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Other city's view of HBG improvement - x - , , I ! HARRIBURG AS A MODEL CITY...
x - , , I ! HARRIBURG AS A MODEL CITY Philadelphia Press Gives Ilrarty Endorsement to and Praises the Proposed Municipal Improvements The Philadelphia Press, in a comprehensive and friendly editorial, this morning says: It would be difficult to exaggerate the importance to the State at larg'e as well as to the city of the pampfhlet entitled "Proposed Municipal Improvements for Ilarrisburg," which has just been issued by a group of public - spirited citizens of the Capital City. The pamphlet is the report of the "Executive Committee to the subscribers to the fund for investigating' municipal improvements," and embodies their views as well as "the reports and recommendations of the experts employed." And the, reason why over - estimation is not easy is because fhe movement of which this report is the outcome is so admirable, is so decidedly a setting of the face to the new light, to the more hopeful future that is surely dawning for all municipalities, that to call it epoch - making is to use a conventional phrase that does it but fair justice. When it is noted that sixty citizens contributed a fund of $5,075, with which three experts, ware employed to plan the sanitary and aesthetic regeneration of Ilarrisburg, and when it is further noted that the reports of the experts, if carried out, will make Ilarrisburg one of the model cities of the country, some idea of the civic common sense and foresight of this "council of sixty" is given. The report is indeed eloquent of the new trend of things in municipal affairs the country over. The intelligent members of any given community are, and have a right to be, weary of and impatient with the unscientific advance by means of the crude "rule of thumb" methods of the average "city father." There is a science of sanitation, there is a science of sewage disposal, water supply, filtration, there is a science of road - making, street iving, there is an engineering science and an applied art of parks and parkways, though too often the affairs of metropolitan centers as well as the public interests of smaller towns and cities are carried on as if there was nothing known, nothing - established. This slipshod method is ruinous, extravagant and the communal interests are advanced by rough experience largely gained through failures to solve adequately and permanently the problems in hand. But all this it is to be hoped is of the past. It ought to be. And if the Ilarrisburg methods eire followed it will be, since the Ilarrisburg plan is simply twentieth century common sense appneti to city an airs, in xne same manner as any great industry goes 'about it when large improvements are contemplated. In brief, what the group of sixty citizens a veritable roll of honor has done is just this: Last May they authorized the Executive Committee, composed of seven of their own number, with the Mayor, City Engineer and one member each from Common and Select Councils as ex - otlicio members, to employ experts for a complete study of the municipal problem as it presents itself in Ilarrisburg. The committee has carried out its duties in admirable style. In fact, its report is a model one. It secured three experts, James II. Fuer - tes, of New York, who made a study of llarrisburg's water and sewerage problems; Mr. Warren 11. Manning, of Boston, who worked out the aesthetics of park development, and Mr. M. 11. Sherrerd, of Newark, N. J., who took up the question of streets and highways. Thp report in all covers J20 pages, and sets out in convincing details plans how Ilarrisburg can be made a true twentieth century municipa lity. Without going - too far into local details, it may be said that at a cost of but $(i(,09o.40 Mr. Fuertes has planned the protection of the city from floods in llaxton Creek, the. sani - 1ary improvement of the Susquehanna liiver front anil the modernization of the water supply and sewage disposal system. A rapid filter plant of 10,000, - 000 g - a lions daily supply is planned, the new sewiage system gives a maximum of sanitary efficiency with a minimum of cost and an avoidance of constructive difficulties, while complementing this Mr. Sherrerd has pointed out the best kinds and the cost of an improved system of highways and streets for in 11 kinds of traffic nd residential uses. But the committee had a concern, as all truly "C K.,u. L l L"'' j ui i - nc m aiiiri'iv - j j v. . - i. j v 1 1 1 tt. x Manning's discussion of city parks, playgrounds and a great country park is one of the best things in the report. At the assessed value his plans for a comprehensive park system call for the expenditure of $00, - 00.?. As Harrisburg can increase its indebtedness by $1,090,470.63, it must be clear therefore that there is no reason why it should not .adopt the new sanitary plans for water supply and sewage and begin to realize in part the park scheme and also start on the improvement of the streets as the ex i pert s .adv.isc. 1 he opport unity t.s I really unique. As the Capital City, ! thus improved and made a place of healthy, com For table aiiul attractive residence, lc - giislators will spread the fame of so model a city far and wide. Even as it is, the report has pub the ciliens of 'the Stale at Jare as well : as those of Ilarrisburg itself in the j debt of the subscribers who made it possible It shows all municipalities how to go about it when they want i - .1:4. !i i an in proven muuicipaii 1 v aim are 1 tired of the rapacity and incapacity of political iffnorajnnsps who pose ;is practical men i a civics and never learn anything or forget anything. Ilarrisburg' is not a model city to - day, but carry these plans into effect and it will not be long - before one will hear on every side of ities and towns being 'brought, up - to - da te on the "llar - rishurg plan," and a better tribute no committee could ask for. 1 to is T. on county be for - He

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  1. Harrisburg Telegraph,
  2. 20 Dec 1901, Fri,
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