Santa Fe picnic 1928 Bogue baseball reference

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Santa Fe picnic 1928 Bogue baseball reference - WPRK1 Wtt&L* Jt. A. WHiTtt .......................
WPRK1 Wtt&L* Jt. A. WHiTtt .................... »litor ». E. HUOHEB...... ........ M»H««« ^ SnUrea »t tn« poitumco IB. *•• torla. Kaniti. tor «ao»mi»»»»» thruu«b the m»ll« a* wcond cl*i« •alter. r OB* year (in advance ....••••-•» 1 ;« In ordering •per chan fe4. ffl' oitofflce addreM mange. former a* tea THURSDAY. JUNE 28, 1928. Picnic Is Success. A crowd estimated as high as 2500 people attended the Santa Fe picnic at Soden's grove Wednesday, frolicked and. visited with their neighbors, and returned to their homes early Wednesday morning. Many declared the Big Four Brotherhoods' picnic one of the best they ever attended. Visitors from the eastern, western and central divisions of the Santa Fe were kept busy from their arrival at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning until the last strain of the dance music died away at midnight Wednesday night. Two trainloads of the picnickers who arrived in Emporia at 10 o'clock tonned a nucleus for the picnic and every train arriving in Em- porift added to the crowd?. At 2 o'clock Emporia business houses closed their doors and Emporians went down to Soden's, listened to President Storey's talk, and became better acquainted with the railroad men. Special trams coining from the east and the west were met at the Santa Fe depot by approximately 150 cars donated by the Emporia Chamber of Commerce. The pic- u's were loaded in and were 'alien for a tour of Emporia before tne picnic started. The first event at the grove was the flag raising ceremony by the American Legion and the Emporia municipal band. Athletic contests—races, needle threading contests, fat men's races, girls' races and other events—kept the visitors busy until noon. Results of the athletic contests follow: 100-yard dash for boys under i8 —first prize, won by Bill Reser, Emporia. Prize, fielder's mitt given by Haynes Hardware company; second prize, league baseball, biven by McCarthy Hardware company Won by Robert Deputy, Emporia. 50-yard dash for girls under 14— Won by Ruth Marjprie Jones, Emporia. Prize, house slippers, given by Lesh Shoe store. Second prize, silk hose, donated by Hairy Ron- fogel, won by Irene Anna McGHnu, Emporia. Needle threading contest for women—Won by Mildred Seal, Emporia, prize leather handbag, donated by Pooie's store. Second prize, haircut, shampoo and marcel, offered by Stag Barber shop, won by Elinor Davidson. SO-yard dash for boys under 12— Won by George Kowalskl, Emporia. Prize, dress shirt, given by Hancock and Bang. Second prize, flashlight, from Red X Pharmacy, won by William Riddle. Emporia. 100-yard dash tor men—Won by A. A. Schroeder. Emporia. .prize, straw hat from J. c. Pcnney's. Second prize, won by V. E. Hickcy, Emporia, haircut, shave, massage, shampoo and shine offered by Lee Myers. Pat men's race—Won by Walter , Keehn, Newton. Prize, billfold and key case, donated by Carter's Dr^ig :-tore. Second prize, pocket knife, donated by Haynes Hardware company and six tickets to thc Strnnd theater, won by Gordon R. Craig, of Argentine. Shoe race for girls under 18—Wen by Mary Louis Adams, Argentina Prize, silk hose, donated by French shop. Second place won by Verda May Brown, Newton. Prize, 2- box candy, donated candy company. by Turkisli Thrce-leggcd race—Won by A A Schroeder and V. E.' Hickcy, Em-' i;orln. Prize, box Chancellor cigais from the Rose grocery. Second place won by E. W. Looker anfl J S. Vnrnor. Emporia. Prize, neck- tics donated by Harry Ropgofel and the Palace Clothing company. Men's relay race—Won by 'A A Shroeder. J. s. Varncr. V. E. Hickcy and A. P. Judy, of Emporia. Prize, box Chancellor cigars given by the Mit-Way Billiard parlor. Second place won by B. E. Cartmill R L Beaumont, B. R. Smith and E. K. McKissick. nil of Emporia Prize box of Niles & Moscr cigars no- nated by National hotle. • Women's ball throwing contest- by Margaret Krut-gcr, Eni- i. frizn. table lamp from Dutnm {visitors to Einporia. E, J. Peters ' respomtoi for the Santa Fe »nd T. j. Collins introduced the Santa Fe officials. President Storey then addressed the gathering on "The Santa Fe." Mr. Storey stressed cooperation and praised the Santa Fe employes for the fine spirit they have shown. The spirit of its em- ployes, Mr. Storey said, makes the Santa Fe the great institution it is. Following Mr. Storey's address the picknickers were entertained by a closely contested ball game between an Enginemen and Trainmen's team. The Enginemen won 16 to 15. Liiie-ups for the two teams follows: Enginemen: Dunn, c, 2b; Walker, 3b; Anderson, rf; Astle, p, ss; Beatie, If; Choate, p; Craig, cf; Keehn, c, 2b; and Westerman, pitcher. Trainmen: Ganghorn, 3b; Bocook, ss; Juby, Ib; Bogue, p, c; Tragler, 2b: Benson, If; Collins, c, cf; Griswold, rf; Schroeder, rf McKlsseg, c; and Hollingsworth, pitcher. A loving cup donated by ths D. D. Williams Jewelry store was awarded the victorious Enginemen. Individual prizes were awarded as follows: Fountain pen, donated by Morris Drug company for most scores,* won by Anderson, of Argentine; men's toilet goods set, donated by Kraum & Son for first 2- base hit, won by Keehn, of Emporia; ?3 prize for first 3-base hit, won by. Westerman, of Argentine: $2 prize for first score, won by Judy, of ElDorado; SI prize for first t- base hit, won by Collins, of Emporia. The cash prizes.nnd an additional S10 for the winning team were donated by W. w. Tinney. president of the Fidelity State and Savings Bank and the Emporia Telephone company. A tug-of-war between the Trainmen and the Enginemen also resulted in victory for the Enginemen. The prize was a box of cigars from the Santa Fe drug store. The contest was held immediately after the baseball game. A horseshoe pitching contest which was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon was not held. The picnickers gathered again for a barbecue supper from 5:30 until 6:30. Following this, they were entertained by flag ceremonies by the American Legion and a concert by the Emporia Municipal band. A dance, featured by a "mystery" couple, from 8:30 until 12 o'clock, concluded the picnic. The "mystery" couple were fourm to be Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schroeder, of Emporia. Mrs. Ollie Lobinger, ot Emporia, won a table lamp donated by thc Kansas Electric Power company, for guessing thc couple's correct weight. Miss Pearl Foley was awarded a compact donated by thc Leathcrfjerry drug stores, for dancing first with ths "mystery" mail and A. L. Taylor won a dress snirt donated by the Palace Clothing company for dancing first with tho "mystery" woman. R. H. Overpeek was gei>-ral chairman in charge of the picnic He was assisted by the Chamber ot Commerce, which provided information and first aid tents and cars for thc parade. The Chamber of Commerce also arranged for the program from 6:30 until 8:30 o'clock Wednesday evening. Farm Notes. The Farm Page is two years old this month. We say "this month" r . . v „„„. „„„.,„ . btcr-use wo do not rightly know Just r- urniturc store. Second place wc-i w lcn thc ftlrm pas ° origino.tcd. On by Bary Burks. p r i zc 2-uoimrt ho^ Jlmc 7 ' 192C ' before the ink on our rnrii-Jl* (Vnr« r ., '. *^ UlVi Ul'o /-Urllni^-in n-nr- <•!»•*- n*i,rl « ~ ___._ -^ Missionary Society lias Picnic. The Missionary Society of the First Presbyterian church enjoyed its annual picnic luncheon in the church diningroom Wednesday,' instead of outdoors, as had been planned. Members of the missionary jullds of the church were guests of the society, and a program, presided over by Mrs. J. H. Lawrence, the ^resident, followed the luncheon. Devotionals were conducted by Mrs. J. R. Stubbs, and Miss Joyce Stubbs sang, accompanied by Miss Mary Burnap. The society has been study- ng Porto Rico and the Philippines, and Mrs. R. K. Jaquith reviewed the ast chapter of the book, "See For Yourself." Echoes from the General Assembly, which was held in Tulsa, Okla., this month, were given by Mrs. N. B. Haynes, Mrs. W. H. Paeth and Mrs. W. E. Haynes. all of whom were In attendance. It was announced that the Rev. Dr. Hugh Walker, of San Francisco, was elected moderator of the assembly, succeeding Dr. W. H. Thompson. Also It was announced that Miss Maude DeCamp, of Emporia, was elected presbyterial secretary of literature for Topeka Presbytery, nt the recent meeting of the Women's Presbyterial Society in Olathe.—L. M. F. candy from Lcather'berrv's stores. Pouto race for women—Won uy Glad 5 s Taylor. Emporia. friz? rnrmT' vurr »:..«.. i... ~. **»«.,., throw by Sflmw} . Holmes Furniture company. Second Place won by Nina Bchrlnger. Prize silk hose, from Lcvinson's. At 12 o'clock the visitors gathered i ----------- — - ------ - - 0 - --« .. tor a barbecued picnic dinner. A. I now is ' cxcc P t on a sliRhtly smaller diploma was dry and. as some of cur less enthusiastic readers hinted, before we were dry behind the cars, wo started writing farm news for Thc Gazette. At first we didn't know just what we were doing. The short items were printed in a little column. Then as we began to get acquainted, the Farm Page as it of of *-» i i ---- ~ *•«*.* i >^._jiii, unmet. A i j , ----- ' — — " — - 1 ....... ^ Robinson, chairman of thp rp' nd Iess Ecneral scale, was evolved ""«--* mc re - ' frcshment, committee, estimated , We're two years old 2nd feel just as that 2,500 people were' fed -'t HIP im P° r ^nt as any two year old kid s of ?K° CS on nis second birthday, and noon lunch. si x f y Bob Dabbs nnd Chef Fuller, of the Pur , e ur c. , ily Cafe, assisted by A lf Henntatr ; s P eakin S of Hoods, W. E. Cole- of Henning's meat' market T,™ 'i nn '. who , liv « three miles south or market Two thousand buns. 70 gallons of baked ueans. 60 callous of potato salad and ice cream and cake in proportionate amounts were on hand but the picnickers cleaned the food up to the last crumb and clamored for T 7h Those who wcrc in charge " ,,-_. C -. refr «hments were: A. I. R. Dabbs. L. of the UM . a the certified not dmmerous experience the first of last week. A heavy rain fell between Dur.b.p and Mr. Coleman's farm but none- at Coleman's place. Half an hour Inter a wall of water came tumblinr: clown the draw on the farm and the owner rushed out 'o chase the chickens out of the corn iield at the south end of the The chickens were saved but UUSUaI th ° UBh casc A. Rcnchler. W. A M^ahev C F Rummaee, C. w. Van Orrie.) F Curtte O. Johnson. HE Hunt and ' ^"T- 1 Was str£lRded °" * ™»Sam Giilham. The foliowinJ f^ ', IOW str 'P of lant J for ^n hour by Donated for the barbecue: PoS )^,JV Ch r W i s slloul <Jer deep in <ro^ nnn »n. _ ••• ^ut-nier 111;/> middle of the draw UrercantUc company. PaUerson^o ^luce company. McCord-Khtlr>r Mercantile company, Jensen Pro! )0 , rla T <:e & Cold Perfect Bakery, .sas this and sow He least t^rlnf bf r ebeenrecei - d!; uiii spring o> tne' county agent , concerning tomato wilt. * rH S M.«,' disease ' yellow creamery. Citizens National bank •„.,„,,„,, , -..-v.,» c „ .„.,„ S"^-- 1 State bank. Lyon County ! £ om on? a fun ? ust !J h '* lives over I four bank and the Commercial National ° year the np3:f ' ln «»-~l'-»- bank. rJw^'"! alld a baseball g ame followed the noon barbecue. M. L. Kretsingcr, president of thc Chamber of Commerco, presided W A White in the absence of' Mayor ' iana 1 A'.herton, welcomed the Santa Fe ' globe. u . - — «—j^« t ,v- - .-S" ^" to d^ U1 S i n ,. •"« v?w* *VMI *«. Plan^ should b\XSl « !> "° sround which has not become mfe°- tcd v.-itn this disease or mics varieties should be used the resistant varieties are Marvelosa. Norduke. Louls- d, Louisiana Pink, and Mar- articles headquarters,

Clipped from
  1. The Emporia Weekly Gazette,
  2. 28 Jun 1928, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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