Slaughterhouse offal and garbage behind Greenwood

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Slaughterhouse offal and garbage behind Greenwood - Oincin-natis. in in i-h of D-catur as hp a in J...
Oincin-natis. in in i-h of D-catur as hp a in J a ''HiT'!Tf Brite Mb- Mb- which I desire to reply to Tne btatemofit is that "the principal principal stench that people notice arises from the dumping ground which the city, has allowed for trash and offal of ail descriptions northeast of the-slaughter the-slaughter the-slaughter houses." It w tru that the damping of garbage at the placa indicated has in time past proved a source of much annoyance, but the iteuch ariHiDg from this dumping ground ban at no time been one-iifth one-iifth one-iifth as oLrVnsive as thf.t, arising from tbe slaughter house 'offal, and now it i inappreciable because as Mr. Baton -e? -e? lioii kl have known, the city some time since forbade the dumping of any more gu'bago there. The damping damping ground i i a d nmping ground no longer, Agiin Mr. B.i'.caor nays that "th-?y "th-?y "th-?y (ins hkughlw house) fire kept perfect, mittfd that ceau. Lint it he aa they aro k.-pt. k.-pt. k.-pt. perfectly clean, but whit has Mr. Batcher to say shout t.ha crooked lit'.ie branch into which the offal froni the houses is emptied? Along the entire course of thi branch, lodged against the banks on oithar uide, are the decaying entralb, the blood and the refuse parts of the slaughtered animt's. There 's never enough water lathe branch to wash the refuse to the- the- river, river, except when a freshet tomes. Tho houses may bo kept clean, bat of what avail is thi if the branch too is not kept clean? Mr. Batcher also says that '.much of the stench complained complained of comes from the sewer back ot th cemsterv." This ia tu sheer est iseap.8. We who snff-r snff-r snff-r the stench have satisaed onrseives as to where it originate?, and if it originat ed in the sewer we would let tno iact be known. On'y a ehort time since P. funeral uarty whs obliged to hasten out of tne c-metery c-metery c-metery grounds oy tno njjbearable stench -origiaetiDg -origiaetiDg from tbe slaughter houses, and .dev. m. tf. Newcomer, pastor ofth.3 Church oi do.!, is my authority ior tho st.ute-mect. st.ute-mect. st.ute-mect. Mr. Butcher further said, ''If wo mOTf) . at all, aad;if is it said that our are nuisances, wont wj bo imts-aacf imts-aacf imts-aacf itut the sama m tne ?w location." Not if . the new loe-.tijaisa loe-.tijaisa loe-.tijaisa proper on, and besides it- it- is ii easy matter to remove the lousk-s lousk-s lousk-s to a pliica where they would not o a source or annoyance to two or tsrae tuousana people. , Jjetter to mve h score suffer than hundreds i'ho slaughter honse? must go. Third Warder. 8agCTlHoiSn!SS'ifter i FWfcyOT tfiffer- tfiffer- ili8apKJn fif J'irj slaughter house" iea;fineC:'rucfw'J

Clipped from The Decatur Herald23 May 1886, SunPage 3

The Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois)23 May 1886, SunPage 3
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  • Slaughterhouse offal and garbage behind Greenwood

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