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1949 fair winners 19 Aug 1949 LHEx - Fair Prize-Winners Allison for Insurance To in...
Fair Prize-Winners Allison for Insurance To in Here is a partial list of the prlze-wlnnen amonc the exhibitors exhibitors at the Clinton County Fair. More name* will be listed later. Peaches: Mrs. Clyde Rlshel; MM. Roschen Weaver; Mrs. Farus Farus Esterline. Raspberries, (red): Mrs. B. C. Dotterer; Mrs. Roschen Weaver. Raspberries, (black: Mrs. B. C. Dotterer; Mrs. Farus Esterline. Esterline. Huckleberries: .Mri. Farui Esterline. Blackberries: Doris Wilson, Tamarack; Mrs. Farus Esterline; Esterline; Mrs. Frank Peter. Rhubarb: Mrs. B. C. Dotterer; Dotterer; Mrs. Farua Esterline; Mrs. Harold Hayes. Applesauce: Mrs. Harvey Miller; Mrs. Farus Esterline, Farus Esterline. Plums: Mrs. Roschen Weaver- Weaver- Mrs. Harold Hayes; Mrs, B. C. Dotterer. Prune Plums: Mr*. Harold Hayes. Apples: Mrjs. Vinnle Schmucker. Schmucker. Elderberries: Farus Esttr- ine; Mrs. Farus Esterline. Miscellaneous Fruit, (Pineapple): (Pineapple): Mrs. Harold Hayes. Corn, (white, sweet): Mrs. Colt, (pure bred or grade, under 1 year, male): William Muthler, Beeqh Creek RD; Dean Muthler, Beech Creek RD. Gelding or rnare (1400 Ibs. and up, pure bred or grade): Roy Nixon; Harvey Miller, (2nd and 3rd). P r o d u c e-of-Dam, (2 off- springs) : Dean Muthler; James Muthler, Beech Creek RD; B. C. Dotterer ie Sons. Team, (under 3200 Ibs.): Harvey Harvey Miller, (1st and 2nd); B. C. Dotterer it Sons. Team, (over 3200 Ibs.): Roy Nixon; William Entz, Beech Creek RD, (2nd and 3rd;. Exhibition Mare: Pat Copenhaver. Copenhaver. Lock Haven, Star Route. Stallion, (pure bred, year or over, pony): W. E. Baney, city. Department A, Section II (Holstein) Bulls, (Reg. only 1 to 2 yrs. old, L. O. Corman, A it c it Area) : clair Courier; Mrs. William only appreciated. Sedan. ilke and Se- Sedan. financed Entz; Mrs. Clyde Rlshell. Department B, Section V Jelly, (1 glass): Mrs. Harvey Miller; Mrs. Roschen Weaver; Mrs. Brooks A. Swartz. Marmalade, (1 glass): Betty Baird, Island Route; Mrs. B. C. Dotterer; Mrs. Brooks Swartz. Jam, (1 glass): Mrs. B. C. Dotterer! Mrs. E. E. Johnson; Mrs. Vinnle Schmucker. Butters, (1 glass): Mrs. Roschen Roschen Weaver, (1st and 3rd); Mrs. Brooks Swartz. Conserves: Mrs. B. C. Dotterer. Dotterer. Preserves: Mrs. B. C. Dotterer; Dotterer; Mrs. Brooks Swartz. Department B. Section VI Pork Sausage: Mrs. Harold Hayes, Mrs. Farus Esterllne; Farus Esterline. Pork Loin: Mrs. Farus Esterline; Esterline; Mrs. Clyde Rishell; Mrs. Harold Hayes. Beef: Mrs. Farus Esterline, (1st and 3rd); Mrs. Brooks A. Swartz. Miscellaneous: Mrs. Clair Courter; Mrs. Harold Hayes. Department C White Bread: Mrs. Harold Hayes; Mrs. E. E. Johnson; Mary Campbell, Flemington. Rolls, doz. plain): Mrs. Harold Hayes; Mrs, Mildred Kerstetter; Mrs. Victor Holt. Rolls, (cinnamon): Mrs. Harold Harold Hayes; Mrs. Victor Holt; Mrs. Mildred Kerstetter. Cookies, (sugar, Vi doz.) : Mrs. E. E. Johnson, Miriam Dotterer; Mrs. George Muthler. Cookies, (molasses, 14 doz.) Mrs. Harold Hayes; Mrs. John Dorman, Mill Hall; Doris Wilson. Cookies, (syrup, »4 doz.) : Mary Campbell. Cookies, (peanut butter, Vi doz.) : Miriam Dotterer. Layer, Chocolate Cake: Mrs. Harvey Rowe, Beech Creek; Mrs. Mildred Kerstetter. Layer, White Cake: Mrs. Harvey Rowe; Mrs. Mildred Kerstetter. Kerstetter. Butter Cake Loaf: Mrs. Mildred Mildred Kerstetter. Angel Food Cake: Mrs. Harvey Harvey Rowe; Mrs. Farus Esterllne. Sponge Cake: Mrs. Harvey Rowe; Mrs. Mildred Kerstetter. Pie, Fruit, 2 crust: Mrs. George Muthler. Miscellaneous Baked Goods: Mrs. John Dorman, Mrs. Mildred Kerstetter. Department G, Section I Table .exhibit of some activity in the club: Mackey 4-H; Farrandsville Farrandsville 4-H; Loganton 4-H. Department G, Section II Beech Creek RD. Cows, (4 yrs. and over, grade A & C & Area): Donald Muthler, Muthler, Beech Creek RD. Heifers, (2 to 4 yrs., a. Reg. A and MC): L. O. Corman. Heifers, (yearling 12 to 24 mos., b. Reg. Area): L. O. Corman. Heifers, (yearling, 12 to 24 mos., c Grade A & C & Area): L. O. Corman; Clair Knecht, (2nd, 3rd and 4th), Mill Hall. Heifers, (senior calf, 6 to 12 mos., a. Reg. A Si C): C 1 a i r" Knecht, (1st, 2nd and 3rd). Heifers, (senior calf, 6 to 12 mos., c. Grade A & C & Area): Clair Knecht, (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th). Get-of-Sire, (3 animals, any sex, any age): Clair Knecht, (1st, ' 2nd and 3rd). Department A, Section II (Guernsey) Cows, (4yrs. and over, c. Grade A & C <Se Area): Harvey Miller, Joseph Muthler. Heifers, (2 to 4 yrs.): Harvey Miller, (1st and 2nd). Heifers, (yearling, 12 to 24 mos., c. Grade A <St C & Area): Philip Miller, Mill Hall RD; Harvey Harvey Miller. Heifers, (senior calf, 6 mo. 12 mos., d. 4-H Club calf): Wayne Miller, Mill Hall RD. Get-of-Sire, (3 animals, any sex, and age): Harvey Miller, (1st and 2nd). Pr o d u c e-of-Dam, (2 off- springs): Harvey Miller, (1st and 2nd). Department A, Section III Cow, (over 22 mos.,): Guy Nicholas, (1st and 2nd), Loganton Loganton RD. j Hereford, Beef Caltl* Cow, (over 22 mos.): Harold' Johnson, Beech Creek RD. Fat Steer( not be breed): Har vey Miller; Clair Knecht, (2nd and third). Applesauce: Vegetables Jane Farringer. (beans): Jane Further Cuts in Rent Control WASHINGTON, (AP)—Housing (AP)—Housing expediter Tighe E. Woods today predicted a further new cutback In rent control. He said his agency may be forced to curtail activities in many parts of the nation— this in addition to lifting ceilings ceilings completely in one-third of the areas now controlled by federal federal regulations. "The slash in our budget makes it necessary to lop off the housing staff from 5,600 to 3,000 persons," Woods told a reporter. "And that means we just won't have manpower to do the job." Already announced plans to abolish ceilings across one-third of the country, meantime, were creating a stir of reaction and Farringer; Louise Farringer, Mill Hall. Carrots: Louise Farringer; Jane Farringer, (2nd and 3rd). Tomatoes, (whole): Jane Farringer; Farringer; Louise Farringer. Miscellaneous, (cut work): Jane Farringer. Embroidery: Jane Farringer. Department A, Section I (Grade Hones) Mare, (pure bred, 3 yrs. or over): B. C. Dotterer & Sons, (1st, 2nd and 3rd), Mill Hall RD. Mare, (grades, 3 yrs. or over): Roy Nixon, Mill Hall RD; Harvey Miller, (2nd and 3rd), Mill Hall RD. confusion. Wayward Son SUNDERLAND, ENG., (AP)— A mother brought her son into court and complained he stayed out late at night, kept the rent money, kept the rental fee for the radio, and took the instal- ment money on the baby buggy. The son is 10 years old. He was sent to a home for observation. It

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