin-" for months to come ; so far, therefore, hunt any improvement havin; taken place ia out pror;.rcte, there is reason to fear that the result of lb U inetl taking the kingdom coller'ively will prove even more untavorable man was before artpreheoded; srvl liiere can no longer he any doubt that fine olo v, lieu! will become more valualiie in pmporion as 11 1. fuiiud 10 be rentiired for mixing with Ihe damp, in- ITioi.iiualitirs ot new. 1 hat the quantity left ovet ff lul year's crop is trifling, is renrraliy admit-ud ; while it is an undoubted fact that of free fore is. 1 very little remains in the country. It is true that we have a million quar-rsof wheal in bond ia the kinr lioni, and it is posssible ihat somewhat about KaJ tsxi iiuaritrB mty arrive before winter imts a stop tot-hip mecis from tlie Halnc ; but even were the whole ot this quantity immediately relrawd, we doabt whether it would have any material inflirrnre cm price-.. In the present position of ail Airs it is not likely, how-ever, Ihat importers will enter forborne consumidion, is by leaving their property nnder lock, they m ill be in a position 10 take advantaee of the tali which mora !a't-r in tiie year, ccc nr in Ihe duty. The trade in wheat has, since our last, beea active; and not only has the previously established advancv iieen maintained, but a further nt in prices has taken (lace at many ol the prim-i'ial markets. Not wiiur-ianaing tue inaurenieni new 001 oy ine present remunerating rates, farmers have manifested very little anxiety to part with their wheat, and the deliveries have rather lallen of than increased ; buyers have, on the other band, deemed it prudent to make urtlier addition to their stock, and at present we can discover no symtitoma of a re action. I lie advices lrom ine western and north-western raatkrts report a material rise in quotations. At r.ri'iol, on Thursday, ail kinds of wheat advanced Is 10 oerqoarter ;"and at Birmingham oa the amine lay tbe euebanitueut amounted to im 10 Ja per quar ter. Ireland appears to have been yisited with similar wealher to that experienced on this aide of the channel ; and a good deal ot injury ia said to have beea done in the latter districts, nol only 10 the corn re maining auroaa, out also 10 tne potatoes. These reports, and ihe rise of the Eogliji markela. had cana rd holders ot grain 10 demand higher terms : aad, at tne principal markets, the value ct wheat and oau had tended upward. Mark Lane Express. Girts aad Miasas super wait aad Jt attrsa haee, all s. Plata aad ribbad slack aad white hose. Men' saner black tashawrs haas. ribbed aad Mesa' super biacs saohasr boas aad half aoa. Girls heavy Ear while aad Brows eorsoa ssass, all styes, beat make Main-' d birls, mod colored couoa hose, ribbad aad plant Lad. enttna boss, whlss. Mack aad saoae oat's, bow style. Mem. aaa M.auess" black spun allk boas, asai; avyla. Ltutir.' and Girls, saerrBO nataa draasas, sua, baai . spaa silk. Mens' exira premium aserino ander shirts, assnplaa ot sn le snade for the BoSality af Ear'. aad. His cmatirasava will tarn a tail aaniii.t of ihess roods at Uw tracea,at hia hraarh store S3i Broadway, betweea ttieeckerand lloostoa streets, and at bt old rata a, ? ;,tasrrH .riswt. WtwaasfAS'aryem aad laurDaers. al WIS. bnH Hi I1AI1.Y HI LLI o UN OF CHEAP BOOKS Mania s tubas, N. II price cut Ferny Mrgsziae. No. 14 price SS oa. Thicr's His lory of the Cosaulass aad toptre, part S prire els. I "o. fine edl-loa. No 5 prir X3 eta. The AilWi Daarhssr, by Mary Hewitt prka t eaa. The History of St. Giles aad eu Jasaes pries 19. eta. Stories ot Waterloo, by W il Maxwell pries tS eta. The AYkic Alaiajisyc pne lis cts. Tb Pirate's Daorbter, f vols pries 3T1 cts. Tbe Gnat MetropoLs for 1S46, with a Map af tha price tj cts. P.ctaial AVorld, No. 10, with an taa hack Has price tt cents. New Library of Laws aad Eqaity, voLX. Ka. . fdlfd t y several Is bad kegai genua maa. naaai llpiiiw fl ir year, per No. tc' cts. ' 1 be Young asaa'a Meatot cat his Eatraac sate Lia m cis. Tha ttpectaat by Mis EI lea rVkartsg prtea SS cat. Ruth A li I'll ni thi Fiir rurlTls tnasglsls ia ISssi paiaj nrireX. cta. "xiltak or the Loma Indiaa 0 tha Mssilliiat Blsia lUcar, .juftmss ; Mirror; Broadway Jooraal ; Baimki tr,,'. tKimrdsy Gesetts : Philadelphia, Camriar ; 4 I Skyreat: yamaee : t staraa -1 be Uada supptvad by W. H. GRAHAM, nJ Trtsaraa BnuaAraga. T I TTFR t OPYIAG PKEUEIIiMlstt. a A eta aasortsarat aear anas us ; iaraaty-x S.I Misstsvia mia. Wa hasss a autgie at tae ksw- g 4 Blank hook i -- ' 'ir ltaaa. v vanary mf 1 rv. I saa style, bmh Scsew aad Lsvar of the srras. The ajoateipednaopa siaipla aa -tf pnauvlag a copy of aay I DM ar ether ot the pi rssiity of writing thesa avar 1 lust recwived a largeatapoly of the Wiy irssa uig tag psaaa. e. a birb have saat with aa eTJsaasve sale aasoa uasw ssaro 'ocixsb tain u,l cuy, fnaat the tact of thair ksnag as pood as say style of imsea now is as', aad fross their dajttatltrf iDocbeeorri-n. ror saie ay the aoaasj ag stasps at taa srw- e st pow Pie pres Fltli ft lRTREL PtaOcaaws .tad Blank Bank Mar atari urera, Sl WiUaxBi Alan, ra baad aad (or ssla. a ssoat extaaa. va vanary af 1 reaco. ccgiua .a AB-ncaa rislioaary. I'traoe ia any panel tu tasoa. ay tjasiatirajt ' rdrn. may reiy with ebaaaea a havtag ttsaaa 1 wuh arranptiluds aad IVsetsty. aj ft lisILt; AXIAL AFLOAT Near taaamng vl Inaa ihe ship Blaachard, a eafgo of vary see mws ur saalit.- Walls Fad Newcastle Coal, as lac ssd siasaailg : family aas For asi ia koss as sait Bmreteaassa, a Una iowest saayaet price, by LAING ft RANDOLPH. tS Wsaajosrkaa at. East Broadwsy aad 0 na.arasai au aad ml Tairweath .Bias aad Bsaary. I HULK O NEVALAa-TLK COAL AFLOAT- ow laaaing brosa tha sbls Fiasiaii a lasas af nd .d Wall East New Castas CoaL bssaanad aisiaslT axt saiths' -- For sale low, ta loss to ml pan hssssa. ST LAING ft BANDOLFH.MWahia-leaBi, East Broadsray aad Cuatiai..! st-.aad a3 ThlTSaaasb aaaalaaa Euaeiy. TEA( ii ki'rTAIN COAI Taa soaacnaar aOar A ror sal ia Whs so salt psu-caaaars. Peach xail 01 seperlor qnailry. tor ssasity aaa. t A Lit. at ri-i irn tn lT.ibiBissa at raadsasw w . of East Binsdasy 1 I IVkHPOOl, ORRF.L A J COAL AFLI ia of sapenar aaa 1 Is lots la smsl aarchaaera. by A an CAtrarr, l. ArtuATNow Uadiacfraai ahta 1 nw aaamy uswipuus urrot aara 1 Easiaaa. I Laal, sss r3 LAING ft B A.NDOUU. aM Wsaia-krai st. cur. 01 tast oroaaway aa aad 13th HGULa-aiaiks an an ran Arauta. (a- asw by A A-aV. aJ LAWRENCE ft HlCKs s BarltBg slip. TAAKTAU IC ACIO 4UU0 lbs Earwa. fc sale a al LAWREM B fc HICKAJS BarUMaua. laagaha. I Btraakshy a. yt IK A ti AC A NT H t raassarta. taraaby aa i-initsi i ai nil Kts aartsae Max kSHi .s'I O.L im aarraks, asr aaksby LA WBENCB fc Hit a A J Barfaaf sup. RM.i r ETlStD CA.nPROBr-e Isarraks, Ihr saia by IV nl LAWRENCBft HICltA18rtasf op. Ok-ILM acaars a3 LAW saw croo. for sal by E.NCE ft BiCRB. St Bathsf sfr. ' fcRta-3b0 ias aaagttad ssmssBi.sat LAVYSENCE fc rnCKS, BarTiraf sBp. HA.n.HEU 1 ELT A qasaaty mt Saa qsaouy for Pakoo Funs axaoer's aaa. tor sal by aj JOHN FHYrE, It array MONDAY, Nov 10. At 12orlnrk .1 J. Mrtehaiiia' Csrh.naa. Ctianeery S I Urelerthadinsetinnof Lucius Robinson, mas ter All that piece nf rand in the ICtbwsrd. an the N fratdec-f 1 street. X1B feet M, lrom tiie eastarly raraarof iid arsslut and treet, being is leet v ins hy .- n rteep. J Ci.-DAy, iovlI. At 10y o'elork at are No Liberty street. Rrvrf. mA l,n 1 1 a , l -a. 1 ,. I 1 lir ul every van- ty MiiLijt lot sutt'-bern. weslarn and Buvtbero iraoe. r-aieposmre. E. H. LUTIIAV. Anenoreer. bt i:. ii. Lri.ow & co. Owinr tnlbe tat. nr. P. H I . Ar Pn J..V. a. AA ail street, two door? srest nf the Mechanics' Bank, aad woo- B. M. la. la. Ulll tUieBii DCrarmi!ll7 tX IcL!rfl til nieaMtka. nota rtirBttare. in urittKinto ikeix i&ltn of Lsa. Frftttf. AT O erfkv. St tha IM.I.l-. aj.rti Tlmr f .a-a.aa. mtm, L OTfJ-CT af tJkt rTiirtnIaiaeil n .11 -.-a.-: l. we ia tie public yard, mm tht-e f menmbenn the etc i in. ni-1 1., I . .rry p. At 12nVknrk mt ih. M . .- c.l AU tle nnexpir-d term cralmut lu. years ot ka Vo 2. on P . "!rr i fcrm- ad kauwa as No sti East Broadway, being 34 it Sins front and rear, and m latirtk oa each .id. about sew.sabietoagToaadirentaf gliPpyaaata.adtasaiand I 'K. nrar. 4 , .1. ' tru.u -" w ' ground ai Uy ith wid of trwettyaf New York, na the iMiciorriy tace at aisdaua arver. bcmmrr 5 leet aaslwarifly wwiiss aoatgasaeryst so It Sua Irool aad raw sr R oar p. TUF."nAY.Novl!. At 12o'c:.rral the Merchants' EtehanTe. Chancery S.le Unirr -he d r.tiiof J II ilrdlry. ssaiter All those two lout I UW 17tk wsirl. on tlas cast ayle ni I" a, ttstsotlrt fcetiiamaaisih.r,irert..n frosai S K eorarr al 1st. veou and Bib srrast, both Lis conuurag sc tert a rr, Iroot ajal nar hy I0S ft deep A an, th- lot aa la. SEenmer ef Mbst-est sd rirst i. adjoinisg Uieatwsa.iHleaiSim by lot) m drp-s. tb to forta-u-gafruatan First avenue nf T3 B 1 in. by I'SJ fl IS dep Jl. THURSDAt, oylt . At M o'clock at ihe' !;-, . Sth str-et-Cbatireri Ssie-Under the ",!rZ, bitaon. E-i . snaste A II thae 8 lots af J "J1 ZIl. lb ertv of New York, oa ta i. -" riHteol tret XW from the ,...hwesterly ?-J, i ,ZZ2lZ?a: Zl? mrmmg tbanc S W 7 ftsrt. thaaee N 61 Iha NE T. last. thaaeaSk; alaaaftb som ea nto .plara jf t-a-aiag. - AT PHIVA I 1.&AL&- . . Op. auperior -aewo. Piano. mt-x b . a- HamUm. rVyeraTho graia fctsa sa Calambet eaaaty, abaat aa Busss stssTaTaa the II nda near, knewa astbs "Arthur bWce, 1,BJra ta' frem tb inn r-r at k:nrisrhor. eaataasrar 4 um-. achate bosaa. asst baditis. fta, a baa (nsB aad ssaat ITVDIGtr 19 rases Madras. 10 dn Masilla. in tale by nJ MWkCEfcJIICM.-RBurtlafthp. oFTlClaL. EOAUD OF A.SSISTANT ALDERMEN'. MoMDAt, Nov. 3, I?45. Nathaniel P cares, Esq, ia the chair. rrrmasi. By tbe President Of Umlad States Troop, st Governor's Island, asking acomaioda rkias for lan ling at Castla Garde. ToCommittee oa Wharves and Slips. By Mr Caodea ff Emigrant Societies, for a pier for tbatr aecomrnodatioa. To same Coat By same Of Horatio Fowks. (hr psrmkauoa to trans th. remains ef two children of Jnha Fowka. Graaied. By Mr Gilbert Of Geo Hargrove, polxaman, to be relieved from paTment af verdvl randrrad aiau him for arresting Francis Aadrewa. To Oaa oa Finance. asaiasATtoss. Of Messrs J-.ka Kar-.x aad JohaJTalt aa In.pactocsof E'ectiua 2d district, xd Wsrd; also of Geo W Nile, la said Ward. Accepted. agroaT. Of li.eComsniuae oa Sirecu. ia favor of referring th pa. Ut:oa for removal of pump la Charch rt, betweea Put loo aad A'esev, to lb AlderaiaaaBd Assiataatol us Id Ward, with power. Adopted. Ofsaasstia skvoreftb aasolnuoa for tha reiaoval of aw-rJm? posts la Nassau street betweea Piae aad Beeamaa. aad that tbey be reatuvtal amhla lsa daysafur taa paasage uf the reaoiauoo, aay psrsua rainsiag to resaove tham wuh-ib three dats of nouce Irosa th Corpuraiioa Anorney, ta pay a Use of tS.aad BS for each day ihcraaAar. Adopted. of l ocnauuaa oa Las, aad Placaa, aakiag to be dia-rk.rrad rrosn further coasidenuna of the uoataa. ta ,-- nf Jacob Luciilard. aad refcrrad so Coeasriitt ea Plashes. Aooptas. agsoLtmoBs. ar By Mr Airjensnn in tavor or aapoisnhf Petsr A Caw- orey laspacsov oi rerransi ist a-rstnet so ward, la Blacai of ai i,iK,M. cum niansuj iss jobs h Browa be apeoiated stick la sd district, sasna ward, ta place ed Messrs aua aaa lab Aiarusaa, aasoa va. WraeCocnmlttee oa Ana. fte. la hrvor of coaearrlBg ta ier. A r LchIAe. "- cowaraiCA-rios ' r ro ia. i.raaptToller with accomal correal of city Traa-sarar akowiag lit lb saeetpu taramSlst July to Jlst ',tf attlmaisa of annua! previonaly oa baad, was r- . ' , mm payatests ia aam tlaia, VA.ia 35. ksav Ingt balsxea ot lit 4r3 y frlesdie. die. roost raa aoaaB a nsrisis. i T'n',-1,'s"riagtaie4ailOT Same as aa laanlnll . . . . . . a. uaasl mrnrn, I , S HaStM at gMHIBI . r Aa-taadarsrat to raso,auoa mf taaaks as Dcs. ChlJtoa, Car. ri, fc. Ccmcarrtd la. TroUs4 aad 7 RaaiAuOoa Ni VefuUtc, kc. M svaaos, betaess 19th aad Wthsts. TaCasasatuMua Susaaj i . PARIS ssuaby f EEL TllbiC WISE-ktwlaaWi n Miisac AVira. si an 4 ssassn. for sals bv John rarrr, n Mansy at OLIVE Oll aaogaiiaa la whal half aad feagtar p.pea,eBniled ta arbaaoua, for aaleky ml law imr, m. mtikj. g BarTutg slip. tjbOI A lot JsrAUCIi- caaa. prias oysiac aad quality, for by s3 LAWRENCE fc HrCXS, g BaTlng riyp. BOA AA OOsJ IU loss Taikey Boxwood, mf very pr.rn quality aad extra larva, oa!v ta stacks asr tea. fcr sal by s i JOB N PTflYTE. It Mnrra v at RILL1ARD CLOTH 3 piacea Bujsard Cloii. n.i. .ml vrr. fi nn.1 . . 3 JOHN PHYFE. t Murray ar re I'O. 1 Ci I. i ... , . . ' i riaasuaa ciaa. ib i 10 kola, for ssu by AtA.-su r. TIEM ANN, til Water 1 IITtH ) bu. ssmaaality ue Users, for oil WOODHULLft XLXTCmXnt WHITE U4ODf-A ceraT 7 tXT. ay Sasnh st fota OONEo ACQ. is strata R"-" uerce bast qaailty N Camuaa. tasasj by WtXiliHULX. ft M f Tt A17 fcrZihat ItAJIBOAT COCfsTERPAN EB-f a, 8. t. oones jt oa IS Pas i BRfcAetFABT TEA, a iOHfl btNCAX ft BO-J. 07 fcoadway, - - batwaaaa Walker fc Lksasaard sta. OLA svOrEE,smhaaad Java, tar saa. by JOHN DC N CAN ft BOh , 47 bsstvtf . a3 atmreaa Walker aad IJapaaaaj sat T tSOVtfN CAN I ON TLAANELA, uat LAWBXNCE. TXDfBT-K fc CO. a3 e3Bavars- tIU.AU A..A D C Ah at AN m Ltua aaa Twujad K j rueaiaa. also. Ca k Cssbaa.. taniksst aad aiaus of qusiiUaa, mstiatatvad aad for saia by oi CH AA. CAB TTIXE, B Phas at WHITK I LAN N ELNf AND rxjKiXTVCal fc sale by scSJ LAVkLNCK. TRIktBU fc CO,sB Bsarratarat DRAWERS AND W 1APF IRM Taa arkriaai anl cl tros Co Boas, jmm sacalvad tross OV ss..sfl-ary af Egmarts ft Bailey, a a-ash I is I Brass asst rur saia aaiy by Uwaaaat- at win mt is SAMUEL OBfiAJI, M Plaa at PATENT DRIER Sags bs)i'i il s-aaaatOraar. tkaaaiaby WOODHTLL murrL ajt. BT I n ezS ta51. lirTLOCT. r.artn at IYB1ED FEACHcA-S bass as W mV raacaaa. Fur stu sy af Eaiwh m .au.. null kk A .1 Mr AA.I.baad gmumi Piss Betes, inaiasoa a. aaa aad for sale by saji k. inwarsua nrHIW, . strM - ' - --fa rWisaV ONCEC IiiJ-r afr sryaa, PONC aale sVTAimm 4k BfCtBATgDaxas , LBjS H A-Ns, IM P AT g SV saiaTsaa .50.000 A rvsri sar .h i r. M . . JO Iba- 1 wuh- 1 !. i trs. t u4i,xta a aaruag aupi '. .. ... :..T:.. :4.9 .,

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