Herriott and Dodson's death part 1

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Herriott and Dodson's death part 1 - I POPE COUNTY AGAIN: f: SiilllatT ef Caat....
I POPE COUNTY AGAIN: f: SiilllatT ef Caat. Herrtott, aHllilla - j : vunr, : , Asaaealwattem f ie Hwterlwaa aaivrtw ooaaeai. ; Yesterday morning' train from above brought startling news from the county of Pope. The troubles that existed there a short time since have broken out anew. Since tbe election everything teemed to be quiet in the coun'y, with the exception of a centest for the office of sherin be tween Mr. A. 8. Fowler, late of the Gov ernor's Guards, and the sheriff appointed in Dodson's pltc, after the letter's resignation resignation before the late election, and Dod- Dod- son. : The latter was commtsaionea ana Fowler was contesting for tbe office be fore the supreme court and; before the connly court of Pope, On Wedntsday the case was called at Dover.eminent counsel from this city being present in behalf of both part iea. The trial ended Wednea day, the court deciding It had no juris diction, when all tbe parties left for Little Rock, where they arrived yesterday, with the exception of Djdson. For the par ticulars of the killing of Ctpt Herriott and the shooting of Dodson, we refer to the following statements : STATEMENT OF . C BOBIMSOH, OOCETT CLXKK Or POFB. Mr. Robinson was amoeg the party who arrived yesterday. One reporter interviewed him and obtained tbe follow ing ata'ement : On Wednesday the ounty court was tn aeasion, ana on tnat asy tne eoniesiea a . 1 as. a. election case of Fowler vs. D.don, for the office of sheriff of that county, was being tried. Ten minutes after the adjournment of the court, John Hale came Into the clerk's office, in the court bouse. At thia time the clerk was standing at his table, and when Hale came ia he passed-: passed-: passed-: by the clerk, walking up to the fireplace, where Georre R. Herriott wm standing. He commenced swearing and cursing Her riott, asking him to make apologies for something he had done when the militia were at Dover last summer. Mr. Herriott refaxed to apologise, saying he had done nothing for which an apology was needed. Robinson, tbe clerk, seeing a fight was probably to take place, put all his books together, and placed them oat of the way, and started to go oat of the office. On arriving at the door he waa stopped by Perry West', who, after curs ing him, told him not to leave the office. The clerk then told West; he would not leave, that he would stay there. At this time, he says, Hale had started to go on', palling and dragging Harriott with him West then took hold of the clerk, telling him to go along with the party, laying hi hand on his revolver, the handle of which the clerk saw in West' pocket. The whole party then passed out into the hall of tbe eourt-hoase, eourt-hoase, eourt-hoase, West and the clerk ia front and Hale and Herriott biinging np the rear. West and the clerk stopped in the hall and Hale proceeded, dragging Herriott with him toward the north door of the court-house, court-house, court-house, all thia time awearing and demanding that Herr'ott apologise. (The specific charge made against Her riott by Hale, for which he demaoded apologies, was that Herriott had, at some time, broken in the windows of his mother's honse ) When they got to the door, Hale pulled Harriott' Boat tache, beard and hair, also cuffed and hit him on the head with hi hands, and either knocked or purhed him down in the court-house court-house court-house door. At this time two shots were fired by some unknown person in the crowd outside, which instantly killed Herriott. When the firing commenced West's attention was attracted from the clerk and he, improving the opportunity, darted oat of the house, and getting 00 his horse, left Dover. He went directly to Dod son's house, twelve mile southeast of Dover, end stayed there tilt dark. After Robin-eon' Robin-eon' Robin-eon' arrival, . Dodson, Jadge Yenley, Judge Allen and Capt. Eggleetoa, of Rossellville, arrived from Dover, From there the whole party went p Perry's station, the western ter miens of the Fort smith road, where they arrived about 13 o'clock Wednesday night, and the whole ptrty, with the exception or Judge Yen. ley, slept En Rankina house till about half put four, when they had breakfast. After breakfast, Rabinson-and Rabinson-and Rabinson-and Wadling-ton Wadling-ton Wadling-ton went into the passenger car together, where they remained about twenty min-utei min-utei min-utei before tbe' crowd came in. .J The ltst maa who came oa board was Dodson, who got oa after the conductor had cried "all aboard !" and cam In at the rear door, stopping a moment on the platform platform to order break faat for Kiel Embry, a colored hack driver. : Immediately Immediately after thi order the shot waa fired, and Dod son came staggering into the ear. What followed is told by Mr. A, S. Fow-ler, Fow-ler, Fow-ler, who waa Dodaon'e opponent for tha office of sheriff : vf- vf- ' - a. a FOWLEE'S 0TOET, Mr. Fowler waa aitting ia tha car when the shot waa fired. He Lhinka the anas-aia anas-aia anas-aia was probably under the rear platform platform of the car, aad whea Dodson stepped off tha depot platform oa tha car plat, form be reached out and shot himi - Dodson Dodson came into the car groaning, and drew hi revolver before ha became insensible, and Jadge Yonley laid him la hi seat. At the time of the shooting everybody was'-excited,! was'-excited,! was'-excited,! bat, notwithstanding this, Dodson was removed by Mr. f Fowler, with tha aid of others,' Into the station. After being laid on a mattress on the floor, ha asked Fowler to torn him on hi side- side- Fowler did so, bat Dod eon creamed and groaned la agony, so that Fowler placed him agaia on his back. He then asked Fowler to raise him up( and, ia accordance with hi wishes. Fowler Fowler procured some ehec boxes, which he placed under tha head ef tha ma- ma- a .

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette21 Feb 1873, FriPage 4

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)21 Feb 1873, FriPage 4
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  • Herriott and Dodson's death part 1

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